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[CHALLENGE] (v4.3-ish 6/7/18) Refugee to Regent Kingdom Building Challenge

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Maul_Junior, Apr 12, 2013.


What do you think of the Serf to Supreme Challenge?

  1. City Construction Challenge was better!

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  2. It's okay, but there's definitely room for improvement

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  3. Give me my Electrics sooner!

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  4. I enjoy the slow introduction of mods.

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  5. I wish Element Animation would hurry up with the next episode.

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  6. I love it!

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  1. Maul_Junior

    Maul_Junior New Member

    This Challenge is being updated to Version 4.0, and all current information and rules can be found on the Wiki. Fair Warning! I LOVE Bullet points!

    Currently Writing: 4.3: Mining (Harvesting, Reprocessing, Mining Supports)
    Next: 4.4: Trade (Storage, Transportation, Roads, and Commerce)
    On Deck: 4.5: Crafting Guild

    Have you ever wanted to build a complete Kingdom from scratch in Minecraft? Let me guess, you got bored and quit, or you just got overwhelmed and ragequit.While I can't help too much with the former, I am here to help with the latter.

    Just follow the program, and you will soon (relatively speaking) have a complete Kingdom, from a Dirt Hovel to a Diamond Capital!

    This Challenge is a spiritual successor to Iamchris27's original City Construction Challenge from the Minecraft forums. I have been given full permission by the author to rework his Challenge, but I choose not to take his challenge's name out of respect.

    I hope to pay tribute to an AMAZING challenge, and to make mod support simultaneously built into the core of the Challenge and at the same time superfluous for our Vanilla brethren. If you like the idea, but not my Challenge in particular, why not try some of the following similarly themed challenges instead:

    Iamchris27's original challenge (see link above)
    Windenburgh's 10,000 BN Challenge (which actually inspired Iamchris27 in the first place)
    Csieg's The Modern City Challenge
    Lents 12's Kingdom Building Challenge
    Steelfeather's Castle Building Challenge

    Basic Guidelines:

    • You must be wearing a helmet of some kind before going underground to protect your head, any kind of helmet is acceptable. You must leave the mine if your helmet breaks and you do not have a spare to equip.
    • Mine shafts must be at least 3x3 areas (except in naturally generated caves) and have support beams at frequent intervals
      • Logs used as supports requires support beams every 10 blocks
      • Smooth Stone (or blocks, or Chisel/other variants) used as supports allow support blocks every 16 blocks.
    • If you find a bucket, you may use it regardless of the stage you are in.
      • at any Stage (including Dirt Hovel), you may use a Furnace to create Charcoal
      • You may not use a Furnace for anything else until the Wood Settlement Stage
    • "Rooms" referenced in the Wiki/Challenge may refer to a space that is indoors or outdoors of any size that is clearly demarcated and used for a specific purpose.
    • NPC constructs (ie villages, etc) do not count towards requirements, but you may use anything you find in their chests
      • You may not craft replacements for items found in chests, however.
    • Use at least Easy difficulty until the advent of electricity.
    • Don't cheat.
    • Please post your progress either in this thread or in Iamchris27's original thread. Pictures and/or videos would be WONDERFUL! A lot of fun of challenges for some of us are reading about how others are doing.

    The Stages (the stages with descriptions have been rewritten up to a 4.1 standard. Some minor tweaks are still required):

    • No Tools. No Technology. No Magic. Just a bunch of Clay and very basic blocks. Can you survive?
    • You've survived. For now. But people are settling down around you. Use your Wooden Tools and help them survive too. Build a School so your new Immigrants are up to snuff for your slowly advancing technology.
      • General School (All Guilds)
    • Your small Hamlet is beginning to thrive. Your new Stone Tools are just what the doctor ordered, and the Stone you're mining below the surface is just the thing to reinforce the buildings in the village. Build a College and a Library, to make sure that your knowledge is not lost.
      • Mining Guild focus/School
      • Agriculture Guild focus/School
    • It's time to put the metals you've found in your mining forays beneath the town to good use. Start down the path of Magic, the path of Technology, or both, with the help of your new metal tools, but don't forget your people. Make sure that they are healthy, happy, safe, and well educated.
      • Trade/Crafting Guild Focus/School
      • Military Guild Focus/School
    Stage 5: Gold City
    • Having come to terms with the new discoveries, your citizens have pushed themselves to further refining their discoveries, and have discovered how to use Diamonds as implements! People are coming from all over just to see what you have rediscovered of the ancient arts of Technology and Magic. Many are coming to stay, while others are content to build embassies. There are whispers from what few tomes of the Ancients that have been recovered of a hellish landscape that lies not that far from our own. Of horrors--and treasures. What could that possibly mean?

