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Open Server Brierie Servers Takes On Agrarian Skies! [Version 3.1.1][Open][24/7][Minimal Lag][Silkworms Work]

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by Madjock999, May 15, 2014.

  1. Madjock999

    Madjock999 New Member


    Agrarian Skies Information

    Server URL: a.brierie.co

    Current server version: 3.1.1
    Available in the FTB launcher!

    Welcome to our Agrarian Skies server, everybody still remembers Skyblock, the vanilla minecraft map where you had to grind cobblestone for hours and survive on a small island with limited resources, right? Well this is pretty much that but with the addition of about 100 mods. This doesn't make it any easier though, actually it makes is much more challaging! Below you'll find a list of a few features:
    • Hunger overhaul: If you don't start to focus on aquiring food, starvation will most likely be your downfall!
    • Questing system: You'll get rewards from quests which can help you a LOT on your adventure. Your questbook also contains all the possible information about the whole pack.
    • Limited lives: You start with 6 lives by default, more can be earned by completing certain quests, if you loose your last life you're automatically banned from the server!
    • (WIP) Player economy: Not really a standard feature but something we're experimenting with.
    Agrarian Skies Rules

    Brierie Servers General Rules

    • Don't be rude or insult people in chat.
    • No Spamming.
    • No Swearing/Racism/Homophobia or any other generally offensive language.
    • Don't advertise other servers.
    • Don't over-use capslock.
    • No griefing inside towny protected areas even if the permissions are not set up properly.
    • No cheating or using modified clients to defeat the spirit of the game.
    • No scamming in any way.
    • No spawn camping.
    • No AFK Machines (buy VIP if you want to AFK)
    Our Website

    Banned Item List

    • Bound tools
    • Excavation Focus
    • Chunkloaders : Restricted Item - You hardly need them anyway on this pack anyway xD
    Agrarian Skies TODO List

    • Make a list of minimum prices
    • Set-up a signshop for weather changes and basic items (not going to be cheap)
    • Construct a functional PVP arena (fight for the other's items)
    • Come up with certain events to keep things interesting
    • Work out items to add to the website shop when it becomes available
    • Get our own subforum :)
    • Redo the whole spawn
    • Make sure you can't enter the player market if you don't have access to cobble yet
    • Hide a few 'easter-eggs' to keep the spirit up
    • Add server to voting website and reward voters
    9AC51XY - Imgur.gif
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  2. lowrck

    lowrck New Member

    ive been play brierie servers alot lately, and this is a pretty good skyblock map. thanks for the map and keep up the good work :)
  3. ExMob

    ExMob New Member

    So so far this server has given me the real experience of this modpack. I am enjoying it so far. Couple servers I have played either had quest book problems and wasn't gonna fix it or they make the game way to easy and non challenging at all. Keep it up Guys!
  4. stetson

    stetson New Member

    a really really good server, i will continue to play here for as long as i can. very balanced ban list, and string isnt impossible to get like on most servers. Lastly, the server is very easy to use and not complicated like other servers. Keep it up the hard work :)!
  5. Schnibbler98

    Schnibbler98 New Member

    I am not playing too long on the server but i love the connection just a few little laggs and every time i got a question i asked it in the chat and directly get an answer #bestserver:D
  6. JakeJeremy31

    JakeJeremy31 New Member

    The server has very little lag issues, good up time, and is a pleasure to play on. With very few banned items, and the very mature and respectable staff.
  7. Argarok_

    Argarok_ New Member

    Really enjoyable server, come join in the fun!
  8. Copernicus31

    Copernicus31 New Member

    Been having a lot of fun on this server, you should check it out!
  9. stavko555

    stavko555 New Member

    This server is great.Great staff,great members,evryone is helping to other newbies(like me :) ).I enjoyed it alot,and still enjoying.Keep up the good work !
  10. hunterpendry

    hunterpendry New Member

    awesome server great people and players
  11. Phillip Venter

    Phillip Venter New Member

    Gotta say, its fun on the server, voting for rewards, good and helpfull admins.
  12. flashygamers

    flashygamers New Member

    Awesome Server, Definitely 10 out of 10 recomended. the staff solve any problems you have and hardly any lag!
  13. Madjock999

    Madjock999 New Member

    Updated to 2.1.6
    Mariculture - should fix fish crash
    BloodMagic - Should fix dupe and TC4 aspects
  14. ExMob

    ExMob New Member

    Great server! Been Playing a little bit more and really liking where this server is going.
  15. TheWayToGod

    TheWayToGod New Member

    This server has lots of really nice admins and players on it. The banned items are few and reasonable and the staff are helpful. -TheWayToGod
  16. PhoenixSmith

    PhoenixSmith New Member

    Great Server and friendly admins.
  17. Jaayyyoorr

    Jaayyyoorr New Member

    Amazing server. Bringing all of my friends here, no lag, and amazing vote rewards
  18. Applehead1314

    Applehead1314 New Member

    This server is amazing me and my friend are loving it and buying some lovely fried chicken XD
  19. Holy Knife

    Holy Knife New Member

    Really fun server! Lag's minimal also and fun to play with friends!
  20. MuseCruise

    MuseCruise New Member

    This server is great! It does its best to stop any lag and the experience is awesome, especially the economy!

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