[1.7.10]GT-New-Horizons[Ultra Hard Gregified modpack via Minetweaker and Modtweaker][2,5K+ Quests]

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    On the FTB legacy launcher the latest version of GTNH I can find is Will updates be coming to the legacy FTB launcher?
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    hey dream, i miss u much. all new modpacks are so low and empty even PO3.
    btw where is discord about GTNH? in first page only Bogged up filled with bots.
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    Thanks i try my very best to develop this pack in the future.
    Discord Link :https://discord.gg/kTrF3nV
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    Am i sleeping or just its a server settings? All small ores i found leads to their veins! For example, i saw many small banded iron aaand found near iron vein. Then i saw alot of small cassesterite sand and checked chunk from surface and found tin vein!!!
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    Yea its a new config and new code add more small ores to the surface. You like it or we should disable it ?
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    Version --- 16.06.2019

    New Mods:

    InGame Info XML
    Lunatrius Core

    Mod Upgrade:

    Avaritia 1.15
    Bartworks 0.4.16
    Blood Arsenal 1.2-8
    Core Mod 1.6.14
    Crops++ 1.3.5
    Crop Load Core 0.1.4
    Electro Magic Tools
    Gt Nei ore plugin 1.0.7
    GT Scanner Mod 1.5.4
    IFU 1.6
    Loot Games 1.0.18
    Not Enough Items 1.0.6-GTNH
    Tec Tech 3.6.11
    Thaumic Horizons
    Universal Singularities 8.5
    Warp Theory 1.0k-Dev
    Witching Gadgets 1.2.9k-GTNH

    Mod Changes:

    -changed ichorium to gt mod
    -Made project jarSign compatible
    -Unified build-system
    -updated gradle and forge

    -smaller fixes
    -no hardness or resistance on non gt te blocks
    -fixed possible lesu npe
    -maybe fixed windmill dupe?
    -fixed circuit programmer dupe
    -began work on Electric Implosion compressor
    -fixed recipes
    -added multi layer rotor recipes
    -Giant Materials/Space Compat update
    -added ASM
    -added a shit ton of materials and got my own Materials system up and running
    -added Ross128 when GC is installed
    -code clean up
    -made all asm patches disableable
    -removed secondary configs
    -added comments for config
    -Ore Dict Support
    -Added Y/Th Glas
    -Added OreDict support for all Materials
    -Added an Internal Handler for Colors
    -Added Materials and improved Compability to GT and GT++
    -Improved Code Quality of the BW Oregen Handler
    -Fixed NEI handler
    -fixed megas not working with more than one hatch
    -finetuned the veins a bit more
    -changed material names and colors/texture sets
    -removed Taint Biome due to buggyness and i dont like it :mad:
    -added debug log
    -added thaumcraft aspects for materials
    -refractored code
    -added a config option for the debug log
    -fixed Graphene Typo
    -prepared custom TC Aspects
    -enabled a config option for the threaded loader (experimental state)
    -Improved Threaded Loader
    -un-threaded GameRegistry stuff
    -Fixed Heated Water Pump
    -will now drop its contents on removal
    -will no longer void non-burnable Items
    -Added ITileDropsContent for easy use
    -Pulled delSlot into its own Class
    -Created FuelSlot (a slot that will only accept burnable stacks)
    -API version increase
    -Added THTR
    -Redid Config to work propperly
    -added some materials/items for the THTR
    -added additional Thorianite Recipes
    -added InfoData on THTR
    -added isSneaking on diode screwdriver click (reverse Actual Amps)
    -added World Generation feature for Ross128b
    -started on Ross128ba
    -cleaned up code
    -started on Werkstoff Liquids
    -fixed small translation failure
    -this time really fixed (#27)
    -added small rocket gui stuff
    -fixed a bug where the moon of ross128b would cause issues with the dim handler
    -added Electric Implosion Compressor recipe and tooltip
    -fixed Electric Implosion Compressor recipe "Map"
    -moved Ross128 to t3 even with galaxyspace loaded
    -fixes crash when ExU is installed
    -Optimised BlockChecker
    -made THTR structure check NOT ignore walls
    -corrected tooltip on THTR
    -added Empty mode on THTR
    -fixed coords hash
    -started work on OC integration
    -rewrote blockchecker just to see if a loop would be faster than a recursive check
    -fixes not enabled ASM code
    -re-enabled the tooltip handler
    -reworked clienteventhandler
    -Tooltip Server Synchronisation
    -Add thaumcraft wand pedestal fix
    -We only add the vis into the wand
    -added ConfigOption for TC patch
    -added DeObfs instruction
    -code cleanup
    -added Miner Compability
    -tweaked heat values for GTNH
    -minor code changes
    -fixed thorianit exploit
    -fixed yttrium oxide recipe
    -added thorium leaf recipe
    -fixed 45% empty space
    -Added config options
    -removed broken IC2 recipes
    -fixed DEHP recipe

    Blood Arsenal
    -Gadomancy Crash fix part 1
    -Update BloodArsenal.java
    -fixed build.grandle

    -Add login message handler
    -Update zh_CN.lang
    -fixes Xenoxene recipe
    -Titanium Dust with Nitrogen same EU cost as without Nitrogen #4261
    -remove all centrifuge recipes from gendustry bee combs and drops
    -added a load check
    -Let the bacteria Vat recipes only load when bartworks is loaded
    -Field Generator Tier 2,3,4 are bugged in assembler #4292
    -Add usage for Tantalum in SMD Capacitor recipes
    -Missing Rockbreaker LUV+ #4374
    -Tier 8 Rocket is Impossible to Obtain #4267
    -re-configured Quantium Voltage to IV
    -removed unnescarry ,new Object[0] for varargs methods
    -#4474 gating item, updated pack version and added gendustry bees removal warning
    -fix t8 rocket plates
    -added Abandoned GregTechPlusPlus Aspects
    -will hopefully doesnt cause corruption when loaded up
    -Re-enabled Naquadah Generators at IV
    -changed recipe time and minimal heat requirements for enriched Naquadah
    -Awakened Draconium Coil #4647 temperature fix

    -Create zh_CN.lang
    -[ImgBot] Optimize images
    -fully implemented Speiger's Crop Plugin
    -removed (some) duplicate code
    -added debug command
    -fixed magic metal berry
    -added thauminite as supported metal due to request
    -added vanilla Bonsai
    -added HumidityBonus/Malus
    -fixed scala dependency

    Electro Magic Tools
    -Refractored Code
    -fixed Solar crash

    -added a null check
    -changed crop logic a bit
    -if crop havest is not possible at the optimal state, just harvest, ffs.
    -remove redstone flux not working api
    -change api adress and path
    -added recipe

    -Trinium can't be obtained in the Tier below the T4 rocket #4221
    -Disabled all Dimethylhydrazine recipes.
    -Removed them in favour of the GT++ recipes which are harder.
    -Cherry pick multiamp dynamo support for multiblock generators.
    -Removed local explosion checks from large turbine and plasma turbine.
    -Large turbs now support buffered 4A dynamos.
    -salt bees equal to lithium bees #4285
    -Impossible to craft Fusion Reactor MK1 #4276
    -[suggestion] add a recyling recipe for brick stairs #4274
    -Rutile processing magnesium dupe #4260
    -Mining plascrete blocks #3998
    -change name sparkling
    -Problems with bee comb ore quadrupling recipes #4253
    -all ev and iv combs have now chemical recipes
    -Suggestion: Buff Platinum Group Sludge #4241
    -add more comb recipes for Casseterite Sand
    -Titanium ore nerf #3647
    -Increase small titanium ores, change spawn range #4289
    -Superconductor UV Wire wrong recipe #4224
    -Field Generator Tier 2,3,4 are bugged in assembler #4292
    -GT tool fix
    -enable GT Tools to mine any block without tool requirements (dirt i.e.)
    -Make use of scanner recipe map since i also inject my own recipes...
    -refractored code,
    -restored compability to vanilla ore gen,
    -moved GC and Forrestry code to own classes to prevent crashes inDev
    -implemented equals and hashcode on NearbySeeds class
    -added an information line to the Implosion Compressor tooltip
    -Refined last commit
    -re-added unused, Deprecated constructors
    -re-added unused vars
    -treat empty string as null for GT_Tool_*.isMinableBlock
    -allowed to mine any block that doesnt require a tool with GT tools at Hand mining speed
    -rerouted forestry modid to the config value to prevent typos
    -recipy change voltage coil HV,IV #4375
    -redid fake OD
    -removed coal from god of thunder crop
    -beautified code for readability
    -fixed NBT dependant Recipes
    -duct taped import of circuits in assemblers
    -adjusted recipe map sizes
    -redid Item&Fluid Hatches
    -removed rests of UndergroundBiomes & ImmersiveEngineering support
    -added oilsands recipe
    -might fix #3913 and #4421
    -Change gates for Magic Energy Converters. #4324
    -UHV Motor is uncraftable #4350
    -[RFC] New Rocket Recipes #4409
    -shortened sc cooling times
    -ductape fix for fusion reactor
    -cleaned up code
    -Duplicate Alumite tools #4231
    -Fix exploitive hydrogen loophole #4348
    -add missing circuits to ProcessingCircuits
    -added 0lafs changes
    -make higher tier superconductors give out less wires per recipe
    -removed nitrogen/helium cells from superconductor recipes
    -added helium as fuid for superconductor recipes
    -halfed the amount of pumps for superconductors
    -Added HP Solar Steam Boiler
    -added recipe
    -removed unnessecary ", new Object[0]" for vargars methodes
    -UEV Motor uncraftable #4601
    -complain about null inputs
    -adjusted HP solar boiler to match the tooltip
    -re-added solar GUI

    Gt Nei ore plugin
    - updated Java 7 -> 8
    -Buffered Input from cfg
    -refractor, code improvements
    -small ores completely working
    -added tooltip
    -added logger
    -added ic2 to gradle
    -updated gradle deps
    -restored base gt compability
    -small ore csv (untested)

    GT Scanner Mod
    -refractored code
    -added bartworks integration
    -added automatic dev and dev-debug build to build grandle

    -redid logic to work propperly with any type of material as input
    -refractored code (a bit)
    -fixed GUI
    -restricted the wand to OW, Nether and TF (configurable)
    -removed damage bar from Item
    -added build wrapper
    -make ifu buildable with the dev version we add on GTNH webpage

    Loot Games
    -Single line that prevented people from completing Stage 4
    -Corrected some confusing messages sent to players

    Not Enough Items
    -Prevent random crashes. No idea why this happens, but deal with it gracefully.
    -(Probably) Stop the ic2 invalid damage application messages.
    -Update gradle wrapper
    -bump version and specify gtnh in filename

    Tec Tech
    -Added recipes for Energy hatches 4A-64A IV/LUV/ZPM
    -Change recipe of Biomainframe (#15)
    -The recipe became more logic.
    -ResearchStation,ObjectHolder and QuantumComputer recipes can only use CrystalProcessorMainframe #4361 (#16)
    -Realy Ultimate Battery Recipe issue #4604
    -[Recipes] Assembly line need few changes. #4636
    -Fix Researchable scanning issue

    Thaumic Horizons
    -several fixes
    -fixed safe handler
    -fixed aspect fraction of the safe handler
    -re-made it buildable for gradlew
    -updated gitignore
    -fixed internal stuff
    -hopefully fixed server crashes
    -added propper dim retrun
    -fixed cloud client crash
    -improved miner Math issues with pocket plane dim
    -added "dustBlock" as default block for pocket planes
    -fixed fps issues by removing clouds from pocket plane dim
    -fixed another NPE

    Universal Singularities
    -name change to make Phosphorus Block working again

    Warp Theory
    -Fixed warptheory error message
    -Always allows usage of command on server

    Witching Gadgets
    -added a catch to the duplication aswell
    -fixed an ArrayOutOfBounds Execption
    -OutOfBounds Execption pt2
    -removed GT++ harddep for softdep

    Config changes:

    -add bartworks cfg

    -Updating Botany glass to be pure clear glass, no dumb border.

    Core Mod
    -update displayed version
    -update pack version

    Custom Main Menu
    -Update Main menu from GTNH

    Enhanced Lootbags
    -Reward bags are absolute trash: EV suggestions #4268
    -Reward bag suggestions #4257
    -Added a bunch more proper loot to the Advanced bag.
    -Created IC2 Crops lootbag and added to all IC2 crops breeding quests.
    -Added Bees Expert lootbags to last crafting quests, added industrial apiary items to bees expert lootbags.
    -Fix to IC2 lootbag.