    Note: Stages 6-10 will be coming at a future date, once at least v4.6 is fully in place up to the Gold City Stage.

    Stage 6: Lapis Lazuli Metropolis
    Stage 7: Emerald Capital
    Stage 8: Diamond Kingdom
    Stage 9: Netherstar Imperium
    Stage 10: Draconic End-game​

    Optional Guidelines:

    • 1) Try running one or more of the following Challenges alongside this Challenge:
    • 1) Pick a/several Cubeaism deities for your village/town/city, and try to follow them loosely. It is up to you whether you strictly adhere to a specific deity, try to honor multiple deities, or play fast and loose with the rules while keeping with the deity's particular sense of style
    • 2) Build by Districts: Separate all of your buildings by district (ie farming, mining, manufacturing, residential, administrative, port, transportation hub, etc.). I offer up Nebux's designas a rough example. I admit to being too lazy to watch the videos, but it looks like he's got farming, wood, mining, commercial, etc all separated.
      • 2a) pick a particular Cubeist deity for each individual district


    Rymmie1981's Wood Settlement


    ex13's Wood Settlement


    Dare2Win's Wooden Settlement House


    Demeera's Lumbermill


    Dunkurtin's Clay Hovel


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  2. Maul_Junior

    Maul_Junior New Member

    Long ago, when the Seed was first named, there lived a man. He was a simple man, and worked by the sweat of his brow. Over the course of his life, he attracted a large following, and eventually founded Cities and Kingdoms. His men delved beneath the earth, their Mineshafts seeking the riches of the ground. They built Strongholds deep underground, and mastered the art of creating new worlds. He and his mystics discovered the Nether, and then found a way to travel there. They built massive Fortresses to keep his people safe.

    When at last his work was complete, he was named the Nether Star Emperor, and for a time he rested. Secure in the knowledge that his fair laws were applied equally to all his subjects, human and Testificate alike, across his entire world. and the worlds beyond.

    But trouble brewed. Some of his Kingdoms decided to rebel, that THEY wanted to become the Nether Star Emperor. The war saw terrible magics cast from both sides. But in the end, the Emperor Ended the wars. From this point on, he was known as the Ender Emperor--the man that ended the fighting. His elite warriors that fought at his side became known as his Ender Men.

    Years later, trouble again brewed. Some of his Ender Men were jealous of his power, and decided to challenge his throne yet again.

    The Empire split apart as the Ender Emperor fought his Endermen, twisted by horrible magics. They summoned dragons, and harnessed the proud beasts with magic. This was the evolution of the Ender Dragons. The Emperor denounced the magics his foes unleashed, and returned to his former title of Nether Star Emperor, only to see one of the rebels take up the title of Ender Emperor. The two Emperors clashed in one of the last Written Ages that remained in the last battle of the war.

    With the last of his strength, the Nether Star Emperor destroyed nearly the entire Age, wiping out all Linking Books that connected the two Ages. The Nether Star Emperor and all of his men were killed, and most of the Ender Emperor's men were killed as well--trapped in a void of an age, wrecked by the foul magics they had conjured.

    But the Endermen found their way back to this world. They found they could not speak as they once could, and grew jealous of the forms that they had formerly had.

    The Empire, without the Emperor, withered and died. The magics that had been unleashed were largely lost. But their effects remained--the dead did not always stay dead. They sometimes returned to life as zombies or even as skeletons. The creatures known as Creepers, created by one or both sides during the war as living weapons, continue to roam the land in their lonely wanderings. There are few creatures that have been unaffected by the sheer volume of magic that was unleashed.

