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Whitelist Server Direwolf20 Server Whitelisted 35 slots

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Seanbeag, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Seanbeag

    Seanbeag New Member

    I've made the decision to go ahead with a Direwolf20 server to replace my current one. The server should hopefully be live in a week or so, whenever the plugins are working correctly. I will post here when it is live. In the meantime I am looking to fill the whitelist and staff positions.

    If you want to apply for a staff position you can do so here http://tektopia.freeforums.org/mods-and-investigators-for-new-direwolf-20-server-t49.html

    There will hopefully be a teamspeak server set up for players in the near future.

    Because the modpack is so new and we dont have much experience in the problems that can happen you might see that you are being given a lot of freedom. But keep in mind if you do anything which affects the server or interferes with the other players in a negative manner you will be removed from the server. "It's not against the rules" is not an excuse for damaging the server or being an ass.

    Remember, this is an experiment to see how things go. It may not work and we may have to go to another modpack. Any suggestions on what items should be banned, plugins to add or donator perks would be very welcome. You can post them here http://tektopia.freeforums.org/server-suggestions-t5.html

    Finally, if anyone decides to specialise in a certain modpack and would like to take part in a mod spotlight for my channel please let me know.

    IP Address:

    There is now a Teamspeak Server set up for people to chat if they want.
    The IP for the TeamSpeak server is
    Password is Tektopia13

    No pvp without agreement
    No Trespassing, Looting, Thieving, Griefing, Begging
    Test Computercraft programs Offline
    No creating Mystcraft worlds. This is a direct ban offence
    Portals are disabled. Community portal available at spawn
    When your quarry is finished ask an admin to refill it before you place another

    Host Details
    Server is 24/7 and hosted on DaddyCheese who are quite reliable. Can support 48 at a time.

    Tree Capitator
    World Edit

    Prisoner: You have been a bad boy and are in jail
    Builder: You are new to the server or have done something bad and been demoted.
    Trusted: You have been on the server without breaking the rules for 1 week. You are considered to know the rules and to follow them
    Doantor: You have been generous and supported the server. You will receive a reward for this.
    Investigator: You can investigate griefing and report your finings to the moderators or admins.
    Mod: Tasked with enforcing the rules and repairing grief.
    Admin: Tasked with running the server

    The following recipes have been removed from server for safety:
    (To be decided)

    The following items will not be available until you are trusted:
    (To be decided)

    The following items will be gifted to Donators:
    1) A warp point to the end portal
    (More to be decided)

    Penalties for Breaking the Rules:
    1st Offence: Caution - You will be demoted for 7 days and be placed on probation. You are only entitled to one caution in your server lifetime. If the mod/admin decides your offence is serious enough they can skip the caution
    2nd Offence: Jail - You will be Jailed for 7 days and demoted for a further 7. If an admin decides your offence is serious enough you will be banned.
    3rd Offence - You will be struck with the ban hammer

    To apply simply copy and paste the following with your info.

    Minecraft name:
    Age (optional):
    Ever been banned?:
    Experience with the modpack:
  2. Hawkeye

    Hawkeye New Member

    how to apply? :D
    ign: speariver
    age: 17
    banned? never
    wanna know more? just ask
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  3. Seanbeag

    Seanbeag New Member

  4. Hawkeye

    Hawkeye New Member

    awesome thanks, i'll be waiting till you're live
  5. CaptainTacos1

    CaptainTacos1 New Member

    Minecraft name:CaptainTacos1
    Age (optional):15
    Ever been banned?:no
    Experience with the modpack:ive used it since he released it
  6. Shadowquinn

    Shadowquinn New Member

    Minecraft name: shadowquinn1974
    Age (optional): 38 (yes I am an old man)
    Ever been banned?: Never
    Experience with the modpack: Great with TE, soul shards, good with the rest. I am not a great building maker, but I am getting better.
  7. Awsome231

