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Open Server Brierie Servers Takes On Agrarian Skies! [Version 3.1.1][Open][24/7][Minimal Lag][Silkworms Work]

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by Madjock999, May 15, 2014.

  1. majkl440LP

    majkl440LP New Member

    this server is amazing!! because there are great players,silkworms are working and that isnt at all servers :) no lag awesome vote rewards and lot of fun!
  2. Hermzico

    Hermzico New Member

    Very good server. The people is nice and the vote system is really good. :D
  3. Vampiredawn

    Vampiredawn New Member

    I love this server as it doesn't lag often and when it does people work to find and fix said lag. The economy is stable and people are friendly. They are understandably paranoid though on one server due to a huge grieving that just occurred. They let people into their town and were quickly grieved. So you will have to earn their trust before most of them will let you into their town. I think this actually is a good thing as it weeds out the people who are not willing to stick with a server for very long.
  4. Setinal44

    Setinal44 New Member

    One of the best servers I have ever played on. The admins are friendly, the community is helpful and the server is smooth. You can't really ask anything more. Great job, keep it up!
  5. Stephenloparo

    Stephenloparo New Member

    The server is epic! I love to play with all my friends and to play all the servers!
  6. augensammler

    augensammler New Member

    Awesome Server, nice Community, good economy
  7. Hawk8872

    Hawk8872 New Member

    This server is pretty good they have a nice staff a nice setup for the shops player to player wise and most the people on the server are nice
  8. Kevin.F

    Kevin.F New Member

    This is a nice server
  9. Ciannicay

    Ciannicay New Member

    Well maintained server that is part of a decent network of MC servers. Few banned items mostly those that dont respect private property. Hunger Overhaul makes it not too easy. Low LAG for a AS server - even those Silkworms are enabled.
  10. pat122

    pat122 New Member

    So so far this server has given me the real experience of this modpack. I am enjoying it so far. Couple servers I have played either had quest book problems and wasn't gonna fix it or they make the game way to easy and non challenging at all. Keep it up Guys!
  11. cilohaxes

    cilohaxes New Member

    The server is great .. and the people are friendly .. i like how they do there best to clear up issues. and its just so fun to play with nice people.
  12. Tokoshoran

    Tokoshoran New Member

    The server would be pretty great, if not for the fact that after a few minutes playing, it suddenly stopped working. My watering can wont' grow the ccarrots or the cotton, but it WILL grow the trees and sugar cane, I can hammer stuff with some delay, but my smeltery won't melt a thing. I'm really hoping this is a temporary problem, and that once it's fixed you make mention of it, but for the time being I just can't.
  13. kaosjr

    kaosjr New Member

    I really like this server so far! It seems to work well, with (minimal) quest resets every so often.. but otherwise a great server!
  14. Spaghetti_Steve

    Spaghetti_Steve New Member

    I just joined the server and it has minimal lag and a friendly community. Mods are more than willing to help with questions
  15. george1256

    george1256 New Member

    This server is my most played. It is so fun to play on with my friends :)
  16. norty12

    norty12 New Member

    i love this server and i suggest you try this server keep up the good work Brierie ign norty12
  17. messyboy60

    messyboy60 New Member

    I think its amazing!
  18. AJones6499

    AJones6499 New Member

    i just started playing and I love the decorations and the whole community of the server. there are a lot of friendly talkative people anline and I will always play this server till I die :D

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