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    Pack Code: Shattered
    The Pack:
    Shattered is a Tech themed Skyland environment, and provides some of the challenges you encounter in Skyblock, along with the normal challenges of exploration/resource finding. Not only that, it massively overhauls many items/blocks using Minetweaker to provide a more consistent and tiered gameplay.
    One major feature of the pack (which was also the biggest headache in MT scripting) is that no matter what machine process you use, you always get the same type of dust, nugget, ingot, gear or block. No need for OreDict! This has always been my biggest bugbear with modded minecraft, with umpteen different versions of ingots, dusts, nuggets, blocks, etc all for the same resource!
    Finally, it also features a 32x resource pack using default textures scaled up (using a process I've worked out in photoshop), or John Smith or Misa's textures (scaled down to 32x). The resource pack is aimed to look like vanilla, just better using double the resolution (my personal opinion is 16x is way too small for MC)

    Features & Challenges:
    • Skyland Environment - dense or sparse, large or small islands
    • Tech themed (with a small hint of "magic")
    • Large Ore Vein generation based on chance per chunk (some islands will have no resources, others will be stuffed)
    • Up to 4 densities of Ore, with different output efficiencies depending on how you process them (hint - don't waste too many ores in a vanilla furnace!)
    • Ores generation influenced on real world occurrence. For example, Gold generates in veins of Quartz Rock.
    • Unified resource outputs
    • No HQM, play how you want without soul destroying grindy quests
    • Finite Water - You'll need to manage this resource, it's needed for yourself and recipes
    • Harder recipes, but not insanely difficult (no 2 Galgorgian Blocks to make a stick for example)
    • Cheaper recipes - err wut? Yep, some recipes have been made cheaper to better reflect what the item/block actually does.
    • More logical recipes - some recipes have been changed to be more consistent, and to make use of more of the ores available. For example, if a machine can hold hot liquids (aka lava) then the recipe will most likely feature an Invar Tank.
    • Logical progression - Start with multiblocks, then work towards miniaturization and the magical single blocks
    • Mod pack goals - If you want them, then aim for making your own dimensions with RF tools, or explore your solar system with Advanced Rocketry
    Known issues:
    A new game can spawn you over the void
    Slow to generate a new world (unavoidable, lots of world gen) and occasional freeze ups when exploring

    Setting up a game:
    I recommend using Version 8 of Java, and 4gig of memory.
    Make a new game, go to More World Options... and change the world type to Fun World Gen, then click Customize. Choose Sky Dimension and set Biomes to Vanilla + Mods.
    If you want to set up a server, the pack as is should work first time. Copy the mods, configs and scripts over and set the level type to FWG and generator settings to SKYDIM#1





    Hints & Tips:

    Focus on the immediate requirements to your survival and progression. You need water and food.
    Look at ways of generating water, one of the easiest ways is a railcraft water tower. You might even find the ruins of one.
    Use NEI to check recipes, not everything is as you might expect!
    Exploring might give big rewards at a risk!

    Don't just chuck all your ores into a vanilla furnace. It's highly inefficient. Work towards an Immersive Engineering Arc Furnace.
    A Tinkers Smeltery does not double ores. It's purely used for liquid metals and crafting tools & components. You will need one eventually.

    While the map can be stuffed with ores, you might find yourself short of resources. Dig around in rubble piles, look into crafting a railcraft crusher, build a mob farm. These can all provide random resources.
    Keep 9 ingots handy for Agri-Craft. You'll see why. That'll get you ongoing resources.

    Advanced Rocketry can be difficult to started. Build yourself a holo-projector. This is like a guide book for crafting the multi-block structures. To use, have it active on your hotbar, press shift and right click, this brings up a menu of structures. Choose one, then rightclick on the ground. This will display the bottom most layer of blocks required as a ghost. To move between layers, press shift and scroll the mouse wheel.
    Machines you will need are the Lathe, Crystaliser, Cutting Machine and Precision Assembler

    Feedback, ideas and suggestions are more then welcome. No doubt I've derped something up that will come out from long gameplay.
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  2. Nezraddin

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    Heya *waves*

    Sadly I seem to have trouble to start a world.
    From three tries (two with Biomes o Plenty, one without) only one actually crashed, two got stucked in the "Loading world, Converting world" screen. (let it run for like 15 minutes each time to make sure it really is stuck).

    Here the one crash report I got. Is a really long one, but hope it tells what might have gone wrong there.

    And sorry for the first posting being a bug report *hides* Really looking forward to playing it :)
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  3. Golrith

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    Make sure you are choosing Fun World Generation with the Skyland Option. I have had it do that "error" with a normal overworld generation. Rarely I also get that error with the FWG option too.
    I think it's combination of FWG and my heavy custom world generation.

    I have known some maps to appear to be suck, but at most 10 minutes. 15 is definitely too long.