    But the Nether Star Emperor was not entirely vanquished. His physical body utterly destroyed, it's said that he still travels the Overworld, looking for the human or Testificate that might one day raise up a city, a Kingdom, or an Empire that might equal his own. The one to slay the final Ender Dragon that still lingers where he met his End.

    It's said that he possesses books--and that through them teaches what needs to be done to bring the kingdom back to its former glory.

    NOTE: This post is horribly outdated, and is kept here only as an example of late/end-Challenge content until I finish rewriting challenges that are roughly at this level.

    This is kept mainly to show you what the end game of the challenge might look like.

    Stage 6: One Meeeeeellion dollars

    You have arrived. Your scientists have come up with a way to make what they call a “Nuclear” reactor. Another has figured out how to store items in little chunks of metal and plastic. Yet another team wants your opinion on some kind of powered armor that is supposed to greatly increase your abilities. Your abilities, your power, and your ability to exert influence is leaping forward unbelievably fast.

    Now is the time to conquer any enemies you might have left. To expand your influence even further with more and larger villages on your periphery.

    The world is yours.

    Don't screw it up.


    None, you've reached the end of the tech tree.
    • Recommended Builds:
      • Modular Powersuits Hangar
      • Applied Energistics Network(s)
      • One network per district/town
      • Minecart Transportation Network between Towns
      • Build Force Field Walls
      • Replace Solid walls with MFFS walls
      • Get Quarries running
      • Use a combination of Nuclear Control mod and Applied Energistics to have a main control room with all kinds of computer screens.
      • Nether Kingdom
      • Underwater Kingdom (Rapture?)
      • Dynamite siege weapons defending your town
      • Try to collect 1 of every item in the game.
      • Start Over with a new Kingdom.
      • Declare war on original kingdom with new kingdom.
      • Fight using automated siege weapons.
      • Declare a victor, rebuild
      • Never stop expanding.
      • Take your formerly tiny (maybe 1 person) village you set up a long time ago, and build it up into
      • A city that rivals your capital.
    Good Luck, Your Highness.
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  3. fergcraft

    fergcraft New Member

    wow i like what you did their i was doing that for a while on vanilla might be worth a try again
  4. RedBoss

    RedBoss New Member

  5. whizzball1

    whizzball1 New Member

    EDIT: I am a Christian, so I probably will just replace the statues with a Cross.
  6. Marshy

    Marshy New Member

    Then don't take part in the challenge.
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  7. whizzball1

    whizzball1 New Member

    I really hope someone sets up a server for this!
  8. Maul_Junior

    Maul_Junior New Member

    Woo, people responded. Thanks for your interest, folks.

    whizzball, like I and Marshy said, it's optional, and is intended to help give your towns/districts more of a distinct feel.

    I am already hard at work on revamping this, and even stretching it out beyond Stage 6 ("Beyond 6 Stages? OMG"). Yes, beyond stage 6. Mainly because I sort of dump all the tech mods on you there, while there are still a few stages past that. For example, Stage 6 would be Diamond Drill, the Lap Pack, the basic IC2 Advanced Machine machines, the MFE solar panels, and would require a working/active nuclear reactor to advance. Stage 7 would be the upgraded Chainsaw/upgraded Diamond Drill, and the MFSU solar panels. Each additional stage would demand even more expansion of your town, and the expansion/creation of additional outlying villages. And I would probably name Stage 8 as the Victory Stage.

    This is intended to be huge, this is intended to be epic, and it's intended that if you don't burn out and make it all the way through you can look at your city and feel proud or even amazed that you managed to build all that crap. And maybe, just maybe, if you're a bad architect like me, you'll see just how much you've learned and improved, architectually, since you started the challenge.

    I'm also pondering an option for even more difficulty/variety, in the beginning having to choose whether your kingdom will develop only magic (DW20 isn't the best pack for this split, obviously), only technology, or both. Tech only worlds would be banned from using any Thaumcraft, Mystcraft writing, most of the Reliquary mod, magical aspects of Twilight Forest (or maybe all of it altogether, since it's like 95% magic), and would be banned from enchanting armor/tools or brewing potions. Tech societies would still be able to make Mystcraft Ages, but they would have to merely make the books and use them, accepting any and all instabilities that would cause.

