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Discussion in 'Feed the Beast News' started by slowpoke, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. litten8

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    I feel like they should update once all the mods have updated, which will probably be a while, because not all of the mods they wanted have even got to 1.10.
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  2. Magzie

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    Hey question question is the town hall video on youtube as well or just Twitch? I was going to link it in my next video as well as the link to this thread.
  3. Hambeau

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    Actually, there were packs and Forge support for those versions... I made a few myself. The Mod Developers were the ones lagging the process during those versions, some declaring that they would never proceed beyond 1.7.10. Heck, many chose not to go past 1.6.4 because they didn't understand the benefits of changing from Static Block IDs to Dynamic.

    I can see FtB's perspective on this matter as well as your points. Also, some people just can't handle change at a rapid pace. One thing to consider, however... There are new features coming in Vanilla all the time. As an example I saw a post about a new mod that adds rockets to Elytras/Gliders. This is already a feature in the released version of 1.11, and there are new things coming in 1.12 already.

    As a former System Administrator I understand the mindset of remaining one update behind, so you only have to deal with the known bugs, but Minecraft is not Unix or even Windows and an Operating System needs to be more reliable than a mere game <GASP! HE SAID IT!> :D.
  4. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    My comment was more in reference to FTb official packs. Sorry for the confusion. I played some very good packs in 1.8 and 1.9. I really like this one where you had a single chunk skyblock type one but can't rememeber the name.
  5. Quetzi

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    This discussion is starting to go in circles and I think it is probably best to just accept that you hold a different viewpoint. Minecraft itself is actually not updating too quickly, at least imo, what happened this time is that the jump from 1.7.10 to 1.8.x+ was so big that there was time for 1.9 and 1.10 to release while the community got used to new systems. Compared to several years ago where we went from 1.2.5 to 1.3.2 to 1.4.2 to 1.4.6 in a matter of weeks. What has slowed down is the rate at which mod developers move to the latest version, I'm sure there are several reasons for this, but I don't doubt that for some developers they only have time to support the versions that major packs are running on, where the majority of their downloads come from. By declaring our intention to move our flagship pack to 1.11.2 in a few weeks time those developers have time to update their code. This does not mean those mods suddenly become unavailable for 1.10 it just means there are more mods available for 1.11, also, bear in mind that some mods that were big parts of 1.7.10 won't be available on 1.10 at all because they are moving directly to 1.11.
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  6. Scottly318

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    I see this discussion as similar to the opening speech Delores umbridge gave in book 5 of Harry Potter. I'm seeing the thought of "progress for progresses sake must be discouraged."

    I say that stating a desire and following through are different and not to mention... it's their brand. We get to enjoy said brand.
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  7. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    Progress = Upgrading?? rofl You are right it is their brand. However they don't make their brand so they can sit around all day and test. They make to because they enjoy it and for others to enjoy to. Also they asked for feed back and their is nothing wrong with discussing something as long as it is keep civil which it has been for the most part. Also people keep over looking that I already said in my view that updating would would be ok as long as they update beyond to 1.11 also. The only problem I had with beyond updating to 1.11 was that there are some mods in right now that will not be there if they updated. I also had a problem with pushing mod devs to move foreword before they were ready. Also let us face facts here they are not the Ministry of Magic nor would they have a brand with out mod devs and modded community. Harry fought for the freedom of the people not to be pushed around and bullied which is not what is happening here. Let's hope Delores umbridge is still having fun as guest of the Centaurs! :)
  8. TheBrain0110

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    I'm all for updating, but I'm even more for settling on a stable platform for a while. Whether that's 1.10 or 1.11 doesn't really matter, I just want everything on the same page. As it is, I've submitted bug reports for some mods that have been fixed in 1.11 releases, but not 1.10, so I can't use them. Right now we have some developers only releasing for 1.10, some only releasing for 1.11, and some releasing for both. It's kinda frustrating.

    So if FTB wants to push everyone to 1.11, I say go for it. As long as everyone else actually follows along and we don't end up missing out on half the content again. Just pick something and stick with it.
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  9. Henry Link

    Henry Link Popular Member

    Whie I can agree with that. The problem is not FTB. The problem is with Mojang and Forge. As long as they are updating we are always going to have a crazy roller coaster ride to play catch up. The only reason 1.7.10 was a stable and well developed is because we had a very weird stall in mod development world. Most modders didn't want to bother 1.8 or 1.9. It wasn't until 1.10.2 came out that they most of them started updating or putting out new content again. So unless there is another stall like that we will see this roller coaster ride again. And there is NOTHING we or the FTB team can do about it.
  10. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    Most of what you said here holds true except that there is nothing FTB can do. They don't have to update to a new version. They can simple developed for a stable version for a while till after another big update happens. They choose to update or not and that choice is made by them. I will add for those reading the thread they have posted a transcript of the town q&a so you should check that out if you didn't get to see the video.
  11. Henry Link

    Henry Link Popular Member

    @Magzie except there are things out of their control. Some mod devs out there that have already made the decision to stop fixes and support for 1.10.2 mods. So they have moved on. Which means the FTB team is now stuck with either keeping the pack on 1.10.2 with one or two buggy mods in it that will NOT be fixed or move on to 1.11.2. Your argument would be valid if he had a long 1.10.2 dev cycle. But that isn't the case. 1.10.2 will be a short lived dev cycle and as more mods jump to 1.11 fewer devs will want to keep support for both.
  12. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    Oh is it so black and white. They could do what they always have done and disable features that are buggy or remove it all together like Ars Magica 2. And no one is saying stick with 1.10 we are say one when they do update to 1.11 to make sure the mods are there and that 1.11 is stable enough for modded and also that we are tired and update after update with no packs. As a modded minecraft player i don't need to be playing in the most recent addition I only need it to be stable and fun. FTB has already said they don't pick mods based on the Devs of the mods so what mods are in the packs are pick by FTB as a whole with. If a mod dev will not support the version they are on and the bug is gamebreaking out it goes for something else.
  13. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    For my tuppence: we are in a rather odd position at the moment; 1.10 has a rather nice selection of mods at the moment, its not at the 1.7 levels, because naturally it hasn't had chance to mature fully, but its good! But as mentioned by others, certain things are already becoming 1.11 exclusive - there are 1.11 changes in one of my favourite of the newer stable, Actually Additions, including a different power system, which I'd love to see in the 1.10 version, BUT I think Ellpeck has understandably decided to keep some things fixed in the 1.10 version as it's already seen some quite wide adoption, but as 1.11 is fairly open that's where he can really let rip and strike out in new directions! I keep seeing little mods that I would LOVE to use in my custom 1.10 pack, but that are 1.11 only; likewise there are many mods that are stable enough in 1.10 and aren't necessarily going to be ported up any time soon!

    So TL;DR, we're rather stuck in the middle in some ways.

    BUT, I think we've got more than enough to be going on with, there's plenty still being updated and content being added for 1.10, that we can carry on and have fun and - critically - TIME, for the 1.11 stuff to be brought up to stability behind the scenes, so that when the decision is made to move the FTB packs across to 1.11, we do have the mods there.

    The key thing I think to remember is that, while it might have been frustrating for some to go for a length of time without new fun things to play with that are all neatly packaged in a nice working pack, this is all being done for the community at NO COST. Modmakers, pack devs, community staff are all trying their very hardest, as is extremely evident, so lets be a bit careful about making demands and having expectations. We are so lucky to have what we do - a huge community built around creating and adding to this wonderful game - so lets not forget the effort and time that goes into making things happen.

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