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  1. bsb23

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    Posted this thread to alleviate arguing in the suggest mods thread I will expand shortly. Now the argument is on whether or not Ars Magica should be in the pack or not or fixed or waited for or whatever this came from a conversation between Bellaabzug21 and Jyzarc, I'm copy pasting the conversation into spoilers as we speak.
    First post, starting the convo
    A reply
    Bellaabzug21's first reply
    Jyzarc's argument
  2. Jyzarc

    Jyzarc Active Member

    Hehe sorry about that
  3. bsb23

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    Its all good, no worries at all, happy to help.

    Edit: I'm going to use this second post as the extension as we have a limited character limit

    Bellaabzug21's refute
    Jyzarc on the meaning of WIP
    Bellaabzug21 on content and balance
    Jyzarc on unnecessary features
  4. Jyzarc

    Jyzarc Active Member

    Is it possible to make a poll on here? so people can vote on if they want it or not?
  5. bsb23

    bsb23 Member

    And another for the same reason, please don't merge these otherwise this post won't work. (hopefully its not automatic)

    Bellaabzug21 on structural purposes
    Jyzarc, Mana to XP

    Edit: I don't see why not, what do you want it to say, yes, no, wait or edit as options?
  6. Maffeo404

    Maffeo404 Active Member

    In response to Jyzarc:

    Experience is not undervalued in Ars Magica, it is used for mana level. In fact, Ars Magica uses more xp levels than any mod I have seen or played.
  7. Jyzarc

    Jyzarc Active Member

    But to me it would just make sense to make this mod XP based. To me its sorta like if there was an IC2 addon that added a new form of power. It just wouldn't really make sense. Ars magica could be (and is to some extent) a really good mod. But even then some of the features arent as useful with the other mods. Like the teleporters with mystcraft for example. But a lot of stuff seems like its not useful enough to justify having it and some stuff just seems completely random and doesn't really make sense. Maybe for the magic world pack eventually but I would hate to see it in the ultimate pack.
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  8. LazDude2012

    LazDude2012 Active Member

    It actually seems like a really awesome mod to me. It's true that having its own leveling system is a bit odd, but its levels are strongly linked to vanilla levels. Plus, one of the big points about mana is that it regenerates. If it simply used XP, as you said, the players' XP would have to constantly be increasing, devaluing XP. In AM, XP is actually quite valuable, as you need to vanilla level in order to mage-level.
  9. Jyzarc

    Jyzarc Active Member

    You have a good point, but wait till you walk in your house and see 20 dryads, it gets annoying quickly
  10. Maffeo404

    Maffeo404 Active Member

    I agree with LazDude2012, it would not make sense to just use xp as mana. The mana must regenerate for the spells to be useful and regenerating xp would be OP :). And it is very xp based, it takes hundred of xp levels to level the mana levels up. And you lose them when you die. And perhaps, you misunderstood my original post which sparked the debate, I am only suggesting Ars Magica for Magic World. I do not think Ars Magica would make sense for the Ultimate pack. But it would make perfect sense for the Magic pack.[DOUBLEPOST=1357792828][/DOUBLEPOST]Sorry for the double, but I have not seen that many dryads...That just sounds like you get unlucky mob RNG.
  11. Bellaabzug21

    Bellaabzug21 Popular Member

    You've said this many times, we get it, you think dryads are useless. You don't have to say it so many times. The spawn rate of them isn't that high, contrary to your belief, it's set to spawn only two per forest, and jungle biome.
  12. Maffeo404

    Maffeo404 Active Member

    What I am curious about is Slowpoke's post. I am wondering if the Magic Pack is going to get Ars Magica or not? There was that one post about it and then silence. Did Mithion not allow it or are we waiting for some update?
  13. WTFFFS