    -add deep iron small ores to mecury

    -enable item rendering in hand. Duct tape fix

    Holo Inventory
    -Due to user demand, ban drawer controller from holoinventory

    InGame Info XML
    -add ingameinfo xml and configs

    Open Modular Turrets
    -Initial Changes to turrets (more damage)

    -Update server list #4479

    Thaumic Horizons
    -enabled pocket plane
    -tested on zeta w/o complications so far

    Witching Gadgets
    -Ichorium nugget duplication in Witching Gadgets #4240

    Script changes:

    -AE2 Cutting Knifes #4264

    -Make UHV circuit correspond to ore dict
    -UHV circuit of Neutron Collector and Neutron Compressor Recipe corresponds to the ore dictionary

    Biome O Plenty
    -Calcite Synthesis #4228

    -Bauxia crop doesn't recognize TiCo Aluminum Block. #4227

    -update EMT script
    -fixed damage problems with EMT Recipes
    -now accept any damage value

    -Minor issue: Unrefined Desh -> Desh Ingot (Furnace recipe) #4286

    -remove old gendustry combs out of the recipes

    -remove handcraft recipes from Niobtitanium and tungstencarbide

    -remove max tier cheaty recipe for machine parts
    -Chest loot #4251

    -Fix Blast Furnace Convert Glass

    Pams Harvest Craft
    -Butchery knife duplication #4234

    SG Craft
    -IC2 SGPU crashes client when attempting to leave its interface #4254

    Tinkers Construct
    -Obsidian dusts don't smelt in the smeltery #4277

    Twilight Forest
    -Steeleaf issues. #4265

    Quests changes:

    -Added large gas turbine quest, fluid regulator quest, fluorine coins quest.
    -Fixed up info on rotors in boilers and steam turbine quests.
    -Fixed butcher knife quest to accept any knife.
    -Fixed alumite ingot quest to oredict.
    -Thorium Reactor Quest #4259
    -BM quest #4250
    -Change block needed for Pyrolusium crop. #4244
    -O like Oxygen Quest Rewrite
    - Slightly rewrote quest text to better direct player toward recipe that creates 2000 L Oxygen
    from 1 Cassiterite Sand, as well as some minor reworking of the rest of the quest text.
    -Added oxygen from sugar to quest text per request
    -#4400 Minor quest fixes complete.
    -$4342: Quest added for Soul Brazier to help players manage permanent warp.
    -Quest fixes and additiona. #4911 #4323 #2358 #4216 #4342 #4320 #4232 #4169 #4245 #4298 $4198
    -Quest fixes. #4337, #4194, #4157, #4109, #2599, #4124, #4117, #4113, #4076, #4091, #4078, #3683, #4349, #3603, #3505, #2926, #2880
    -#3042, #4247, #4319, first pass of #2663.
    -Fixes for crop quests from bedrill, created Botany quests for #2663
    -Next part of #2663.
    -#3647 redo gating for fluid quests. #4404
    -Quests #3996 #3654 #4426 #4327 #4392 #3282 #3503
    -#3503 warning added for Doomsquirter.
    -First pass at TecTech quests, skeleton for Steve's Factory Manager quests.
    -#4227, #4281, #4437, #3604
    -Most of #4424 complete. #4448 #4449 #4447 #4441
    -#4451, #4454, #4455
    -#3851 #4133 #4459 #4465 #4468 #4473
    -#4478, Started #4500 & #3626, general quest cleanup and maintenance.
    -Minor quest changes. Added SAG mill grinding head quest.
    -#4500, adventure backpacks, bee stuff, #4373
    -Remove concrete bug mention.
    -#3626, mostly finished with #4373
    -Quests. Spray can, adventure backpacks, #4530 #4526 #4521 #4488
    -#4373 #4407 #4542 #4555 #4551
    -Trying out new bee quests, setup bee template quest for copying
    -Bee breeding quests megaupdate
    -Added a bunch of magical branch bees, at least enough to get to empowering.
    -Didn't make it thaumic shards and salis mundus
    -Added side effects for shard bees
    -Added more magical bee lines, including draconic and wither bees.
    -Fixed problem with quest unlocks. Added excited and cultivated.
    -Added info on Botany pigmented glass not being fireproof.
    -Fix Celebratory
    -Converted Bee Breeding quests to use Bees Advanced lootbags.
    -Added quest for Acid Generator after Redstone centrifuging. Fixed Slice and Splice rewards.
    -Created IC2 Crops lootbag and added to all IC2 crops breeding quests. Needs a recipe to convert standard to fortuned bag.
    -Spread out ic2 crops quests
    -Added Bees Expert lootbags to last crafting quests, added industrial apiary items to bees expert lootbags.
    -Change Gendustry quests to use proper expert bag. Change alveary quests back to using Bee Advanced.
    -Moved upiering bee adv -> bee expert to unlocking the Genetics Sampler/Mutatron or Industrial Apiary
    -Fixed Enderio Crafter reward bag.
    -Quickfix for Endless Evolution, change from 1:1 to 1:4 due to player concerns.
    -Change DE cores to 4 ichor ingots, reward 16 cores. Clean up LV window.
    -Minor quest fixes. Changed DE quest back to 16 cores, but instead of 16 ichor changed to 4.
    -Final quest update for
    -Update for Chinese translator.
    -Minor quest fixes from Translation, #4643 #4642 #4641
    -fix diamond hammer quest
    -Minor fixes. Quest fixes for translator. Fix to IC2 lootbag.
    -Updated with more bee breeding quests, translation cleanup.
    -update Quest files us lang
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    DreamMasterXXL Well-Known Member

    Version 22.12.2019

    New Mods:

    -Kekztech 0.2.2

    Mod Upgrade:

    -Appliedenergistics 2 rv3-beta-20
    -AsieLib 0.4.9
    -Avaritia 1.16
    -Bartworks 0.5.3pre6
    -Better Questing 3.0.306
    -Blood Magic 1.3.3-29
    -Comand Blocks for BQ-3
    -Computronics 1.6.6
    -Core Mod 1.6.25
    -Draconic Evolution 1.0.2n
    -Extra Cells 2.4.2bNIGHTLY
    -Galactic Greg 1.0.2
    -GT Scanner Mod 1.5.6
    -GTTweaker 1.7.2
    -Open Computers
    -Questbook 2.1.1
    -RF Expansion 3.0.29
    -Spice Of Life 1.3.12
    -Standard Expansion 3.0.162
    -Steves Factory Manager A94-GTNH
    -SuperTiC 1.2.1
    -Tec Tech 3.7.3
    -Thaumic Based 1.4.20-0
    -Thaumic Horizons
    -Tinkers Construct
    -Utilityworlds 1.0.9e
    -Universal Singularities 8.5a
    -WAILA Plugins 0.2.2
    -Witching Gadgets 1.2.9m-GTNH

    Mod Changes:

    -Fixed a very easy and stupid duplication bug
    -Steps to reproduce:
    -1. Open Compressor GUI
    -2. Place any item to 1st hotbar slot
    -3. Leave 2nd slot blank and fill slots 3-9 with any other items
    -4. Point your cursor on 1st slot and click Shift+LMB
    -5. Item from first slot will been moved to second slot and their stack size will been increased twice
    -Update libraries and build properties

    -added sub/supercript numbers to Werkstoff
    -adjusted ElectricImplosionCompressor times
    -added "Creative Debug Scanner" for BlackFlame
    -added ingot/nuggets to Werkstoff
    -improved Generation Randomness of Ruins
    -fixed MegaEBF forming issues
    -added an Interface for the Radiation Hatch
    -minor API changes
    -added Tellurium
    -added GT++ compat, fixed bugs, improved code
    -added qualifiers to a lot of stuff,
    -wrote a GT++ compat for the radio hatch
    -fixed a typo in he bacterial vat description
    -made the bio vat loose his output when sv arent delivered though the whole process
    -hopefully fixed the stackoverflow for ores
    -buffed output on siftable ores
    -made my werkstoffsystem work with the biovat
    -added GT++ Localisation
    -New BioVatOilRecipe
    -fixed bugged modifier on the BioVat
    -added OilRecipe
    -cleaned up code (removed unused imports, resorted modifiers, added qualifiers)
    -fixed BioVat bonus? maybe?
    -fixed BioVat Forming issues with invisible TEs inside
    -finally fixed the stupid modifier
    -update the chinese translation and fix bugs
    -added config changing command
    -made the bio vat bonus config dependant
    -0.5pre Circuits
    -improved circuit recipe generation
    -finalised circuit recipe gen
    -fixed lowgravity/cleanroom mismatch
    -fixed name of "Magneto Resonatic Dust"
    -fixed Electric implosion generator not working
    -added Achivment Localisation
    -MegaMachine Fixes
    -Circuit Assembly Line added
    -added "classic mode"
    -fixed MP issues
    -added pngs to circuit assembly line parts
    -fixed part recipes
    -hide trash from nei
    -fixed CircuitAssemblyLine
    -added Gas
    -started on fluid generation
    -started on forced re-unification
    -worked on TileEntity_GTDataServer
    -added Noble Gasses
    -fixed fluid generation system
    -fixed UnificationEnforcer
    -added MoltenCells
    -added NobleGas EBF Recipes
    -added Replicator/Scanner Recipes
    -started working on Giant Hatches
    -added recipe for CircuitAssemblyLine
    -fixed unificationEnforcer for GT++ "molten."noblegases
    -added localisation for CircuitAssemblyLine achivment
    -added Capacity description to the GiantOutputHatch
    -added Xenon to the Liquid Air Distilling recipe
    -some fixed
    -fixed circuit assembly line not crafting
    -fixed some NEI/Circuit Assembly Line issues
    -Several fixes, last planned pre 0.5 release
    -worked on Ross128bA
    -added config option for magical forrests on Ross128b
    -fixed non working Werkstoff recipes
    -added config options for CAL
    -added config option for new EBF Gas recipes
    -added pictures for circuits (thanks EmeraldsEmerald)
    -fixed CAL recipe
    -fixed circuits, and missing recipes for EBF
    -added stuff to debug log
    -code inprovement
    -THTR now puts out the correct amount of IC2HotCoolant
    -improvements on the Unification Enforcer (added a way to convert old fluids)
    -fixed original EBF noble gas recipe to not be affected by lower tier gas
    -rebalanced ZPM+ Circuits
    -added new Textures by EmeraldsEmerald
    -changed Loading behavior
    -added oredict for glassblocks
    -fixed crash when galacticraft.planets is not installed, but only galacticraft.core
    -started to work on 5.2 content,loading of which is disabled
    -changed OracleJDK8 -> OpenJDK8
    -changed load order again, fixing class exceptions in obfs enviroment
    -began on PlatinumOverhaul
    -Palladium and Platinum recipes are done
    -fixed weird behavior of autogenerated recipes
    -added Ruthenium, Iridium, Osmium and Rhodium chain
    -recipe changes
    -added fluid container registration for LCR
    -fixed boxinator(packager) recipes
    -rebalanced PGSD Overhaul v1
    -fixed typos
    -added HotIngots
    -started on own logic system for oreprefixes
    -fixed translation for asembly line machines
    -fixed UnificationEnforcer
    -made diode recipes use new LuV Material
    -use my own prefixLogic
    -fixed my prefixLogic
    -added plate, stick and stickLong to my Werkstoffs
    -made LuV Hulls/LuV Casings use my LuV Material
    -fixed wrong outputs of nerfed dusts
    -fixed crop recipes give out pure metal
    -fixed crafting recipes give out pure metal
    -added Sodiumformate recipe
    -added crafting meta items
    -added multiple ingot neta items
    -fixed LuV Tier recipe changer
    -smaller visual fixes
    -smaller recipe fixes
    -fixed some recipes
    -rebalanced PTGroup
    -improved imports
    -fixed UnificationEnforcer
    -fixed the recipe replacer
    -changed out Osmiridium for LuV recipes
    -added Tiberium for Blackflame
    -added LuVFineWireMaterial("Ruridit")
    -added wireFine items & recipes
    -fixed Scanner/Replicator recipes
    -deleted an unused class
    -added a config option to silence the GT++ logging
    -added a warning to not disable Ross after world start
    -fixed a lot of broken recipes
    -further fixed bridge materials/OreDict
    -added Tiberium FuelRods
    -fixed lenses not showing up
    -fixed gem only materials
    -added NoBlast SubTag
    -added Ross128ba into the game
    -fixed ore decolorisation
    -added "TheCore" Nq cell
    -rewrote NEI Ore Handler
    -limited oregen to the propper planets
    -added Fluorspar ore
    -further improved werkstoff recipe generation
    -a lot of smaller fixes and balance
    -security patches
    -moved some commands,
    -fixed a typo
    -removed null items
    -rebalanced TheCore
    -added forestry compat (possible due to their LGPL license!)
    -fixed langfiles
    - cells getting deleted after use on drums
    - higher tier fluid solodifier uncraftable
    -added localisation to BioCulture System(add your locale to the GT Language File) (fixes #38)
    -removed dead AE2 code
    -applied new prefix logic to the thaum compat
    -added most of GT Tools and some Electric GT Tools
    -greatly improved bridge materials
    -fixed some platinum stuff not giving back the correct dusts
    -fixed formic acid input loss
    -moved code in the propper packages
    -General fix for Recipes that use Tier Voltage instead of Machine Voltage
    -limit stack sizes for CAL to max stacksize instead of 64 to make recipes doable
    -added Localisation for a few more fluids
    -added ASM fix for RWG
    -fixed conversion recipes if GT++ isnt installed
    -fixed texture loader
    -added mega distillation tower
    -made Circuit Assembly Line needs power
    -added heat level 9 for MamiTomoe
    -added capsules/fixed capsules
    -started working on bottles
    -started working on dyson swarm
    -added The Core picture
    -added bottle pngs
    -added TecTech handler
    -fixed BioCulture "breeding" System
    -improved readability
    -rebalanced Rhodium (zinc loss removed, 0,8 -> 0,2 Rh per Pt)
    -optimised imports
    -fixed circuit assembly line
    -changed THTR, now requires up to 0.5% of input per cycle
    -added saftey-nullchecks to BioLab
    -buffed Ross128ba Helium and Saltwater
    -added General purpose Fermenting Bacteria & fermentation recipes to the Bio Vat
    -fusion fix
    -removed final field stuff due to a "java.lang.NoSuchMethodError" on server
    -fixed last remaining Platinum reverse recipes for Dreamcraft/GT Items
    -fixed a typo in the centrifuge recipe
    -added a circuit priorisation mode for the MEGA EBF
    -redid the CircuitAssemblyLine Structure-Check
    -fixed some recipes
    -fixed structure check for Circuit assembly line
    -added Formic acid to the acid gen
    -re-blacklisted planet stone dust for platinum overhaul
    -Fixed Unification Enforcer
    -retiered YttriumOxide and CubicZirconia to HV due to Kekztech
    -added small ores
    -fixed heated water pump
    -fixed small ores
    -fixed small ore names
    -added registration for small ores
    -changed some tooltips
    -added mercury minerals to use with GaGreg
    -fixed small ore names
    -fixed Hg-Compound Werkstoffs not giving out Hg
    -fixed cell amount in a recipe
    -added SmallOres fortune
    -modified NEI handler
    -moved recipes edit
    -to fix CircuitAssembler Recipes
    -might break scripts
    -repaired Unification Enforcer for items
    -general readability fixes
    -WerkstoffLoaderAPI fixes
    -Fixed Numbers in Loader
    -fixed Werkstoff Mixer recipes not generating
    -fixed insaine high voltage, and insaine short time requirements for FluidExtractionRecipe and FluidSolidifierRecipe
    -fixed ElectrolyzerRecipes, CentrifugeRecipes, ChemicalRecipes, MultiblockChemicalRecipes, MixerRecipes time
    -added not yet enabled TT integrated ManualTrafo
    -added a recipe for Th232
    -enforced Zr unification
    -added a quality override for ToolQuality
    -used getters for speed, dur, and quality
    -fixed or suppressed all warnings
    -fixed problems with vanilla gt5u
    -inlined an else statement
    -added additional OreDict
    -fixed issues with Thaumcraft Aspect Handler if Forestry isnt installed
    -refined error handling
    -removed redundant calls that have a function
    -added fully automated Werkstoff Blocks
    -added recipes for the blocks
    -added ASM to buffer recipe
    -added a command to print the recipe list to a file
    -removed index of call by using an iterator instead of functional call
    -added Self Sorting List
    -modified sorting algorythm to skip multiple nodes
    -Added Morons "Ademic Steel",
    -fixed additional oredict for oredict enforcer
    -added a config option to disable the crafting patch
    -made setters for overrides chainable (Werkstoff.Stats)
    -fixed possible NPE
    -Fixed SSList Iterators
    -Renamed SSList -> AccessPriorityList
    -implemented clear()
    -changed prio to prefer newer elements if two have the same prio
    -worked on AccessPriorityList
    -switching now works fine
    -toArray() now works as expected
    -added Exceptions
    -Lathe Fix
    -Material Conversion Fix
    -finishing work on replacement list
    -Mega Vaccum Freezer Structure Fix

