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Discussion in 'Watchful11' started by Watchful11, May 24, 2015.

  1. darkeshrine

    darkeshrine New Member

    What's the best Tinkers' Construct sword with AoA/ExtraTiC? I've got a 14 damage Jade sword (no quartz) right now, but all of the other tinkers' versions of AoA swords seem to be weaker. AoA Sapphire sword has an attack damage of 17, but the TiC blade is listed as having only 6.
  2. statphantom

    statphantom New Member

    for tinkers it is the skeletal but that is really endgame, in all honesty the TiC swords aren't all that great, one of the best early weapons is the horizon maul, +16 default damage and slows enemies when hit.
  3. Ripley

    Ripley New Member

    I made a TiC cutlass out of sapphire(alumite tool rod and thaumium full guard) and it started with 17 attack damage.
  4. Vexsanity

    Vexsanity New Member

    Is there any plans to add HQM to this pack? I like the pack but I feel like I am not progressing towards anything really. Adding a huge quest line to work through and towards, I feel would add a lot more to this pack.
  5. XolovA

    XolovA New Member

    So there actually is a bug right now where assassins do not despawn. I've fixed it for the future. In the meantime, I'd just try and kill them or ignore them.

    They can be fixed at a Mending Table to become normal iron or they can be sold to the Metalloid.

    Not currently, but a 'Staff of Homecoming' has been planned for quite a while.
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  6. Ripley

    Ripley New Member

    I personally don't think every pack need to be HQM but, yes there is a but, it could use a bit more ingame documentation.
    In the "how not to die" book, in the "biome to avoid" section it says "for more information go read the hunter's handbook", I assume that's incoming? :p
  7. Xavion

    Xavion New Member

    Great and useful info, probably major bug report though for them. When I right click on the mending table with one it gives me an iron ingot but doesn't consume the rusted iron ingot, so yeah infinite iron machine is probably not what you wanted to make I'm guessing. Is meant to do anything else though? or is it just rusted iron -> iron?
  8. tooncool64

    tooncool64 New Member

    In the stream, @goreae mentioned that there will be much more books and documentation in game.
  9. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    Correct. I have a lot of books planned. There will be one for each dimension, one for each weapon type (gun, staff, energy weapon, sword, bow, special) and a few expanding on certain skills that can't be easily documented in the skills book, like hunter mobs and minions. The Hunter's Handbook will detail each hunter mob, what level they are, and where to find them along with a picture of the mob for reference. Each dimension book will have a description of the dimension, what you need before hopping in (like in the mysterium you pretty much need poison armor), a list of all the mobs, what they do, and what they drop, and a walkthrough of each minigame and boss, as well as a list of things to do in order to 'complete' the realm, like it'll list the available banners, available weapons, trophies, etc. I'm focusing on the starting book for now though.
  10. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    The scrubby, yeah. That gun isn't half bad.
    Armors are set only. There's no way around that except for special helmets, like the night vision goggles or the gas mask. And I assume the rusted ingots will be used for engineering.

    There's otherwhere infusion from witchery. You could also go through the Nether to reduce travel time if you want to risk it.
    oh yeah, that to. The otherwhere is probably more convenient though.

    The bloodhunt is both dangerous and incredibly annoying with the anemias. In my first world, there was like 20 of them flying around shooting constantly.

    As for backpacks, you can carry a dollied diamond chest or get some ender pouches.

    Good luck finding a jungle. :p
  11. Digirod

    Digirod New Member

    So, I've come to hate two types of mobs: Bush Babies and That guy who drops T&T. Is there a way I can stop the latter from spawning in my game? Those guys are worse than creepers, and can really wreak havoc on my base or village if I ever fight one near them.
  12. Vaeliorin

    Vaeliorin New Member

    So...I just died and all my gear disappeared except my Tinker's Construct tools. One of those Anemias or whatever they're called (the flying Blood Hunt mobs) was hanging around the day after the Blood Hunt (no, I didn't sleep), killed me, and the only thing in my corpse was, as stated, my Tinker's stuff. Is that supposed to happen?
  13. Lawnchair

    Lawnchair New Member

    Are Goalby's supposed to have a Weakness Aura? The wiki says they inflict Weakness on hit (Though the wiki has been wrong about a few things so I don't know if it's changed in this updated version), but they're currently just giving Weakness for being around them.
  14. statphantom

    statphantom New Member

    common bug now, it seems logging out and back in fixes it.
  15. statphantom

    statphantom New Member

    best thing about this mod pack, next to no lag or load times
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  16. Xavion

    Xavion New Member

    So a question for everyone who wanders by here, are there any changes you've made to the modlist or it's settings for yourself? What changes would you make if you could?

    Personally I added RedLogic for the gates, I like my redstone and while redstone paste is nice it doesn't really help with gates which can easily be rather complex and laggy with vanilla minecraft, the timer particularly is incredibly difficult to replicate in with vanilla requiring a ton of work every time you change the length. I did consider using Automagy instead but went for RedLogic in the end. The only other change I'd like is for ExtraTiC to keep improving support for AoA, also for AoA wood to be oredicted, if memory serves they're not which makes them incompatible with a bunch of things, there might be a reason for it but it's still a bit annoying having to always use other woods as it makes the AoA stuff nearly useless.
  17. Ripley

    Ripley New Member

    is it me or is the size description on the ancient teleporter blueprint is wrong?
    Thankfully I have seen wtfg33ks vids and made a backup before installing it :p.

    As for mods to add, I've considered adding tc node tracker but that's all, I think the pack is pretty well set up as it is.
  18. arnHH

    arnHH New Member

    I have no problem getting ender pearls. After mining with a hammer and leveling up I get random drops: gold nuggets, essence, diamonds and now sometime 4 ender pearls.

    As far as I know the only other bag besides the knapsack is the ender pouch. It requires a gem to be crafted.
  19. arnHH

    arnHH New Member

    How do I use the teasink? I placed it in the world, added a bucket of water. I have an empty AoA cup and nature melon slice, but left/right-clicking the teasink with any of these items or with an empty hand does nothing.
  20. arnHH

    arnHH New Member

    Better than a knapsack: luggage

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