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    I think ability balancing will have to be done by Cheese - I reckon some kind of stacking buff to attacks from stealth would fit. I am a bit nervous about the shadow balance but that's for Cheese to decide. Hope to see him soon ingame once Cheese finishes exams!
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    Hey! Thanks for taking interest in my RP, would you like a quick guide to RPing, or have you been in an RP before?

    I have some suggestions for various parts of your character:

    Firstly, Corbin's magik is still referred to as dark in his backstory, but it is actually shadow magik.

    Secondly, in his appearance we are told that few people have seen him in broad daylight, is this due to the fact that he is out of the public eye searching for his father, or because of some other reason.

    Additionally, his personality may have two problems. Firstly, Batman does not exist in this world, so the comparison takes away from your character a little, but, more importantly, playing a character with such a simple but extreme personality gets boring very quickly. I'd recommend giving Corbin a much more balanced personality.

    You are allowed 30 stats now. Feel free to add 5!

    I'll have some more suggestions as soon as possible, especially to do with your abilities :)
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    I have a question, are there already 2 lighting magik users
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    I would love a guide! I have never done RP before, and I would hate to mess something up!!!

    Also, I edited my post; here is the changelog:
    Changed stats:
    +1 to Health, Armor, Agility
    +2 to Strength

    Removed comparison to Batman
    Changed the part referencing Dark Magik (I realize that it's cheeky to say that he doesn't remember, but is supposed to be sort of implied that he accidentally used Dark Magik :V)

    The part about him not being seen is a mixture of that, and him keeping to the shadows. Tbh, I just started with an idea of an antihero that I have had for years, but have never fully realized, and that would account for many of the inconsistencies in my writing(s). :/
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    The image in that link summarises several things to avoid doing. Beyond that though, I would say that one thing that it is worth doing is to try and make sure you always think and write how Corbin would. Even though that may be detrimental to the outcome, as long as it makes sense IC nobody will think you're a dick. Our characters might think Corbin is a dick, but as you can see IC drama happens.
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    I believe not, good sir
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    Currently we have:
    Dubhan (Dark)
    Fiona (Light)
    Sylvia (Holy)
    Chuck (Fire)
    Linessa (Wind)
    Nahiri (Lightning)
    Lexia (Nature)
    Acheron (Sound)
    Corbin (Pending, Shadow)

    So you have free choice in terms of magik lore provided it's human-friendly
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    Thank both of you. I will probably make a character tonight then
  9. MrMonsterGuy18

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    image.jpeg Name: Markus Tresstia
    Appearance (picture or description):
    Up top
    "Why are you trying to label me with useless things like personality when I can be studying the arcane and finding the path to ultimate power. Unless you can help me, then I'm a hardworking, intelligent person who will stop at nothing to get my goals." That is what he would say, but my commentary includes him being proud and greedy, wanting to merge with an endless source of power, which he thinks can be achieved using lighting magik.
    Backstory (You've always lived in Pert):
    He was born to a family of traders, with and older sister. She was 15 at the time, and married of to some mercenary. He was too young to know her at the time. When he was 6, the first weird thing happened to him. He was angry his mother wouldn't let him stay up late. He grew angry, and out of the blue,lightning struck her garden. When he was 8, he first began studying Lightning Magik. He was 11 when his younger sister was born. His mother died shortly afterward from suicide caused by depressing. A year later, his house was broken into. In order to silence his crying sister he covered her with a pillow. She suffocated. His father blamed him, disowned him, and kicked him out. A old sympathetic lightning Mage took him in, and Markus restarted his lightning magik training. He studied for 7 more years before his master died. That was the day he learned how to avoid death and pain. He had to join with raw magik, become magik, and become a god
    A book on arcane relics, some simple robes, and a mid-sized house
    Stats (30 total):

    Magical skill:8
    Magical defence:6

    Magical abilities (3 total):
    Living pain
    for two rounds, gain +2 on health, but loses 2 magik skill

    Feel my pain

    On his next attack, he adds the amount of damage he's taken to his damage


    For one round, His magical defense takes over for his armour

    Edit: I suck at typing on phones
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    I like this guy's personality - there's some psychopathic character traits in there which should add some spice to the RP.

