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Whitelist Server CrownCraft | MindCrack v8.2.0 | Whitelisted server | Youtuber server

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by UNCROWNED, Apr 9, 2013.


    UNCROWNED New Member

    IP: NEW IP -
    Rules:First off there are no set rules as such, pranking is allowed on the server but you as a player must know what is right and wrong, however all basic rules apply: no cursing, no racial abuse etc... etc... just don't be an idiot!

    The aim of CrownCraft is to create a friendly community of like minded gamers to come together... and well play games! I really strive to get the server up to the standards of bigger and more popular servers such as as MindCrack.

    The server is intend to bring smaller youtubers together to create a freindly community where people can help each other record videos and such and just have a good time while playing!

    At the moment the server is pretty low-end with only ten slots, however i would like to upgrade at some point in teh future if more people start playing on the server.

    I hope to see some of you guys soon on the server and thanks for your time!

    Whitelist application:
    Time Zone:
    Why you would like to join:
    Youtube Channel:
    And a paragrph about yourself:
  2. unholywar23

    unholywar23 New Member

    Hey can I get an invite please...unholywar23 IGN

    UNCROWNED New Member

    Sorry i forgot to add an application section please feel free to leave an application below!
  4. Bacon Priest

    Bacon Priest New Member

    IGN: aceman7777777
    Age: 18
    Time Zone: Mountain standard
    Why you would like to join: the server i used to go on shut down
    Youtube Channel: N/A
    Skype: Priest_of_Syrinx
  5. lolertje123

    lolertje123 New Member

    IGN: lolertje123
    Age: 16
    Time Zone: GMT +1
    Why you would like to join: Looking for a new server, so everyone starts out freshly
    Youtube Channel: we4president, but probably not going to upload vids :)
    Skype: lolertje123
  6. Hadrex

    Hadrex New Member

    IGN: Monty002
    Age: 16
    Time Zone: BST
    Why you would like to join: Played single player tekkit and forestry but want to play on a server for FTB.
    Youtube Channel: Hadrexy - considering doing some videos in the near future; maybe with partner(s).
    Skype: Don't have skype Atm - is that a problem? - I can get it soon though.
  7. unholywar23

    unholywar23 New Member

    Whitelist application:
    IGN: unholywar23
    Age: 23
    Time Zone: Central
    Why you would like to join: I am looking for small FTB server that is not crazy full
    Youtube Channel: unholywar23
    Skype: andrew.ealy23
    And a paragrph about yourself: I'm not really sure what to say here. I like to play minecraft a lot I guess ;)
  8. Hadrex

    Hadrex New Member

    Skype: Hadrexy
    And a paragraph about yourself: (edit) want to play on a small server with a community on it, as single player has got a bit boring. In IRL I live on the outskirts of London in the suburbs. I have ambitions to start a youtube series- being tutorial focused as there is alot to take in in the FTB modpack.
  9. Kronza

    Kronza New Member

    Whitelist application:
    IGN: _Kronza_
    Age: 17
    Time Zone: CST (Duluth, Minnesota)
    Why you would like to join: I'm a starting youtuber, and would love to be surrounded by people in my same situation. :)
    Youtube Channel: youtube.com/user/kronaticfilms
    Skype: kronza.kingdom
    And a paragrph about yourself: Hi, I'm James, I'm 17 and I love playing Minecraft and other PC games as a hobby, wether it be by myself or with other people that youtube, always want to make friends, I have great knowledge in the Mindcrack FTB pack, as I have run my own server even.
  10. Lokarn

    Lokarn New Member

    Whitelist application:

    IGN: i_Lokarn_I

    Age: 33

    Time Zone: PST (West Coast)

    Why you would like to join: I am looking to play Minecraft with other friendly people. I was playing on another server that had to shut down due to the host having some real life issue.

    Youtube Channel: Well, I don't currently have one, I think making vids could be fun in the future, but for now I would just like to play with friendly players.

    Skype: l_lokarn_l (those are lowercase L's)

    And a paragrph about yourself: I have always loved playing video games. I have played quite a few games and ran several groups of players across some fun games.
    One of which was WoW. I still play with several of the guys I met running that guild. It's now been over 6 years since I met them. I do like to play this game a lot, but I also am always looking to add a new long term friend to my list.
    I hope to see you, and others in the server who enjoy having fun, and playing games.

    UNCROWNED New Member

    Accepted: I look forward to having you on the server![DOUBLEPOST=1365896618][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Accepted: Hope to see you soon!
  12. mooo312

    mooo312 New Member

    IGN: mooo312
    Age: 16
    Time Zone: Pacific
    Why you would like to join: I am tired of playing by myself and playing with 1 other friend on my server
    Youtube Channel: youtube.com/user/TH3CAUS3 do not have any videos uploaded (my friend tooncow is going to help)
    Skype: mooo312
    And a paragrph about yourself: I am Jimmy i enjoy playing mincraft on the pc and halo 4 on the xbox. I like to play with my friends and other people. I have been playing FTB since it was released but before that i played tekkit so i am pretty familiar with all of the mods.
  13. matthew mcpeck

    matthew mcpeck New Member

    IGN: Tooncow
    Time Zone: Pacific
    Why you would like to join: I love FTB ever since its release and I want to have a community experience. #swag I love to see other peoples creations and show off my own, like a boss. I've just now gotten back into FTB although I know the mod quite well.
    Youtube Channel: NONE, but I will make one if accepted because thats how I do.

