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Whitelist Server Direwolf20 Server Whitelisted 35 slots

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Seanbeag, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Lirannl

    Lirannl New Member

    I wasn't on at all, how can I kill animals if I'm not on?
  2. Seanbeag

    Seanbeag New Member

  3. Lirannl

    Lirannl New Member

    Does replying to this post counts?
  4. dani_killer89

    dani_killer89 New Member

    Minecraft name: PuReEHaTeE
    Age (optional): 15
    Ever been banned?: No! :)
    Experience with the modpack: I'm fairly good with buildcraft, industrial craft, redpower.
    I love to play with mods and I know mostly everything.
  5. Tomasz Janczy

    Tomasz Janczy New Member

    Minecraft name: CreeperTom1999
    Age (optional): 14
    Ever been banned?: No :)
    Experience: I know a lot about ftb. I have been playing for over 3 moths and
    I know mostly everything.
  6. Seanbeag

    Seanbeag New Member

    snitzel21 banned for griefing and thieving
  7. FirefistAce123

    FirefistAce123 New Member

    Minecraft name: Tristar16
    Age (optional): 15
    Ever been banned?: Nope
    Experience: I know a lot about ftb and all the mods
  8. CCGFIRE100524

    CCGFIRE100524 New Member

    Minecraft name: CCGFIRE100524776
    Age (optional):
    Ever been banned?: Nope
    Experience with the modpack: brand new with the Feed the Beast
  9. Nadav

    Nadav New Member

    Minecraft name:bsc122
    Age (optional):19
    Ever been banned?:No
    Experience with the modpack: I have played tekkit for a long time and the mindcrack modpack from ftb so i have a lot of experience with the mods.
  10. HarmH

    HarmH New Member

    Minecraft name: Harm_H
    Age (optional): 20
    Ever been banned?: No
    Experience: Familiar with mods included in tekkit, but new to FTB.

    Starting with FTB, and thought it would be more fun to play on a server than alone.
  11. Tamsakeer

    Tamsakeer New Member

    Minecraft name: tamsakeer
    Age (optional): 13 (Very Mature)
    Ever been banned?: Not On FTB But On Vanilla Once When I Was Framed!
    Experience with the modpack: Im Good With IC2 EE3 ThoumCraft RedPower BuildCraft MystCraft TwilightForest Ond Other Misc. Mods
  12. Seanbeag

    Seanbeag New Member

    Sorry guys but I have to stop whitelisting for a while. All full up.
  13. ryanzs

    ryanzs New Member

    Minecraft name: ryanzs
    Age (optional): 15
    Ever been banned?: never
    Experience with the modpack: i play it every day and i know how to do most of the mods
    I would be on almost every day
  14. laszlo

    laszlo New Member

    ever been banned? no
    age 14
    experience with modpack:i play the direwolf pack everyday when i get back from school
    and i really hope get added and if i get in can you give me the ip maybe?:)
    email me at [email protected]
    if i get whitelisted
  15. noobybutnutral

    noobybutnutral New Member

    ign: camer79
    location: Canada
    ever been baned? No!!!
    age: 15
    experience with mod pack: i just started playing last week but im getting good and know what im doing thanks to a friend.
    email is: [email protected]
  16. sonicmaster

    sonicmaster New Member

    Minecraft name: sonicmaster10
    Age (optional):14
    Ever been banned?:nope
    Experience with the modpack: played tekkit for about a year was on ftb for about three months.
  17. Brady131313

    Brady131313 New Member

    Minecraft name: Brady131313
    Age (optional):14
    Ever been banned?:no
    Experience with the modpack: decent with redstone, Buildcraft, and learn pretty fast
  18. Lucas Waldron

    Lucas Waldron New Member

    Minecraft name: Marinedude120
    Age (optional):22
    Ever been banned?:Never
    Experience with the modpack:Yes a 6 out of 10 to be honest

    I really want to join if you want i can donate to this server because my job pays very Well just let me know
  19. startrunner

    startrunner New Member

    Minecraft name:startrunner
    Age (optional):13
    Ever been banned?:Yes, for joining an 18+ server.
    Experience with the modpack:
    I have experience with all of the mods, have been playing FTB for about 6 months, and Tekkit for 3 months.
    I'm good in CC programming, redPower, thermalExpansion, and thaumCraft.
  20. microwave3

    microwave3 New Member

    Minecraft name: microwave3
    Age (optional): 16
    Ever been banned?: yes 1 years ago on a server with abusive admins
    Experience with the modpack: [since the first ftb map came out]

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