    Magic societies would heavily favor magic, obviously, and nearly all kinds of technology would be banned. While at first this might make them seem weaker, Tech societies would not be able to use Soul Shards, while Magicians could. Stage 5+ for Magicians would/will be Twilight Forest-related stuff. Magic societies could use any and all Mystcraft symbols they want, and make nice, stable worlds.

    And along those lines I was actually thinking for a while about endgame rules, like after you've *completed* the challenge, you could declare war on another player's kingdom, and WorldEdit both kingdoms onto a server (or both kingdoms are there already.....), and fight. While Tech might give the individual player far more power, Magicians would be able to summon far more minions, from Golems (Thaumcraft) to Blaze/Wither Skellies/Creepers to fight their battles (unless the mages get too close to the mobs.....), in addition to their mighty wands. Plus Thaumaturge's get access very early on to what amounts to hand grenades, and splash potions, and instahealth potions.......

    Or you could choose to be a Magic/Tech society and have the best of both worlds. Golems to fight for you, Level 5 mob Spawners to hinder your enemy, the wands, the potions, the enchantments, the armor, the Gravisuits, the........
  9. Chocorate

    Chocorate New Member


    That's a lot of stuff in the world you're opposed to I guess. I mean, I like Coke so I'm highly opposed to Pepsi advertisements, but I'm just gonna keep on livin' life and go with it. No need to complain to the company or anything. I'm also religious and I believe the concept of magic and potions shouldn't be included, but I shouldn't change the world for my own beliefs.
  10. Maul_Junior

    Maul_Junior New Member

    I'm religious and I have zero problems with a game having its own mythology, magic, and potions, and am in fact glad the potions/enchants/magic mods are in the game/exist.

    I've come up with a rough plan for the person that wanted their electrics sooner, or for people that may not have the patience for all this (all this being an actually massive city that makes you feel like nobility, or a King/Queen when you make it there): The Fast Track. Basically ways to progress faster in tech and/or population, but still follow the spirit of the Challenge.

    Note: There is a wide variance in Population Growth, to keep people who want to go hardcore going longer, while people who just want to advance a lower threshold to meet.


    Stage 1: Dirt Hovel
    Title: Hermit
    Population: You
    Fast Track: Skip to Stage 2, you Pansy

    Stage 2: Wood Hamlet
    Title: Hermit
    Population: +1-2
    Fast Track: Only need Wooden Pickaxe, a wooden house to advance
    Fast Track Population: You, you Pansy

    Stage 3: Stone Village
    Title: Chieftain
    Population: +1-3 (2 minimum)
    Fast Track: 1 Additional House, Small Village Center, Stone Pickaxe
    Fast Track Population: You+1

    Stage 4: Iron Town
    Title: Mayor
    Population: +2-5 (4 Min.)
    Fast Track: Iron Pickaxe, Redstone Dust, Stirling Engines/Generator/Solar Panel, Ore Dust-makers (MJ/EU), Electric Furnaces (MJ/EU), Extractor. 1 Additional House, Expand Town Hall
    Fast Track Population: You+2

    Stage 5: Gold City
    Title: Baron
    Population: +3-6 (7 Min.)
    Outlying Village: 1 Dirt Hovel
    Fast Track: Batbox level of technology, Batbox Solar Panel, OD Scanner/Miner, Mining Well, Pumps, all carts, Basic Solar Panel, Electric Tools, Expand City Hall, Build a Community Building, Build 2 Additional Houses
    Fast Track Population: You+4

    Stage 6: Lapis Lazuli Regional Hub
    Title: Count
    Capital's Population: +5-10 (12 Min.)
    Outlying Village Count: 1 Wooden Hamlet (Population 1-2)
    Fast Track: MFE level of technology, OV Scanner, Quarry, MFE Solar Panel, Diamond Drill, Expand your office in City Hall, Build Community Building, Build 3 Additional Houses
    Fast Track Population: You+7

    Stage 7: Emerald Capital
    Title: Duke
    Capital Population: +5-10 (17 Min)
    Outlying Village Count: 1 Wooden Hamlet, 1 Stone Village (Population roughly 2-5)
    Fast Track: MFSU Level of Technology, MFSU Solar Panels, Upgraded Drill/Chainsaw, Expand City Hall, Build Community Building, Build 4 Houses
    Fast Track Population: You+11