    Blood Magic
    -add changes to Nei Blood Orb shaped handler
    -Remove dependency on NEI item cache

    Comand Blocks
    -Update for Bq3 Mod

    -add titel for BQ3 in Core mod
    -buffed Radox (first step 1 -> 10, second step 1 -> 100)
    -implemented SeaWeed Recipe idea (with some changed numbers as follows:
    -GelatinMixture produces 2000L instead of 1000L
    -itemGelatin needs 2000L GelatinMixture instead of 1000L
    -MeatRaw gives 125L instead of 36L
    -UnknownNutrientAgar needs 1000L MeatRaw instead of 288L
    -UnknownNutrientAgar produces 8000L instead of 1000L
    -SeaweedBroth needs 8000L UnknownNutrientAgar instead of 1000L
    -SeaweedBroth produces 50L instead of 100L
    -suggestion: molds for pipes #4869
    -fixed deperdencies
    -should be runnable only with Baubles, Yamcore and GT.
    -moved GTpp recipes to its own class
    -ME Upgrade recipes
    -Infinity catalyst cooling #4952
    -strip it, strip it good
    -added UHV & UEV Circuit Assembler
    -added UIV & UMV Circuit Assembler (currently disabled)
    -added UHV, UEV, UIV to the customLoader
    -reworked comments on Loader Machines
    -added UHV/UEV machines
    -made use of new glas tiers
    -streamlined some code
    -Add recipe for Supercoolant
    -Add new items for cells
    -Quantumsuit Rebalance #4975
    -fix circuit
    -Oredict Rubberwood #4992
    -Add Maple Syrup Extractor Recipe #4993
    -added Fluid In/Output Hatches till MAX
    -fixed a typo in the seaweed recipe
    -fix UIV+ Circuit Assemblers
    -Chest buffer names labeled with wrong voltage tier #5026
    -add alu brass to alloy smelter for singularity use.
    -lapotronic energy orb cluster has no circuit ordict #5059
    -Ticon clear glass panes can't make the iron tank guage #5063
    -moved Rockets Plates -> Assembly line
    -changed molten metals -> bolts
    -changed T4 plates from pure Os -> OsIr (Ru2Ir if BartWorks is installed)
    -fixes 4 item minium requirement
    -added localisation
    -fixed some alloy/plate issues
    -change T8 to Black Plutonium correct recipe
    -fixed implosion recipe for T4 plates
    -added basic BW Small Ores (disabled on any Dim w/o config changes)
    -subgrouped small veins
    -put BW small ores in the runnable
    -added mercury vein
    -contains Mercury/Sulfur, Mercury/Chlorine/Oxygen, Palladium/Mercury, Palladium/Mercury/Tellurium ores
    -Fix recipes of TurboChargers
    -remove Gendustry Bee warnings
    -Cotton through the wiremill gives string #3397
    -Gregtech modual armor should be disabled or fixed due to possible player data corruption issue #5101
    -Add message on recipe acceleration changes.
    -Copper to Duralumin exploit #5196
    -[Suggestion] Add recipe for making wafers from high-tier doped wafers #5176

    Draconic Evolution
    -added BW integration
    -removed unessecary GT lib

    Extra Cells
    -Make fluid interface check for it's status before giving crafting items to grid
    -Aligned light level amount of terminals to be on AE2 levels.
    -Also removed lights from components that should not have light.
    -Show Empty Fluid Pattern in NEI
    -Fix partial fluid output from storage buses
    -Refactor fluid storage bus logic (can work with multiple fluids, and correct filtering.)
    -Fix Storagebus fluid dupe
    -Implement Crafting Storages using new cells
    -Fix terminal dupe issue
    -Bigger oredict filter
    -Fluid emitter reactive update
    -Fluid Colors
    -Remove NBT Data on item drop
    -Remove Enchantment colors from items (cherry picked from commit ce58b28)
    -Duplication glitch with Certus Tank
    -Duplication glitch with overfilled Storage Component
    -Duplication glitch with Conversion Monitor
    -Duplication glitch with Fluid Export Bus
    -Fixed client-side NPEs
    -Fixed strange bug with Gas Conversion Monitor
    -Additional containers validation to avoid some duplication glitches (not for all yet)

    -Add new limiting crafting time function.
    -Recipelist acceleration is working. Worktable local cache needs creating.
    -Add in local recipe cache
    -Remove isDirty related stuff, it causes stack overflows because it is not properly cleared when the craft is partial.
    -Performance now should be good enough we don't even care about a few extra calls.
    -Add config options, remove debug prints

    -implemented Automagys Interfaces
    -made them Optional
    -removed unessecary nullchecks
    -bit of formatting
    -General Code Maintenance
    -might fix https://github.com/GTNewHorizons/NewHorizons/issues/5048
    -optimised imports
    -removed some unused null checks
    -qualified names, generally made the code more readable
    -fix imports

    Galactic Greg
    -added bartworks integration
    -removed debug function
    -added runnable for adding own veins
    -updated gt
    -added a constructor
    -added conly only constructor to work with NEI and easier programming of the veins

    -#4727 Modified code to skip to the next cardinal direction pair when doing power delivery instead of always doing a 0-5 search.
    -This should help simple "straight cables with machines attached" prefer to power the closer machines first, especially for NS runs.
    -fluid shenanigans
    -Populate getDescription() for WAILA
    -null checks
    -Allow Cassiterite Sand 4x with Tine twig #4774
    -better foil for zpm transmitter and sensor #4844
    -Upgrade transformer logic
    -Update transformers and pollution
    -Re-add Titanium Ore to T4 or T5 planets #4839
    -Stargate Wiki said Trinium is 100x more durable than steel and 100x more lighter.
    -checking with new trinium speed value
    -rebalance infinity a bit
    -rebalance infinity catalyst and infinity
    -IC2 ENet compat for GT transformers & GT cables
    -Fixes every face of ic2 nuclear reactors giving full energy
    -Should reduce performance concerns from previous ic2 energy compat
    -Removes Tec's workaround
    -document potential cable gotchas
    -NEI Tier update
    -add rutile quadrupeling #4850
    -buff pipe recipes
    -gycerol electrolyser receipt also for large electrolyser #4875
    -fixes "scythe bug"
    -added FakeScannerRecipes for all Schematics
    -Add some additional debug information to pumps; people claim to be still having problems with them
    -UHV/UEV integration of basic machines
    -added multiple Glass Variants instead of only one
    -Add Space Coolant
    -Add new Coolant in AssLine recipes
    -Delete recipes in crafting table (for new coolant)
    -quantinium veins on venus are too dens #4978
    -fixed bee stuff with genetics
    -added mica crop
    -code improvements
    -fix exploit on nc sensor cards
    -LCR recipes - Ammonia NH3 and Nitrous Oxide issue #5038
    -Vacume Freezer NEI Interface #5042
    -small Assembly Line fix
    -made the Assembly Line not start when the recipe voltage > possible incoming voltage
    -fix bufferd dynamo hatch (#207)
    -fix buffer dynamo hatch
    -fix where a turbine with a buffer dynamo hatch makes more then 1A it wil not out put non complete amps in to the buffer
    -Update GT_MetaTileEntity_MultiBlockBase.java
    -lapotronic energy orb cluster has no circuit ordict #5059
    -update durability to mine Redstone and Diamonds after making bronze tools.
    -try to find out what crash nei
    -More gracefully handle nulls in LCR recipes
    -Remove NBT data from turbines, preventing them from being disassembled.
    -revert redstone hardness. Otherwise no on can crash it with a lv 2 hammer.
    -made the assembly line translation class more robust
    -wont crash anymore with broken language file
    -commented out small ores osmium, iridium and platinum (add BartWorks small ores)
    -Bricked Blast furnace wrong bricks in description #5082
    -can only make tape with noram rubber #5081
    -Cannot breed Certus and Fluix Bees #5096
    -change tf ores dont spawn above y 35
    -change iridium to platinum in T3 Heavy Duty plates/ingots
    -add extra mix for TF GalenaTF
    -Range config for single block miners
    -Adds screwdriver range configuration to single block miners
    -Range config for oil drilling rig
    -Adds screwdriver range configuration to oil drilling rigs
    -Range config for single block pump
    -Adds screwdriver range configuration to single block pumps
    -Additional fluid textures
    -Added animated fluid textures for liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen based on liquid mercury
    -Improved Fluid Textures
    -Adds animated textures for the following fluids: Deuterium, Gas, Natural Gas, Sulphuric Gas, Helium, Helium-3
    -Hydrogen, Methane, Nitrogen, Nitrogen Dioxide, Oxygen, Radon, Trinium, Liquid Air
    -Sodium Hydroxide recipe issues #5116
    -improved loading times a lot
    -whitelisted only a few materials that really get changed with gt
    -code maintenance
    -tested and ready for shipping
    -improved readability
    -improved loading times by buffing recipes
    -buffer increases performance by another ~40%
    -Fixed breaking bug
    -added a config option to disable material whitelist
    -Rebalanced Fortune on Miners
    -rebalanced Fortune to scale linear with tier
    -made circuit config wrapping
    -rewrote a bit of code to be more readable
    -tin item pipe not harvestable #5156 set Steel Level from 2 to 3
    -Prospector display improvements
    -Updated prospector oilfield output
    -Updated Seismic Prospector ore and oil outputs to be more useful.
    -Fix for drill and pump not preserving default values, provided by bartimaeusnek
    -4112 - update plasma turbine tooltip
    -4412/4883 Solar Boiler rebalance and bugfix
    -Fix Large Combusion Engine missing maintenance line
    -Change battery buffer from updating info line every 20 *scans* to every 20 ticks, ie 1s.
    -Tooltip change for circuit assemblers to make them different from normal assembling machines.
    -AE2 integration for Quantum and super chests (why they are 2 different classes?)
    -Digital chests refactored, preserving binary compatibility.
    -[Suggestion] Add recipe for making wafers from high-tier doped wafers #5176
    -add quadrupeling to pure tungsten ore #4751
    -Make stuff visible for WAILA