    You could also try this save file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/46396473/Shattered/New World.zip It's brand new, at spawn. See if that behaves for you.
  4. Nezraddin

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    Fun World Generation and skylands worked perfectly fine :)
    Thank you for the fast help!

    Now to conquer the void! ... or rather everything that is not void, hehe.

    Seems the skyland-option of FWG only generates a single island. Flew around even in creative and didn't find anything else.
    So using the save you linked. Thanks for that. *bows*

    [edit 2]
    And already noticed my wrong doing. "Sky Dimension" it needs to be, not "Skyland" :D
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  5. Golrith

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    I'll have to do a screenshot of the instructions.

    Hope your game is going better then mine. I've died on morning 2 from starvation, mainly due to ineptness at me forgetting how my early game works! Currently stuck in my cave hole on night 2 with not a lot to do and no food.

    Have also found one bug. Dirt slimes should not be spawning if you dig dirt without a shovel. I thought I disabled that.
  6. Nezraddin

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    Not really *smirks*

    I kinda found a nice place with a little waterpool (after finding first a single waterfall... and noticed that rightclicking the water is a really bad idea, hehe).
    Had to change my game into peaceful mode for one little moment, since I died and the spawnpoint was surrounded by these blaze-like creatures... so everytime I spawned I was pretty much instantly dead again. (not happy about the peaceful mode... but I always take too long to decide that I like a map, so it was this or just recreating the map ^^").

    I'm still struggling with trying to figure out how to feed yourself early game, since you cannot plant crops without agricraft which is behind the coke oven, if I see it correctly. And water is another issue, found one of these ruined watertanks of railcraft but still missing a few pieces to actually get water (and flint to mine, hopefully, iron for a bucket ^^").

    So at the moment a little bit confused about the early game surviving.
  7. Golrith

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    You can plant vanilla seeds in tilled dirt, just not the agri-craft seeds.
    I'm having to build a water tank from scratch, luckily (or not so) my island has a slime chunk on it so I've got frequent visits from slimes. It's the best option to get water. You can drink from water sources, and usually you'll have no issues.

    I do need to add some early early game food options, something to fit the scavenging era (aka game start). I'll most likely copy across what I added in my first modpack, Omega Dawn. Edible Seed mixes and Tubers. Stuff you get from long grass which is basically edible straight away, or can be cooked.

    Those Blaze variants are proving to be a pain for me too :D

    Small tip, get a tinkers flint pickaxe and mattock. The Pickaxe will allow you to mine the rubble piles (which can contain "food"). Also, attack mobs and collect lootbags. I managed to get 16 bottles of creosote which gives me access to some later options earlier. Pretty much go mad after all that rubble.
  8. Nezraddin

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    Slowly getting into the start, still dying all the time to thirst or hunger *smirks* But I was happy to find some sheep and thanks to the wooden shears I at least have now a spawnpoint and don't have to wait through nights anymore.

    What I noticed is, that the diminishing returns proves to be very difficult to handle. Might be that I don't really like this anyways, but with the very limited food early on it's really difficult to keep yourself fed.

    A mattock... that's the one tool I always forget to make, heh. And knowing about these rubble piles helps alot, too. Now I just need to get lucky and find some of the iron ore thats melts into nuggets that I can make a chest. Or build a giant wall of storage crates... which probably is better early on, heh ^^

    And still trying to figure out where the tech starts, but because it starts with multiblock and goes down to single block machines I guess Immersive engineering first of all.
    Havn't found any clay yet (or a way how to make it) for starting with the coke oven though.
  9. Nedrith

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    Well my first map generation sucked. It left me falling through the void not sure if the map even generated properly. My second map generation went off fine. After roaming around for a very short while found a place to bunker down and call a short lived home before I got tired of it. Made a mattock and a stone pickaxe and decided to go roaming after surviving the first night. Couldn't carry half the stuff I gathered with me but it seems to have paid off. Found the ruins of a village, not much there but some premade houses including a house with lots of cobwebs and some sheep are nearby. Also two incomplete water tanks that I should be able to use to make a complete one are nearby.

    Diminishing returns on food along with enviromine in general are things I'm always wary of. It's fun at the beginning when you are scrambling around to find various foods and is a neat incentive to prevent people from eating only bread or baked potatoes but once you get some great food it's annoying to have to switch often and it' becomes nothing more than a hassel. enviromine's water requirements become the same thing and I got kind of tired of it from crash landing.

    Overall a really nice looking modpack, I like the recipe changes so far and a few new mods to look into. The islands are fun to look at and it's more enjoyable than a vanilla world or a pure skyblock Not to fond of the lack of HQM, my opinion of it is that quest grind is easy to eliminate by ensuring that the main quest line is filled with necessary quests that then branch off to include quests for things you don't need but might help out. It's only if your the kind of person who must complete every quest that the optional quests might seem grindy when you make something you have no intentions of using.

    Also I added waila, I just hate not having it.

