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Discussion in 'Watchful11' started by Watchful11, May 24, 2015.

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    This thread is a general place to discuss FTB Departed. Ask questions, make suggestions and show off what you're done.
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  2. statphantom

    statphantom New Member

    sweet, I am trying to get enough jade and sapphire, in order to make some good armor before I go into the nether, I am also trying to hunt down the wood spirits in order to get the plants for arrows for the bows (planes seems to be spawning the most of these, also during the day). I am also collecting a bunch of infusion stones in order to get some power stones for enchanting. where is everyone else at?

    PS: best place to mine for jade? at level 6 I have only ever gotten 1 jade but 11 sapphires and sapphire is supposed to be the rarest
  3. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    That's just a case of bad luck really. If you want you can try mining a bit higher, but I' not sure if that would help or not.
  4. LucidCrux

    LucidCrux New Member

    I'll re-ask this here then, in case anyone sees this instead. Is there a way to adjust mobs at all? I gave the example of 30 assassins in 10 sq chunks (yes I know they are friendly, it's still +30 useless mobs that need cpu). I am not asking because it is hard, but because it is tedious and adds to lag. It's a constant game of whack-a-mole no matter what. There is a reason mojang made "safe" areas and made daytime less dangerous. It is so that you can set aside a time/place to craft/build without continuous interruptions. In Regrowth everyone kept complaining about the direwolfs spawning inside bases, too.

    Other than that I am really enjoying the pack and looking forward to the huge amount of content. I am just hoping it doesn't get so tedious I say forget it. :(
  5. statphantom

    statphantom New Member

    are holly top seeds drop from bugged? or do you need a certain level to get them? it says on the wikia they are 20% chance of a drop but I have killed about 20 of them and nothing yet

    EDIT: I was just unlucky, I got 2 seed drops in a row at about kill 30
  6. tooncool64

    tooncool64 New Member

    This is the only pack I ever have played single player on. BTW, I have a cruddy computer and it runs very smooth. I already got diamonds and limonite. :D
  7. statphantom

    statphantom New Member

    the wiki is outdated, it only shows 9 skills but we have 12, what are the other ones and what do they do?
  8. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    Well the version in the pack is a prerelease. It features some of the improvements to other aspects like overworld merchants, expanded hunter mob variety, and especially the haven changes. So the people who normally edit the wiki probably don't have the info quite yet.

    And those three skills that aren't listed are:

    • The icon that shows a coin pouch is thievery. It is not yet implemented. Or if it is, i have absolutely no idea how to use it.
    • The boots is traveller. I don't know how it's trained, but I would guess just moving around.
    • The last one is engineering. What that does is anyone's guess.
  9. statphantom

    statphantom New Member

    thanks for that, the traveler I have noticed getting a level up very very slowly just by jumping around, I will post here if I do find any information
  10. Lawnchair

    Lawnchair New Member

    Is it intentional that there aren't Blocks for the AoA ingots? I threw a lot of Limonite in the smeltery and was caught off guard that I'd have to extract it one ingot at a time instead of a block at a time.
  11. statphantom

    statphantom New Member

    after doing a bit of experementing Traveller increases by sprinting only, walking jumping etc does not seem to level it up, or if it does it is incredibly slowly, sprinting is the only visual gain I can see
  12. statphantom

    statphantom New Member

    I think it is because AoA and TiC haven't been added together before so there is a lot of tweeking to do, I recommend just throwing them inside a furnace as limonite is incredibly common and you will never use it all you don't need to double the output for it.

    however I still strongly recommend doing this for sapphire, jade and rosite. Maybe amethyst also. even if you have to do it one ingot at a time.
  13. saki

    saki New Member

    We set up a small server for some friends. However upon dying, none of us are able to re-enter the game. We have set the hardcore option to false in configs and still cannot join. It keeps saying we have died and are now banned. We've tried unbanning, pardoning etc. Any suggestions other than deleting player.dat?
  14. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    Yeah, there's no compact form of the AoA metals. Any of them. If you really want to use a smeltery for the limonite, get some translocators going. But I agree with statphantom. Smelt the limonite. Not only is it faster and easier, it's also great vitality XP.
    Was the hardcore option set to true when you died? If so, then the deathban likely persists when you turn hardcore off. If that's the case, delete the player dat files. Since everyone's dead anyways you won't lost anything but any skill experience you earned and any baubles if you have them.
  15. statphantom

    statphantom New Member

    WARNING: just so you know you must regular left click to get vitality XP, shift clicking wont give you any XP at all.
  16. statphantom

    statphantom New Member

    Power stones are too rare, I have a full set of alactrity armor but still no power stones
  17. statphantom

    statphantom New Member

    "the souls are out scurrying tonight" must be a new feature not on the wiki yet, it seems to spawn most mobs as 'ghostly' versions of them and drops 'ghostly banner' and 'ghostly stone'. seems every mob has about 35%(random guess) chance to be come ghosts which seems to double their health. no clue about any other effects yet.
  18. statphantom

    statphantom New Member

    is there any backup in this modpack? I cant find anything and I just lost part of my world accidently :p
  19. Ripley

    Ripley New Member

    My first death, ambushed by a group of 4-5 of those invisible guys you have to hit once to see while in my mine, scared the hell out of me :p.

    Also got a gun from the clowns but useless as far as I can tell(it just throws confetti? couldn't even kill one of my cows with it, or do I need bullets?)
  20. Crhymez

    Crhymez New Member

    I love this pack,
    I cant wait to Automate with Golems and botania. Making them run my farms and cook my food. while im out killing bosses.
    This is by far my favorite 1.7 pack to date.

    Only thing i would change... if i could. Would be the Iguana Tweaks leveling and restrictions of things like paper guards...ect. But this is just a personal preference, since i like to have control over TiCon tools.

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