    GT Scanner Mod
    -fixed small ores showing up on non-small ore screen
    -autogenerated a color for every registered fluid

    -Add support GT++ Centrifuge

    Spice Of Life
    -Add null checks to FoodModifier.java to prevent bowl crash
    -Oops, forgot to return 0 in getFoodGroupModifier()

    Steves Factory Manager
    -Handle fluid IDs shuffling: Save fluid ids as strings, load them as ints or strings
    -Alk likes integers apparently...
    -fallback code

    Tec Tech
    -Drop power usage to IV
    -Adjust power drain
    -Probably fix for id lost on relogin?
    -Tesla Casings Addition
    -shift the texture page occupation to remove overlap
    -Frankenstein 80'tesla
    -Anomaly work
    -Chunk data handler
    -Tick handling for chunkdata
    -Chunk data should work now
    -Add WTF led status properly
    -Whomstd've needs material loader...
    -Cleanup chunk data tick handler
    -Implement data syncing
    -Add most of pollution injections
    -Implement some auto updates
    -Spawn particles only around ThePlayer not all
    -Implement player data persistence
    -Power Limits and Current Display
    -Extra features
    -Fix gui
    -Sanser command
    -Just Display Things ~
    -Change Cancer Command
    -Add proxy get Player
    -Route get player to proxy
    -Texture Attempt 3.6
    -Adjust some particles
    -Tesla fixes more I guess
    -Expose some internal state
    -Proper Power pass use
    -Cleanup particle code
    -More changes ++
    -Adjust clean energy behaviour
    -Symbol Renderer on containers
    -Cleanup get gregtech
    -Cleanup font render
    -Capacitor Tiering
    -Cleanup empty arrays
    -Add int based coord recalc
    -Clean network code
    -Scan slices
    -Better Paramatrizer
    -Include avrcore
    -Fix oredict for SuperconductorUHV
    -Tesla Scan Server Load Reduction
    -Tesla Front Texture
    -Capacitor Textures
    -Add names and symbols for neutron, proton
    -Properly add to registered definitions
    -Adjust parametrizer card
    -Proper Texture implementation
    -this should make the microcontroller chooch
    -Fix creative tab item registration
    -Integration with SpartakCore (#17)
    -Integration with SpartakCore
    -Update RecipeLoader.java
    -Fixed ItemList in SpartakCoreRecipeLoader class
    -Add register_machine_EM_behaviours
    -Tesla Effects
    -Lightning alignment
    -Tesla efficiency formulas redone
    -Lightning Net code streamline
    -Power loss now configurable
    -Tesla Tooltips rework
    -Fix Tesla Capacitor Values
    -Tesla orientation update
    -Now uses the updated Extreme rotation and checker methods properly
    -Offset checking optimisation
    -Tesla Cover Item Refactor
    -Tesla omnidirectionallity
    -Tesla Winding Components
    -Tesla Cover Recipes
    -Along with a tiny Enum refactor
    -Capacitor Hatch Recipes
    -Experimental Lang Stuff
    -Tesla Network Code Streamline
    -Unethical Housekeeping Procedure Forgive me father, for I have sinned.
    -Decay Generator Housekeeping proceedure
    -Fix ParamTxt
    -Fix retardation
    -Depreacte broken api, refactor field names
    -Add missing server side disables
    -Add missing side only
    -fixed fix for research station research
    -add OC
    -Lang functional completion
    -Almost every string should now be present in the lang file, anyone is welcome to contribute additional lang support for other locales.
    -Fixed crash on Tesla tower removal
    -nested the onRemoval() due to an occasional java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking memory connection
    -Fix some recipes with molten materials
    -LibFix 2.0
    -All praise Greg Maven (this can't be the right way of adding libs..)
    -Just in case add null checc
    -tiny tesla fix
    -Add BuildCraft as a library
    -Ultimate battery( and really ultimate) recipes aren't consistent with previous batterys recipes. #5162

    Thaumic Based
    -Fix an issue with Node Linking Device when linking process stuck if first selected Node Linker was destroyed before the end of procedure
    -Render rework
    -Campfire and Brazier have gotten a slight overhaul so their shapes are less ugly
    -Entity Decon does magic damage instead of void damage - aka "why the fuck am I taking damage in creative?"
    -(cherry picked from commit a6ee24f280d9bc36ba11e9ee545cbf0219962481)
    -Packed Ice recipe Compressor / Crafting table / Crucible #2699

    Thaumic Horizons
    -outcommented a bugging part of the pocket plane dim generation
    -added creature limit to pocket plane dim
    -fixed keystone
    -fixed teleport issues with pocketplane after restart/unload
    -Fix OreBoar eating stone Logic (#3)
    -Fix AIEatStone Logic
    -Fix Path check
    -Issue: when user opens serumconverter and hovers over specific thaum-aspects, error occures:
    -java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1
    -at com.kentington.thaumichorizons.client.gui.GuiBloodInfuser.func_146979_b(GuiBloodInfuser.java:149)
    -Fix: wrap logic into simple check, if "key" actually could act as array's index (>= 0)

    Tinkers Construct
    -Maybe fix lumber axe error

    Universal Singularities
    -add loclizer for Tricalcium Phosphate

    WAILA Plugins
    -Show fluid filter information.
    -GT Solar Boiler Calcification Support
    -Config string

    Witching Gadgets
    -Reorder checks
    -Reduce NEI serach time by 30% for initial searches by only doing the research check if the item is actually a gem
  9. DreamMasterXXL

    DreamMasterXXL Well-Known Member

    Config changes:

    Advanced Solar Panels
    -Add Gregtech Cheese to Cheese Curd recipe in Molecular Transformer #4778 for Sampsa

    -Update Automagy.cfg
    -Changed to be able to recognize Chisel's bookshelf in Inventarium

    Core Mod
    -update pack version
    -remove gendustry bees custom tooltips
    -[suggestion] add twilight forest moss patch to the witchery ent #3005

    Ender Zoo
    -Disable Dire Wolves #4825 disable no but less anoying

    Enhanced Lootbags
    -Add witchery modpacks and recipes
    -more loot for witchery lootbags
    -Hee Loot bags

    -Salt ores not going into Miners backpack #5009

    -remove Gendustry bees,combs and drops entirely.
    -remove Bees localizer because not used anymore
    -D-O-B Invalid output #5199

    -Re-add Titanium Ore to T4 or T5 planets #4839
    -add Titanium to venus also
    -remove small osmium ore from genymede #5080
    -replace Osmium, Iridium and Platinum with Bartworks small ores
    -Extra Galena TF mix cfg

    -update gt++ config
    -reenable Rotor Cutoff

    Iguana Tinker Tweaks
    -update Block harnes
    -make skystone harder.

    Server Properties
    -motd version #4737
    -Add Server to list on next release #5056
    -add russian Server
    -deleted Australian Server no longer online

    Universal Singularities
    -Phosphorus Singularity recipe is missing. #4215

    -Update Ztones.cfg
    -Disable unused Ztones items #4931

    Script changes:

    Biome O Plenty
    -Mud craftable using dirt and water in a mixer #3398

    Better Questing
    -add new quest book

    Compact Kinetik Genrators
    -easy recipe for low kinetic wind generator is still enabled #4873

    Core Mod
    -XP crafting #4817
    -suggestion: molds for pipes #4869
    -Update CoreMod.zs
    -Bowstring And Fletching are now consumed in the process of pouring a cast #4415

    Enhanced Lootbags
    -add hee lootbag recipes for enchanted

    Extra Cells
    -ME upgrade old broken recipes removed
    -added ductape fix for computronics recipes
    -Extra cell crafting storage do not follow existing crafting storage unit crafting style. #5074

    -Update Recipes for 20n, 50n, and 100n Forestry Stamps #5184
    -forgot to remove old recipes.

    -gravichestplate #4325

    -suggestion: molds for pipes #4869
    -Quest #623 impossible #5020
    -BartWork Circuits need tier tooltip #5076

    -2 Different super chests? #4812

    -Quest 1089 "Hearty Breakfast" has wrong cooked meat oredict #5092

    -Industrial Diamond cannot be lathed into rods despite NEI saying so #4830
    -Update IC2.zs
    -Mining Pipe Tip -> Mining Pipe #3696
    -Chamelium uncraftable #5046
    -Adjust hazmat suit repair recipes #5172

    Iron Tanks
    -Steel Tank incorrectly labeled/textured as Silver Tank #4659

    -Update Minecraft.zs
    -2 cotton + Integrated Circuit #1 --> 1 string in an LV assembler #3397
    -Weird shapless lapis lazuli block into dust recipe #2434
    -Packed Ice recipe Compressor / Crafting table / Crucible #2699

    -Update Natura.zs
    -Fix fusewood stairs recipe #3674

    Tainted Magic
    -Update Tainted-Magic-1.zs

    -Update Thaumcraft-04-Artifice.zs
    -Compatible with ore dictionary.

    Thaumic Bases
    -Potentially confusing thaumonomicon text #3171

    Tinkers Construct
    -Update Tinkers-Construct.zs
    -Compatible with ore dictionary

    -more witchery recipe changes
    -more witchery rework
    -Teleportation Balancing #5186

    -disable ztone item in script that are disabled via config

    -Add Coin Mold

    Quests changes:

    -update Quet for BQ3
    -update Title screen from GTNH in BQ3
    -update quests
    -update tier 0 Quests BQ3
    -update Quest T1
    -update chapter Steam for BQ3 mod
    -update Quests to BQ3.304
    -Quest 1714 (Cheaper Simple Circuit) requires wrong amounts #4846
    -Wafers quest - Wrong amounts of ingredients/results #4835
    -Quest #1849 #4831
    -Iron capped Greatwood Wand quest (798) does not detect its second step #4827
    -Incorrect ingridients for "Superconuctors 2048 eu/t" quest #4820
    -Quest: Turbine Time #4819
    -resize BQ3 Quests Tier 2 LV
    -more BQ3 LV work
    -update MV Chapter to BQ3
    -fixing many wrong icons
    -BQ3 HV Quests update
    -BQ3 Update Quests EV
    -Update IV chapter BQ3 quests
    -Update LuV Tier in Quests BQ3
    -update icons in BQ3 Chapters
    -Update Multiblock Goals and Fusion Quests for BQ3
    -Quest Correction? #4865
    -Add new rocket fuel Quests #4863
    -add nbt ignore to BBF Bricks
    -Quests should check NBT for items that really matter
    -Skipping empty tags, and cleanup of "personalised" tags
    -AFSU's quest issue #4948
    -translation update to
    -Quest 2138 Change the text of the quest or change items. #4995
    -Quest 805(Lapotron Dust) & 806 (Lapotron Crystal) require wrong ingredient amount #4987
    -Update Quests #444, #19, #36 to have ignoreNBT on item tasks to be set to true
    -Update Quests #19, #36 to have ignoreNBT on item tasks to be set to true
    -Factory labeler not recognized in a quest Qname "Naming Names" #5021
    -Quest Updates: How the heck do I find ores #5031
    -Fix Quest #535 Hammer not being accepted
    -Question Repeat for stainless steel dust #5053
    -Nice Nether Trees #1741 #5050
    -"Basic crafting: Motors", nbt issue #5044
    -Pam's Heavy Cream Recipe Issue #5015
    -fix mortar quest
    -fix Tools Quest steam Age
    -Fixed Quest Detection issues related to NBT
    -Quest not completing (probably NBT issues) #5066
    -fixing water tank quest
    -added Platinum Group Quests
    -made HSS-S Quest a Main Quest
    -renamed HSSG -> HSS-G
    -moved some quests around in IV
    -rearraged Quests a bit (Grid work)
    -fix Glass Quest
    -Low tier wand retrieval item missing #5072
    -fix Iron Tank Quest
    -fix Icons from Electrotine Jetpack Quests
    -Add two more Quests. Pressure Plates and Buttons
    -Underwhelming rewards for the Ore Mining Rig (T1). #5083
    -Better quest not recognizing crafting tasks #5085
    -fix eletric Jetpack Quest
    -Quest 52 "A clear view" doesn't accept damaged Chisel #5090
    -Fix all IC2 items use all damage values
    -update witchery Quests
    -add Familiar Quest
    -Lord of Tortment issue #3409
    -add more lootbags to potion quests (witchery)
    -add other loot bags to infinity quests
    -First HEE Quests
    -add more HEE Quests
    -Removed some bq nbt requirement
    -Set flags to not require NBT on all "You're gonna hate this" type quests
    -Milkwart quest doesn't complete #5119 fix Ocelot Quest
    -More nbt quest Issues (MV tab edition) #5120
    -Quests Not Working #5112
    -Quest 598 requires dust for no reason #5108
    -Silky Combs quest requires forestry centrifuge and GT centrifuge #5145
    -Apiarist's cloth quest #5147
    -add loot to mutated Frame
    -Quest ID 1081 #5167
    -Quests Not Working #5112
    -Thermal Centrifuge Quest (LV) - text wrong (minor issue) #5193
    -Quest ID 2337 - Mandrake Noise Protection is Set to Consume Earmuffs #5201
    -plunger 2.0 The Hand Pump - quest wrong #5170
    -1,1-dimethylhydrazine craft #4808
    -Chemical Lesson part two text inaccurate #5202
    -Quests Not Working in 2.0 #5206
  10. DreamMasterXXL

