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Whitelist Server {Closed - Check the Last Post for more inf}Community Direwolf20 Server | v1.2.1| DonutCraft Net

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by OptimusDonut0, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. OptimusDonut0

    OptimusDonut0 New Member

    What I have been doing is purging the nether. I may delete it and just respawn everyones things in.
  2. _ras_

    _ras_ New Member

    Yeah, that's a good solution but temporary, after night (+1) server is unplayable for me when i enter the nether, like literally i can't move.
    Reseting the nether via deleting dim-1 folder won't do it either, because mobs will spawn again when people set up pumps and such.
    There are two solutions: updating the mod only on the server with the lowest fixed version, or disabling Ender IO's wither skeleton replacement. Ender IO wither skeletons farm won't work because the way mojang created wither skeletons but we will have vanilla ones in the nether and server will be working smoothly.
  3. OptimusDonut0

    OptimusDonut0 New Member

    Do you know were I could disable this at?
  4. _ras_

    _ras_ New Member

    Yep ill edit the post in matter of minutes. I'm on TS btw so if you want to come ;p

    Ok, first go to
    "...direwolf20_17\minecraft\config\enderio" and open EnderIO.cfg
    then find "replacewitherskeletons" in the file https://a.pomf.se/wmhtoi.png
    and replace "true" with "false"

    That's all, in theory it should fix all our our problems although i would recommend resetting the nether anyway ;p
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2015
  5. OptimusDonut0

    OptimusDonut0 New Member

    We are accepting 5 more people to the server.
  6. nraike

    nraike New Member

    Username: Raiknov
    Age: 22
    Time Zone: GMT+1
    Minecraft Experince: I am a tech guy, I like doing tech things the most
    How long you have played Minecraft: I have been playing vanilla minecraft since 2010, I have started playing modded minecraft since the beginning of last december and let's say that I have the basic knowledge of most of the tech mods.
  7. OptimusDonut0

    OptimusDonut0 New Member

  8. SpiteAspect

    SpiteAspect New Member

    Username: SpiteAspect
    Age: 15
    Time Zone: MDT
    Minecraft Experince: tons master of vanilla used to be master of most ftb mods but i stopped playing for awhile and would like to get back into it
    How long you have played Minecraft: ive played since june 2012 and since about july or august 2012 i found out about tekkit and played that until i learned about a new modpack feed the beast and then i moved onto that
  9. teh_nexus

    teh_nexus New Member

    So just a quick check, is the server still on DW 1.2.1 and if so what build?
  10. Doomadness

    Doomadness New Member

    Username: Doomadness
    Age: 24
    Time Zone: MESZ/UTC+1
    Minecraft Experince: Played minecraft till it get boring. Then i started FtB. I played most technical Mods now i want to check magic based mods.
    How long you have played Minecraft: Vanilla since beta 1.8 and ftb since ~1 year first Mindcrack then DW20
  11. heatheram

    heatheram New Member

    Username: heatheram
    Age: 29
    Time Zone: GMT+1
    Minecraft Experince: Have always loved the technical aspect of modded minecraft and love messing around with automation. Been playing modded for over two years. Ran a server for a year running tekkit first and then FTB MindCrack then FTB DW20
    How long you have played Minecraft: Started playing vanilla 1.5 beta and ftb when it started. played tekkit before that.
  12. Luna_Jaeger

    Luna_Jaeger New Member

    Username: Luna_Jaeger
    Time Zone:EST
    Minecraft Experince:Mainly focused on Tech mods and building large, complex, bases.
    How long you have played Minecraft: Since Early beta, my first mod experiance was with railcraft
  13. Sidius79

    Sidius79 New Member

    Username: Sidius79
    Age: 36
    Time Zone: EST. Westfield, MA
    Minecraft Experince: Direwolf20
    How long you have played Minecraft: 8 years
  14. JJ_Soilder

    JJ_Soilder New Member

    Username: jj_soilder
    Time zone: EST
    Minecraft Experience: Played modded for 3 years, and am very good at Magic related mods
    How long you have played Minecraft: 4 years since 1.4.7
  15. kestreleon

    kestreleon New Member

    Username: kestreleon
    Age: 22
    Time Zone: GMT+1
    Minecraft Experince: I play alot with Mystcraft, EnderIO, Buildcraft, IC2 and Thermal Expension mods, oh and sometimes with Thaumcraft!
    How long you have played Minecraft: a couple of years, dont remember, since 1.4 beta I think or something like that
  16. xKr4z1x

    xKr4z1x New Member

    Time zone:Central
    Minecraft Experience:I played since 1.4.7.
    I'm good a tech mods like enderIO,AE2, and so on.
  17. OptimusDonut0

    OptimusDonut0 New Member


    I currently running a DonutCraft server, in which I am the creator of it can be found on the ATLauncher here. You can also find my website here too. I hope to see you on the server. I have made lots of adjustments to my pack to make it really balanced and fun.

    Gunnar (DoughnutDev)

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