    The backstory could use some work though. You say he starts his training at 8, yet he later restarts it. Why did he stop?

    You say his mother killed herself due to depression - that's very out of the blue. You'd expect there to be some period of time where the family lived with her depression as well as maybe some kind of cause (there isn't always but right now it reads as generic bad stuff)

    Who broke into the house? Based on what Cheese has said human on human crime is very rare, so it would have to be someone very desperate or a raid from another race.

    In terms of abilities feel my pain is O to the P. The closest you're likely to get is +1 Magik skill for each lost Health.

    Living pain is also kinda useless in my eyes - because that 2 health goes away again it achieves very little.

    Just going to flag this up again - Magik skill cannot be used for basic attacks. Putting that many points into it is a waste if you have nothing that directly rolls off it. I'd swap living pain for an ability that can deal some magikal pain
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    I'll fix it up tomorrow, because it's 2 A.M. for me. Thank you for your advice
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    This is very good advice, though powerplay is pretty difficult in this RP as a combat system exists. Godmodding in this RP would generally be something such as controlling another person's character in any way. This includes things such as describing how another character reacts to something. There is a sort of grey zone with things such as your character doing something too quickly for anyone else to react. This should be avoided unless there is strong justification for this (such as your character maybe having magical powers which make them very fast).

    Other than that, just try to play your character, and don't get angry at people for in-RP interaction unless it is out of character for them, and even then speak to them calmly about it. Above all, write to the best of your ability, and have fun!
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    You've confused godmodding and powerplay mate.
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    Yeah, due to the stats system and Cheese balancing abilities, the two main no-nos are metagaming and retconning (useful case study in one of the more recent posts though where Chuck flicked flames at Fiona's gloves - Real wrote that he flicked flames, but it was Eruantien who wrote about them hitting. All agreed, no powerplay. Had Chuck said he succeeded in burning the gloves, that WOULD have been powerplay.
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    RJ isn't entirely correct here about living pain, though I would likely buff it, as the two health would act as defence to attacks during that time. He is, however, correct about personality, backstory, and needing an ability to use magik skill for.

    In order to fix this I'd suggest changing feel my pain to a magik attack with +1 to magik skill for every life lost. This would have a 1 turn cooldown. If you want an ability based around losing health, putting some more stat points into health might be a good idea too.

    I would allow ascension to last for 2 turns.
  16. LivingAngryCheese

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    If you really want to have an ability similar to animate just tell me, but I'd recommend having a completely different ability, as summoning abilities are hard to balance, and are usually OP or completely useless. If you did want it I'd recommend giving it abilities that allow it to fulfil a specific role but it also gets weaker over time or it dies after a duration, but I would still recommend changing this if you don't want to spend ages balancing it.

    Melt away can definitely be buffed. You could have some kind of crit mechanic relating to your accuracy, or you could just have some straight buffs on exiting invisibility.

    Consume is simple: Magik attack. No cooldown.

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    u dropped this
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    Aww, I quite liked consume-temporary physical buff in exchange for magik ability.
  19. RJS

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    Wait, what?

    Let's run this through.

    Markus has 4 health.

    He uses Living Pain, buffing his health by 2.

    He now has 6 health.

    He takes two damage during the buff.

    He now has 4 health.

    The buff ends, removing the +2 to his health.

    He has 2 health - exactly the same as if he never used the buff.

    The only utility currently is if he's on low health it might buy one more turn in which he could be healed, but other than that it is quite literally a waste of a turn and of MgS.
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    I guess that cheese sees it more as a shield? Thus he goes to 4 + 2 shield. If he takes 2 damage he is at 4 health and when the shield ends he is thus still left at 4 health thus effectively healing him for 2.
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