    DreamMasterXXL Well-Known Member

    Version 10.01.2020

    Mod Upgrade:

    -Bartworks 0.5.6
    -Better Questing 3.0.320
    -Binnies Mods 2.0.24
    -Core Mod 1.6.26
    -GT Scanner Mod 1.5.6a
    -GTTweaker 1.7.4
    -Not Enough Items 2.0.0-pre-13-GTNH
    -Tec Tech 3.7.3a
    -Thaumic Horizons
    -Tinkers Construct
    -Wireless Redstone CBE 1.4.2
    -Witching Gadgets 1.2.9n-GTNH

    Mod Changes:

    -Fixed Unification enforcement handler
    -Initial high tier circuit cost adjusted
    -Fixed NEI cleanroom bug
    -moved imprint loader onto server start
    -fixes NBT issues with recipes
    -Removed Duplicate recipes when switching server/single player
    -Ores not beeing detected by Miners
    -CircuitImprints not craftable/recipe buildup when server changes
    -Refractored some code
    -possible ix of OC Adapter recipe don't work #5220 add circuit 16 to wrap of circuit recipe

    Binnies Mod
    -Binnie Master Registry search window not working

    -Update coremod pack version string to #5311

    -Change LCR recipe to create Deep Iron from UV to ZPM #5109
    -and a few recipe eu/t fixes

    -made OreDrilling radius Chunk Sized
    -forgot to readd the << 4
    -Chunkloading support for multiblock miner (#227)
    -Initial attempt at Chunk manager
    -Added chunkloading support to multiblock miner.
    -moved basic miner-independent chunkloading-related stuff up tier, to be more reusable
    -Item dupe through the terminal
    -Oil drills in the world will have radius reset to 0 after the update w/o this check
    -Ore Drilling plant in chunkloading mode was skipping central chunk.
    -Add radius to scanner output. Fixed issue with pump radius not resetting pump queue.
    -Added localization for some infos.
    -Can't breed firestone bees #5271 add Firestone Block to GT
    -Centrifuging Rubber Wood only outputs Methane Gas #5243
    -Fixed Soldering Iron consuming solder to change chunk mode.
    -Soldering Iron mention in the tooltip went missing in the rebase apparently.

    -Add support GT++ Multiblock Electrolyzer
    -Update GT++ Blast Smelter

    Not Enough Items
    -Backport some JEI features
    -Remove TMI style
    -Remove Load/Save inventory state
    -Reworked ItemPanel so it's no longer used statically
    -BookmarkPanel inherits from ItemPanel
    -Rework LayoutManager
    -Bookmarks - including loading & saving
    -Utility/Cheat buttons line up and wrap based on GUI size
    -Add JEI inspiration/backport attribution & license info
    -Fix AppleCore crash
    -Intellij suggested changes
    -Pre allocate threadpool, with size of 2/3rds numProcessors
    -Workaround missing font renderer causing OptionTextField crash
    -Add hotkeys to move around recipes
    -Save string ids instead of int ids.
    -Fix TCON workbench compat
    -Stop running the LoadItem task on every inventory open (which also re-ran the search and caused lag on every inventory open).
    -Unclear if this breaks anything -- it works with simple testing.

    Tec Tech
    -added deobfs jar (#22)

    Thaumic Horizons
    -Fix NPE

    Tinkers Construct
    -Totally compatible now with GT

    Wireless Redstone CBE
    -Moved gradle files to root directory (standard practice).
    -Removed environment variable from mod version scheme. If a build number is really needed, it can be done manually.
    -Attempt to patch GTNewHorizons/NewHorizons#3375

    Witching Gadgets
    -fix recipe with ichorium

    Config changes:

    Blood Magic
    -Teleposers telepose blocks with -1 hardness, including Bedrock and Transport Beacons #5245

    Core Mod
    -Update coremod pack version string to #5311

    -Add space rocks to diggers backpack

    disable gt++ logging

    Server Dat
    Request to add Modded Minecraft Club to official server list #5274

    Script changes:

    Tinkers Construct
    -Aluminium had the same problem but no one report it

    Thaumic Exploration
    -change sould braizer recipe

    Thaumic Tinkers
    -fix script

    -Quicklime dust recipe issue #5261

    Magic Mods
    -change ichorium to gt ingot

    Quests changes:

    -Fix wording, add new quests. 2020Q1 quest changes.
    -Update some quests.
    -Final batch of quest changes for 8.0.
    -rearraged lv Quest a bit
    -Replace platinum with blue alloy in Workstation quest.
    -Quests Getting your first Platinum and SMD Circuit components still impossible where placed #5279
    -Fixes quest errors. Restores proper dimethylhydrazine quests. Puts in placeholder quest for GT++ chemical plant
    -Fix #5246 use iron capped greatwood wand.
    -#5143 Added concealment key quest
    -#4855 Adjusted quest to consume wispy cotton.
    -#3702 Added info on aesthetic covers for GT pipes
    -#5285 Added rewards for smoothie quest.
    -#5293 Mutating Sprig quest requirement wrong.
    -#5238 Fixed wording for coins quests
    -Also, adjusted spacing on fusion quests to make them more readable.
    -#5294 Moved nightmare quest, reduced number of kills required.
    -#5301 Added requirement for primal shrooms
    -#5310 Added checkbox quest for name remover
    -#5295, #5296 - Moved witchery quests around.
  11. DreamMasterXXL

    DreamMasterXXL Well-Known Member

    Version --- 17.01.2020

    New Mods:

    Hardcore Darkness 1.7

    Mod Upgrade:

    -Bartworks 0.5.8
    -Core Mod 1.6.28
    -GTTweaker 1.7.5
    -Hardcore Darkness 1.7
    -Not Enough Items 2.0.0-beta-1-GTNH

    Mod Changes:

    -fixed rejoin issues
    -made circuit assembler recipes get readded if server is switched and re-calcuted
    -added a command to clear the crafting cache
    -made the NEI OreHandler more stable
    -worked a bit on implementing the APL
    -reworked LuVTierEnhancer
    -use of isAir() instead of block.equals(air) in base layer check method

    -Infinite iron/steel through re-smelting/pulverizing boiler tanks. #5321

    -Add GT++ Blast Smelter more recipes

    Not Enough Items
    -rename version to be beta.

    Config changes:

    -#5356 Loophole in the big backpack recipe

    Block Limiter
    -#5349 Allow Hardcore Questing mode consume heart

    Hardcore Darkness
    -update random things and HD mod config

    Random Things
    -update random things and HD mod config

    Script changes:

    Extra Cells
    -ME Fluid Interface panel can't be back to block form #5322

    Quests changes:

    -#5342 Fix for questbook losing sounds.
    -#5345 Changed door quest to require oak slabs, add pointers to coins quest for purchasing oaks, unlocks with questbook quest now.
    -#5343 Add overflow cover quest
    -#5337 added ignoreNBT tag to all rocket quests because of GT crafting tags.
    -#5338 Many random quest suggestions.
    -#5349 Allow Hardcore Questing mode
    -Move Tips and Tricks tab to after Tier 0, since top tab is where book opens to first time it is used.
    -#5355 Add Ingame Info quest description.
    -#5357 Add quest for Workbench Backpack
    -#5262 Add warning on nether farms killing TPS. Remove comment that chemical bath is best source of Platinum.
    -#5233 Removed diamond sword requirement from Division Sigil quest.
    -hide the few info quest behind the first quest
    -Undo ignoreNBT changes to ic2 crops, not necessary.
    -More ignoreNBT tags
    -#5320 created separate crowbar quest to not block progress
    -Move GT++ Chemical Plant to HV and add more info
    -Add info on using the cauldron to make dough without wasting water
    -Fix alumite quest wording
    -Alloy Smelter/wrought iron quest wording
    -Add note on first tree breeding quests that trees must be pure species and scanned.
    -Add coins quests for steadfast and monastic bees
    -Change solid fueled firebox quest to retrival instead of crafting since players might have forestry worktables by this time.
    -Fix HP solar boiler icon, advanced circuit assembler nbt
    -Fix NBT data on fishing/farming/cooking tab
    -Fix missing text in quest 3, fix nbt on How to bee quests
    -Translation update to
  12. Chromonos

    Chromonos New Member

    Hello there. I've regularly played this pack for 4-5 months years ago, and now I'm just writing this to thank you. THANK YOU SO MUCH for optimizations, JEI style NEI, ore chunk notifier and possibly many other more things. Lack of these things made me quit this pack (please do not misunderstand, it was still a very good, detailed and fun pack but I just didn't want to play in that state). Now I looked at the pack just for curiosity (actually expected to quit in 20 mins and possibly never look at it again) and it seems it has become one of the most quality packs around there. Keep up the good work man, it feels really good to play a quaility Greg pack after all this time.
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  13. DreamMasterXXL

    DreamMasterXXL Well-Known Member

  14. DreamMasterXXL

    DreamMasterXXL Well-Known Member

    Version 15.02.2020

    New Mods:

    Thaumcraft NEI Additions

    Mod Upgrade:

    -Appliedenergistics 2 rv3 beta 22
    -Avaritia 1.17
    -Better Questing 3.0.322
    -Binnies Mod 2.0.26
    -Bartworks 0.5.10
    -Core Mod 1.6.31
    -Ender Zoo
    -GTNH TC Wands 1.2.0
    -Mine and Blade Battlegear 2 Bullseye
    -Not Enough Items 2.0.0-beta-6-GTNH
    -Special Mobs-1.7.10-3.3.4
    -Standard Expansion 3.0.174
    -Storage Drawers 1.11.1-gtnh
    -Thaumic Horizons
    -Thaumic Tinkerer 2.5-557-GTNH
    -Twilightforest 2.3.8dev
    -Universal Singularities 8.6
    -Witching Gadgets 1.2.10-GTNH

    Mod Changes:

    -Duct tape fix for HEE replacing the Dragon Egg
    -Revert "Moved the cache up a level, so that pattern terminal also would use it."

    -Added Impure Tear to Avaritia.

    -Minor fixes
    -reworked LuVTierEnhancer
    -use of isAir() instead of block.equals(air) in base layer check method
    -circuitassemblyline balance
    -refractor of code
    -Fixed air offset for multis

    Binnies Mod
    -fix(tile): remove useless meta nbt
    -fix(fruitdrop): remove 5x multiplier
    -fix(lang): osange orange and sync lang keys
    -fix(doors): up max stack size from 1 to 8
    -Align Max stack size to 8 same as MC Door Item.

    -Don't allow chiseling of TileEntity

    -Fluxed electrum no mixer recipe, only shapeless #5366
    -add damuscus steel to 9 slot mixer
    -feat(oredict): add fenceWoodRegistration
    -Added EndSteel recipe
    -redstone alloy weak exploit #5560

    -Added Grinding Balls and End Steel
    -Added EndSteel Armor
    -Added Capacitor
    -Added Empowered 5
    -Added more 1.12 content
    - Added Generators
    - Added Fluids
    - made grindingBalls seperate Items
    - Added solar Panel 3
    -Fixed missing localization

    Ender Zoo
    -Update forge version
    -Remove WAILA build requirement
    -Add WAILA dependency lib
    -Remove CONIFEROUS from biome filter
    -Update direwolf howl behavior
    -Add custom drops for Dire Wolf
    -Fixed sceptre has wand rod name instead of staff rod name
    -Fixed sceptre has wand rod name instead of staff rod name
    -added Thaumcraft NEI Additions to development workspace
    -added auto uncommenting 'required-after:dreamcraft' while building jar
    -Fixed custom crafting rods are not applied for sceptres.

