[1.7.10] Wanderlust Reloaded - Questing Adventure [Magic-Tech] [HQM - over 250 Quests] [Tabula Rasa]

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by Yulife, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. Nemsun

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    Really enjoying the Pack so far.. updated to 1.1.3 went smooth for Episode 2
  2. Amadeus99

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    And @Spudnick_ :

    Apparently Forge 1235, or one of the versions after 1232, changed something with rendering that is not compatible with Optifine. You need to go back to Forge 1232 if you want to use Optifine. I didn't realize I was still using 1232 when I made my previous post. You can use 1232 with your client and 1235 with your server if you want. (that is what I am currently doing) The 1232 client will connect just fine to a 1235 server. I did not test Forge versions 1233 or 1234. 1236 is also not compatible with optifine.

    If you don't know how to change your Forge version, I would recommend using MultiMC as it makes that easy. MultiMC can also access your FTB installs, so you can clone your Wanderlust Reloaded install and then update the version on the clone so that you aren't messing with your original FTB version. With FTB, you have to edit the pack.json and manually install the forge version you want into the proper locations along with the necessary library files which is a bit of a pain.
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  4. boondockArtist

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    Hello! So I have been playing with the pack for a bit, and I was wondering whether or not that this is the place I should go to about wanting to be allowed on the server? If so, may I please be added to the whitelist, every time I've asked the admins there over on the irc keep on heading off to sleep >.<
  5. Yulife

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    Just PM me :)
  6. Yulife

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  7. cm97878

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    Every time I load up my SSP world, I crash with this error: http://pastebin.com/6qtH9wNU
    I guess it's genetics causing it, but I'm not sure how to fix it. If I just removed genetics, would that do it?
  8. Yulife

    Yulife New Member

    What was the state of your world? What did you do before it crashed? Did you have a genetics setup?
    No worries, you have a LOT of options to fix it.
    #1 Indeed disabling and re-enabling Genetics (Which is Binnie's Mods/Core) will fix it. The downside is that if you have a genetics setup scattered around your world it will vanish and never come back again.
    #2 If it is a block, probably the most efficient method would be to use MCEdit to delete the culprit.
    #3 If it is an item in your inventory, reset your player.data in your world save. This will reset your whole inventory and TC4 research as well as AM2 levels so use with caution. The TC4 data should be in another folder in the world save so you can save it.
    #4 Simply use a backup which will bring the world back to a previous state.

    Hope it can be resolved ;)

  9. Yulife

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    I filled the Github repository with configs, scripts and resourcepacks that we currently have so you can check everything when you are, for example, on mobile! :)
    Now you can also make pull requests to demand config or script changes in a precise way.
  10. cm97878

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    Alright, thanks! I never started genetics at all, so I'll go with the first one. I /really/ need to start making backups of my worlds.

    EDIT: Well, I guess it didn't ever even update to 1.1.3, ignore my last edit if you saw it.
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  11. danidas

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    I'm experiencing a odd issued with the pack and the server I'm running in the form of a massive lag spike every few minutes. Which is showing up in my log as this message - [Server thread/WARN]: Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded? Running 11955ms behind, skipping 239 tick(s)

    I did some looking around with opis and found that the likely cause is the gravestone mod. Which appears to be doing a event called GSEventsHandler.onEntityLivingDeath and is taking a massive amount of time (1336622.233us).

    I would disable the mod but it has a lot of good world gen and it is unknown if it will effect any quests.
  12. junkumulu

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    I have a problem, tabula rasa textures are not working.
  13. Eushwa

    Eushwa New Member

    I can confirm that this worked for me. Thanks!!
  14. Sawney

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    Hey Yulife :). I also have a bug report. I did a fresh install and started a new world for 1.1.3. I see the quest book got fixed up for completed quests, very nice. I had 2 crashes when opening reward bags. I will post the crash reports when I get home.

    The other odd thing is from time to time everything on the inventory screen disappears including the tabs on top. Only the box with the player model, crafting grid and inventory remain. My stuff is still there and I can mouse over everything. It fixes itself after a minute, but persists on opening and closing inv, only time helps. Just thought I would let you know. It might be on my end as I added admin command tools and pregenerated 32 chunks out. The only other 2 I added are mouse tweaks and projectE.
  15. Yulife

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    Always read the quest for a specific thing if it's avaible. You need to enable the resourcepack of Tabula Rasa.
  16. Yulife

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    Both of those bugs will be squished in 1.1.4 - the reward bags and the spazzing screen.
    The reward bag crash is caused by an Unknown item which should've been fixed ages ago but the HQM file didn't save for WHATEVER reason, again.
    The spazzing screen is caused by Tails and Kihira got a fix out 6 hours ago.
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  17. DaBlazeHunter

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    I have a bug to report: I am unable to craft enderium blend with the bucket of enderium 3 pulverised tin and 1 pulverised shiny metal
  18. DaBlazeHunter

    DaBlazeHunter New Member

    Here is a screen shot

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  19. Yulife

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    Silver is also required.
  20. DaBlazeHunter

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    ahh didn't see the changed recipe thankyou

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