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Whitelist Server FTB Infinity 1.2.0 w/ Mekanism and Ars Magicka 2|Whitelist|Mature|24/7 uptime|No banned items

Discussion in 'Infinity' started by Radical Inquisitor, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. Radical Inquisitor

    Radical Inquisitor New Member

    I have recently started an FTB Infinity 1.2.0 server with AM2 and Mekanism added in. The mods folder for the server will be provided via a mediafire link for anyone whitelisted along with the server info. More mods may be added in the future depending on player demand.

    I am looking for a few fairly active players, the goal is to have about 2-10 people on at any given time, however we will be starting with only 10 or so available slots as we learn the limits of what the server can reasonably handle. No banned items. No monetization. PvP only if everyone agrees to it beforehand.

    General rules:

    Don't lag the server with anything too crazy

    Try not to crash the server

    Don't destroy or steal things that aren't yours

    Don't create mystcraft ages (Unless the admin says you can, of course.)

    Don't be a dick

    Would like to keep the server above 18+ but age does not always necessarily equal maturity. Post your IGN for whitelist.
  2. CGasper

    CGasper New Member

    IGN: CGasper
    I'm 18 and i'm mature :D I don't think saying i'm Mature really helps does it? Btw, English is not my mother language so i may or may not have a little misspealling once in a while.
  3. Wizard008100

    Wizard008100 New Member

    Im only 16, yet mature when appropriate. Also, I'd be able to provide a teamspeak 3 server if you don't have one or planning on getting one.
  4. EightScore

    EightScore New Member

    IGN: sh res hr ej (no spaces, all one word)
    Age: 15
    Maturity: 6-7/10, by far enough to be tolerated on a video game server.
    Very new to FTB and the alike.
  5. Automation2000

    Automation2000 New Member

    I'm 14 but I'm not going to say my maturity you can judge it for yourself
  6. Radical Inquisitor

    Radical Inquisitor New Member

    All of you are accepted. You'll get PMs with info momentarily.
  7. JPING97

    JPING97 New Member

    Which Version of Mekanism?
  8. 1Blade24

    1Blade24 New Member

    In game name - 1Blade24
    Age - 21
    Minecraft experience - Almost 3 years of modded.
  9. Radical Inquisitor

    Radical Inquisitor New Member

    8.0. I provide the mods folder for you if you're accepted.

    Accepted. Will PM info.
  10. JPING97

    JPING97 New Member

    In game name: JPING97
    Age: 17
    About Me: Eastern Standard time, Mature (though saying so is meaningless), and hope to have some fun, Haven't played much with Ars Magica and I've been wanting to check it out, plus the new mekanism looks wicked. More of a RR3 guy, but transitioning due to the lack of Draconic Evolution, Mystcraft, ect.
  11. Radical Inquisitor

    Radical Inquisitor New Member

    Accepted. PMing info.
  12. DTwenty

    DTwenty New Member

    Hey there. I'm interested in trying out your server. Generic information is as follows:

    IGN: DTwenty
    Age: 32
    Location: Texas, USA
    MC Experience: I've been playing Minecraft (vanilla and modded) for about a year now. I can build some pretty fancy and efficient (for both player and server) machines and I really enjoy helping others work out problems when they run into them. I like helping others when I can and don't mind sparing a few blocks at my discretion, but I'm not interested in showering new players with items. I've found that I like building relatively close to others in order to give them and myself some significance in the world.

    Thanks for taking a look =)
  13. EvasiveChaos

    EvasiveChaos New Member

    IGN: Sky_NightZ
    Age: 16/17 (take that as you will)
    Experience: Been playing since tekkit classic, duping with the black hole band and spamming swift wolf..... oh the days. anyway been playing mc since 1.8.1 beta.

    Thx if you let me in.

    My friend might also want to play so incase.
    IGN: liammbu
    Age: 17
    Experience: Same experience when it comes to modded, but has been playing minecraft since the then endermen patch.
  14. Shrouded_Darkness

    Shrouded_Darkness New Member

    IGN - JordanCA_plays
    Age - 15
    mature 8/10
    about me- time zone GMT.i have some experience with most of the mods on infinity.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2015
  15. rickeh82

    rickeh82 New Member

    IGN: Cashious
    Age: 32
    Experience: i have played modded mincraft for a few years now, once i tasted modded MC i became hooked and never went back to vanilla.
    a few of my favorite mods are as follows.
    these mods are what you will find if you ever step foot in my base.

    Ender IO
    Tinkers Construct
    Applied Energistics 2
    recently got into botania
    Thermal expansion
    Minefactory reloaded
    recently got into big reactors
    Extra Utilities
  16. Radical Inquisitor

    Radical Inquisitor New Member

    All accepted. Info coming in a sec.
  17. Shrouded_Darkness

    Shrouded_Darkness New Member

    did i not get accepted?
  18. Eladkay

    Eladkay New Member

    IGN: Eladkay :)
    I have papers to prove that I am mature. Don't doubt the paper.
    Age: 16
    Experience: Not 10/10, but I would say 7/10
  19. sjoerd2k

    sjoerd2k New Member

    IGN sjoerd2k
    age 15
  20. Aj Simpson

    Aj Simpson New Member

    IGN: tank98547.
    Experience: I have played since Tekkit Classic and now have moved onto FTB. I would say I am mature, and experienced in modded Minecraft as well as vanilla Minecraft.
    Age: 16 (17 on May the 4th)
    Location: I am from the UK, currently living in hertfordshire.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2015

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