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    For Log Horizon, the stakes aren't quite death of course, but they're still something. A lot of it is a loss of freedom. Just look at when they
    went to take the druid girl from Demigas' guild that's holding an entire city to their will. If it went wrong, she would have stayed captive and been treated awfully. Or again, look at when what'sherface blue wolf girl tried to ruin their city's prosperity through using the people of the land. If they failed there, the city would have become far less than it was.
    So there are stakes, but just because they're not death doesn't mean they're nothing.
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    After seeing the first two episodes of Log Horizon I feel a little disappointed about the low stakes. It's not as dramatic as it would have been right off the bat otherwise, unlike the first arc of SAO, No Game No Life and Death Note, where life or death is at stake.
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    You lost me there

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    The first small arc isn't very good, but trust me it picks up. Instead of having that initial kick to the face of drama that SAO and the others have LH has to build it up, but the payout is tremendous.

    And really the stakes aren't the meat of the show, it's MMO politics :p

    Less action swing a sword at thing yay and more badass strategy
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    Yeah it kinda slows down after a certain major event happens that I can't say as it's a massive spoiler but if you know death note then you probably know exactly what I'm talking about. But still it continues to be good even after that. The climax is just incredible oh my god.
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    Yeah, they were actually cousins. Which may be less of a taboo over there than it is in western countries, I dunno.
    First off, you're judging the book by its cover a bit. Fairy tail is great, though I take issue with the whole never ending parade of conflicts style of show to keep it going basically forever. I prefer stories to have a definite ending to it.

    But yeah, watch through the first arc. I mean you haven't even gotten to fairy tail yet. The first episode is nothing like the rest. It's just an introduction. You've only seen half of the main group so far. Just keep watching. It's good.
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    More like we're more interested in a wider genetic sampling in our partners, which was further reinforced by Christian influences throughout the country's growth. That being said there's a study that showed that there's no decrease in genetic diversity between second cousins.

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    Yes. SECOND cousins.
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    I could find a thing to use, but effort
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    While I guess my judgment of fairy tail is somewhat rash it's not exactly judgeing a book by it's cover. More or less it's judgeing a book by its first chapter or paragraph. It's a level above judgeing the cover.

    To be frank Ep 1 of Fairy Tail didn't show me any of the main characters. I didn't even catch their names really. Who are they? What motivates them? I mean they don't need a full biography but the basic gist of who they are and why we should continue to watch and follow their story wouldn't go amiss. Eithet that or they did do all that anf I just found them all too shallow to get interested.

    It's like the writers think the audiences attention spans are too small for a little (and I mean a little) exposition. So it just belted ahead figuring they'll pick up the plot or give it more of a chance.

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  12. frederikam

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    The first thing I was told when I was encouraged to watch Fairy Tail was that the first few episodes weren't as good as the latter ones, which happens to be the case. Just have a bit of patience.
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    Alright, let's become an anime gurlllll

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    One of us
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    I tend to gravitate more towards some of the darker shows. Tokyo Ghoul was amazing, although it went downhill in season 2 when they cut some of the most iconic scenes (semi-understandable, but TG is definitely never going to be family-friendly).

    I started watching Darker Than Black, but I couldn't help but feel that it wasn't really going anywhere after 20-odd episodes.

    Hellsing Ultimate is visually striking - because it's an OVA the animation quality is a step up, and again it does a beautiful job of blurring the line between man and monster.

    Cowboy Bebop was something I watched a while back, it shows its age but still has its own very distinctive style. If any of you watched and enjoyed Firefly you'll probably like Cowboy Bebop.

    Also, not technically an anime, but RWBY has some fantastic action scenes. The background ghost people in season 1 are annoying, but after that it really picks up.
  17. LivingAngryCheese

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    It's an anime inspired series, RWBY is basically anime.
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    rule be, or are double you be why
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    quietly adds Hellsing to manga list
    Would you recommend the anime, or no?
    go home you're drunk
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    I was asking a pronunciation. Plus lol

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