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Whitelist Server Crapnapolis|Horizons|White list|Small Private server looking for friendly atmosphere

Discussion in 'Horizons' started by polkziggy, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. polkziggy

    polkziggy New Member

    This is a creeper host Server available 24/7. Accepted applicants will get be given host name and IP. We are looking for 10 players 18+ years of age. Don't apply if your under 18. (sorry, I don't want to be contacted by your parents). Teamspeak 3 is available for those who want to use it. Starter pack avaiable on request for those who like a jump start. Suggestion for server improvements are welcome.

    Running FTB Horizons with Blood magic enabled and Bibliocraft 1.5.5 added. (If you need help DLing or installing/Enabling Bibliocraft or Blood magic, let me know. Ill be happy to help.)

    Rules are simple, play nice and be respectful. No stealing or griefing. PvP is welcome and encouraged between consenting players. Respect other peoples bases and staked claims(there's plenty of world, don't crowd me out without asking lol). As always, any disputes will be handled by myself or the mods and are final. There is limited space available and we are opening it to have a community to play with. As such, extended absences without prior notification will open your spot to someone else.

    What are you looking for when joining this server:
    Personality and play style:
    The mod pack on this server has changed. The new listing can be found at
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  2. waldanno

    waldanno New Member

    Hi, I'd like to join u guys.

    IGN: Autista_SvK
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    What are you looking for when joining this server: I've been wanting to try out the Horizons pack for some while now and seeing I simply hate SP I set out to try and find a fairly new server to join and yours caught my attention. I'm looking for a friendly bunch of guys just playing together and occasionally goofing around.
    Personality and play style: I think I'm a pretty straightforward guy. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. If you're mean to me, I'll still be nice. But if you're mean to me a 2nd time, It's gonna get a little ugly. :) If there's anything I can help with I'm always happy to do it and I'm all for community fun and projects.
    MISC: I'm a college student from Czech Republic (GMT+1) and I love PC games, football and ofc girls. :)

    If there's anything else you'd like to know, don't hesitate to send me a message. :)
  3. polkziggy

    polkziggy New Member

    I have added you to the whitelist. Welcome to the server. Email me at [email protected]. for host name and IP
  4. waldanno

    waldanno New Member

    mail sent
  5. polkziggy

    polkziggy New Member

    Added to the whitelist. Im sending you server info via PM. Welcome to the server :)
  6. MuayWowwy

    MuayWowwy New Member

    What are you looking for when joining this server:a new experience i have not played horizons pack yet
    Personality and play style:i like to talk if other like to talk back i try and start off as fast as possible.
    MISC: not much just noticed i appliyed 6 says after you last said something so hopefully your still checking the forums:p
  7. polkziggy

    polkziggy New Member

    Added. Sending you a PM with server info.
  8. login123

    login123 New Member

    Hello, I am looking for a server to play with my 2 friends and yours seems a nice one, but before applying I would like to know where is it located.
  9. Xelarion

    Xelarion New Member

    IGN: Xelarion
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    What are you looking for when joining this server: A place to build my stuff, and be able to share it with friends. occasional pvp. All of this without 13 year ols.
    Personality and play style: exploring magic-mods. Right now Blood magic
    MISC: I always build towers.
  10. polkziggy

    polkziggy New Member

    The server is located on a Creeperhost node in Chicago, Illinois in the US.[DOUBLEPOST=1407169167][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Added. Im sending server info via PM. Welcome to the server :)
  11. login123

    login123 New Member

    I don't know if you will accept us, but I would like to login and test the ping/lag first before joining because we all are from europe. Would that be possible?

    IGN: Omyth
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    What are you looking for when joining this server: A good stable server that doesn't end/go down before me and my friends have a chance to get into late game.
    Personality and play style: First get into end game and then build my house and the aesthetics.
    MISC: Building cool looking buildings and maintain the technical side of it is my main goal.
  12. polkziggy

    polkziggy New Member

    I'm not sure how long you need to get into the late game, but I consult all the players before changing packs, so everyone can have a say in the matter. Its one of the benefits to having a small community. I have added you so feel free to log in and test the ping. Im sending server info to you via PM.
  13. login123

    login123 New Member

    Thanks for letting me test the ping but we have all 160-300 ping and that is a bit laggy for what we are aiming at a server. So we can't stay, thank you anyway.
  14. polkziggy

    polkziggy New Member

    No problem. If you change your mind. Just let me know.
  15. matthewicedragon

    matthewicedragon New Member

    (If you're still looking for people to join)
    IGN: MatthewIceDragon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    What are you looking for when joining this server: I'm looking for a calming atmosphere with a strong group of people to keep the server up. Time and time again (and it happens) I become part of a server and it dies within 2 weeks.
    Personality and play style: I love to focus heavily on tech but I use a little bit of magic on the way. Don't focus much on building.
    MISC: I have a fairly successful LP channel and would like to record/stream my experiences on a server as I do little of that.
  16. polkziggy

    polkziggy New Member

    Ive added you. Sending you server info Via PM. Welcome aboard.
  17. Identif3r

    Identif3r New Member

    IGN: Citronas and mister1590
    Age: 22 & 21
    Location: Lithuania/Denmark
    We're looking for a small comunity, that could interact with each other, soo we could call server a home.
    Misc:We would be streaming if thats ok
  18. polkziggy

    polkziggy New Member

    I've added you. Sending server info via Pm. Welcome to the community.
  19. emogod

    emogod New Member

    IGN: emogod
    Gender: male
    Age: 25
    What are you looking for when joining this server: Fun little enviorment to restart my youtube
    Personality and play style: Outgoing can be strict because I'm a coach. But playstyle is trying to be helpful and fun
    MISC: Would be recording if thats ok
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2014
  20. polkziggy

    polkziggy New Member

    I have added you to the server. Sending you server info via PM now.

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