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Automating magical crops.

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by koeer11, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. koeer11

    koeer11 New Member

    Tried googling, didnt find anything that suits me.
    Please feel free and leave if you intend on flaming/being rude.

    I'm looking for various ways to automate the magical crops.
    Looking for ANY mod that can do it, please do not ask which mods I have installed.
  2. steve g

    steve g New Member

    for planting, you can try minefactory reloaded planter, or thaumcraft golems. i think thermal expansion autonomous activators work too, though only on a single crop tile. computercraft turtles could do it as well, good luck coding that ;)

    for harvesting, several ways:

    1) minefactory reloaded harvester.
    2) thaumcraft golems
    3) vanilla dispensers with water buckets plus hoppers/vacuum hoppers to collect items after water breaks the plants
    4) i think rotarycraft has a machine to harvest, havent tried it yet
    5) factorization servos can harvest crops as well, havent tried it yet

    i find 1 or 2 yields only the seeds and crop essence, but 3 will get you all the extra drops like nature and weak essence. depending on the config, you might or you might not get extra seeds. if you dont get extra seeds (default for monster pack) then you might wanna go with 3 to get the other drops. not sure if 4 or 5 will get the extra drops, or if they even work with magic crops

    some cool ways to speed up the growth of crops:

    reliquary - lilypads of fertility
    twilight forest - timewood clocks
    random things - fertilized dirt
    thaumcraft - lamp of growth (with source of herba, jungle tree vines are perfect for that)
    i believe ars magica 2 has a sigil to speed up growth as well, and blood magic has one as well, never messed with it though

    ALWAYS leave the crops with open view of sky. they will not grow as fast if sky is blocked, regardless of lighting or any of the speed upgrades mentioned

    another neat trick if you have lots of bonemeal to burn: set up an autonomous activator over a patch of grass blocks, then set up a mfr harvester to mow the grass. eventually you will get essence seeds, so you can get more essence dust and craft the higher tier seeds and stones needed to get them
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  3. QKninja

    QKninja New Member

    I use minefactory reloaded to both plant and harvest, then lilypads of fertility to speed it up, which seems to be very effective. In the past I have also used RotaryCraft's fans to plant and harvest.
  4. malicious_bloke

    malicious_bloke Over-Achiever

    Is there an automated way to test for when the plant matures?
  5. koeer11

    koeer11 New Member

    What do you mean by this?
    Do you mean time the length of how long it'll take for them to grow or test for how far along it is?[DOUBLEPOST=1398705234][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Could you please explain in depth as to what #3 entails?
  6. malicious_bloke

    malicious_bloke Over-Achiever

    Either or both. I wouldn't want my harvesting mechanism to trigger before the plant is mature, otherwise i'd just get the seed back and no crop.

    How do you make sure this doesn't happen?
  7. lumien

    lumien New Member

    Well if you just use a harvester / planter from mfr they automatically harvest when mature.
    Otherwise the Block Detector from Random Things can filter based on metadata which is probably used for growth.
  8. koeer11

    koeer11 New Member

    Is it true about MFR, that it can not give you nature and weak essence?
  9. lumien

    lumien New Member

    Well it didn't when i last tried it.
  10. steve g

    steve g New Member

    this is how i built my automated crops for making fuel for big reactors, i have a map with 10 of these going

    dig a 9x9 area
    dig 5 trenches, 2 blocks deep. the 2 left and 2 right are only 8 long. the center trench is 3 blocks deep, this is for planter and pipes for power, items.
    place water in trenches, (must be source, no flows) leave center trench dry. then place lilypads of fertility above water

    place a chest, the place hoppers so center hopper faces chest, the rest point towards the center hopper. place planter in center of 9x9 plot
    run power line for planter, place row of dispensers down at back of plot.
    run itemduct from planter to chest behind hoppers. use wrench to remove connection to hopper

    set up planter. for this crop, 72 plants, i add 2x that so i dont have to wait for seeds coming from hoppers. note the +3 upgrade to increase range of planter

    place ender chest ( or whatever u prefer) this is where all exported items go. add a servo to the pipe under the chest


    set the top connection so it pulls items from top chest, open servo interface on top connection under chest, set redstone enabled low

    now open servo gui on connection to ender chest, set it to black list, ignore metadata and put in a seed for the crop you are growing. this ensures seeds from hoppers go back to the planter. the ignore metatdata part is important, sometimes seeds come out with different data values, this ensures all those seeds go through to the planter.


