Challenge map - Win a Nvidia GTX 980

Discussion in 'Feed the Beast News' started by Captainnana, Jan 24, 2015.

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  1. opkid1

    opkid1 New Member

    One of my runs, I still have a lot of time to improve though.
  2. yugioh79

    yugioh79 New Member

    whats your best time this is mine :0

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  3. VikeStep

    VikeStep New Member

    I'm gonna have to give up sometime soon. Anyways I finally went sub 20

    My sum of best segments is currently 17:23 but i keep struggling on the beehive and the obelisk, I could probably save around 3 minutes there and maybe an extra minute from the factory and levitator puzzle. Out of curiosity, would anyone be interested in a thread where we can discuss the different challenges and speedrunning shortcuts? or would you all rather keep your secrets to yourself?
  4. asb3pe

    asb3pe New Member

    I can't wait until the contest is over so people will freely talk about how to complete some of the wools. I'm stumped on some, but it seems to me nobody is gonna want to give away any secrets, can't really blame em if they're in serious competition. The video card is a really really REALLY nice prize. :)

    I know VikeStep already said to me he could help with any specific questions I had (thanks for that!), but yeah I think the best way to go about it is thru PM's and not on the boards where it might ruin other people's fun even if it's in a spoiler. For now, I guess I won't ask for assistance, maybe tomorrow I'll have a nice brainstorm and figure a few more of em out and I'll be glad I didn't ask for any hints.
  5. zax0ng

    zax0ng New Member

    Roughly half a day of memorizing and another half a day just keep on re-running... Sure is quite a challenging map @[email protected]
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  6. capSAR273

    capSAR273 New Member

    Took me too long to make it through that Thaumcraft air-jet block thing (I know very little about the mod). I am terrible at parkour but good luck to all making a speed run! The 980 is a very worthy prize :D
  7. asb3pe

    asb3pe New Member

    Same here, but you'd think with such an amazing prize we'd be transforming ourselves from the most inept parkour jumpers to the best parkour jumpers in the world!! I feel like I should be practicing 18 hours a day until the end of February (with 6 hours of sleep because sleep is important to staying mentally focused). But I know I won't be. At this point, I feel like it will be a total miracle if I can complete the map in ANY time short of infinity. LOL

    Back to the grind!

    Edit: I just had a "Fox and the Grapes" moment... muttering under my breath (to myself) that "even if I had the best time, I wouldn't have the foggiest clue how to make a video of it". I'm such a technical dunce sometimes. haha
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  8. emanb29

    emanb29 New Member

    Slow, Captainnana, et al: you may wish to add a clause to your terms, etc stating that each playthrough must use only one player. At the moment it's technically allowed to play this multiplayer, so far as I can tell.
  9. TechnicianLP

    TechnicianLP New Member

    Found a way to make the fireworks go off ;)

    and i just noticed (after 3 hours of trying) that you cant put a graphicscard into a laptop that easily ....
  10. PyroManiak

    PyroManiak New Member

    Welp. I give up. That graphics card would be nice but... just... no.
  11. seanbrockest

    seanbrockest New Member

    Has anyone submitted a video yet? Would love to see
    You should keep trying. Submit a video of your best time. We have no independent verification that any of these times are legit or wont be disqualified.

    Who knows, maybe the best legit time out there is still 30 minutes.

    Until we see proof, keep trying.
  12. PyroManiak

    PyroManiak New Member

    I guess I'll keep trying. This run makes me so frustrated though. It can die to so many stupid little jumps.
  13. monsterman11

    monsterman11 New Member

    Can some1 give me some advice on the obelisk, its completely impossible for me right now. please help.
  14. VikeStep

    VikeStep New Member

    I made a tutorial for how to complete the map here:

    Please note, this is not a speedrun tutorial, just a tutorial on how to complete the map

    Sorry for 720p, i swear I was recording in 1080p.
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  15. Tahg

    Tahg New Member

    I believe the official pack for this challenge has the multiplayer button disabled. If not, that's an oversight on our part that will be fixed. Needless to say, any tampering with the pack or map is an automatic disqualification.
  16. zax0ng

    zax0ng New Member

    Though I am sure that as the map it is now, speed-runners will need to of strategies and fastest ways to get the wools by making use of whatever the map has been made possible, right?
  17. Tahg

    Tahg New Member

    Pretty much. We've had some very fast times on this map, and there's no room for error.
  18. zax0ng

    zax0ng New Member

    the current "real" fastest timing cannot be revealed in any way? @[email protected] I feel like people should know the current fastest timing being submitted or something.. o_O
  19. Tahg

    Tahg New Member

    The current recorded and verified fastest time is under 12 minutes and 30 seconds.
  20. zax0ng

    zax0ng New Member

    Oh.. dayum. Guess he got pretty much perfect with the same strategies I have.. @[email protected]~ Though, after submitting do you guys send the msg to the submiters about the latest fastest timing and such?
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