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Whitelist Server Crapnapolis|Horizons|White list|Small Private server looking for friendly atmosphere

Discussion in 'Horizons' started by polkziggy, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. Rallaster

    Rallaster New Member

    Hey man, can I join? I'm like, a really cool player and I'm the bestest at everything!

    Just kidding, kinda. Haha

    I guess I'm one of the mods, or something? :confused: Just thought I'd poke my head in a say howdy and introduce myself to everyone. *wave*

    IGN: Rallaster
    Gender: Male
    Age: 31
    What are you looking for when joining this server: I was kinda roped into it by polkziggy. :p
    Personality and play style: I'm fairly laid back as long as you don't screw with my internet connection. I'm a lazy crafter and tend to play a survival/creative hybrid game. I tried a strict survival game once.. I got bored, spawned a couple nukes and crashed my computer blowing the world up.
    Misc: I'm using a crappy laptop on a mediocre internet connection. My availability is sketchy at best.
  2. polkziggy

    polkziggy Member

    Id say welcome to the server but you're already whitelisted... and absent lol. Come back to us buddy.
  3. NinjaChortle

    NinjaChortle Member

    What are you looking for when joining this server: Exploring new plugins that Horizon has to offer over other modpacks
    Personality and play style: I'm a bit of a completionist, I like to play through multiple mods, find out what is effecient, and incorporate that into automation
    MIS: Unemployed with too much time on my hands
  4. polkziggy

    polkziggy Member

    The server has changed to Mechanical Titan mod pack. If you still want on, let me know and Ill send you the info.
  5. NinjaChortle

    NinjaChortle Member

    I checked out the mod list, I'll give it a try.
  6. polkziggy

    polkziggy Member

    Added. Sending you server info via PM.
  7. neonblinder

    neonblinder New Member

    What are you looking for when joining this server: Try out new mods and automate as much as i need
    Personality and play style: I enjoy automating as much as possible to feed my needs for try and mastering other mods.
    MISC: Would be playing along with w33k3ndwarrior
  8. polkziggy

    polkziggy Member

    Added. Sending you server info via PM.
  9. Koro682

    Koro682 New Member

    IGN: Koro682
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    What are you looking for when joining this server: To try out new tech and magic mods, all while in a friendly community!
    Personality and play style: I have a very bubbly, funny, and nice personality and my play style is to go through one mod until I fill content with it and move on to the next mod that captures my interest.
    MIS: Will be playing with W33k3ndwarrior and Neonblinder.
  10. polkziggy

    polkziggy Member

    Added. Sending info via PM
  11. CommanderCortes

    CommanderCortes New Member

    A question, before I apply. What sort of magical mods are in this Mechanical Titan, if any?
  12. MuayWowwy

    MuayWowwy New Member

    Blood Magic and botania atm. but in future updates there will be more like thuamcraft
  13. CommanderCortes

    CommanderCortes New Member

    Ah, I don't think I'll apply then. I'd need more magics.
  14. polkziggy

    polkziggy Member

    The pack updates weekly. As soon as the mods are release to 1.7.10 they will be added. you can check on the pack status Here
  15. Mightyzman1

    Mightyzman1 New Member

    What are you looking for when joining this server: Exploring new plugins that enhance the Minecraft experience.
    Personality and play style: I tend to explore a lot and see the sights. I use mods to enhance my experience. The less friction to my goal the better off I am.
    MIS: Will be playing with W33k3ndwarrior, Koro682, and Neonblinder.
  16. polkziggy

    polkziggy Member

    Added to the whitelist. Sending you server I for via PM
  17. megazombie52

    megazombie52 New Member

    IGN:Gaspyplays1 and ChrizAsh
    Gender:both males
    Age:both 14 missed that you had to be 18+ when reading about the server sorry
    What are you looking for when joining this server:a place for my cousin and I to play minecraft together in a friendly enviroment
    Personality and play style:We both know the mods really well and could help people out. We both also enjoy building while advancing to late game.
    MISC:Sorry for contacting you before re-reading the server description
  18. polkziggy

    polkziggy Member

    No problem. We do set age limits on the server. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  19. ReeceMNewman

    ReeceMNewman Active Member

    IGN: DJ_HoneyDew
    Gender: Male
    Age: just turned 18 in july :D
    What are you looking for when joining this server: Mainly something to do i have been on a good few whitelisted servers before but none for horizons and i really wanted to try a new server on a new modpack :)
    Personality and play style: i am a genuinly nice person, i like helping people and getting help from others too i love to build even though i might not be the greatest it lets me zone out for a few hours :) i would normally contribute to the chat/commuity as much as i can.
    MISC: I'm from ireland (yes im a paddy) i am just about to start college, im doing a Computer Games Development course its starting the 11th so my play hours might cut back a small bit :) im a very chatty person most of the time, not gunna lie sometimes i like to play alone too just to get away from things and have some me time :D
  20. polkziggy

    polkziggy Member

    Added and welcome to the server. We are no longer running Horizons. WE are now using Mechanical Titan. i am sedning you the server info via PM.

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