    place fertilized dirt from Random Things. if everything was done right, you should see plants


    because this set up uses water flooding, we need to build walls to contain the water and the drops. the sides MUST be 2 high or stray drops will escape. the back wall over dispensers will be 3 high, youll see why (note, i used blocks up front by hoppers, use stairs instead, especially on the block that goes over the wood chest)
    wiring of the crop timing circuit. basically, going from right to left (all project red components + wireless redstone):

    wireless reciever -> not gate -> timer (set to 90 seconds) -> repeater (8 ticks)

    from here it branches to a buffer gate to the wire on the dispensers, then to the second part of the circuit:

    state cell (set to 13 seconds) -> repeater (8 ticks) -> wire on dispensers. the switch is optional, its there to run the crop manually if you want. when the reciever is acttive, the crop will cycle every 90 seconds, with a 13 second delay that gives the items time to travel to the hoppers when the water is active before toggling the water off. the wireless reciever allows you to control this crop remotely, use ae level emitters or whatever you use to monitor how much of that crops item you have and turns it on when you run low of that item. if you want it running 24x7, dont include the reviecer and not gate. place 1 water bucket each into all dispensers

    last part of this is the lamps of growth, with an essentia mirror to transport the herba to the lamps. this gets the crop to grow fast enough to keep up with the 90 second cycle on the control circuit. this does NOT guarantee a full harvest every cycle, but at the cost of 2 or 3 plants not maturing, i think this is good enough for full automation and getting all the drops, including nature and weak essence.
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  11. koeer11

    koeer11 New Member

    Thank you. This is the kind of help I come here for.
    Now, if you could paint it red and have a sign pointing at it, that'd be perfect.
  12. malicious_bloke

    malicious_bloke Over-Achiever

    That's what...she said?
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  13. koeer11

    koeer11 New Member

    I uhh.. Such is life?
  14. SynysterBear

    SynysterBear New Member

    Faster Way to Produce Magical crop is to use the following in a 9x9 area
    Lamp of growth, Sigil of Nature's Bounty, and Lilypad of Fertility and Fertilised Dirt and the Planter and the Harvester

    Lilypads around the outside, plant on the Fertilised Dirt. One block up use a the sigil of Natures Bounty and 2 Lamp of Growth.
    All of these Items affect tick rate, in turn affecting how quickly plants grow.

    I myself would hook this up to a simple AE system.

    Mimchite Farm using Magical Crops
  15. jessebranum777

    jessebranum777 New Member

    Okay playing vanilla modded minecraft with factory reloaded planter but i can't get the planeter to use the magical seeds. Any ideas on what i am doing wrong? Do i need a certain version of the mod? I also can't plant magical seeds on fertilized dirt either. Could i be missing a mod as well?
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  16. b0bst3r

    b0bst3r New Member

    You posted in a REALLY old thread, MFR does not support Magical crops in 1.7.10.
  17. jessebranum777

    jessebranum777 New Member

    Should i make a new one? What other ways can i automate the planting process?
  18. malicious_bloke

    malicious_bloke Over-Achiever

  19. yankeevader

    yankeevader New Member

    I know this post is super old but just wanted to toss my 2 cents in.

    Minecraft 1.7.10

    A computer craft turtle with a reinforced watering can from extra utilities
    (Will need a division sigil, etheric sword to get the soul piece to craft said watering can - this permanently reduces your life by 1 heart.)

    Open turtle and type
    label set "name"
    Ex: label set Yankeeturtle1

    then do edit startup

    while true do

    By setting a label you can now break the turtle without losing any code you have written and placed in said turtle

    If you place the turtle 3 blocks above the center of a 7x7 plot and put a second plot around the turtle with it as the center point you can water 2 7x7 farms at the same time.
    The crops grow extremely fast.

    Place your reinforced watering can in turtle slot 1

    I have no idea how bad this is for a server as turtles used to cause issues.

    This method works much faster than an autonomous activator but is still slower than a player actually using the same watering can.

    Bottom farm center point I have a dimensional transceiver from ender io
    (Dig out center block of farm and place transceiver)
    On top of that I have an ender io farming station
    Lock all seed slots for both stations
    It should farm without removing the plants and will push the seeds and items through the transceivers.

    2nd level plot place farming station on top of the turtle and the dimensional transceiver on top of the farming station.

    You can autocraft stone hoe and axe and push them to the farming stations, as well as power via the transceivers

    I have one of each plant set and it more than covers my needs with additional space for more plants.

    All autocrafting is done with Steve's factory manager on my pack but AE2 or any other mod that can autocraft should work just fine.

    Will post pictures if anyone is interested.

    (No water is required as the watering can keeps the farms hydrated)
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  20. Arvboy

    Arvboy Guest

    Try just using the framing station from ender io

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