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Discussion in 'Watchful11' started by Watchful11, May 24, 2015.

  1. Xavion

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    So random tip for anyone wanting a little extra edge in fighting all the foes, the coagulated blood drop from TiC is an absolutely awesome item. It gives three minutes of health boost 2 when eaten, quite handy as that's an extra four hearts and it's available from about the point you first get a smeltery without much issue, that's not quite enough for it's full power though. The thing which truly makes this item amazing is unlike basically every potion effect ever the effect stacks, eating one of them always increases the duration of your current health boost 2 by 3mins unlike normal potion effects that would just set it to 3mins if it's lower, that means you can with a bit of effort eat enough of them to last you entire adventuring trips. Really an incredibly useful item for it's cost as it's an early game item that gives +40% max health basically, great for making the early-mid game just that bit easier on you.
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  2. Vexsanity

    Vexsanity New Member

    So no one really answered this, I'm still curious if a quest line will be added, kind of a deciding factor for me if I keep playing this or not. I personally need a goal to go towards.
  3. tooncool64

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    erm, @Vexsanity, all these people answered your question. And they said in the stream there will be no HQM whatsoever.
  4. MrTopf

    MrTopf New Member

    Luckily a massive jungle is chunks and chunks around my base (but a desert still 3000 blocks off which in the end I was looking for in creative). So maybe the starting book should say "So you found a desert and savannah. Congratulations! Don't create a new world but RUN!" :)
  5. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    There's definitely a goal to go for. A quest book isn't necessary for that. There are currently 27 bosses in Advent of Ascension. Your goal? Kill all of them. It's easier said than done. There are also a bunch of banners, weapons, and armor sets to collect. There are so many things you can shoot for. The point is to make your own goals instead of them being forced on you with a quest book. And as watchful said, a quest book would either have an overwhelming amount of quests or too few quests to properly showcase the entire mod. Because with HQM packs, once you complete all the quests, the pack is over. You're done.
  6. MrTopf

    MrTopf New Member

    I guess we all can if we want, just not to the official pack ;-)

    What I did already was increasing the stack size of the lunch box as 2 seemed a bit low (and then you'd probably better have a backpack with food in your inventory instead as you need to carry extra food anyway). I am also not sure I like that mechanic anyway but this change at least makes it more manageable and I can concentrate more on AoA than on food.

    I will probably add some backpack mod, storage drawers and stained ender tables (for getting back to your base from that desert 3000 blocks out). I also might replace JourneyMap with Antique Atlas as I love the looks of it and IMHO fits the theme better while also not being that OP.
    As for redstone I am not sure I really need that much except a little bit for the smeltery but that should be easily done via vanilla or liquid translocators (I would prefer vanilla though as translocators somehow feel wrong in this pack to me).

    For the modpack in general I wouldn't have put that many additional big mods in (like the magic ones and tinkers) as that might just distract from AoA. But that's personal taste and would be a different modpack altogether. I also like different world gen better than vanilla (like RWG with BOP and/or BigTrees) but I am not sure if that might not make finding certain mobs even harder.
  7. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    Don't complain about bush babies. In the early beta testing, grunts and skolles spawned absolutely everywhere. 90% of my deaths were from grunts killing me inside my base by teleporting right on top of me when I didn't expect it. You can't run from them, or hide from them. There's nothing you can do to prevent them but make your base at bedrock level. Fortunately grunts were limited to extreme hills and skolles to taigas. Those things were the most annoying mob in the overworld by a longshot.

    I can oredict the logs and planks. Shouldn't be too much work.

    you need tea shavings and the melon slice for the nature tea. Just the melon slice won't work.

    Thaumcraft/botania was so you have more in your arsenal, and so you can automate things without the look of techy automation. Translocators was put in as like an improved magitech hopper. Biome-adding mods would more than likely break the game entirely as they would water down the vanilla biomes and who knows if the AoA mobs would even spawn in the new biomes.
  8. Xavion

    Xavion New Member

    That'd be nice, preferrably the leaves too for completeness sake. The main reason being for witchery altars admittedly, although I'm sure being able to use all the planks and logs in actual crafting for stuff would be nice it's the ability to use them in altars I'd like the most.
  9. Ripley

    Ripley New Member

    My infusion is lvl 24 and I have yet to get a power stone from the infusion table, am I just unlucky or am I missing something?
  10. Hexalan

    Hexalan New Member

    You can make a quick little vanilla redstone 1-clock to pulse a block next to the faucet. Stick a hopper under the casting table and you've just automated it enough to not have to stand click-duty. If you throw a lever on the block, you can override the clock pulses to disable it.
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  11. Partonetrain

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    Posted this on a different thread, but now I discovered this one.


    Can someone tell me what's going on here? On the tooltip, it says 8.5 Hearts, but in the table's interface (if you can see it) it says 13.5 Hearts. Bug or am I mistaken somehow?
  12. darkeshrine

    darkeshrine New Member

    Translocators are your friend.
  13. terrapinlogo

    terrapinlogo New Member

    I have added "Not Enough Resources" and "Admin Commands Toolbox". NER saves having to look up the best levels for mining various ores (sadly it doesn't support AOE ores) and I added ACT because I spawned in the middle of an ocean and wanted to generate chunks so I could make a map with Journey Map to save a bit of time instead boating around aimlessly looking for a larger landmass.