    -Fluxed electrum no mixer recipe, only shapeless #5366
    -Fix textures of Pyrolyse Oven
    -962 is texture of 8 page and 66 ID.
    -New GT Mixer texture need to be corrected #5467
    -Set correct mass fabricator recipe map amperage
    -(Massfab recipes are fake, so no one except NEI actually uses it's amperage)
    -Suggestion for Distilled Water uses #5520
    -Added EndSteel
    -Added ability to lock output hatch with a cell or any IFluidContainerItem if it was locked but fluid was not set yet.
    -(Basically use screwdriver to set mode 8 or 9, and set the fluid with a cell)
    -Iron Electron Tube recipe #5554
    -Ender Electron Tube missing CA recipe #4502
    -Crash shortly after loading world (probably caused by pyrolyse oven texture change) #5577
    -removed unused imports changed subversion to 33

    GTNH TC Wands
    -Update ThaumcraftWands.java
    -Improved readability, fixed some warnings
    -Improved readability v2
    -Initial refactor commit
    -Added gregtech sources...
    -Moved to working gregtech...
    -Fixed error with empty String
    -moved Items so they are not null
    -Reviewed, fixed and removed some FIXME tags

    Mine and Blade Battlegear 2 Bullseye
    -Upgrade Gradle
    -RM jars
    -Don't choke on null items -- unclear why it is null...

    Not Enough Items
    -Add back in ItemPanel.items as static
    -Fixes crash in ThermalDyanmics [probably]
    -Avoid divide by zero error
    -Fix clicking on items in the bookmark panel. Thanks @monatann for contributin
    -Slightly better fix.
    -Fix the underlying problem -- Bad X!

    Special Mobs
    -First working commit of Lava Monsters incorporated into Special Mobs
    -Adjust spawning algorithm. Adjust for better defaults.
    -Remove trolling BS.
    -Fix spawn egg issues.
    -Add START_FIRES option
    -Added some nicer loot options on superRare drops.
    -Fix model/texture issues
    -Basic drop now prefers coal, then firecharges, then lava buckets.
    -Added new "healing when in lava" abilitiy.
    -Adjusted attack to be a little faster.
    -Added back in decreasing age in bright areas - otherwise they despawn too soon.
    -Basic Loot option added.
    -Upped damage from snowballs to 1/3 of the entity health.
    -Fixed healing so they properly heal 1/4 of their damage when in lava.
    -Default health increased to 24.
    -Ember modified to do 2 hearts of direct damage using normal mechanism so that graves spawn.
    -New fun damage source with death chat provided.
    -Redo how Pain works.
    -Add custom damage for blazes on named blaze Conflagration from snowballs and Frost Wand Focus.
    -Move class detection function into Properties file. Add support for Twilight Forest ice sword and ice bow.
    -Add strong/weak attack tweaks to vampire pigman, conflagration, unholy ghast
    -Stick now effective against vampire pigman
    -Implemented first pass of snarky/super effective messages
    -Add localized chat messages per mob.
    -Update required Java version for proper static interface support.
    -Handle mod classes not present.
    -Use client side checks for server play.
    -Check against null in case player is not holding anything and attacks like a moron
    -Add snark for empty handed attacks
    -Reduce the number of chances for a jolt teleport
    -Change name is something a little less stupid
    -Skip obvious damage sources not from the player.
    -Block chats being sent to FakePlayers
    -Block chats sent from dispensers etc in mobfarms.
    -Jolts only teleport now when hit by a projectile.
    -When hit, they take 1/5th the damage from projectiles.
    -This has no minimum, so if you have a weak arrow, it takes 0 damage just like before.
    -Melee does not teleport the Jolt, but it does still cause a lightning strike.
    -Remove unneeded classes

    Storage Drawers
    -new(integration): storagedrawers gtnh recipes
    -Integrates StorageDrawers with gtnh recipes.
    -Config change
    -Deprecate script
    -Remove Gregtech assembler recipes map spam
    -Move wood variants of drawers to chisel
    -Save on load and server join time
    -fix(crash): gtnh integration returning null modid
    -now returns "gtnh" string that is comparable to another string.
    -fix(integration): gtnh recipes not loading
    -Fixed the MOD_ID String conditioning the gtnh module initialization to "dreamcraft" that is the GTNH-Core MOD_ID.

    Thaumic Horizons
    -A very very cheap way to remove all permanent warp 2 #5404
    -remove gregtech dependencies
    -fix recipe
    -reduce aspects on recipes

    Thaumic Tinkerer
    -Quest Suggestion: Bedrock Dimension #5476
    -Ores that exists in GT not working
    -Cleaned gradle up and made it buildable
    -Fixed TTResearchItem.setPages calling twice

    -Fix textures that make the max mipmap level drop
    -Compress armor textures (lossless)
    -Compress item textures (lossless)
    -Compress block textures (lossless)
    -Compress model textures (lossless)
    -Update forge version to
    -Organize imports (removes a large number of unused imports)
    -Only save the biome ID config if it has changed
    -Change several "else if" statements to "switch case" statements
    -Don't use Byte.valueOf() on something cast as a byte
    -Don't use Integer.valueOf on an int or something cast as an int
    -Format code so I don't go insane trying to read it
    -Improve onCrafting event listener in TFEventListener
    -Fast render mode for magic leaves
    -Misc formatting and more if else to switch case
    -Fix for Timewood Clock chunk corruption bug
    -I was unable to do extensive testing, but 15 minutes with six of them going followed
    -by switching my render distance, flying around, and save reloading did not cause issues.
    -More formatting cleanup and if else to switch case
    -Split classes out of TFFinalCastle.java (like later versions of the mod) to make debugging easier
    -Fix errors from last commit and format said code again (No idea why Eclipse stopped showing errors)
    -Fix final dungeon calling random.nextInt with a zero
    -Small improvement to last fix
    -Update english lang file (some things are still missing from it)
    -Ice bomb damage source
    -Update en_US.lang
    -Fix water check in TFGenRavine
    -Add missing breaks to a swicth case in TFGenSmallLog
    -More code cleanup and small optimizations
    -Use String.valueOf rather than adding to an empty string + other cleanup
    -Improve TF event listener performance significantly
    -Optimize TFGenerator surroundedByAir, hasAirAround, and nearSolid checks
    -Make some Firefly and Cicada checks much faster
    -Use equals over == when possible
    -Turn off seeker arrow debug logging
    -Add missing localization
    -Comment uneeded code out of BlockTFPlant updateTick
    -Remove updateTick and tickRate from BlockTFFirefly
    -Make blank magic and maze maps only work in the Twilight Forest
    -Replace tabs with four spaces
    -Comment out unneeded code from BlockTFPortal
    -Add more missing localization
    -Further optimize TFGenerator surroundedByAir, hasAirAround, and nearSolid checks
    -Clean up some log code
    -Limit placements from TF misc biome decorator to between 20 and 75 height
    -Remove minimum placement limit from TF misc biome decorator, it is not needed

    Universal Singularities
    -[Suggest]Fine tune the number of singularities for automation #5567
    -update gradle

    Witching Gadget
    -Update TileEntitySpinningWheel.java
    -it is now possible for spinwheel automation.
    -Before this commit I can't get the output slot of spinwheel other than by hand.

    Config changes:

    Better Questing
    -Update readme with better information on how to do quests.

    Core Mod
    -add all solar pannels to blacklist of the worldaccelerator

    Ender IO
    -Free platinum from nickel ore #5433
    -update ender io recipes and config files
    -add recipes to enderIo by Zoko
    -add value for new armor
    -add Gdiode to Endsteel Armor
    -add Melodic Capacitor to Dimensional Transceiver
    -fix Grindball info
    -add dark steel rod recipe

    Ender Zoo
    -Update Enderzoo Dire Wolf config per #5485

    -Update railcraft settings from Gt++ #5481
    -update gt++ config

    Holo Inventory
    -HoloInventory: Added Nuclear Info Panel & Advance Panel to Blacklist
    -Just to prevent this from happening lol:

    Infernal Mobs
    -Makes all blazes Special Blazes, so that snowball damage works when they are infernal.
    -Vanilla spawn ratio set to 20 so that special blazes are rarer.
    -Make jolt blazes have 50% more health since they got a little easier.

    Special Mobs
    -update special mobs cfg
    -Makes all blazes Special Blazes, so that snowball damage works when they are infernal.
    -Vanilla spawn ratio set to 20 so that special blazes are rarer.

    Storage Drawers
    -update(config): storagedrawer
    -Adapt to new custom version of StorageDrawers

    Script changes:

    -feat(tconstruct): move chiselling decorations to chisel2 mod

    -fix #5517 Conflicting recipes for leather and gold dust change recipe from shape.

    -Quest #810 doesn't accept rocket with storage #5533

    -"Sharpness: Over... 5..." quest issue. #5384

    -Add a use for HEE Sphalerite #5426

    Storage Drawers
    -obsolete now. Thanks to leagris modified version of Storage Drawers

    Thaumic Tinker
    -Fixed wrong recipe of Ichorium Ingot in Thaumonomicon

    Tinkers Construct
    -feat(tconstruct): move chiselling decorations to chisel2 mod

    -some witchery books recipes are a little expensive #5436
    -Earmuffs have no recipe #5484
    -request to change the new witchery quartz crystal recipe #5369

    Many Mod
    -feat(ordict): add all wooden fences to fenceWood
    -Forestry mod already provides the fenceWood oredictionary name.
    -Adds all other wooden fences to <ore:fenceWood>
    -Use the oredict in recipes to reduce the number of same output recipes
    -Recipes updated to the <ore:fenceWood>:
    -Carpenter's Barrier (Carpenter's Blocks)
    -Builder's Backpack (Forestry)
    -Piston (Minecraft)
    -Bed (Minecraft)
    -Firework Display (Steve's Carts 2)
    -Stencil Table (Tinkers' Construct)
    -remove(oredict): fenceWood registration offloaded to coremod
    -Returned back old research keys for rods and wands to fix the issue that NEI can't show some wand recipes.
    -Removed en-localizations that duplicates standard ones (tested)

    Quests changes:

    -Quest #1243 - Pitchblende only accepts "Mars" Pitchblende #5439
    -Energetic Alloy quest #5438
    -Cannot complete oredrill quest due to nbt on second task #5434
    -HEE quests require you to collect large amounts of useless stuff #5428
    -Flower Power quest change suggestion #5424
    -Medium Fuel Canister Quest not detecting #5422
    -tier 5 rocket stuffing quests #5442
    -Fresh Soft Mallet not recognized in retrieval task #5418
    -Quest 839 not recognized (NBT issue) #5417
    -#5456 Added Drawer Controller quest
    -#5471 Added Rare Earths quest
    -#5476 Added Bedrock Dim quest
    -#5478 Added LM quest, and LM hint quest
    -#5479 Added Deep Dark Quest
    -Not sold on the name of the quest though, The Deepest Darkness or Just How Dark? could also be used for example
    -The quest rewards are a joke, if anything is added to the UV lootbag, remove it from the rewards for this quest. Currently it gives a diamond.
    -Has LM quest as a Req to show up, so keep that in mind when testing
    -I'm not sure what the real reqs are though. Infinity catalyst + UV Tier? There's no quests for those either.
    -#5483 Added text to quest
    -Also fixed incorrect text in the names of the valid materials for the CP
    -Added what the machine casing are to prevent confusion (the thing you make hulls out of)
    -#5487 Added Void Upgrade quest
    -#5341 Added Quest that points at witchery for biome changing on FFC and be(e) tab (and explains other options)
    -Added ghetto biome changinq quest on be(e) tab
    -Added mention of NC to tropical bee quest, not gonna find all the appropriate biomes to list though
    -#5341 Added biome changing questline for witchery
    -fixing a few Quests have to be hidden untill triggered
    -fixing DE Questline use Ichorium
    -move Deep Dark Quest to Magic Adept tab
    -Gallium Arsenide quest wrong info #5549
    -Tantalum quest #1835 not oredicted #5544
    -adding Nether Quest
    -advanced fermenter for Fermented Biomass (MV) quest isn't detected #5551
    -I can’t complete quest # 908 #5543
    -Quest #1404 Electric Pump(MV) cannot be recognized. #5541
    -Retrieval Quest Detection: Quest #169 #5448
    -plunger 2.0 The Hand Pump - quest wrong #5170
    -#5576 Completely hide old familiar quest
    -#5576 Delete the old familiar quest because dream said to
  15. DreamMasterXXL

    DreamMasterXXL Well-Known Member

    Version ----10.03.2020

    New Mods

    Hodgepodge 1.3.0
    Sponge Mixins 1.1.0

    Mod Upgrade:

    -Adventurebackpack 0.9-h11-GTNH
    -Appliedenergistics rv3.beta-23
    -Bartworks 0.5.12
    -Binnie Mods 2.0.27-GTNH
    -Blood Arsenal 1.2-10
    -Core Mod 1.6.33
    -Ender Zoo
    -Galactic Greg 1.0.3
    -GT PlusPlus
    -Infernal Mobs 1.7.0-GTNH
    -In Game Info XML
    -Magicbees 2.5.2
    -Mine and Blade Battlegear
    -Not Enough Items 2.0.1-GTNH
    -Not EnoughThaumcraft Tabs 1.1.0
    -Open Blocks 1.6.1
    -Open Mods Lib 0.10.1
    -Spice Of Life 2.0.0-carrot-beta-1
    -Storage Drawers 1.11.4-gtnh
    -TConstruct 1.8.9-GTNH.build15
    -Tec Tech 3.7.4
    -Warp Theory 1.0.1-GTNH
    -Witching Gadgets 1.2.11-GTNH

    Mod Changes:

    -Fixed a bug where an NPE occurred during death from a fall with the copter turned on
    -and in the presence of the Open Blocks mod. Dummy fix, just preventing NPE - refactor needed.