    Skype:matthew mcpeck
    And a paragraph about yourself: My name is matthew as im sure you can guess by my skype name. I doth enjoy playing FTB and being creative with my builds. I am a very well rounded person and enjoy the company of others #yolo. I do hate "xD" faces, sorry if you make those but they bother me, alot. Anyways I go to highschool, I plan on becoming a Biotechnical-C13BC Nuclear Engineering Technician. Not really, that does'nt exist. #swag again I cant wait to jump on the server and get started on an awesome base of greatness. Btw I am god. JK, I'm greater than god.
  14. PhilsGeneralTso

    PhilsGeneralTso New Member

    Whitelist application:
    IGN: PhilsGeneralTso
    Age: 13
    Time Zone: EST
    Why you would like to join: I felt that this server is a laid back server and has nice people in it
    Youtube Channel: I currently do not have one, but probably will make one in the near future.
    Skype: PM me
    And a paragrph about yourself: I am a 13 year old student who is hoping to have a career in medicine. I try to strive for the best and try to live life to the fullest. I like to anything that has to do with art and I am a table tennis player. I play in professional tournaments and hope when I get owner I will be one of the best table tennis coach in the US. I have been playing FTB for about 5 months and found a really nice, laid back server. Sadly, the server had problems and it shut down. I am trying to find a server that fits my style, not many players, no griefers, laid back gamers. I'm a player who loves to help out with others because I think I am a pretty decent and experience player. I think smaller servers are better because you get to know all the players. I hope I make new friends on this server. Well, I hope you guys accept my applications and I would love to help out with this server!
  15. Anarkist93

    Anarkist93 New Member

    Whitelist application:
    Time Zone: atlantic?
    Why you would like to join: looks to be a small server but with great potential, looking for a place to make a few freinds and find people who challenge me to go bigger and more complex in my building
    Youtube Channel:none as of yet
    Skype: pm me, id rather not say on a public tread
    And a paragrph about yourself:i like to build factories and very complex machines but have no quams getting there the legit way on survival, as of late ive gotten bored of FTB for the lack of people on my single player worlds, id like to get to meet ppl who enjoy the game as much as i do in its many facets
  16. FjZ345

    FjZ345 New Member

    My Application
    IGN: fjz345
    Age: Born 08-20-1997
    Time Zone: Europe
    Why you would like to join: BECAUSE I like multiplayer, RPG and more stuff.
    Youtube Channel: Don't got any but dont mind being recorded ending up in a other youtube channel.
    Skype: fjz345
    And a paragrph about yourself: I like Math and Problem Solving. AND PLAY LOTS OF COMPUTER GAMES!!!
  17. Yurlos

    Yurlos New Member

    IGN: Germanko
    Age: 18
    Time Zone: europe
    Why you would like to join: i'm looking for server to have fun with other members :)
    Youtube Channel: Don't got but later i want to record some vids
    Skype: pm, if required :)
    And a paragrph about yourself: I'm young energic person with few hours of free time
  18. symbology

    symbology New Member

    IGN: Symbology
    Age: 17
    Time Zone: CMT
    Why you would like to join: I would like to record my videos with other expirences youtubers. I also love to play with others and work together to accomplish tasks set fourth.
    Youtube Channel: GlimpsGaming (Deleted many videos due to my lack of skill ahah)
    Skype: brandon.james.somers1
    And a paragrph about yourself: my name is brandon and im a proud to be canadian! As you already guess, I do love hockey ;). I also really love football! my other hobbies are making youtube videos and playing minecraft! I love to get myself out there and play with the community! I have quite a bit of free time and i currently restarted my youtube channel (deleted videos) My new videos are going to be a little mroe mature and entertaining! I love to laugh and make others laugh aswell! I own a alienware X51 and i record with Fraps, also compress with handbrake. Thank you for taking the time to read my application and i hope i get accepted!

  19. retroxaz

    retroxaz New Member

    hi im very exited this server looks perfect for me.
    i will start record very soon when i got a new computer in the weekend but here is my application

    Whitelist application:
    IGN:Liewendahl can be changed in the future
    Time Zone:+02.00 i think
    Why you would like to join:im a youtuber and want some people to play with and i found this server it look nice what i readed and with other youtubers will it be perfect
    Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/retroxaz
    And a paragrph about yourself:im a youtuber that have recorded for years but never done realy great videos but now i have learnd much of video editing and shit. i search for a server i can record on and i relly like feed tha beast and i have never griefd and i can do pranks but its not over the law so im not rasist or nasist and for the most dont care where you are from. if you are mad i will not talk with you. i hope i can help other youtubers and they can help me. and i relly want to meet the youtubers on the server. that was all hope you liked it.


    UNCROWNED New Member

    Accepted: hope to see you soon![DOUBLEPOST=1366156957][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Accepted: hope you are still interest... sorry for the long wait i have been really busy lately!

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