    Stage 8: Diamond Capital
    Title: King
    Capital Population: +7-20 (24 Minimum, 56 if all stages are advanced at maximum recommended levels)
    Outlying Village Count: 2 Wooden Hamlets, 1 Stone Village, 1 Iron Town (Population roughly 5-12 depending on number of buildings made)

    Keep in mind that I'm not above slipping in a Redstone Stage, or a Glowstone Stage, and in between slipping in Viscounts/Marquis/etc, making the ultimate title "Emperor"
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  11. Marshy

    Marshy New Member

    To each their own, really. It just seems silly to come into a thread and act like that.

    That being said, I'm definitely going to have to try and gather some people/friends to try this challenge.
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  12. whizzball1

    whizzball1 New Member

    This is rather amazing. I don't currently have the money to set up a server for this, but if someone could, this would be absolutely amazing. I learned to mine on my time on Morv's server. Before that, the topic of mining on my own was alien to me.
  13. Maul_Junior

    Maul_Junior New Member

    Update: Difficuly Settings!

    Default, Fast Track, Hardcore
    Default is pretty big, Fast Track is easy (and using it gives everyone else permission to requires everyone else to make fun of you, you pansy), and Hardcore is........designed to be evil.

    I'm following the Gregtech philosophy (as I see it) for Hardcore, which is basically "Yes, this is hard, yes, it takes a LOT of time. But look at what you get at the end! You'll either look at it and go '.....what have I done with my life' or go 'I DID that. Buck yeah.' Suck it up, Nancy."

    I'm working on a wiki so I don't need to have the:

    In the near future, I will condense/eliminate a few of the starter posts, favoring instead links to the wiki (which is really rather freeing, and allows me to really go for this, rather than edit it down to keep the post count down), and a broad overview rather than specifics and its ensuing WALL O' TEXT.

    Also, I've renamed the challenge from "Serf to Supreme" to "Refugee to Regent," mainly because I decided to stop making this a FTB version of the City Challenge and instead make it a Kingdom Building Challenge for people with way too much free time on their hands.

    I'll update/condense original post(s) when I feel satisfied with the next version of the challenge. In the meantime, feel free to follow along (yes, there are now TEN stages. I can't stop myself). For people wanting to get started, I literally just finished the rules for stage 1 (that's right, a no tools stage. BWAHAHAHAHA). I'll be putting a bit more work into this over the next few days, and hopefully by next week I'll have a decent version ready for *official* release.

    Pages I'm going to add:

    Housing/Dwelling guidelines (what they need to be at minimum, suggestions for later stage houses, etc)
    Community Buildings (list of buildings needed/recommended, with some basic suggestions for things to include in each)
    Administrative Center (Village Center/Town Hall/City Hall/etc--list of what is needed in the Administrative Center in each stage


    Stage 2: Wooden Settlement rules are complete.

    Oof. And I'm still dealing with 99.5% Vanilla stuff here.

    Yeah. When I said that Hardcore was evil, I wasn't playing around.

  14. StoneShifter

    StoneShifter New Member

    That challenge sounds epic! Very good work! I will defenitly go through this whole challenge when the 1.5 update is ready!
    (I want to play the Ultimate Pack with some friends on extreme hard mode/brutality mode: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/thr...brutality-mode-everything-else-included.9536/)

    I have one question:

    What do you mean with population?
    Do you just refer to a "virtual" population? the people which could live in your village?
    Or do u want that villagers occupy the village? I think that would be awesome :D because a village without some "real" people is kinda boring...

    Some improvement suggestions:

    - what about IC2-cross breeding?
    - beekeeping?! treebreeding!
    - what about a brewing room?
    - somekind of a trail transportaion system
    - secret rooms (to store valuable items)

    Keep on that awesome work!
  15. Ammaneus

    Ammaneus New Member

    I read it all! and I might do this on my server with a dozen of us or so, it looks fun.