    -Added processing pattern terminal with 16 input slots
    -fixed crafting CPU to work with large (processing) recipes
    -Tooltip name
    -Added ability to "upgrade" AE interface

    -Fixes #50 #51 #52
    -fixes a bug where old recipes were still chosen due to missing buffer update
    -Fixed Materials
    -Fixed some GTNH small ores not having weight
    -fixed tooltip on Platinum Metallic Powder
    -Fixed NEI Handler for small ores
    -useage of fastfloor/ceil
    -Loading plugin reorder

    Binnies Mod
    -fix(fences): connection to logic
    -Fix ExtraTrees fences to connect correctly to other wooden fences and fence gates.

    Blood Arsenal
    -Fixed three-times death after applying Soul Burn effect with 0 LP in Network.
    -Fixed crash when taking Soul Burn effect on multiplayer server
    -TileLifeInfuser: Improved readability, because I hate such style
    -TileLifeInfuser: fixed changing meta in items with subtypes

    -Update GT_Loader_Machines.java
    -Chang endsteel and darksteel
    -Two same recipes of electrotine #5639
    -remove europium from LuV lapotronic orbs #5645
    -Archmage Blood Orb still uses Chrome Screws #5573
    -Add Seared Brick Block in Forge Hammer > Seared Bricks? #5704
    -Tanned Leather not craftable in the Chemical Dehydrator #5697

    Ender Zoo
    -Drop debug log message when howling

    -Fix NPE

    Galactic Greg
    -Update to Java 8
    -Fixed Crash with BWOres

    -Gradlewrapper to 4.4.1
    -Return default texture in case of NPE isntead of crashing
    -Update ItemComb.java
    -EnergeticAlloy Combs now produce correctly, not vibrant alloy.
    -No way to turn amethyst dust into amethyst. #5596
    -Cannot get High speed booster track in Assembler #5631
    -OP command to toggle debug flags
    -tab completion improved
    -Provide owner's UUID to forge event bus for fake players.
    -Provide owner's UUID to forge event bus for fake players. Second PR cuz line endings fixed.
    -Centrifuging Rubber Wood only outputs Methane Gas #5243
    -Add separate debug variables for pumps and miners
    -Add new debug switches to command list.
    -Undo bounding box size increase, for now. After testing might increase.
    -Basalt GT covers #5683
    -LCR recipe for Diesel/Fuel is more expensive EU-wise compared to the Mixer #5679
    -Hydrogen sulfide in the LCR has a conflicting recipe #5677
    -Question: Phobos bee flower type #5674
    -add localizer for bee effects
    -changing a bit bees allele
    -Pyrolyse oven won't form with certain coils #5663

    Infernal Mobs
    -Make various aspects of mob modifiers configurable
    -Fix wrong sound effects being played
    -Fix Infernal Modifiers getting lost from mobs when reentering world
    -Happens in singleplayer when leaving and immediately reentering a world.
    -There seems to be a mechanism already present, but it is ineffective.
    -Make modifier strings case insensitive
    -Don't adjust base max health when setting actual health
    -Before, adjusting health through setEntityHealthPastMax() would use the
    -new health amount as max health, which lead to the healthbar being
    -rendered incorrectly.
    -This fixes problems with MM_1UP, MM_Lifesteal, and MM_Regen
    -Fix targetting mechanic effecting neutrals
    -When applicable, use built-in targetting mechanics. This fixes certain
    -modifiers firing even though opponent it neutral.
    -Fixes MM_Blastoff, MM_Choke, MM_Cloaking, MM_Quicksand, MM_Storm, and MM_Webber.
    -Move remaining modifiers to fixed targetting mechanic
    -Fixes MM_Ghastly, MM_Alchemist
    -Also updates targetting mechanic to ignore creative players
    -Make Quicksand duration continuous
    -Make Webber ignore creative players
    -Rework cloaking modifier duration
    -Make certain modifiers ignore creative players
    -Effects MM_Blastoff, MM_Gravity, and MM_Sticky.
    -Add command to spawn Infernal with a random number of modifiers
    -Add configuration options for minimum and maximum number of modifiers per Infernal class
    -Make certain modifiers no longer apply when hurt using ranged attacks
    -Backport choke modifier render fix from 1.7.6
    -Drop maxOneShotDamage config option
    -This option was too coarse grained. Instead, replace it with max damage
    -options and reflect damage multipliers for earch modifier itself.
    -This applies to Vengeance, Ninja, Ender, and Berserk.
    -Replace System.* with FMLLog.log()
    -Use centrally defined mod version
    -Inspired by https://github.com/GTNewHorizons/AdventureBackpack2

    In Game Info XML
    -optimized things
    -scale value changed to INT

    -one more TFFT cell, fixed press/alloying recipes, improved fuel cells
    -Fixed Item Server structure check. Wrote better doc for the MIH
    -Improved TE IS IO port code but it's still not working
    -added maintenance hatch to tfft tooltip
    -tfft scanner data should now correctly show power usage during maintenance issues
    -removed WIP things for v0.2.3 bug fix release

    -More Thaumcraft compat
    -Fixed only some hives having aspects assigned
    -Removed the [MB] tag from research. This hasn't been needed since TC3, when addons didn't have their own tabs
    -Added Void metal scoop and grafter for the eldritch-inclined apiarists
    -Added uncommon rarity to Thaumium scoop/grafter for consistant tool look

    Mine and Blade Battlegear 2 Bullseye
    -Overloaded Armor Bar backported to 1.7.10!!
    -The vanilla armor bar doesn't accurately show "better than diamond" level armor,
    -as it simply maxes out when its full.
    -This mod allows armor values over 20 to be displayed as
    -different colored (configurable) icons depending on how many times you fill the bar.
    -However, without AttributeFix, the armor display will cap out at 30 Armor,
    -or 1.5x diamond armor due to the vanilla armor cap.
    -ToroHealth Damage Indicators backported to 1.7.10!!
    -With ToroHealth Damage Indicators, damage given, received,
    -or mitigated will be displayed as a number that pops off of the entity.
    -New arrows
    -Ice Packed arrow, effective against fire immune creatures.
    -Holy Torch arrow, it helps you face the darkness
    -New Bows
    -Iron and Diamond bow, that have a cool arrow render and more durability.
    -Separate key category
    -GUI clean up-->:
    -Mod updater "Mud" removed.
    -Now the Battlegear slots are shown when you are in the dual wielding mode.
    -New config options-->:
    -(overloaded armor bar options:)

    Not Enough Items
    -Adjust cheat button alignment with bookmark previous button
    -promote to non beta
    -Handle NPE from GC
    -Whoops, it's ArithmeticException not NPE

    Special Mobs
    -First working commit of Lava Monsters incorporated into Special Mobs
    -Adjust spawning algorithm. Adjust for better defaults.
    -Remove trolling BS.
    -Fix spawn egg issues.
    -Add START_FIRES option
    -Added some nicer loot options on superRare drops.
    -Fix model/texture issues
    -Basic drop now prefers coal, then firecharges, then lava buckets.
    -Added new "healing when in lava" abilitiy.
    -Adjusted attack to be a little faster.
    -Added back in decreasing age in bright areas - otherwise they despawn too soon.
    -Basic Loot option added.
    -Upped damage from snowballs to 1/3 of the entity health.
    -Fixed healing so they properly heal 1/4 of their damage when in lava.
    -Default health increased to 24.
    -Ember modified to do 2 hearts of direct damage using normal mechanism so that graves spawn.
    -New fun damage source with death chat provided.
    -Redo how Pain works.
    -Add custom damage for blazes on named blaze Conflagration from snowballs and Frost Wand Focus.
    -Move class detection function into Properties file. Add support for Twilight Forest ice sword and ice bow.
    -Add strong/weak attack tweaks to vampire pigman, conflagration, unholy ghast
    -Stick now effective against vampire pigman
    -Implemented first pass of snarky/super effective messages
    -Add localized chat messages per mob.
    -Update required Java version for proper static interface support.
    -Handle mod classes not present.
    -Use client side checks for server play.
    -Check against null in case player is not holding anything and attacks like a moron
    -Add snark for empty handed attacks
    -Reduce the number of chances for a jolt teleport
    -Change name is something a little less stupid
    -Skip obvious damage sources not from the player.
    -Block chats being sent to FakePlayers
    -Block chats sent from dispensers etc in mobfarms.
    -Jolts only teleport now when hit by a projectile.
    -When hit, they take 1/5th the damage from projectiles.
    -This has no minimum, so if you have a weak arrow, it takes 0 damage just like before.
    -Melee does not teleport the Jolt, but it does still cause a lightning strike.
    -Remove unneeded classes

    Not EnoughThaumcraft Tabs
    -Initially import decompiled NotEnoughThaumcraftTabs sources
    -This was decompiled using fernflower. No modification to the mod logic
    -was done other then the decompilation and the automatic version
    -replacement in the code.
    -Reformat code to remove cruft from decompilation
    -Add type parameters in core mod
    -The GuiResearchBrowser requires some more work to add type parameters.
    -Remove offending log message
    -This used to fill the client log when the player opened the Thaumonomicon.
    -Add missing type parameters for generic Types
    -Basic refactoring part 1 and 2
    -Initial refactoring. Everything except genResearchBackground().

    Spice Of Life 2.0.0-carrot-beta-1
    -Update License (LGPL) for GTNH additions, including any inspiration taken from SoL Carrot Edition
    -Reformat Code
    -Run Idea code inspections and address some of them
    -WIP Carrot Edition
    -Add tooltip handler
    -Add FoodSet
    -Add Sync of full history
    -Wire up MaxHealthHandler
    -Add FoodList (List of all Foods)
    -Remove unused config options
    -FoodList command
    -Remove onPlayerLogin event handler from MaxHealthHandler since it's handled by syncFoodList anyway
    -FoodBook now shows all food history, and currently shows a tooltip for recently eaten ones

    Storage Drawers
    -fix(recipe): upgrade template workbench recipe
    -Re-add a workbench recipe for the upgrade template.
    -Address issue #5622
    -errata(recipe): upgrade template
    -Condition the upgrade template's workbench recipe registration,
    -to its config enablement.
    -fix(recipes): tierred upgrade

    Tec Tech
    -Optical Connector Fix
    -Quick issue patch for Kiwi233
    -Fixes Optical master connector and Optical slave connector having GUIs on right click

    -Show casting progress for casting basins & tables

    -Further speed up parts of the TF event listener
    -New items for the Adherent and Harbinger Cube mobs to drop.

    Warp Theory
    -Attempt to add new item that removes 1 warp
    -Fix the stuff I didn't know I needed so it builds
    -Fix name and texture
    -Change new item's color. Make using it semi-random. Adjust text to say so.
    -subclass instead of copy
    -static random
    -Changed Tear and talisman textures
    -I always thought the texture didn't correspond to a "tear"
    -so I made another (imho better looking) texture that is a derivative of a ghast tear (It also glows, yay).
    -The amulet colors were remade to match that change.
    -A few rendering changes had to be done to render the tear nicely in hand.
    -Thanks to TechnicianLP for that.

