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Open Server Brierie Servers Takes On Agrarian Skies! [Version 3.1.1][Open][24/7][Minimal Lag][Silkworms Work]

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by Madjock999, May 15, 2014.

  1. leedle

    leedle New Member

    You should make nether PVP area so people can battle each other.
  2. Madjock999

    Madjock999 New Member

    We plan on making an area for pvp at some point but haven't got round to it yet, Thanks for the idea!
  3. CJB

    CJB New Member

    This server is really great, I have been on Brierie servers for a couple of months now. And the staff and people are really cool ^^
  4. wix2000

    wix2000 New Member

    One of the best Modded servers I have ever played on, extremely friendly and active community! it is just a blast! thanks for all the good times!
  5. Vierkantemaniak

    Vierkantemaniak New Member

    i really love playng on this server ist so fun and good staff
  6. Madjock999

    Madjock999 New Member

    Silkworm Unbanned!
    Drawbridges Unbanned!
  7. Small99

    Small99 New Member

    This Server, much like all brierie servers is an amazing experience. The staff listen to you, the players are friendly and all above all There is no lag. I would recomend this server to anyone looking for a fun enviroment to play Agrarian Skies.
  8. 69Badger69

    69Badger69 New Member

    Il be honestly with you. This server is truly amazing. It gets laggy once in a while but other than there is nothing bad about it. There are friendly- helpful staff who are very active and encourage fair play. I highly recommend you to check out this server!
    Rated 10/10 from badger.
  9. Madjock999

    Madjock999 New Member

    IP has changed to a.brierie.co!
  10. Ostronbarnet

    Ostronbarnet New Member

    Awesome server. They take really good care of the economy and the shops. And do everything to serve many lag free servers. This is the best Agrarian skies server i've ever played on! SO FUNNY! :D
  11. Spelosty

    Spelosty New Member

    Wonderful server. They do everything in their power to make the player experience as great as they can. Very well done and worth checking out.
  12. Diehardcody

    Diehardcody New Member

    i played brierie when it was ultimate its one of the best servers i played on
  13. Pilot_Goldfinch

    Pilot_Goldfinch New Member

    OMG Best server ever! Minimal lag, and SILKWORMS!! Everyone pitches in and helps out if you need something. By far the best server Ive been on. oh and GREAT staff
  14. Olly

    Olly New Member

    Great server! Everyone is friendly and helpful. I will stay here for a long time and maybe become vip :)
  15. Madjock999

    Madjock999 New Member

    Server has updated to 2.1.9
  16. vaskallion

    vaskallion New Member

    this is cryght.. I joined server and did /is to create island and it killed me.. i tried to go back to the island and it killed me now im banned before i get to even look around..
  17. Madjock999

    Madjock999 New Member

    Sorry about that, I have a feeling it is to do with our Questbook mess up and we normally would have had you with 6 lives instead of 2 in case anything like this happened, You are unbanned now.
  18. Sompelke

    Sompelke New Member

    Very fun mod pack to play ;) and interesting stuff to make :)
  19. Thing230

    Thing230 New Member

    Love this server. Have been addicted from the start and would highly recommend it to everyone!
  20. JustCallMeh_Epic

    JustCallMeh_Epic New Member

    Love the server!

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