    But I did have some suggestions before you go too much further;

    • Leave out most mod stuff from your main challenge and write it according to vanilla and vanilla-ish content (e.g Iron Furnace, Iron chests, RP2 Tools, Ender Chests, etc)
    • Write the main challenge out once for each difficulty 'setting' changing items and amounts obviously.
    • Mod content gets introduced by 'respecting/worshiping' deities/spirits with each entity giving access to a mod or set of similar mods or content.
    • Player worships multiple Deities, player chooses less for more of a challenge, or more for more stuff to play with.
    This makes it easy to do in any modpack, regardless of any changes the player or the FTB (or Tekkit TBH :p) teams make to their packs, to add or edit mods you only have to edit the specific deity's page on your upcoming Wiki.
    Example Spirit/Deity;
    The Path of Awyé - Spirit of Jungles

    Awyé is the goddess of jungles and nature. When Terrae created the first jungle tree, she cut herself on the rough bark, and a drop of her blood melded with the tree, giving it a consciousness and a spirit. This consciousness spread through the entire jungle creating a vast network of consciousness. Sometimes, the spirit manifests itself in humans, who become the followers of Awyé. Unlike Terrae, who is peaceful, Awyé is affiliated with the harshness of jungle life. The path to becoming a follower of Awyé is the path to becoming a true warrior and hunter.
    • Building Materials: Wood and natural materials. Stone is acceptable but frowned upon. All metals like iron andall blocks that have metal in their construction, like engineering brick or iron scaffold are forbidden.
    • Colours: Green, Brown, Small amounts of bright colours.
    • Food: Anything apart from canned food.
    • Armour: None - Leather, Ironwood, Steelleaf
    • Weapon - Bow, Sword of the Zephyr, any Ironwood/Steel-leaf, wand of lightning and non-mechanical traps ( Pits, water traps, etc.)
    • Shrine: A pool of water, any size, with a cross (X) of 5 wood breaking anywhere it up into 4 sections, 1 more block of wood 1 layer up in the center and a water block flowing off the top of that to create a small fountain, decorate with jungle plants and leaves.
    • Mod Items/concepts Unlocked: Twilight Forest and all items, Forestry and all items, Buildcraft pipes and tanks (but not TE conduits/liquiducts) Redpower wiring and logic, The fooling blocks from MFR: Breeder, Chronotyper, Composter, Fertilizer, Harvester, Fisher, Planter, Rancher, Sewage Collector, Vetinary Station, Weather Collector, All of Steves carts apart from the coal engines and drills, All of XR apart from the Gun and Holy Hand Grenade.
    • Restricted Items: Any engine/generator/device that uses any of the restricted fuels from the rule 'Clear Spirit', RP block-breakers, BC quarries and mining wells, IC Miners, MFSUs, Nukes, Nuclear reactors, Tesla coils and Terraformsers.
    Special Rules, applicable from the point after you earn 'initiate' -
    • Head to Tail, Awyé decrees that you live in balance with your environment, and as such you must use every part (drop) of every creature you kill, and not kill more than you need. (meaning that you cannot throw away, void, recycle or otherwise destroy any mob drops)
    • My forest, My life, The jungles are sacred and it is your job to spread them as much as you can, for every tree you cut down, you must immediately plant 2 more, if you see a forest fire, you IMMEDIATELY stop what you're doing and fight it.
    • Clear Spirit, You may only use the following as fuel: Charcoal, Biomass, Peat, Bituminous Peat, Biofuel, Seed Oil or anything that was produced by bees (apart from uranium).
    Level 1 - Chosen from Birth
    • The Journey: Create a new world. If you do not spawn in a jungle biome. Then you must find one as soon as you start out. While journeying to find a jungle, you may not break / place blocks, gather food, or kill any animal. This is so you are pure when you start on your path to becoming a follower of Awyé.
    • When you find your jungle, you may break / place blocks and kill animals as usual. Now, begin the path. Find the nearest Village to your jungle or found a new one and claim it in the name of Awyé, this is now your home, here you will grow a large tree (2 * 2 jungle saplings) and in this tree you will build a treehouse that looks as much like a tree as you can manage.
    • Once you have established your tree house. Create a path back to the deepest, thickest part of the jungle. There, find a pool, clear a small grove, and construct a shrine in the center. Once your shrine is complete, you have earned the title, "Initiate of Awyé"
    Level 2 - Begin your Training
    • Leap of Faith: Show your trust in Awyé by placing your life in her hands. Ascend to the top of a tall tree, and throw yourself off the edge. During the descent, you can use any natural things around you to slow yourself (vines, tops of trees, etc.) You must reach the bottom without taking any damage.
    • Hunter: Aquire a bow and arrows. Track down a passive mob that will yield meat (not sheep) and kill it. Sacrifice the meat to Awyé by throwing it in the shrine and waiting for it to despawn. This bow is now the only one you can use. When it is close to breaking you must throw it in the shrine and repeat the above ritual.
    • Bonding with Awyé: You have now earned the trust of Awyé and it is time for you to acquire your first animal companion. Spend a time tracking an Ocelot. You must be within ten blocks at all times, but it must not panic during this time. After you have tracked it for what you decide is a reverential enough period, tame it and bring it back to your home. You have now become a "Disciple of Awyé"
    Level 3 - Jungleborn:
    • Fast: Now is the time for you to fast to show your true devotion. For 5 minecraft days, do not eat. Spend this time expanding your jungle, interacting with animals and in general spreading the good word.
    • Master of the Trapper: Create a pit-trap in the jungle deep enough to trap mobs but not enough to kill them. this trap must be non-mechanical (no redsone pistons, etc.) but pressure plates and trapdoors are fine. Once you have trapped a mob, kill it and sacrifice its meat into your shrine. If it doesn't drop any meat, trap another one. you may now use this trap for food gathering. If you want to build other traps like these, that pleases Awyé even more. just make sure the first meat from any trap is sacrificed.
    Disclaimer - I nicked most of the example from the cubeaism wiki. :) It was written in 10 mins and obviously needs much more work to get it playable, but you get the idea. Also first post on FTB forums!
  16. Maul_Junior

