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  1. The_Paragon

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    January 28rd: v1.2! Making up for lost time!
    • Misc. fixes on the especially funky GUIs (being off by a pixel and so forth)
    • Updated to new(est) texture pack structure for Railcraft, Forestry, TwilightForest and Thaumcraft (Thanks Hawk Weisman!)
    • Added in the Wind Turbine GUI I somehow completely forgot about (Redpower 2)
    • Corrected false advertising by actually providing the promised services (Sickles, Flax seeds, Blast Furnace, Water tower, etc.)
    • Fixed missing texture for IC2 construction foam (Thanks Nekojin!)
    • Retouched Railcraft detector blocks. Tell me what you think!
    • More Buildcraft support than I expected to accomplish! Yaay!
    • Added complete CompactSolars support
    • Began tentative XyCraft support. No idea what any of this stuff is, tell me if something seems wrong.
    • Readded complete Advanced Machines support. Apparently there are two separate IC2 addons called Advanced Machines; now both are supported.
    • My password.txt is now included in the main download, so you can have the same pack I do. Upload this tothe customizer if you trust my judgement! (Thanks T10a!)
    Hello, all!
    I've been playing Minecraft for a good long while, and have been playing with mods for nearly as long. If you're anything like me, you've perhaps sought alternatives to the default textures that the mods provide. But texturepacks with mod support are few and far between, and 16x texturepacks with mod support are even more rare. I decided that I'd implement support for my absolute favorite pack, The Painterly Pack.

    If you haven't heard of the Painterly Pack, head on over to the Painterly Pack site and give it a look-see. Rhodox, the architect of The Painterly Pack, has put a TON of work into it and it definitely shows. I daresay you shan't find another quite like it! If you like what you see, consider dropping by his site and buying the man a drink!

    This pack involves a good amount of Painterly art, and a significant amount of my own work as well. The intention was to produce a pack that provides support for my favorite mods while still preserving the sprit and feel of the original Painterly. I saw that many of my favorite mods are included in Feed The Beast, so I thought, why not release it there?
    Ores galores! Forestry Apatite and Thaumcraft Amber-Bearing Stone.

    A cathedral! ExtraBiomesXL stairs and slabs, Forestry Stained Glass and Candles, Railcraft Metal Posts!

    Inside a small factory! IC2 Macerators and some iron dust spillage.

    A scientist accesses his mainframe's disk drive. No idea what he's doing with those rails and railbeds in a laboratory - ComputerCraft Monitor, Printer, DiskDrive, some miscellaneous Railcraft items, and a Forestry wrench.

    A well-equipped soldier braves the wastes at the Far Perimeter! IC2 Tesla coils, Quantum Armor, HV cables, Mining laser, and ExtraBiomesXL Wasteland assets.

    ERROR - CONTAINMENT FAILURE. Railcraft Tanks and Concrete, Twilight Forest Moonworms, Computercraft Advanced Monitor and Advanced Computers, IC2 Reinforced Doors and Reinforced Stone.
    And now, to business. This pack wasn't originally designed for FTB support, so there's a few mods missing for now.

    COMPLETE SUPPORT: The following mods have COMPLETE support - every existing item, GUI and block is textured: Industrialcraft 2, Computercraft, Ender Storage, Twilight Forest, Railcraft, AtomicStryker's Advanced Machines, Snyke's Advanced Machines, Chickenbones' Wireless Redstone, Iron Chests, Redpower 2, Advanced Solars

    PARTIAL SUPPORT: The following mods have WIP-status support. This means that while a number of the blocks and items are textured, there are still some that aren't: Forestry, Factorization, Mystcraft, SoulShards, Buildcraft, Xycraft

    NOT YET IMPLEMENTED: The following mods are not currently supported, but support is planned: GregTech, GraviSuite, Steve's Carts, Thermal Expansion, Modular Force Field System

    BONUS: The following mods are completely supported, but aren't part of the default Feed The Beast pack. I play with them myself, so I added support for them: FallenBeast's IC2 addons - DeFence and Advanced Generators, Immibis' Peripherals for Computercraft, Nandonalt's CoralMod (Continuation), Greg's Lighting, Vanilla with Sprinkles, Kaijin's Charging Bench, Balkon's WeaponMod, The CraftGuide, Shedar's Nuclear Control, and Thaumcraft 3! If you don't plan on playing with these mods and are starved for space on your hard drive, you can safely delete the requisite folders from your download.

    1. Download The Paragon's Painterly Addons!
    2. Head over to the Painterly site and download a pack! There's a very nifty customizer there, I highly recommend using that.
    3. Unzip both packages using your favorite archive utility. WinZip is my weapon of choice for Windows platforms, and StuffIt for OSX. Google can help you find and use both.
    4. Drag and drop all the files from The Paragon's Painterly Mod Support package into the unzipped Painterly package. If prompted, click "Merge And Replace." NOTE: OSX does not have this option. Appleheads are forced to navigate to every folder and move the individual files.
    5. Rezip the Painterly Pack, move it to your texturepacks folder, launch and done!
    A huge thank you and all due credit to Rhodox for permission to create and distribute this pack and for making my Minecraft look so damn good all these years.
    Okay! Let's play some Minecraft! (DropBox)
    Hang on! My preferences differ somewhat! (Download for alternate textures, such as classic-style ingots)
  2. Greytusks

    Greytusks Well-Known Member

    Note: i see ExtraBiomes and Forestry mentioned in both the partial and complete support lists. Which one are they actually in?
  3. The_Paragon

    The_Paragon New Member

    Aaaah! Good eye! Fixed.

