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FTB Infinity Skyblock 1.7.10 Help, Venting and Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Middleclaw, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Inaeo

    Inaeo New Member

    Spam a few Agricraft Sprinklers over them. They'll grow pretty quick that way using just water. Then add in all the other methods of crop growth enhancement and watch in awe as it just spits raw material into your Storage Drawers.
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  2. RonnieSoak

    RonnieSoak New Member

  3. Vaeliorin

    Vaeliorin New Member

    I'm currently working on Botania to get some Agricarnations going. I know the sprinklers have apparently been improved in terms of optimizations, but with everything I've got going on, I've already lost ~30 FPS from when I started (which granted, only drops me to 90.)
  4. Inaeo

    Inaeo New Member

    Count yourself lucky. A 30fps drop would put me somewhere around -5fps. Thankfully I'm porting my world to server soon (and having a few friends jump in) so most of the strain should end up server-side.
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  5. Darkone84

    Darkone84 New Member

    Is the MFR rubber tree disabled? I can get the IC2 rubber tree but not the MFR one.
  6. Andy Jorgensen

    Andy Jorgensen New Member

    MFR seem to be less likely but I did manage to finally get one after several IC2 Saps
  7. Andy Jorgensen

    Andy Jorgensen New Member

    I am looking at getting into Botania normally I would wonder around to get my flowers but I dont seem to have any way of getting them. do they spawn on grass if I plant some I have been waiting with no luck.

    Edit: nevermind floral fertilizer is the key I forgot about it.

    Any good ways of getting Podzol dirt Ex Nilo shows getting it via barrel but I just get dirt maybe im missing something
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  8. Nedrith

    Nedrith New Member

    throw a dead bush into a mana pool and use the boreal seed that results from it on dirt. Need a dead bush? let a passive flower decay.
  9. Vaeliorin

    Vaeliorin New Member

    So...I'm making a runic matrix currently, and it's taking over half an hour to do the infusion using a standard mana spreader. This wouldn't be a big deal, but I didn't realize how long it would take and I'm not sure what happens to a runic altar craft if you exit the game (single player) while it's ongoing, and I'd wanted to quit for the night.

    So...a warning to anyone doing this close to quitting time...it takes a long time. Probably not as long as iridium will (it's only 80 million RF...), but a good long while.

    Edit: Some weirdness going on...I got all the botania runes back when it finished. I'm assuming that's not supposed to happen (though the only one that was any effort was the mana rune, and that's just because I'm not used to make balance shards without the alchemical construct.)
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  10. Xavion

    Xavion New Member

    Nope that's deliberate, as part of a major change a bit back in botania runic altar recipes now return any runes used in the recipe. Particularly relevant as all higher tier runes use lower ones. Also did a couple of things like removing mana petals and adding mana powder.
  11. Vaeliorin

    Vaeliorin New Member

    Ah. Well, that was the first runic altar crafting I've done in a while (well, except for making the runes, obviously), so I was unaware of that change. Will certainly make getting higher tier runes less of a pain.
  12. asb3pe

    asb3pe New Member

    I don't leave certain machines hooked up to my power grid (Immersive Engineering Water Wheels), because in the past they were known to stay running (i.e. draining power) even when they weren't doing anything. Specifically, the Thermionic Fabricator and the Railcraft Rock Crusher.

    In Skyblock, when I disconnect the power from the Rock Crusher, the MV Immersive Wire just disappears. I disconnect by simply pickaxe'ing the Connector, and usually the MV Wire drops onto the floor and I can pick it up. But in this modpack, I only get the Connector back, and it happens every time I do this with the Rock Crusher (and only the Rock Crusher). So where is the MV Wire item going? Is it glitching thru the floor and falling into the void? Is it being eaten by the Rock Crusher, is that black area on the top of the machine actually an opening that can eat the wire? LOL Why does this only happen with this specific machine? Very aggravating since gold is in short supply during early game and thus, so is electrum.
  13. Xavion

    Xavion New Member

    Yes the black area on top destroys items, it also destroys players, don't touch as it does something like 5 hearts of damage twice a second.
  14. Nedrith

    Nedrith New Member

    If you want to turn off the rock crusher try a breaker switch. That way you have a lever you can throw when you want turn it off.
  15. Zeliox5

    Zeliox5 New Member

    I'm currently trying to figure out a good way to automatically convert my crushed ores ans such into the ore blocks for automatic smelting. I can't really find a good way to do this, does anyone have any ideas?
  16. CodaPDX

    CodaPDX New Member

    There's a couple ways to do it, but the easiest is probably to just use an auto compressor from Ex Compressium.
  17. Dkittrell

    Dkittrell New Member

    Ex compressum has an auto compressing machine, its like 5 rf/t and its fairly decent in speed then just use something to pull the blocks out like a transfer node to a pulverizer/furnace setup.

    Edit: Freaking coda beat me to it!
  18. deadscion

    deadscion Active Member

    I don't appreciate IndustrialCraft recipes infiltrating vanilla recipes like those stupid plates required for crafting a bucket. Bad enough, I had to use compressed cobble just to craft a stone furnace but that was only one extra recipe, that was ok. The bucket represents an entire mess, I refuse to deal with. The worst of which was very dominate in GregoriousT's work, which I totally hate.
    Will the Skyblock world work in Infinity Evolved normal mode? or is there a command to drop the recipe changes?

    NeverMind: I only had to delete the scripts folder being used by minetweaker
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2016
  19. Vaeliorin

    Vaeliorin New Member

    Anyone have any tips on getting tongue of dog and wool of bat? I have no idea how the Ex Compressum bait is used, but I imagine I can somehow use it to get a dog to spawn, correct? Does a grinder kill bats and produce wool of bat?

    I've never used Witchery before, but I've always had a decent supply of these from hellhounds and random bats previously.
  20. Zeliox5

    Zeliox5 New Member

    Ah, didn't notice that, I was currently trying some some stuff with micro chests and a crafting table with a transfer node, but it got a bit too messy. This is much easier, thanks.

    Bats naturally spawn below y level 60 I believe, so it shouldn't be too hard to get them to spawn, they spawn on the underside of blocks though. If you have to you could just wait for a spawn then used the MFR spawner to spawn them. Also I would be pretty surprised if a grinder didn't kill bats but I've not tested it myself. I also have no idea about the dogs. Good luck

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