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Whitelist Server FTB Infinity 1.2.0 w/ Mekanism and Ars Magicka 2|Whitelist|Mature|24/7 uptime|No banned items

Discussion in 'Infinity' started by Radical Inquisitor, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. ygaum

    ygaum New Member

    IGN ygaum
    age 24
  2. Burning

    Burning New Member

    IGN: Burning2910
    Age: 24
    Modded Minecraft Expierence: ~4-5 years
    Location: Germany (but I am able to articulate myself in English)

    I'm looking for a server w/ AM2. This one seems perfect.
  3. Williamb1

    Williamb1 New Member

    IGN: Willb1fy

    AGE: 18

    Reason why I would like to join this specific server? I would love to join this server because I just recently got back into modded minecraft and minecraft in general swell as I'm looking for a server to play on and meet new people. This server seems like a very friendly community is upon it.

    Experience: I have been playing minecraft and modded minecraft for years now and am a member of another very great community that got me interested in modded minecraft. The server is called Noodle Powered and I have been with that group for almost 4 years now which shows that I am a trust worthy and friendly player. I have never been banned from a server and never grieved in my history of minecraft.

    Location: United States

    Skype/TeamSpeak3: Skype(Williboixm/Willb1fy)|TS3 Yes.

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