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Whitelist Server {Closed - Check the Last Post for more inf}Community Direwolf20 Server | v1.2.1| DonutCraft Net

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by OptimusDonut0, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. Wiggleswerth

    Wiggleswerth New Member

    Time Zone: EST
    Minecraft Experince: I've been playing mods for the last 2 or 3 years.
    How long you have played Minecraft: 5+ Years
  2. OptimusDonut0

    OptimusDonut0 New Member

    What is your IGN
  3. Wiggleswerth

    Wiggleswerth New Member


    IGN: Wiggleswerth
  4. OptimusDonut0

    OptimusDonut0 New Member

    Added to whitelist
  5. chardo440

    chardo440 New Member

    Username: chardo440
    Age: 23
    Time Zone: EST
    Minecraft Experince: Quite extensive I'd say. I know a lot about the mods.
    How long you have played Minecraft: Since alpha
  6. Tepig4321

    Tepig4321 New Member

    Do you have to be a certain age to sign up?
  7. _ras_

    _ras_ New Member

    Username: _ras_
    Age: 20
    Time Zone: GMT +1
    Minecraft Experince: Most of DW20 pack mods, with exception of those new magical ones.
    How long you have played Minecraft: Since alpha
  8. ThrowStuff

    ThrowStuff New Member

    is anyone else having trouble signing into the server?
  9. ThrowStuff

    ThrowStuff New Member

    it was just a problem with my java installation.
  10. TehEpicPeanut

    TehEpicPeanut New Member

    Username: TehEpicPeanut
    Time Zone:EST
    Minecraft Experince: Exensive knowledge of most of the mods I have been playing minecraft since the alpha versions.
    How long you have played Minecraft: Since alpha
  11. OptimusDonut0

    OptimusDonut0 New Member

  12. OptimusDonut0

    OptimusDonut0 New Member

    No just be mature
  13. KalilM

    KalilM New Member

    Username: KalilM
    Age: 17
    Time Zone: British Summer Time
    Minecraft Experince: Good knowledge of most of the science based mods.
    How long you have played Minecraft: Since early beta versions.
  14. Novaflipps

    Novaflipps New Member

    Time Zone: Norway
    Minecraft Experince:All from ultimate, unleashed. DW packs to vanilla more or less
    How long you have played Minecraft:2-3 years
  15. StealthFPS

    StealthFPS New Member

    Username: StealthFPS
    Age: 15
    Time Zone: Eastern
    Minecraft Experience: Pretty good at Vanilla, decent at tech mods like TE and AE
    How long you have played Minecraft: Played since 1.2.5
  16. OptimusDonut0

    OptimusDonut0 New Member

  17. OptimusDonut0

    OptimusDonut0 New Member

    For some reason your username is not working.
  18. _ras_

    _ras_ New Member

    Ok #1 do NOT place ender quarry in nether, it causes massive lag and makes my fps 0
    And we need to do something about wither skeletons in nether, ender io causes hundreds of them to spawn and after night it also lags :\

    Ok i found the issue topic on the Ender IO github
    looks like the fix for it is "So, as this seems to fix the problem, I will "go live" with EIO v354 and I shall see if the nether is useable again this weekend."
    And after reading all those posts on issue topic, i assume that ender quarries and all the other stuff that loads chunks is causing wither skeletons to spawn in MASSIVE amounts, causing lag in nether and stealing tps from other worlds (little lag spikes in overworld)
    Our Ender Io version is .349 so maybe we should try getting .354? If it doesn't add or change anything itemwise only server would need to get updated i think.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2015
  19. SuperSimon

    SuperSimon New Member

    The server is so laggy and I'm assuming its because of what _ras_ describes above. We need doughnut or an OP to solve it I guess.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2015
  20. _ras_

    _ras_ New Member

    Yeah, that's why i just log in, see "Hi" from players and the welcome message, what comes next are 2 frames fer minute ;p
    Temporary solution is /slay skeleton or /slay witherskeleton to get rod of those mobs
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2015

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