    WTFFFS Well-Known Member

    The answer to "too many Ars mobs" is live in an EBXL biome then you ONLY see vanillla mobs ever or you could just grow a pair and kill the damn things it's not like they are that tough they just hurt a bit (hardmode, no armor other than for it's secondary effects is the way I roll) and truthfully it's nice to have something in the game that CAN kill you if you aren't prepared for it vanilla mobs I tend to completely ignore whether I'm armored or not..
    ADV chainsaw is the answer to pretty much anything that doesn't pewpew I've found, don't care if they have armor or not and things that hang back and pewpew, you pewpew em right back but better with the gun from Xeno's reliquary. Wasn't it Conan that said something along the lines of "a wizard can't cast spells very well with steel in his ribs" extend that to a wizard can't cast very well while eating high V lead (that chases them down :D)
    The XP thing I actually like Ars Magica since it is giving me a reason to actually build an XP farm, mob spawner again. Haven't built one of those since lvl 50 enchants and no XP from mining\smelting I also like building them there was just no point until Ars gave a higher value to XP overall, also choosing between a possible good enchant or another couple magic levels is a real thing, I love it.
    EDIT: Ars also has something that is not really available anywhere else, the personal utility spells. They are frankly awesome I don't much enjoy the combat spells yea they do work and they do work well but mana is a very limited resource early on and wasting it on combat is not a very good use I've found but infinite torches, a ladder that appears out of nowhere, returning to your base with ease now these are utility.
  14. Bagman817

    Bagman817 Well-Known Member

    The Ultimate pack should have everything. People can disable what they don't want, but the point is that the don't have to mess with configs for 50+ (more like 100+, now that I think of it) mods. More choice is good, people. Saying something should be excluded from Ultimate is the same as saying "I don't like it, so no one should have it."

    Edit: spelling is hard
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  15. Captain Neckbeard

    Captain Neckbeard Active Member

    Between Ars Magica and Thaumcraft 3, it's the same difference as Thaumcraft 2 and Thaumcraft 3.
    Thaumcraft 2, you must deal with. Things happen that affect you, pretty much no matter what you do, most notably Taint.
    Thaumcraft 3, if you don't mess with it yourself, doesn't affect you much at all. Barring problems with your neighbors spreading flux around or setting up right next to a Barrow.
    Ars Magica is a game-changer in the same way Thaumcraft 2 was, and most of FTB seems to be avoiding the mandatory participation route.
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  16. Maffeo404

    Maffeo404 Active Member

    Umm....Neckbeard, Slowpoke101 said they wanted to add it in Magic World. I would really like an update to that post. Sadly, that can only come from the mod pack team or someone in the know.
  17. Jyzarc

    Jyzarc Active Member

    Then why do 5-10 spawn in my house every day when i'm in an ocean biome? in theory they don't spawn a lot but in reality they do
  18. Jyzarc

    Jyzarc Active Member

    In a response to basically everyone, if they fixed the spawning I would be ok with it being in the magic pack, but it seems too obnoxious (best word I could think of) to have in the ultimate pack. In that it changes a lot of stuff. If your someone like me who plays with a lot of mods (and I would assume you are) ars magica machines and spells are a very small part of your world. but you have to be constantly fighting mages, mana creepers and to me the idea of humanlike mobs in minecraft kinda ruins it (outside of villages) Speaking of villages has anyone else noticed ars magica messing up village spawning? Apart from houses usually being generated weirdly more then half of the village is usually the ars magica houses.Anyways realistically I probably wouldn't use ars magica that much altogether if I had all the techmods and such. And of course the magic pack seems to be missing basically every magic mod entirely right now as well, just throwing that out there. Also one final note it's not as much how much damage the hostile AM mobs do its more the fact that its magic damage. It just seems like it happens to often IMO, mages should be more rare. I play with Mo creatures which has a ton of mobs that not only do a ton of damage/hard to kill but also do quite a bit of world damage (ogres,golems werewolves) so I can deal with the mages
  19. electroscape

    electroscape Member

    actualy, mffs adds just that. a new type of energy, FP.
  20. Jyzarc

    Jyzarc Active Member

    True :p i'm not a huge fan of MFFS but I have it installed. I sort of understand the mana system I still don't like the mana bar and I can't figure out how to turn it of

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