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Open Server Brierie Servers Takes On Agrarian Skies! [Version 3.1.1][Open][24/7][Minimal Lag][Silkworms Work]

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by Madjock999, May 15, 2014.

  1. Fuzzyseth12

    Fuzzyseth12 New Member

    Really great server, so many modpacks to play on, great staff, so many people help you when you need it, and it's even better with a friend!
  2. Mephen

    Mephen New Member

    Pretty cool server! Thanks man!
  3. jojinator97

    jojinator97 New Member

    This is an excellent server. I have played and thoroughly enjoyed the following ser
    vers from brierie and loved them:
    Agrarian Skies;
    Yogscast Complete
    Adventure (vanilla with towny).

    The thing that strikes me about the server is the kind and approachable staff (Players are sometimes a different story, but alas you cannoy control them) and the lack of lag.

    There is a bit of lag occasionally, like once in a blue moon on agrarian (although a bit more right now because of a problem with hardcore questing mod, which should be fixed soon as the hotfix is out). But this server is generally the most stable agrarian skies server I've played on yet.

    +1 would reccomend to anyone, and to check out their other servers.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, the spawn got griefed due to a protection workaround but admins were responsive and fixed the problem within a couple hours (A couple users filled out a ticket and they rolled back spawn). It was very professional.
  4. Minerino

    Minerino New Member

    This server it great! When it starts to lag they respond quickly to solve the problem, really fun and good server guys gj
  5. Beraias

    Beraias New Member

    Just starting on it myself. I love Skyblocks like this, and I can't wait to play with everyone!
  6. AzithZuzar

    AzithZuzar New Member

  7. Monomer

    Monomer New Member

    Really fun server, been playing for 5 months. Staff is nice and on almost all the time and are extremely approachable. There is practically no lag unless the server is saving but that is understandable. Community is also really relaxed and they'll help you out if you ask. Overall great server 10/10 -GoneMining
  8. Nervelli

    Nervelli New Member

    Great server. Ive played on several mod packs but i love this one. The mods are pretty attentive to your needs and if you have any questions the community is normally very helpful. Great pack made better by a good server
  9. Koala

    Koala New Member

    Love the server, its great fun for me and my freinds
  10. yarin

    yarin New Member

    Amazing Server!! The Market annd NO LAG!! :D :D i soo Love it!! :D

  11. FlameOfFire

    FlameOfFire New Member

    Just joined the server ,it is perfect. amazing shops, helpful players and stunning buildings. 10/10 would watch again.
  12. Rhaged

    Rhaged New Member

    Been on server for about a week, totally going to stay. Haven't had any issues at all, which is always good. Used to run my own servers and I when I see stuff like this it makes me smile know how much work went into a community like this.
  13. Tapley25

    Tapley25 New Member

    this is by far my favorite server and eveyone on it is extremely helpfull and friendly
  14. DaGaaaboii

    DaGaaaboii New Member

    I've been playing on the Agrarian Skies part of the server and I fell in love with it! I love this server and will continue to play on it and invite friends!
  15. kylescott207

    kylescott207 New Member

    i Love this server its great for agrarian skies and other fun stuff!!!! join now
  16. Christine125

    Christine125 New Member

    I really like the server! It barely even lags
  17. Spazz788

    Spazz788 New Member

    Hi my name is Spazz788 and I been playing a lot of Agrarian skies server and they were okay but I love your server. The lag is not so bad. The people there are nice and though it is been for an hour I am loving it. Keep it up <3 thank you for a great server <3
  18. Liam Sutton

    Liam Sutton New Member

    Ive only just started out and this servers been so great, no lag atall which is always good

  19. NotchSensei

    NotchSensei New Member

    This is a really cool server that is fun to play with friends and just have a good time! :D
  20. Dr_HAZA

    Dr_HAZA New Member

    A very fun and good server with a very nice comunity

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