Blood N Bones [Hardcore Survival]

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by Eyamaz, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. damunzy

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    He's (BnB) dead, Jim!
  2. Miraine

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    If you just look for Eyamaz's most recent posts he explains the delay pretty darn well, to be honest.
    If you hate to be that guy, maybe try not being that guy?... :)
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    His most recent posts are not recent at all. Given by his twitter posting, he's not dead; though from what he's been posting, 2.0 seems all but canceled. There's still ETAs that never follow through, RL stuff keeps weighing him down, only difference is he doesn't post as much.
  4. MarcNemesis

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    You know what's nice about being @Eyamaz ? It's that when his death ETA will arrive, he'll still be alive :p
  5. Desman

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    Does anything drop Spectral Essence? Everything online says it can only be cheated in.

    Trying to make an auto-spawner.

    edit: got a couple from the enraged endermen in the towers.
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  6. DDevil_1

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    diamonds in this modpack are nerfed for spawning, ores per vein is 3 and one vein per chunk, all can be changed in the config file and me personally up the spawning generation for a lot of the metals by just a little bit just because i would like to spend time to gather resources but you can easily spend hours just mining meaninglessly and get not even a diamond and maybe a few precious ores to find out you need a lot more, but as far as diamonds are concerned thats purposeful thats meant to be that way, considering if you make an enourmous strip mine in vanilla mc with a tc hammer you could get 20 diamonds but in bnb thats too easy since diamond was and still is one of the highest tiers of metals in the game and extremely useful. i personally put the diamonds per vein to 4-5 and the veins per chunk to 3, but even thats still plenty rare. found one diamond and i was searching a roguelike dungeon for half an hour or an hour on the nether level and also on bedrock.
  7. DDevil_1

    DDevil_1 Guest

    block thickness doesn't really matter creepers will still blow it up and gang up with other zombies and skelatons and spiders etc. ground homes bases are not safe, i would suggest though of putting a taller outer wall two blocks beyond that wall, so there is one block between the two walls, and also as well as creating a safe and clever way of getting out of your base like an underground passageway with door and pressure plates or a tree semi close to the wall and climbing the tree using the longsword to leap into your base, going back to ground homes are not safe, creepers will go up to the edge of your walls and blow them up even with you not there and gang up with other mobs almost like team work, i had a completely sound base of roguelike dungeon no holes all filled up, completely safe and a horde of zombies came up the stairs and murdered me creeper blowed up hole in the bottom of my base/tower and zombies swarmed the hole it was nighttime and used teamwork to kill me. that wont happen with a second wall beyond your outer wall one block beyond that and as well as leaves on top or punji sticks, and if you want doubly protection i see a oil pool on your minimap you could take that and make a oil moat around your wall and punji sticks to kill them for good, but as i said ground bases are not safe and i would recommend a sky base to take out all of the trouble but as you have a base do that for now and use wall materials that are anti-greif i dont know a list but common sense things like planks, cobblestone and other manmade indigenous block are a nono, dirt isnt griefable but blows up really easily.

    as for spawning with a ground base the light level goes to zero right outside the wall and a zombie might try to spawn a block outside the wall and try to get in right away and suffocate in the wall. try a roof or if no want one for the crops build a little floating crop area with a staircase, but in general ground bases are not safe and theres even a chance of the zombie spawning on top of the leaf top wall, because even if theres one spot for a mob to spawn in it, it WILL spawn and going back but ground bases are just not safe, this modpack is rediculously hard and making a simple 25 high block wall 3 feet thick with simple defenses is too easy, also a thought if its permanent being on ground you are attracting mobs from outside of your house and in the air and also mobs in the ground, and if you keep the base and make it permanent you may want to dig down a little bit and in to expand and although attracting mobs down below might sound rediculous there are tons of roguelike dungeons spawners and other caves but mostly roguelike dungeons catacombed throughout the entire map and the earth, one tower covers 2-3-4 biomes of underground catacombed stretches of dungeon and with spawners and dark light levels, you have a fairly good chance of hitting one by digging down in any general area and mobs will scent you and hear you and whatnot from a rediculously long way away, so really its either a sky base up in the air, or go down, but not too much deep because of gas, better of the two definately is sky base but even a cave base is probobly better than a ground home.

    ps. sorry for the lengthy text but that is probobly everything you need to know about how to build a house in blood n bones, or at least the general understanding. there is probobly more problems or solutions and i dont know everything but this is everything i know about bases and theres a lot more into this than that considering i haven't really got into super late game scenarios and long term such as the end or full vulcanite armor and tools with magical crops mega farm or a animal/plant farm manopoly but this will serve you okay at least maybe for a little bit, and maybe will prevent any "WTF" moments, and every mistake in this modpack can be learned from, this isn't tedious, this isn't impossible, its just hard.
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    where is the survival guides section with the updated tinkers construct and metallurgy progression sheet thingy
  9. Desman

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    I finally beat this pack on hardcore :D

    It only took what, 200 tries over the years? Last month alone I died like three times and had to restart after at least a week's worth of progress each. But each time I learned a little bit more, and perfected my strategy.

    I just made the Ender Quarry and the auto-spawner, so now I'm getting into large-scale production and automation.

    Some of my base screenshots.
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  10. MarcNemesis

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    Congrats :) Never actually got to the Dreamworld myself. I might try it sometime again when i finish Infitech 2 (assuming Iniftech 3 or Blood N bones 2 aren't out by then.)
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    Wait, you still think BnB 2 is actually gonna come out? That shit has been "just around the corner" for YEARS now. I fully understand that modders don't owe us anything, especially as we're not even paying them to do what they do. But that said, there's no excuse for "Oh yeah, it's almost done, in the next few weeks the beta will be ready..." to go on for years. If you've stopped working on it because you don't have the time or inclination anymore, then just be honest and say so. Don't keep telling people that you're working on it, that's just a dick move.
  12. Mikhaila666

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    Yep, this. If he had said "sorry guys, can't do it" I'd have written it off. But too many sad stories, just around the corner, working on it, etc. It's never coming out.

    Frankly, it doesn't need to. Other packs do the same thing better.

    Invasion modpack has much the same feel, and i like how difficulty increases over time, and adds new challengs.
  13. Prominthore

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    Ok, in that case, what are some good packs that give a same sort of progression and difficulty? Invasion modpack... Anything else?
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  14. kurisu_TEPDCR

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  15. DigitalWino

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    Look, if I'm wrong, and it does actually come out, that would be awesome. But this isn't the first time he's said stuff like that before. In fact, he even had a release date once.... that was Dec of like 2014 or something like that.
  16. Prominthore

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  17. DigitalWino

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    We'll see.
  18. DigitalWino

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    Monday is coming to an end...
  19. Prominthore

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    Does anyone know if prerelease happened?
  20. DigitalWino

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    I don't think ANY kind of release happened, as expected.

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