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Whitelist Server CrownCraft | MindCrack v8.2.0 | Whitelisted server | Youtuber server

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by UNCROWNED, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Charliej2000

    Charliej2000 New Member

    Whitelist application:
    Time Zone:Eastern Time
    Why you would like to join:I would like to join because I think the server has a great community and very mature,friendly people playing on it. I would also like to join because I would love to make youtube videos with all the other youtubers on the server. I think I would have a lot of fun on the server.
    Youtube Channel:Charliej2000
    And a paragrph about yourself:My name is Charlie and I am 13 years old currently living Kentucky but might be moving because we have been moving a lot lately. I have been playing Minecraft for about a year and have been playing FTB for a couple months now and are very good with it. I love to use the forestry mod and the bees. I'm a pretty mature person and can take a joke and are more than willing to be apart of the plranking. I try to make things very efficient and try to know something about all the mods. I love to combine the mods in projects that I have. I hope to join all the players in the fun and adventure they have on the server.
  2. flapjacck

    flapjacck New Member

    Whitelist application:
    IGN: flapjacck
    Age: 14
    Time Zone: GMT
    Why you would like to join: Looks like a small but respectable server with good potential. Looks like the place to make a few friends and help the community.
    Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/Imflapjacck
    Skype: gofinko
    And a paragraph about yourself: I love playing FTB, especially multiplayer. I enjoy really getting stuck in with all types of mods and experimenting with everything i can. I hope to make some friends and help everyone in a way that will benefit them.

  3. Baldish

    Baldish New Member

    Whitelist application:
    Time Zone:pacific Time Zone
    Why you would like to join:I would like to join because I want to the same things as you! Like being a friendly community, helping each other. Oh and also so i can play FTB
    Youtube Channel:None as of yet
    Skype:Message me please!
    And a paragrph about yourself:Let me start off with I am a great builder and love the machines and such on this game. I bit more about my self is that I like PC I am in the process of building a new one for my self. I am friendly and enjoyable person to be around.
    I hope you take my application in to consideration. Thank you.
  4. Warrior1998ac

    Warrior1998ac New Member

    Whitelist application:

    IGN: warrior1998ac

    Age: 14

    Time Zone: mountain standard time

    Why you would like to join:

    -looking for good ftb server to start a LP series on

    -also looking for someone to partner with

    -love playing minecraft and feed the beast

    Youtube Channel: warrior1998ac.

    Skype: warrior1998ac. Or. --PaN1K--

    And a paragrph about yourself:

    I enjoy playing minecraft (lol) I'm in 8th grade, I skateboard, rock climb, and hunt. One of my greatest achievements is getting into ALPS as well as killing a impala in Africa. I play need for speed, mc, halo and other games. I wrestle and swim competitively. And I'm flip in awesome...
    That's about all!
    Thanks, I hope that soon ill be on the server making vids
    Once again thank you.
  5. mistah_jaffa

    mistah_jaffa New Member

    IGN: mr_jaffa
    Age: 14
    Time Zone: UTC±00:00
    Why you would like to join: I would like to join this server because I have been browsing the internet for days looking for a good Youtuber Friendly server and found this one :D I would like to start a new lets play on a multiplayer server where I could get in contact with the members and maybe play a few pranks (if you watch GeneriKB you know what I mean)
    Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/mistahjaffa
    Skype: chocoman2010
    And a paragraph about yourself: My real name is Nathan, I have a good personality and a good sense of humor. I would think I am fairly mature. I Co-Owned and administrated multiple servers and I now want to just play legit. I would also be able to use skype or TS3 (or any-other) if you wanted.
    Thanks, Nathan/mr_jaffa
  6. Devin Ehlers

    Devin Ehlers New Member

    Whitelist application:
    Time Zone:USA central
    Why you would like to join:I am a starter youtuberecorder and i need a peaceful place to record a ftb series and i love to be around helpful nice people and i like to help people if they need it.
    Youtube Channel:https://www.youtube.com/beastcraftpvp i only have one video because i dont have a good place to record with people
    And a paragrph about yourself:i am 14 i like to help people if they ask i like to play on whitelisted servers with nice people and i tried to record single player but i got bored i like to play with other people i am very nice i will donate to the server when i get payed every week i will put half or all into the server to keep it up love Devin Ehlers Please Accept It Would Be Very HelpFul Because i am not getting any were recording in single player because i only have 1 video Please And Thank You For Your Time If You Say No It Wont Make Me Mad It Will Just Make Me Sad Bye Know
  7. San

    San New Member

    Hello. I'd like to apply to play on your server with you!

