Blood N Bones [Hardcore Survival]

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by Eyamaz, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. CedricB

    CedricB Member

    The problem wasn't that explosions were occurring at all, the problem was that they wouldn't STOP occurring, lol. Multiple explosions every second, non-stop, only pausing when they lagged the hell out of the game ticks, until the game crashes. I fixed it by changing the world gen to Biomes o' Plenty instead of Default, whereupon I got one or two explosions after loading into a brand new world, and then blessed silence and ability to play. FPS and tick lag problems have been few and far between since. I'll have to try the new patch with Default terrain set and see if it works better.

    Thanks for saying about the menu background, it was driving me nuts thinking there was some kind of weird texture problem.
  2. Steel

    Steel Well-Known Member

    Anyone know what it is that causes all the mobs to have insane regen? I mean, this is crazy.
  3. iiowyn

    iiowyn Member

    Default world has the caves I want, as well as stuff like this. Explosive gas plus lava has resulted in enormous caves at bedrock level all over the place.


    Also progression is misspelled in the launcher splash description.
  4. Eyamaz

    Eyamaz nope.jpg Retired Staff

    Yeah, seems caves are not generating with BoP world gen. However, adding BoP biomes to the default world gen DOES work. So I think next update I'm going to enable that in the config and then disable BoP by default.
  5. Goshen

    Goshen Well-Known Member

  6. Goshen

    Goshen Well-Known Member

    Modpack Version 1.0.1
    Issue: with 8 players when night falls server TPS drops from 20 to 5(which brings major block lag) sometimes lower, the minecraft client says there are 4000+ entities.
    Known fix: /cofh killall brings the TPS back to 20

    Perhaps the mobs need to be dialed back a bit a night?
  7. Goshen

    Goshen Well-Known Member

  8. Steel

    Steel Well-Known Member

    So, anyone have any resource packs they are using for this?
  9. Eyamaz

    Eyamaz nope.jpg Retired Staff

    I have to work out the configs for the new magical crops, I think this is fixed in it.

    Working on it. I need to lessen the amount of certain mobs. It's less the number of mobs and more the complex AI subroutines running far too often.


    Check out Lawbroken's textures. He's in the process of making another version called Law's Bloody Pack that fits BnB nicely. I like blue fire.
  10. iiowyn

    iiowyn Member

    Version 1.0.1
    Issue: Crash from opis_start command
    Crash Log:

    As I recall when I updated my Monster server to 1.0.10 I was getting the same type of opis_start crash.
  11. Eyamaz

    Eyamaz nope.jpg Retired Staff

    Fixed in the new opis. Will be in the next update.
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  12. Darkling54

    Darkling54 Member

    When I try to play 1.0.1 the launcher closes and nothing happens.
  13. Omar Morales

    Omar Morales New Member

    Is this pack Compatible with Optifine? I really want to play it but i get about 20 fps, I would still play it at that FPS, but it would be very helpful if optifine was installed, However I tried the latest version of optifine 1.6 C8 and it crashed during the startup help please!
  14. Steel

    Steel Well-Known Member

    Optifine is not supported or compatible with any FTB packs. You might be able to find a version and workaround for it, but by default, there is no Optifine support.
  15. Not_Steve

    Not_Steve Over-Achiever

    The magical hoe from magic crops uses a diamond hoe in its recipe. Maybe replace it with the ethereal hoe?
  16. lenscas

    lenscas Forum Addict

    Wich mod makes it that you can't sleep? I want to replace it with somniacraft so I at least do not have to wait so long while still be as safe as if I just wait the night out.
  17. Eyamaz

    Eyamaz nope.jpg Retired Staff

    You need java 7 64x to play this pack. If that's not the issue, post in tech support. Sounds like a launcher issue.


    The point is to make you wait. At night you should be mining. Somnia breaks this pack considerably.
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  18. Steel

    Steel Well-Known Member

    Mining is an option. My buddy and I have also had great luck at spending our nights exploring the dungeons added by Rogue-like Dungeons. That's the way we like to spend our nights right now.
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  19. Big Bad

    Big Bad Guest

    Everyone go watch this. Like right now.
  20. Goshen

    Goshen Well-Known Member

    Modpack version: 1.0.1
    Problem: crafting a turtle and placing it in the world crashes the server, then when it reboots it re-crashes because its placed.

    Known fix: disable the mod, start the server, which removes it from the world, then re-enable the mod.

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