    Awsome231 New Member

    Minecraft name: Awsome231j
    Age (optional): N/A
    Ever been banned?: Nope
    Experience with the modpack: I played it since it was released.
  8. MetalHeadzzz

    MetalHeadzzz New Member

    Minecraft name: MetalHeadzz
    Age (optional): 15
    Ever been banned?: no
    Experience with the modpack:I have played most of the mods within the pack, there are couple I haven't used to much but I could probably get the hang of them
  9. zax0ng

    zax0ng New Member

    Minecraft name: zax0ng
    Age (optional): N/A
    Ever been banned?: Nope
    Experience with the modpack: Mess around with it for quite sometime since release.
  10. Alardean

    Alardean New Member

    Minecraft name:Alardean
    Age (optional):25
    Ever been banned?:no
    Experience with the modpack:I'm fairly good with bc, ic2, redpower and thermal expansion. i've just started to mess with cc and lua.
  11. PumpkinToys

    PumpkinToys New Member

    Minecraft name: PumpkinToys
    Age (optional): 14, 15 in march 10th
    Ever been banned?: No i haven't and i wont be :)
    Experience with the modpack: I have good knowledge about most of the mods, been watching direwolf20 for about a year and played for the same time.
  12. Diamond_Hammer

    Diamond_Hammer New Member

    Minecraft name: Diamond_Hammer
    Age (optional): 32
    Ever been banned?: Not that I know.
    Experience with the modpack: Been playing with the mods in the pack since pre technic launcher, roughly 2 Years now.
  13. Dup3D_X2

    Dup3D_X2 New Member

    Minecraft name:Dup3D
    Age (optional):14, 15 in may
    Ever been banned?: nope
    Experience with the modpack:im okay with thermal expansion but i am advancing in the other mods[DOUBLEPOST=1358156452][/DOUBLEPOST]* Minecraft name: Dup3D
  14. Seanbeag

    Seanbeag New Member

    All added so far. Hopefully up and running in a few days.
  15. ThePartyMan1

    ThePartyMan1 New Member

    Minecraft name: ThePartyMan1
    Age (optional): 13
    Ever been banned?: No i haven't :)
    Experience with the modpack: Watched direwolf20 for a long time and played with the mods 3 months Worth,
    abit rusty but i have my friend PumpkinToys to help me on the way and learn me :)
  16. Stevanov

    Stevanov New Member

    Certainly like the look of this server. Nicely organized and everything. Seems like you know what you're doing, i'd like to join since you have strict rules.
    Minecraft name: Stevanov
    Age: 20
    Ever been banned: I only have been hosting small 10 person servers for me and friends, never actually joined other servers so I haven't been banned.
    Experience with the modpack: I've been hosting a DW20 server some guys and gals like I said earlier and been a fan of DW20 on youtube so i think i know what i'm doing.

    One last question though is where is the server physically located, i ask due to ping etc.
  17. Seanbeag

    Seanbeag New Member

    Added. Welcome.

    Added. I've been running a Tekkit server for a while now so I've tried to address the issues that came up there. Unfortunately as the modpack is so new I'm not aware of all the dangers. I beleieve the server is hosted in Paris. We've only ever had lag issues when peak times overlap between server and clients in the States. For example 4pm in the States and 10pm in France appears to have slight block lag for a while. Having said that, this is a whole new modpack and we won't know til it's up and running.
  18. Neku Sakuraba

    Neku Sakuraba New Member

    Minecraft name: iCrow17
    Age (optional): 17
    Ever been banned?: No i have never been banned
    Experience with the modpack: Yes I have been playing direwolf20 mod pack for quite a while
  19. Seanbeag

    Seanbeag New Member


    Work is progressing well on the bukkit plugin ports.
  20. GeneralDean101

    GeneralDean101 New Member

    Minecraft name:GeneralDean101
    Age (optional):17
    Ever been banned?: No.
    Experience with the modpack: I use tha pack a lot and I have been playing with these mods before modpack was made.

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