    IGN: Eucytus
    Age: 19
    Time Zone: West coast USA
    Why you would like to join: Looking for a new place to settle down.
    Youtube Channel: None.
    Skype: Introprospector
    And a paragraph about yourself: My name is nathan and I'm from seattle. My interests include music, mycology and locksmithing. I do not really do the youtube thing, but it would be cool to be in someone's video if you guys will be recording. I've been playing mindcrack for a few months now and I've pretty much got the hang of how to do things. If permitted to join I would conduct myself in an appropriate and respectful manner. Thank you.
  8. skyslight

    skyslight New Member

    Whitelist application:
    Time Zone:GMT
    Why you would like to join:i am looking for a friendly ftb server to start making youtube vids
    Youtube Channel:SkysGaming smith but i have no vids yet because i am trying to find a nice peaceful server to record on :)
    And a paragrph about yourself:i swim every day so yer I'm a swimmer but i still can play ftb a lot. I love to play AFL with my buds we play for a team. I have been playing minecraft for 2 years now hope i can be apart of this server and bring some fun times. I also love to watch youtube to learn about new things and how to start a fun youtube channel
  9. tommyterrific

    tommyterrific New Member

    IGN: tommyterrific
    Age: 32
    Time Zone: Arizona (currently same as pacific)
    Why you would like to join: Looking for a fun, active community to enjoy my minecraft/ftb addiction and hoping to get into youtubing.
    Youtube Channel: I have one but have not uploaded yet.
    Skype: tommyterrific
    And a paragraph about yourself: I'm Tommy, if that wasn't obvious. 32 years old so I may be the old man here. Still a kid at heart and enjoy my video games still. I love Mindcrack and all of the their antics and would love to be a part of something that aspires to be like that. The camaraderie, the builds, the pranks, UHC. It all seems so fun to me.
  10. HellRoxHard

    HellRoxHard New Member

    Time Zone:Central
    Why you would like to join:want to play with people instead of playing on a single player world because its getting lonely
    Youtube Channel:BrokenOnReplay
    And a paragrph about yourself:i have been playing FTB and minecraft in general off and on
  11. TheSM68y

    TheSM68y New Member

    IGN: WoodLawnCHUCK
    Age: 15
    Time Zone: Central
    Why you would like to join: Because I would love to record a FTB series and have no block lag while recording and as well as not many interruptions.
    Youtube Channel: TheSM68y
    And a paragrph about yourself: I used to have a really laggy computer which couldnt record anything, then I got a really fast graphics card and now I can record perfect minecraft videos with fraps. I love to play Basketball, tennis, football, and Minecraft! I have now 81 subscribers on my channel recording left 4 dead, skyrim, and minecraft videos and I would really like if I could get on and record a FTB series!
  12. squirrel577

    squirrel577 New Member

    IGN: squirrel_mc57
    Age: 15
    Time Zone: USA central
    Why you would like to join: i am looking for a fun server with a good communty, no lag and a good place to start a LP
    Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SquirrelCrafter
    Skype: john.dickey57
    And a paragrph about yourself: i have been watching mindcrack ftb for a while and i have been wanting to try it on a server simiar to what the mindcrackers do, and when i found this server i thought that this was the perfect server to do so! i have played tekkit for a while so i know what alot of the mods are about.
  13. WingMaster12

