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New Member
Jul 29, 2019
Whitelist application:
IGN: Juganog
Age: 19
Time Zone: +10GMT
Why you would like to join: Would love to be in a smaller community as big servers generally get too packed / laggy
Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/EmohBunny - not looking to make youtube videos myself at this stage as work and uni comes first but I'm happy to be in some / help with problems people are having with videos if people want to,
Skype: Juganog
And a paragraph about yourself: Hi, I'm john :) i have played minecraft since the early stages of Alpha and played FTB since early beta i love playing FTB over vanilla as it requires much more of a challenge and all of the extra stuff in the game makes it far more interesting to me. I work as a waiter Thursday - Sunday and go to uni Monday - Thursday studying I.T & Computer systems. apart from that there isn't much to say, i love working with a smaller community and being as helpful as i can to produce the best results and a lot of the time will start making things such as community power / resources if people need them


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
IGN: daire1dancing
Age: 12
Time Zone: GMT
Why you would like to join: I believe it would make a good series for my channel
Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/TheTeamingGamers or www.youtube.com/DatBatBoss
Skype: daire.daykin2
And a paragraph about yourself: Even though I'm young I still can be mature I am Irish and even if you waited until I was a bit older to accept this Id be happy, the main channel I post on is a co-op channel with 2 of my friends (www.youtube.com/TheTeamingGamers) and I would appreciate this soooooo much. :)


IGN: Kmaxi
Age: 14, filling 15 soon
Time Zone: Cet
Why you would like to join: I have benn looking for a survival server for small youtubers for a log time, i wanna start uploading survival videos on my channel, not only hypixel relatet videos.
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKZAY9JTZ65BRKPwOaC6_cg
Skype: maxi.esst
And a paragrph about yourself: I have played quit allot survival before i startet youtube, i have build things like a huge guardien farm, iron titan, enderman xp grinder and much more.
Thanks for taking your time reading this, i hope i can join the server