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    Just to eliminate something daft I noticed: did you try manually placing the planks vertically in a crafting grid? I noticed when watching someone’s LP that clicking the recipe button transferred the planks to be next to each other, giving the pressure plate, and they had to move them by hand into the correct vertical orientation. That definitely doesn’t work for you?
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    I'll double check when I'm done rendering my video for today but vertical I believe post the same problem as bloodwood is ore dic with reg wood it gives stick. I did check it all the crafting benches i had access to. I'll try again just to be sure. Ether way the new fence recipe should be use for the natura fence and it wouldnt be a problem.

    Note: Nope I checked again. Placed in the recipe and clicked in the recipe. The vertical Recipe just gives reg sticks. The Horizontal recipe only ever gives Pressure Plates. Funny it has 3 recipe for that reg sticks, blood sticks, and Pressure plates. The fence recipe now should be 2 sticks and 4 planks. The Natura recipe just need to be made to match and if the Natura sticks are going to be used in the recipe their recipe will need to be changed as well.
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    Ah bugger I was afraid of that :(

    Well, it was worth a try. Hopefully that’ll get sorted out soon!
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    I dislike how it was implimented. Efab, while it doesnt interest me, I think is fine as a mod.
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    Ah, I thought that might be the case! Cool :)

    Am I the only person who gets a bit of a kick about the looks of it? It’s a rare example of something designed to look like brass that’s really captured the real colour of it!
  6. Magzie

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    I love just putting it in my floor. Just use a checker board pattern. As the flooring.
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    If anyone needs help and or advice on adding mods to continuum I am getting pretty good at adding the mods now. getting skilled at crafttweaker scripts and the efab recipes are simple enough along with hiding and modding JEI stuffs.

    A mod I just added to the continuum which I highly recommend is tech guns. I added the mods Lycanites mobs, and infernal mobs so the mobs in my pack are 400% harder than a standard continuum. that is when tech guns becomes fun, Also with infernal mobs as you get stronger and age the mobs gain levels that increase there difficulty.

    Another thing I added with infernal mobs is always making the wither boss infernal and adding the no suffocation buff to him so you cant just spawn in under bedrock which seems to be the popular exploit lol.

    Just hit me up if you want to make this expert pack even a tad harder :p

    An example of something you have to do to keep the pack expert makes sure that added mods don't make simple recipes in place of the efab ones or bypass gated machines like the below, tech guns adds its own basiccirciutboard and elitecirciutboard along with its own plate press. You HAVE TO disable and hide the plates and remove its circuit boards. Luckily you can make plates and circuit boards using the ore dictionary that's already built into the pack through techreborn and Immersive/Thermal.

    Here is a cool tool called WinMerge.

    Another great tool for addressing new versions of the modpack. Usually with new versions people who have either added mods or changes a lot of scripts or configs have two options. Go through them and do a stare and compare to find the new settings and mimic them or just avoid updating. Unfortunately SO MANY server admins choose not to update because its a pain in the ass.:( Here is a great tool called WinMerge. Its freeware and can be used to easily merge the new updates files with the old ones. It will go through and binary'ly tell you to line by line the differences. Very useful to get all the bugfixes but keep your world and server running the way you want. I took a quick snippet of the tool in action. As you can see from the snippet There is a lot of new configs.:p Some are not new and the result of me changing an option in the config but you get the picture.



    Here is another great tool. It's a compare text plugin that is free to download for Notepad++

    When you run notepad++ just use the compare plugin and you can skip to any changes and choose wich to keep :p

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    What should I use for power after the waterwheel.... i am trying to make titanium and its going way 2 slow =P
  9. İbrayim

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    I can't see quests info and title number. I try everything but still doesn't work. Anyone help?
  10. Magzie

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    I don't know what the pics are supposed to show but clicking on the quest that is red will take you into the quest info screen and show you what needs to be done.
  11. zBob

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    Press F3 + H to show advanced tooltips then when you open the quest book it will also display the quest number, older versions of Better Questing would do that when you hovered over a quest and pressed your sneak key.
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    What mod is being used in Revelations to disable the Crafting book?

    Note: Never mind it is Fast workbench. Can you change the Config to allow the Crafting book or do I need to just disable the whole mod.

    Update: I had to disable the mod but now it only shows Crafting recipes for JEI and I need the default Recipe book for the Video I'm working on. I have no clue why they worked so hard to get rid of this feature? Anyone know how to get the default book back and disable the JEI recipe override?

    Update 2: OK so I disabled the Fastcraft mod which brought back the book button in the crafting bench. If you want the default Recipes back then you will need to go into the Ender IO
    Configs in game and set the JEI replace Recipes to false or disabled or what ever.

    Update 3: I have no clue what FTB did to the Recipe book. The search features doesn't even work. Items don't stack like they should. I added Thermal Ex into my crappy pack I am going to use for my single mod play through and showed off the actual features of the recipe book and it was smooth as silk. I still have no clue why the search feature doesn't work in Revelations?
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    So I was sitting here upset for a few weeks now. Couldn't decide what to say. So I sit down this question. What are we doing here on this thread? There is a few people that come on and need help on some bugs and glitches. I didn't say anything when links were posted to off sites cause I truely thought it was to help others even though there are other places for those to be put. Are we now self promoting on the news threads now? I mean when I post links for other youtubers it is mostly FTB guys or direwolf but I mean there is a whole forum for self promoting your Channel/ Stream. So I decided on just leaving this and the links to the other forums in the hopes that on topic stuff can be posted in the future.


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    I understand why you would say that. In my defense, I don't stream minecraft. It was purely a one off moment that made me and some others laugh. I truly apologize for forcing you to scroll an extra 500 pixles.

    Honestly your post asking about revelations Features IMO is overly long and not in any way relevant to this continuum thread. Instead of policing my posts all the time maybe use the time to meditate :).

    If it helps my mega post about adding and editing the continuum modpack has got me over 20 direct messages. I helped about 15 of them learn the foundations of FTB modpacks and how to tweak them to there liking.

    If ftb added continuum to the general discussion forum I would gladly move all my posts over.
  15. Magzie

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    "Future modpacks

    Next up for development is a rework of FTB Revelations, with new mods and lots of changes. After that, we'll be working on a new skyblock pack based on Revelations."

    This is from the first post. My comments were about these changes that were just released. If you would like to discuss this more feel free to pm me.
  16. Kuktar

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    Sounds like good June news. A new news thread would be juicy
  17. Conznes

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    Is there a way to speed up player movement/walking speed with something from one of the mods in this pack? I'm used to using botania sash for that
  18. Magzie

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    Some of the juices give you speed buff. You could get a mount. Speed potions.
  19. Nuclear_Creeper0

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    I think Actually Additions has effect rings? Speed Sash maybe?
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  20. Magzie

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    Are those the ones you have to hold to work?

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