    Witching Gadget
    -Added libraries to properly build and test mod
    -Infernal Blast Furnace: fixed lack of processing of boosted low-time recipes

    Config changes:

    -Sacrificial dagger triggers anger mod explosions. #5714

    Apple Core
    -Add apple core config

    Better Questing
    -add midnight ressource file to BQ

    Blood Magic
    -Add Sky Stone to Mark of the Falling Tower ritual from blood magic #4794

    -Update GregTech.cfg

    -add hodgepodge cfg

    Holo Inventory
    -Set default holoinventory keymode to 1 #5613

    Infernal Mobs
    -add new config values to infernal mobs

    Ingame Info
    -fix infoxml to workd with new version

    Server dat
    -Add Russian server #5611
    -New fresh Russian server: Zvezdolet #5650

    Script changes:

    -add new recipes to Processing Terminal and Pattern Capacity Card

    -Fix recipe of Fancy Gold Lamp

    Blood Magic
    -BM Weak Activation Crystal can't be made at the tier it should be #5685

    Carpenters Blocks
    -Incorrect time usage with Lubricant

    -change chisel recipes of Upgrades to LV
    -Add reversions Upgrade recipe
    -feat(chisel): mushroom blocks variations
    -Address issue [Mushroom Block With Chisel Support #5701

    Enhanced Lootbags
    -EV tier lootbag can't be enchanted with fortune III #5661

    Extra Utilities
    -etheric sword uncraftable with stable ingot #5666

    -Frames show now always they values

    -Raw Walleye cannot be processed into mince meat #5667

    Magic Bees
    -update Magic Bees file with new void items

    Project Red
    -Two same recipes of electrotine #5639

    -Cannot get High speed booster track in Assembler #5631
    -adjust recipes times and eu/t
    -removed unused tracks

    -Move to WarpWarning to BasicTab
    -update position warp warning

    Tinkers Construct
    -Add Seared Brick Block in Forge Hammer > Seared Bricks? #5704

    Warp Theory
    -#5643 As noted on the issue page, I'm not sure this should be the final recipe
    -fix impure Tier names

    -fix(ztones): myst block recipe
    -Add any mushroom block as ingredient

    Many Mods
    -Apiarist Database #5668

    Quests changes:

    -#5602 Dimension and range values were mixed up
    -Fix typo in Redstone quest
    -Schematic quest tier2 rocket small typo EV => HV #5615
    -Quest 2110 world accelerator NBT issue #5612
    -Passive Chunklaoding quest not work #5616
    -Little Helpers quest issue #5600
    -Questbook singularity triger dont work #5595
    -Bucket Duping #5591
    -Translation update to
    -Quest Forming Press v0.1 #5634
    -start with ore exchange Quests in coins coins coins tab
    -Quest "High Pressure Boiler Tank" can't be completed #5652
    -A couple of notes after completing steam age #5649
    -quest #721 "Unknown seeds no more" can't be completed #5647
    -Cyprium doesn't accept copper ore as soil. #5633
    -Quest 205 detect & amt item #5628
    -Quest 1754 - Computer Case not detecting MV Transformer #5625
    -Item pipes placed after updating world cannot be broken with wrench #5482
    -Woah Rad Graphics not detecting Monitor Cover #5624
    -Enchantment table #5586
    -Soul bee quest broke #5575
    -#3987 Adjusted text/quest req for PE quests
    -#3989 Adjusted text for HDP to 37
    -#4852 Adjusted amount of glass needed
    -#4957 Adjusted amount of chloroform needed
    -#5394 Adjusted text to add the name of the block and how to use it
    -#5235 Added text to explain to use a tank to fill larger cells to aluminium cell quest
    -#5360 Adjusted text/quest req to reflect platinum changes
    -#5386 Turned on ignoreNBT for Centrifuge quest.
    -I thought GT items were supposed to be in their own retrieval tasks according to the readme guide?
    -It's already on in the Carpenter one, so I don't know what's up with that
    -#5396 Turned ignoreNBT off
    -#5413 Turn on ignoreNBT
    -#5451 Turned ignoreNBT on
    -#5452 Turned on ignoreNBT for second mentioned quest.
    -Is there a separate ticket somewhere? Main issue not resolved yet though
    -#5462 Turned on ignoreNBT again
    -#5473 Added suggested text
    -#5569 Turned ignoreNBT on
    -#5568 Added oxygen to req to make it clearer you should use it. Changed 30 to 31, since you make that many
    -#5680 Change prereq to HV pump, since you'll have the EBF and alloy smelter by then anyways
    -#5688 Turned ignoreNBT on, becuase golem tags are trash
    -BQ quest "Automated evolution" (#391) not consume item #5688
    -Fixed quest typo and readme typos
    -quest 1780: find => found
    -quest 1834: rwg => RWG | it's an acronym (tho "rwg" might have been intended)
    -Readme: Corrected some typos, also checked with grammarly for the commas
    -update fuel values for light and heavy fuel
  16. DreamMasterXXL

    DreamMasterXXL Well-Known Member

    Version 14.03.2020

    Mod Upgrade:

    -CoreMod 1.6.34
    -Ender IO
    -Extra Cells 2.4.2cNIGHTLY
    -GTNH TC Wands 1.2.1
    -Hodgepodge 1.4.0
    -Holoinventory 2.0.0-beta2-GTNH
    -Mine and Blade Battlegear
    -Special Mobs 3.3.5
    -SpongeM ixins 1.1.0
    -Thaumcraft NEI Additions

    Mod Changes:

    -Updated gradle to 4.4.1
    -Removed Mek, RotaryCraft and ColoredLights dependencies
    -moved InventoryTweaks and MFR dependencies to libs
    -build mod against java 1.6
    -Moved the cache up a level, so that pattern terminal also would use it.

    -[BartWorks] Electric Implosion Compressor recipe missing: Pile of Neutrons #5566

    Ender IO
    -Fixed Armor & new Conduit texture
    -Fixed Armor again

    Extra Cells
    -build against ae3 build 24

    -add a option to separate PA input busses
    -added the sugestions
    -move getBaseMetaTileEntity actualy outside the loop

    GTNH TC Wands
    -Partly fixed https://github.com/GTNewHorizons/NewHorizons/issues/5218 (first and second paragraph)
    -Removed custom researches due to changes in commit 56f20f4 https://github.com/GTNewHorizons/NewHorizons/pull/5561

    -add holo glasses
    -added the texture & recipe
    -maybe fix the textures
    -Holo Glasses textures v2 & change the mod name
    -Remove Key Manager
    -Remove Holo Glasses recipe

    Mine and Blade Battlegear
    -Absorption health solved

    Special Mobs
    -Add support for Frost damage source from Battlegear2.

    -build against ae2 version 23

    Thaumcraft NEI Additions
    -Removed shading

    -Further speed up parts of the TF event listener
    -New items for the Adherent and Harbinger Cube mobs to drop.

    Config changes:

    -Update GTplusplus.cfg (#5735)
    -Disables the ++ RF converter

    Holo Inventory
    -Update HoloInventory.cfg
    -Add bibliocraft clipboard to HoloInventory blacklist. #5746

    Script changes:

    -[BartWorks] Electric Implosion Compressor recipe missing: Pile of Neutrons #5566

    Holo Inventory
    -Add Holo Glasses recipes
    -add Tooltip for Holo Glasses

    -Add recipe: Bio Organic Mesh to Raw Carbon Mesh #5741

    Thaumic Exploration
    -nerf for the everburn urn that was discused #5739

    Quests changes:

    -add holo Glasses as reward to Bronze Steam Boiler
    -Diesel quest gives LV lootbag #5742
  17. DreamMasterXXL

    DreamMasterXXL Well-Known Member

    Version --- 22.03.2020

    New Mods

    -Overloadedarmorbar 1.0.0-beta5
    -Torohealth 1.0.0-beta3

    Mod Upgrade:

    -Adventurebackpack 0.9-h11-GTNH
    -Bartworks 0.5.13_pre2
    -Binnie Mods 2.0.28-GTNH
    -CoreMod 1.6.34
    -Holoinventory 2.1.3-beta-GTNH
    -Infernal Mobs 1.7.1-GTNH
    -Mine and Blade Battlegear2
    -Natura 2.3.0-dev
    -SpiceOfLife 2.0.0 carrot-beta-3
    -Sponge Mixins 1.2.0
    -Waila Harvestability 1.1.7-GTNH

    Mod Changes:

    -Fixed NPE in wearable packet
    -Some forgotten ancient fixes

    -Added ability to encode (4 inputs -> 16 outputs) recipes
    -Made a calculation more clear

    -Added VoidMinerWIP
    -Continue work on VoidMiner
    -Added a function to BWOreLayers
    -Made the voidminer actually WORK somewhat
    -added recipes
    -made the void miner consume noble gasses to boost output
    -refactored code by quite a lot
    -added newest GT
    -Added GalacticGreg lib
    -added localisation of achivements
    -Several fixes
    -Fixed BioVat
    -Added some Debug Commands
    -Changed Void Miner logic
    -removed Experimental ThreadedLoader
    -moved LoaderCalls into LoaderReference
    -moved FMLCommonHandler.instance().get(Effective)Side() into SideReference
    -made radio hatch compat call static
    -Made More Stuff static
    -improved flow control
    -Added more Block-Recipes

    Binnie Mods
    -Fix fences and gates showing up wrong in WAILA

    -Forget to change. Now we on
    -Two same recipes of electrotine #5639
    -IC2 Charging Packs #5791

    -BartWorks support for apiculture requirements (#4)

    -add generate plates for marble and basalt
    -Now Basalt and Marbel Covers work
    -Refactored GT
    -Made ObjectCast explicit
    -adjusted Lava recipe to be more realistic
    -Add cover information on the machine item tooltip. (#252)
    -updated AE2 dependency to use rv3 API
    -IC2 Charging Packs #5791

    -trying to move it to the tinkers mask slot #1
    -Added Holo Glasses
    -Added model, changed name, cleanup Code
    -readded Key Manager, added Glasses Conig, made Config static
    -Disable Glasses requirement Config
    -add tooltip, separate key category and more
    -Update Config.java

    Infernal Mobs
    -Fix crash when attack target is an unexpected class
    -Update zh_CN.lang

    -extended scale value values

    Mine and Blade Battlegear2
    -remove overlodadedarmorbar and torohealth
    -add always show slots to gui config

    -Fix and optimize large glowshroom rendering
    -Optimize berry bush rendering and add CoFHTweaks/Optifine fast leaves support
    -Only use one creative tab
    -Sync glowshroom bonemeal growth to clients and replace fire during world gen
    -Fix isFireSource in Tainted Soil
    -Give items with the correct metadata when making Fence Gates, Buttons, Pressure Plates, Stairs, and Trapdoors using wood with metatdata 1 or above
    -Fix Workbenches and bookshelves not being solid blocks.
    -New config options, bugfixes, and a lot of cleanup
    -Make crops break when farmland is trampled

    -Better item equality testing.
    -Fixes #7
    -Play levelup sound on new milestone.
    -Actually spawn particles!

    Sponge Mixins
    -Switch to CorePlugin and register so that we load very early
    -Updated SpongeMixins Mod Version

    Waila Harvestability
    -Fix wrong effective tool on GT things such as cables
    -Update gradle and version

    Config changes:

    Anger Mod
    -GT Butcher Knife doesn't work on chickens #5759

    Core Mod
    -change core mod version

    -Diamond nuggets not craftable #5773

    -Update HoloInventory Config

    Ingame Info XML
    -Update InGameInfoXML.cfg

    Meine and Blade
    -Update battlegear2.cfg

    Script changes:

    -change Pattern Capacity Card

    -Uncraftable Quantumsuit Boots of the Traveller #5792

    -Firestone plate uncraftable #5391

    Tinkers Contruct
    -Tinkers smeltery not accepting GT aluminium ingots #5784

    -Diamond nuggets not craftable #5773

    -Update Ztones.zs mini charcoal and coal recipe

    Quests changes:

    -Translation update to
    -Gardener quest stone age #5771
    -Task ID: 798 The second project ID is incorrect #5769
    -Quest 1526 'Best crossbow?' gives MV lootbag #5774
    -Quest 2071 Panning for gold is for chumps - NBT issue #5762
    -Quest 'Time to ore drill!' needs changes. #5755
  18. RMcD

    RMcD New Member

    Why can't you use red sand instead of sand in for example the Coke Oven recipes?

    Isn't red sand meant to be functionally the same?

    Also what is the recipe for the presser from Pam's? Doesn't seem to work.

    Edit: Ball of Moss also doesn't work even though the recipe is in the tinker's book as 3by3 of mossy cobble
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2020 at 1:35 PM
  19. ZyniX

    ZyniX New Member

    I was disappointment by red sand not being able to create a coke oven also but you can use it to make grout as well as centrifuging for regular sand. I don't mess with pam recipes much but the ball of moss is now behind a thaumcraft recipe in the gtnh tab and you need to do researches before they show up in nei.

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