Botania - An innovative natural magic themed tech mod (Not in beta any more!)

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Vazkii, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. VikeStep

    VikeStep New Member

    So... I thought I would try out your mod on 1.7, I also installed all of Pam's mods, Project Zulu and Lots of Food...

    I might need to turn down the flower generation as the combination of all those above mods make about 20-30% of all land squares covered in flowers :p
  2. Zenthon_127

    Zenthon_127 New Member

    Yeah, most of us are still on 1.6. Jumping to 1.7 is understandable, but until TE and such jump ship (at least one major RF mod) as well not even RR will making 1.7 packs.
  3. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member

    Why is that bad? Botania just made the world like 60x prettier when I installed it :p
  4. PierceSG

    PierceSG New Member

    Now if only the plants shoots peas, fires laser and flings cactus spines at you.

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  5. Not_Steve

    Not_Steve Over-Achiever

    Just wait for the next update...
  6. YX33A

    YX33A New Member

    Ditto, but I also need TC and a half-dozen or so magic mods/TC addons.
  7. Wraithflay

    Wraithflay New Member

    While I'm not playing the mod yet (nor minecraft at all really at the moment), I'm keeping an eye on it for a stable release and as something to try out when I can move to a proper 1.7 pack. ^.^ Just wanted to encourage you that at least one lurker is watching and hoping for the best!
  8. KingKalset

    KingKalset New Member

    Two questions:

    Any possibility of seeing some examples of how to set something up for Hydroangeas? I understand you don't want it to be perfectly automatic, but it's rather useless if you have to sit and constantly throw water next to it. Unless I am not understanding the functionality of it properly. Which is possible.

    Secondly, any consideration of a mini-wiki page, or are you going to stick to the in-game book?
  9. Vazkii

    Vazkii New Member

    Just setup a water source next to it and put slabs around so it doesn't flow out. When it comes to a wiki, if anyone wants to do it, that's cool, but that won't be me.
  10. AlCapella

    AlCapella New Member

    EDIT It was clarified to me on what TC stands for. Thanks. So ignore my remarks on TC/TiCo below. Leaving my original comment stand for clarity reasons.

    If TC is tinker's contruct, then surely you of all people (I mean it as in a "knowledgeable person" way) would know that it's out for 1.7 already? The same can't be said for the TiCo addons sadly :(

    As for the others, XU might make it to 1.7 sooner than the others, but there is a definite paucity of the old favourites that have made it into 1.7 so far. There's blood magic (shudder!), enderio, minions (think golems!), and a few others that did make it. Now's the time to break out of the tried groove and test a few indie mods, huh? ;)
    Seriously though, here, let me know if anything caught your fancy so far: heh :)
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  11. Not_Steve

    Not_Steve Over-Achiever

    TC is the way to regret to thaumcraft. Tinkers construct is TiC
  12. Vazkii

    Vazkii New Member

    Just released a beta 19, lots of new stuff, if you're in 1.7 already, go give it a try! Also a bunch of bugfixes and tweaks like always. I added shaders too, tell me how those look.
  13. Strikingwolf

    Strikingwolf New Member

    Shaders...Yay :D
  14. Zebia

    Zebia New Member

    Been trying out some of the 1.7.2 mods,between yours and Thaumcraft I wanted to try it out, and something is bothering me with the latest update. Why did you name the mycelium seeds "Infection Seeds"?

    Mycelium in large amount in the real world tends to promote forest growth and some trees have a symbiotic relationship with fungi to the point where they don't thrive without it (this is one of the problems clear cutting is causing in my country, without the trees the fungi dies and newly planted trees don't have it to so they don't end up rather pathetic).

    Tl'dr: mycelium is awesome! why are you categorizing it as an infection?
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  15. Vazkii

    Vazkii New Member

    Because in mushroom biomes there's mooshrooms, which I'm pretty sure count as infected :)
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  16. AlCapella

    AlCapella New Member

    Erm, infection? "Mutation" is the word you're looking for, perhaps? ;)

    Semi-seriously though, the OP has a point about your calling mycelium as "Infection seeds".

    I have a possible solution. The Ex-Nihilo mod calls Mycelium as Ancient Spores, which is both respectful and accurate in its description of mycelium. Perhaps you can use the same term for mycelium as well? It would be a massive improvement over calling them "infection seeds", imhho as well :)
  17. Pokefenn

    Pokefenn New Member

    "Mooshrooms are similar to infected insects with Cordyceps fungi. Just like Cordyceps fungi growing on infected insects and terrestrial arthropods, mushrooms also grow on the Mooshroom."
    Yeah, they are infected :p
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  18. AlCapella

    AlCapella New Member

    okay.. I will concede to your answer, but still request to have a name like "Ancient spores". Pretty Please.

    [bows out]
  19. Billboard

    Billboard New Member

  20. Vazkii

    Vazkii New Member

    I can't exactly see how it would be possible for you to get that crash, can you tell me what you were doing?
    No, I have no plans to continue the 1.6 version.

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