    Maul_Junior New Member

    ATM it's "virtual" population. BUT once you get tech (Mystcraft portals/gravity guns/portal guns/etc) to transport villagers around more easily I will be requiring Testificates in your village. Or you can have a mod/admin/op drop a couple Testificate eggs.

    In response to everything else:


    This mod will be designed for mods (IC2, Forestry, etc), but with an eye to not keeping Vanilla players in the dark (though they may not have as much to do in some stages). All mod-related stuff in DW20 pack WILL be added (eventually), including crossbreeding, bee/tree breeding, yes. I do not have much experience with Gregtech, etc, so I will not include requirements in my challenge (at first). After I get the mods related to DW20 pack up and running and the challenge complete, I will look into other mods.


    I am trying to keep Cubeaism stuff optional, and not required. But I am trying to implement it for people who want it. So while it will not be required for the base challenge, it WILL be available to use. The next version may not have it as implemented as fully as it might be, but it will be implemented a liitle bit.
  17. RedBoss

    RedBoss New Member

    I didn't mean to offend, but I was definitely overwhelmed.
  18. Maul_Junior

    Maul_Junior New Member

    No offense taken, man. It's a big challenge (and what you see in the first few posts will be only a fraction of the finished Challenge). I take the word "Challenge" seriously. A Challenge in this context is not something you can knock off in a couple hours, or even in a day or two. I'm working on finishing a second version, and once I finish I'm going to edit it down to one post covering the broad concepts so I don't throw everything at you at once.

    I've also made a decision to write this mainly Vanilla at first, and add Mod-specific stuff (unlocks, etc) only after the Vanilla Challenge is set up, so people that might want to get started on the new version don't have to wait for me to finish up mod stuff.

    And so I can get a *finished* version done.

    There will be some mod-related stuff, but will largely deal with Vanilla items and concepts. I'll add in the mod stuff as soon as I can.
  19. cheechako

    cheechako New Member

    Some user put effort into writing up this challenge, and you put effort into pasting some lame pic you found on the Internet in response.

    You didn't offend me (at least)... children will be children. The Christian asshole might have offended me a bit, but the nice thing about my "religion" is that I don't spend time pointing out the offenses and sins of others.
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  20. Maul_Junior

    Maul_Junior New Member

    As far as I'm concerned, both matters are settled. Please don't bring them up again. Do not turn this thread into a religion flame war.

    And Pinkie Pie is awesome.

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