    WingMaster12 New Member

    IGN: WingMaster12
    Age: 14
    Time Zone: ATZ
    Why you would like to join: I would like to join this server because, i've been dieing to find a new server for minecraft, tekkit, or FTB, I'd like to expand my knowlage of the modpack so I can be better.
    Youtube Channel: Non atm I cant decide a good name ( sorry :( please still accept making one in couple days )
    Skype: eli.hook3
    And a paragrph about yourself: My name is Eli ( sounds like E-lie :3 ) I am very good at any thing for any mod pack I have a good personality. ( i belive ) I am currently living in Prince Edward Island,Canada move to there from Beleville ontario, I can play on this server for atleast 2-6 hrs a day ( i still get outside alot XD ) so all in all I'd like you to accept my application even though 1 thing is not filled out i hope you will think i'd be the perfect player for your server - Me :D
  14. DroBeast18

    DroBeast18 New Member

    Whitelist application:
    IGN: DroBeast18
    Age: 16
    Time Zone: Eastern
    Why you would like to join: I would like to join a server that has a nice community.
    Youtube Channel: Drobeast18
    Skype: Dro Casimiro
    And a paragraph about yourself: I'm just a gamer in general, though I like to play/watch sports. I play a lot of different games, although Minecraft is a game that I play almost everyday. I've been playing FTB for a while now, and I like to dabble in all of the mods, but Industrial Craft is the one I usually spend time on.
  15. St0ffe

    St0ffe New Member

    IGN: St0ffe
    Age: 24
    Time Zone: GMT+1
    Why you would like to join: I want to bring my gaming to a new whole level and hopefully bring some fun times on youtube while playing with some great people. Also, I'm tired of playing alone on FTB and off camera. This is also a great opportunity for me to start fresh and make a better serie.
    Youtube Channel: youtube.com/noc88
    Skype: Will only be sent in PM for my own safety
    And a paragrph about yourself: I'm a nice guy who brings alot of fun times, doesn't matter what time of day it is. I like most of the computer related things such as gaming, webprogramming, networking etc and a few sports.
  16. Brentster56

    Brentster56 New Member

    IGN: Brentster56
    Age: 16
    Time Zone: Eastern
    Why you would like to join: Looking for a place i can make youtube videos and still have fun
    Youtube Channel: youtube.com/Brentster56 likely to change
    Skype: Will be sent if white-listed
    And a paragrph about yourself: I enjoy minecraft and i enjoy mods, i could never really start a singleplayer world without cheating so i enjoy playing with others, i like having fun and when i would watch youtube and see the videos people make, they always looked like they were always having fun doing that and i wanted to give it a try, i am still a bit of a noob though when it comes to editing and such. I do play sports outside of my gaming career which is small, i bowled and i do shooting competitions, but that is beside the fact that i just want to have fun with a small community.
  17. Limezzzz

    Limezzzz New Member

    Whitelist application:
    IGN: limezzzz
    Age: 16
    Time Zone:Greenwich mean time (UK)
    Why you would like to join:i would like to join because i want to join a small, friendly server to record some videos on and i would like to have fun while playing too
    Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/AphexHawk
    And a paragrph about yourself: i am a friendly player who likes to strive to do the best that i can do, if i start a build i finish it and i try to find the most efficient ways to do things with machines and the different mods combined.
  18. jackxiandunn123

    jackxiandunn123 New Member

    IGN: jackxiandunn123
    Time Zone: BST
    Why you would like to join: I haven't posted anything in a while and all my friend say that i should do ftb on a server and it would be even better if they do YouTube aswell
    YouTube Channel: jd23ize
    Skype: jd23ize123
    And a paragraph about yourself: hi my names is jack and i love making YouTube videos but as of lately i haven't been able to post anything but now i'm on holidays i will, there are alot of mods and i know about 70% of most of them if im accepted can you email me at [email protected] thanks for reading my application.
  19. Xian

    Xian New Member

    IGN: xianpkcsea
    Age: 16
    Time Zone: Pacific standard
    Why you would like to join:I'm looking for a server with closed borders and no griefing, so I could have the most fun i could ever have.
    Youtube Channel: XephosFTW
    Skype: xiankostyrko
  20. Shawnathan55

    Shawnathan55 New Member

    Withdrawn, i found another server

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