    I feel spawning on an island was both a godsend and a nuisance, by the second day my entire island was covered in slabs so it is relatively safe but I have to travel 1000 blocks by boat to get any resources and different mobs.
  14. Shadows_of_Fire

    Shadows_of_Fire New Member

    Thoughts on Departed are strange. As far as I have gone in my experience, throwing up a public server, running around with some of my own shenanigans. I had to go and nerf so many things to enable some sort of logic. TiC, Especially Skeletal Metal (Since it is skewed so hard on the damage) makes TiC weaponry superior to ANYTHING added at all. At non-max level for a TiC crossbow, A damage of 33 hearts on .25s reload time is possible. This number completely undermines any and all other types of weaponry, save for against monsters that have ranged immunity. Even then, Skeletal Metal has a base damage of 13.5 Hearts. This is allowing for the creation of normal broadswords that have the damage of what would otherwise only be possible on a Cleaver.

    The idea? Nerf Skeletal Metal's damage numbers. If following the trend, Skeletal Metal is taking its damage based on the Skeletal Sword. This is a complete mistake. The Skeletal Sword is uncraftable and is a Boss Drop from one of the hardest bosses in the entire game. Also, with the wide availability of Skeletal after reaching Precasia, this makes for readily-available, high powered weaponry completely disrupting the flow of weaponry.

    And on another note, Not sure if it has been reported or not, TiC tweaks seems to override the vanilla minecraft skull, and makes achieving Vampirism (Witchery) impossible.

    On Lootable Bodies: This mod has too many flaws. Multiple cases have arrived where the body has either moved far from the death position, or during cases such as server lag or dying to sunlight as a vampire, Multiple bodies are created. Duping entire inventories. Lootable bodies also do not save items if you die to things such as explosions, even explosions that would not normally do block damage. It seems to wipe your items that are not blast proof (Basically anything that isnt a TiC tool) before it inputs it into the corpse.

    The Second idea? Switch from Lootable Bodies to a similar mod such a BaM's Grave or the Gravestone mod.

    --End Rant--
  15. statphantom

    statphantom New Member

    I have got myself horizon maul with sharpness 3, full alacrity armor, and the trolls arch gun but still keep dieing in the nether mainly to the brutal zombie pigmen with the gimpy arm, any hints on what I should get / go for?
  16. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    I added ACT too, but for a slightly different reason. I spent the past few days flying around on my broom looking for a jungle. I found almost every other biome but a frakking jungle. So now I'm automapping to find one because I'm sick of flying around aimlessly searching for a frakking jungle. The worst part being you need a jungle to change biomes with witchery. An ocelot is required to get a toe of frog, which is required for the ritual.

    Firstly, I noticed the skeletal metal thing right away. Its damage is based on the most powerful sword in AoA, which is dropped from one of the hardest bosses. It should be fixed in the next version.

    The skull is not the issue there. Vampirism was disabled in Departed. In testing, being a vampire makes you immune to the vast majority of AoA mobs. The only thing that ever killed me was a scrubby and some of the nether mobs. I defeated a skeletal army as a vampire without any armor at all with immense ease. That breaks the game in its entirety.

    With the lootable corpses thing, it was either have corpses or have all your items spill all over the ground. AoA has this new death thing where if you're above a certain augury level, you keep armor and weapons. This system completely broke openblocks graves as well as the gravestones graves. Nothing was going into them. Everything would just spill everywhere as if there were no graves. So it was lootable corpses or nothing. I will try out BaM's graves though. Never heard of that so didn't test it. Also, there was a config derp by watchful with the corpses. They should be entirely invincible, but he forgot to set it that way. Should be better in the next version.

    The pigotrons? those are a relatively small threat for me. What kills me are the cowmen or wither wizards, also poorly positioned hellspots. If you want more protection though, try out weakness armor.
  17. EchoingZen

    EchoingZen New Member

    Can someone explain the create-greatblades event that pops up? Does that change randomly? How's that work?
  18. terrapinlogo

    terrapinlogo New Member

    I generated 300 square chunks and still didn't find a jungle biome so then I used AMIDST to generate an approximate biome map from the seed. Not exact as it uses the seed instead of the actual map but it is a lot faster than generating 100K+ chunks. In the end I had to travel about 2800 blocks from spawn. To get it to work you have to have a 1.7.10 instance in the vanilla launcher location and then either point it to your level.dat file or manually type in the seed
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  19. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    Xolova likes to involve the community in the development. As such, he makes content designing events. He had one for skill creation and one for mob creation in the past.I assume the greatblades event will be started when the candyland update goes live.
  20. EchoingZen

    EchoingZen New Member

    Ok, gotcha. So it's not really an event in-game. I was concerned I was missing something.

    So much to learn with this pack.

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