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Whitelist Server FTB Infinity 1.2.0 w/ Mekanism and Ars Magicka 2|Whitelist|Mature|24/7 uptime|No banned items

Discussion in 'Infinity' started by Radical Inquisitor, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. Bobby Champion

    Bobby Champion New Member

    IGN: The Investor.
    Age: 17
    Location: England
    Mature: I would say I act atleast 21 (Not for me to decide)
    Experience: I have played Minecraft vanilla since it came out but I am pretty new to modded Minecraft. I would like my first FTB experience to be on a Whitelisted server with mature People.
  2. Bobby Champion

    Bobby Champion New Member

    Thank you!
  3. Knut

    Knut New Member

    IGN: En_Terrorist
    Age: 20 soon 21
    Location Norway

    I have alot of experience in most mods, beside magic ones and mystcraft, enjoy building automated setups, mob spawners and killers, but they always have a fail safe built into them,
    hope ill get accepted :)
  4. 1Blade24

    1Blade24 New Member

    Well we can't really save the map with mekanism and ars magica in there so a wipe would be nice, then we can update to the latest FTB infinity. Recommended is 1.3.4
  5. EightScore

    EightScore New Member

    That would be a really quick map though. 3 weeks?
  6. 1Blade24

    1Blade24 New Member

    Not really, the only way we would reset again would be if we want to change packs or if the next stable version of Infinity wrecks the map, but i don't see that happening. Its mostly finished i think, so the next updates should just be mod updates and what not.
  7. DeceptiveCrEeD

    DeceptiveCrEeD New Member

    IGN: DeceptiveCreed
    Age: 21
    Country: US
    Why I want to join: I thought the Infinity pack was great, but I did wish it had Mekanism in it. This server has it, as well as another great magical mod. I think it'd be pretty fun. I've been looking for a nice relaxed server, one that's reliable, with mature players to hang out with.

    I do have some questions though. Will the server update soon to a more current version of Infinity (I am fine with 1.2.0, just curious)? And does the server have any additional plugins?
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2015
  8. Jakeb

    Jakeb New Member

    IGN: jakeb79
    Age: 18
    I'd like to join if you guys are going to update/reset and if you are going to keep mekanism. I've only just started playing minecraft again after 1+ year break so I don't have a perfect grasp of everything yet, but I'm learning fast. I remember mekanism was one of my favorite mods, so that is what attracted me to your server.
  9. Gunner3564

    Gunner3564 New Member

    IGN: Gunner3564
    Getting back into minecraft again and playing on a modded server Is really what i'm looking for. This server seems to be above all the other. Also playing on multiplayer is all ways good
    I hope I get accepted.
  10. wackoman6789

    wackoman6789 New Member

    IGN: wackoman6789
    Age: 17
  11. PastorBones

    PastorBones New Member

    IGN: PastorBones
    Age: 39
    Looking for a small server with trustworthy people where I can build big and not have to worry! :)
  12. ToedPeregrine4

    ToedPeregrine4 New Member

    ToedPeregrine4/19/East Coast. I have a few questions.
  13. TheFunnyiest

    TheFunnyiest New Member

    IGN: Madjeramos
    Experience: I have already play Tekkit Classic and Sky Factory. I would say I am mature, and experienced in modded Minecraft as well in Vanilla Minecraft (I play since 1.4.5 version).
    Age: 15
  14. CoalMiner107

    CoalMiner107 New Member

    IGN: CoalMiner107
    I am 15 and I am mature for my age. I really enjoy minecraft, especially modpacks and seeing that this is a good modpack with my favorite mod added in has really got me interested. I am hoping to join a server with active and mature players that will be on a lot and not cause any trouble.
  15. p3ccadillo

    p3ccadillo New Member

    IGN: p3ccadillo

    I am 28, have run modded servers and played modded MC a plenty. I am into making complex systems using bees and computercraft.
  16. Philly_Cheasteak

    Philly_Cheasteak New Member

    IGN: Philly_Cheasteak
    Age: 16
  17. ooskooska

    ooskooska New Member

    IGN: ooskooska
    Age: 23
    Location: north east England

    lots of experience with FTB, just looking for a no-strings server to play on :)
  18. JMunkey

    JMunkey New Member

    Experience: played FTB for about 4 months now and vanilla before that
    Location: NZ
  19. chris_almere

    chris_almere New Member

    IGN: chris_almere and Lather
    Experience: we both played since the earlyest alpha build, and are very experienced with modded MC.
    Age:28 and 25
    Location: NL and SW , Both europe
  20. mmmBoost

    mmmBoost New Member

    IGN: mmmBoost
    Age 31
    Playing Modded MC for 8+yrs
    Enjoy building and playing with mature crowd, helping others learn new things, been an admin many times but not looking for to be one right now.
    Location: Midwest USA

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