    "Partial support" is where they belong. I haven't yet retexured 100% of the blocks in either, but it's relatively unobtrusive. I have all the GUIs done! :D
  4. Tesmetron

    Tesmetron Member

    I have loved the Painterly pack almost since I began playing minecraft. It was the first one I ever used. I am so happy that you're doing this!
  5. Narcisism

    Narcisism Well-Known Member

    Wow. These are amazing. Like Tesmetron, Painterly was my first MC Texture Pack, so seeing the addons makes me want to go install it again xD Gonna have to wait on that, though. City of Industry is using vanilla textures, and it'd be off if I didn't use the same ones as everyone else.
  6. eculc

    eculc Well-Known Member

    What textures should be used from the customizer to match up with what you've made? I know some of the ores would look out of place if they were on a different color of stone than whatever had been chosen when the base pack was created.
  7. The_Paragon

    The_Paragon New Member

    Thank you! Here's hoping it lives up to the Painterly name.

    My first pack as well, and just about my only. Thank you both for your kind words.

    The pack as it exists so far uses the light stone and the rectangular "new" ingot type. I chose the light gray stone as a base because I was worried that RP2 Marble would be too light and look weird in contrast with the dark gray stone. Also, RP2 basalt would be nearly indistinguishable unless I made basalt REALLY dark, which then might be confused with obsidian. I like being able to tell at a glance what material is what. At the same time, different strokes for different folks.

    I've been thinking about adding a parallel download, just a spritesheet and documentation containing alternate ingots and ore textures and where to put them, so that end users who preferred the variants could cobble a custom pack manually. I haven't really thought of a good solution here; it's probably not really fair that I'd be shifting the onus of that work onto potential users. If anybody has any ideas, I'd love to hear them.

    EDIT: Actually, I'll probably just include a bunch of loose 16x PNGs as a separate download. That might work.
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  8. The_Paragon

    The_Paragon New Member

    Minor update - complete IronChests support!
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  9. Darkpouet

    Darkpouet Active Member

    This looks really good! I began my own private custom painterly texture pack for FTB and I mixed it with your textures, I love most of them! I hope you will have the time to do the thermal expansion, but as I don't use IC2 I took some of the textures from that for thermal expansion. Continue the great work, I'll take a look to your thread from time to time =)
  10. VoraciousPuma

    VoraciousPuma New Member

    Thank you so much for working on this. It's beautiful.
  11. Zerren

    Zerren Well-Known Member

    Made an account to say your work is killer. Really. I make textures for a few things/games and decided to try someone else's work for once. AWESOME. I'm using your pack right now, but I've created temporary textures for TE/Factorization/BC for self use until you can find time to do them!
    Advanced solars, Factorization grinder with a BC hopper, Dark Iron/Lead blocks, craftpacket maker/stamper, TE Powered furnace/Igneous extruder, every gear, and a Factorization battery box. I'm not too satisfied with my TE textures yet. Too dark.
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  12. Hawk Weisman

    Hawk Weisman Member

    Is the Iron Chests addon in the currently available download? Also, Zarren, would you mind releasing your BC/Thermal Expansion/Factorization textures? THat would be awesome of you.
  13. The_Paragon

    The_Paragon New Member

    Thanks everybody! You people are too kind!

    Nice work, Zerren! I may or may not have also been working on Factorization and Advanced Solars too :p

    I've been a little busy of late, but I do have a bit more work to share. It would appear that the amount of interest one has in a project is inversely proportional to the time the universe grants you to work on it.

    Nonetheless, here's an update! Important: This pack is intended for mods for 1.4.6. Some of the filepaths have changed between now and [whenever], so if you're not using 1.4.6 there may be some graphical sillinesses.
  14. Hawk Weisman

    Hawk Weisman Member

    Hey Paragon, thanks a lot for updating. Your RP2 project table gui looks way better than the one I hacked together in Photoshop. Just one thing, though - would you mind releasing a version with classic style ingots? I've been using a custom version with classic style ingots taken from Mystic Ores (I'm not a sprite artist, but I can mash texture packs together just fine), but I'm getting tired of having green lead.
  15. The_Paragon

    The_Paragon New Member

    The classic ingots are so archetypically "Minecraft" that I couldn't well turn down your request. I'm ambivalent as to which style I prefer myself.

    What I had in mind was eventually releasing a parallel download with individual 16x16 alternates for some things, ores and ingots especially. How does that sound?
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  16. Hawk Weisman

    Hawk Weisman Member

    That sounds great to me! Thanks a lot, man!
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  17. T10a

    T10a Active Member

    Hey, nice job! Keep going with those textures! Also, could you give us the password you have in your Painterly pack, so we can all use your variant? Thanks! :)
  18. Zero

    Zero New Member

    These are very nice textures. I'm no pro, but I thought maybe I'd contribute in case anyone would like to use them. They're edits of the sickles and flax seeds from RedPower. I edited the crescent-shaped scimitars from the weapons part of the customizer... I also re-did the swords to my liking. Pick and choose what you like, if any. Anyways, these textures belong in eloraam/world directory, in the worlditems1.png. [link]

    Also, have you considered making a customizer? :p
  19. Hawk Weisman

    Hawk Weisman Member

    I really like your sickle graphics - thanks for sharing! I've been using the corn sprites in Painterly for my flax, though - if anyone wants me to share my world png files.
  20. Agore

    Agore New Member

    I'm completely unaware if this has been mentioned or not but my CTRL+F did not find anything.

    I noticed that the Wireless Redstone item "Wireless Remote" has no texture. I looked in the codechicken folder of the pack and indeed, it's a pink square.

    I figured I would take 2 minutes to inform you gents and gentettes of this oversight. :D


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