    Edit: storage crates seem to be only harvestable with a pickaxe, shouldn't this be a axe or just no tool at all?
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  10. Golrith

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    Coke Oven, Blast Furnace and Grinder to get you started. From that your first smeltry (even a tiny one is sufficient).
    There is a crafting recipe for clay blocks.

    You have found a nice area to start off in.

    Water shouldn't be a long term issue with enviromine. You can go about 2 MC days without drinking.
    I tried making a pack with HQM, but I couldn't bring myself to write all the quests, that because a real chore and wasn't fun.

    So from my experiences and feedback, changes to be made:
    * Add some early game food options
    * Adjust Spice of Life to be less harsh on diminishing returns
    * Disable the dirt slime mob
    * Make Storage Crates easier to harvest

    I'll push these changes through today as they all effect the early game days, so pretty vital.
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  11. Golrith

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    Here's what you can get now from breaking grass (open spoiler for image and details):
    Directly Edible: Carrot, Potato, Edible Tuber, Wild Carrot, Wild Onion
    Edible with Crafting: Wild Rice, Potato Seeds, Barley Seeds, Melon Seeds, Carrot Seeds, Seeds, Turnip Seeds
    Misc Stuff: Stick, Industrial Hemp Seeds, Cotton Seeds

    New Craftables: Seed Mixture, Forest Salad
    BoP Meals available: Bowl of Rice, Veggie Salad

    That will provide a mix of low quality foods early game and more to grow without using AgriCraft. I've also slightly reduced the "Food History" of SpiceOfLife and slightly reduced water loss in Enviromine.
    This will give more options in the scavenging era (aka the first game week)
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  12. Nedrith

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    I must be missing the recipe for crafting clay blocks, i can only see the chemical injection recipes, sludge boilers and the standard clay ball to clay block recipe. neither of those machines are within the realm of possibility for early game and the only clay ball recipe that seems doable early game might be the slag recipe however nothing seems to drop it.

    Also I noticed you disabled most of the tool forge recipes other than steel or bronze which makes sense, however the slab tool forge seems to have kept all it's normal recipes.
  13. Golrith

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    Good spot. It's supposed to be a moistener recipe, but it doesn't exist. Very odd. That was one of the first things I implemented and tested. Hence why I mention get a wheat farm :D

    Further tweaks incoming!
  14. Nezraddin

    Nezraddin Well-Known Member

    Ah phew and I thought my NEI'abilty was so horrible that I didn't find the clay recipe *laughs*
    Now I know which machine I have to prepare for the future.

    The early game food options looking good.

    Weird question but: Is Biomes o' plenty important to use or just like always when you want to have more biomes?
    (I ended in a vanilla-created world again like most times. While I like the new biomes I never find a world that screams "Build in me!" to me when I use BoP *is very picky in the starting area* heh)

    Oh while I think about my first tries with making a world in BoP:
    Half my tries ended in having a huge taint-biome in my starting place. Weirdly enough only when I use BoP, no idea if BoP puts a higher priority to taint or if I just got unlucky half the time. ^^"
  15. Golrith

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    BoP is not important. It's just there for more variation, and now turnips as a starting food...

    I did up the chance of taint biomes. Here, have an island stuffed full of ores. Have some taint that is slowly going to eat it all up. Insert evil laugh... :D

    If you want to grab the next version that's awaiting approval and upload, here's the DL link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/46396473/Shattered/Shattered_FTB271116.zip to manually install.
  16. twisto51

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    Playing on Hardcore, third world I tried is pretty good. Have 2 water tanks, shelter, food farm, basic ticon tools. Cannot find clay deposit anywhere.

    Not sure how people are starving in the first few days. Don't jump. Don't run. Don't fight. Don't mine/chop anything that isn't mission critical. Don't raid all the rubble early, the food you get out of it will just rot.
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  17. Baconus_Yum

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    You thinking of putting this on Curse?

    This seems like a promising pack.
  18. Nezraddin

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    Clay needs to be added back in, will be made in the moistener (seems like the recipe got eaten when released).

    And the "no jumping" depends alot of the world you spawn in. I was pretty much in a jungle-biome... not jumping or breaking unnecessary blocks in that biome is near impossible. ^^
  19. Golrith

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    Clay will be added back in as a moistener recipe in the next update (or you can update manually using the link provided above). So you can get yourself prepared, you'll need wheat.

    I ran out of food just by being a derp at the start and having no food animals anywhere nearby.

    I've got a water tower up, and starting doing some landscaping for farms. I'm currently harvesting rubble and looking for quartz. Need a grindstone, can't find any sand!! Getting the rubble early can be a big help. I've almost all the bronze needed for the moistener.

    Edit: I've noticed that Enviromines Rotting process stops the Tinkers Jerky process from working. May have to add some furnace recipes to get the jerky instead.

    Let me know if anything is too much of a grind. Recipes are designed to be a logical progression (with some NEI hunting) and give a sense of achievement at each point.
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  20. Golrith

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    No idea. Haven't looked at what curse can offer and how the system works.

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