[1.7.10]GT-New-Horizons[Ultra Hard Gregified modpack via Minetweaker and Modtweaker][2,5K+ Quests]

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  1. Nomaden

    Nomaden Guest

    Does anyone have experience with changing the biome size in a multiplayer server? In Singleplayer all I had to do was go to was Biomesoplently/terraingen and change one variable. In multiplayer it looks like climate control makes it so a lot more variables are involved.
  2. JoFlash Studios

    JoFlash Studios New Member

    I've used Climate Control to great effect in MP. You should be abou to just install it and edit the config it generates. If you don't want climate zones and oceans you'll have to turn off some features and tweak some values, but it's pretty straightforward.
  3. DreamMasterXXL

    DreamMasterXXL Well-Known Member

    Yes climate control can be used with RTG mod. Not forget to remove rwg mod and change config files and on your server that you using rtg.
  4. buncheesy

    buncheesy New Member

    I am playing on twitch and just figured out that the pack is not updated since september.

    If I want the latest version do I just go here?


    Can I then install over the "instances/gt new horizons" folder?
    Will twitch work or not or overwrite?
    IF so which version (client or server)? Note I am not tech savvy hence my question may seem dumb - I just turn on and play normally.

    Edit - just read in the twtich FAQ that the version must be labelled "release' to show up on the launcher? is that the issue??
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  5. LordPINE

    LordPINE Well-Known Member

    The issue here is that Twitch changed their rules, meaning that this pack can't be uploaded there anymore. You can just use that link, use the client version and then replace the folders that are in your instance folder with the ones in the zip. Hope that makes sense? Also, just in case, back up your saves folder beforehand.
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  6. buncheesy

    buncheesy New Member

    Thanks Lord pine. Will do


  7. DreamMasterXXL

    DreamMasterXXL Well-Known Member

    We will try to upload the new version on Twitch with a dependencies loader. mods not have given permission to twich (just give permission to me via pm or so) can be loaded from other places into twitch launcher. Not sure if it works and if it can be done under twitch license.
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  8. buncheesy

    buncheesy New Member

    Hi DreamMaster. Was easy enough to upload from the linked site. So at least for me I will be able to keep updating.

    Looking at some other launcher if and when I start any other packs........that could be a long while though :) Before then may even migrate GT:NH world save over to some other launcher?
  9. DreamMasterXXL

    DreamMasterXXL Well-Known Member

    I hope i can update it on Twitch in the future. Working on it.
  10. DreamMasterXXL

    DreamMasterXXL Well-Known Member

    Version 17.02.2019

    New Mods

    Bartworks 0.3.21

    Mod Upgrade:

    Core Mod 1.6.07
    IFU 1.5
    Open Computers
    Open Security 1.0.117
    Special Mobs 3.3.1
    Tec Tech 3.3.9
    Waila Plugins 0.2.1
    Witching Gadgets 1.2.9h

    Mod Changes:

    -Name fix for Raw Casing/Cell
    -Russification new sentences for EMT
    -small graphical update (tooltips adjusted) to provide clearance
    -made tooltips on EMT solars coherent
    -added the real output power of the Essentia Gens to the tooltip
    -updated the de_DE.lang

    -Did block blacklisting smarter so it uses less server load.

    -move neutronium ebf to max tier
    -Helium from Aurora Blocks [Suggestion] #3929
    -mica insulator in awakened coil to 40
    -IV Mainframe recipe is wrong. #3924
    -add new Item Raw Neutronium for Neutronium Process.
    -renerf quantium ebf recipe
    -change circuit to 11 because it use a fluid/gas (neutronium)
    -Suggestion: Modify SMD Diodes #3945
    -GT Block of Cobalt can't be crafted #3888
    -Magnalium Recipe Bug #3946
    -Brick dust recipe change #3868
    -Thick Neutron Reflector wrong recipe(It don't show on NEI) #3962
    -change resistance from Reinforced Blocks be similar to gt change harvet level as well
    -fixed Venus Blocks OreDict Issure
    -added blockOlivine as blockPeridot in OreDict
    -Endium Blocks cannot be broken back down into ingots #3957
    -Hazelnut Wood not working to make heavy oil in pyrolyse oven #3956
    -change Neutronium Mixer recipe to zpm
    -add uhv cutting machine recipes for power ics
    -add fusion mk 4 recipes to core mod
    -removed unused bat file

    -Fix flask crash on server
    -More Osmiridium Wires per recipe,
    -Lower Osmiridium and Europium wires in Motors
    -Adjust a few Fusion recipes
    -remove europium from pure generation on Planets
    -Add simple mass overrides for replicator
    -reactor coolant change
    -[2062]assembling machine energy-dynamo hatch mistake #3907
    -Deep iron can still be smelted #3900
    -Clear glass recipe inconsistencies #3895
    -redid small boiler logic, added blocks, added diamond
    -rescaled burn value of coal coke to 3200 instead of 6400 in small boilers
    -added everything burnable else
    - that is not in a bucket or cell (No Fluids)
    - has at least 2000 burntime (No Wood/Saplings)
    -[] Phatlic Acid recipe consumes second cell #3938
    -fix lce 9x output
    -add wiremill recipe for Fine Wire Americium recipe
    -Input grid in 9-input assembler is not centered to items #3865
    -change hardness from the Reinforce Blocks to be core mod equivalent
    -add missing Core mod reinforced blocks to gt
    -restore compability for mods (superconductor wires)
    -reroute Superconductor to SuperconductorUHV and mark Superconductor as Deprecated
    -also fixes a possible NPE in dev enviroments
    -MV lathe requires industrial diamond? #3980
    -No machine automated recipe for Iridium-Tngstensteel Reinforced Blocks #3961
    -Changed Crops
    -Buffed Lemon crossbreed chance to a reasonable rate
    -Buffed Oil Output from Rape since IC2 crops cant be sprinklered like Pam's
    -Buffed CompressedPlantball recipes to use less Crop Drops since they are rarer than other stuff
    -Buffed Milkwart to always produce a dust instead of a small dust in the extractor, this reflects the chanche of the Fluid Extractor recipe
    -adding the liquid fuel back for campatibility reasons (GT++)
    -Change fuel requirements
    -Increase stone chances. Increased small ore for silver, realgar, zinc. Decreased density of some oreveins. Increased orevein percentage to 100%
    -Fix problem with genertor leaving 1L and IC2 universal fluid cells providing random EU.
    -Re-enable filling containers from generators.
    -Lower densities for rest of ores.
    -Fix for oreveins not always taking on color of surround GT stones.
    -oreveins were being placed first, changed to now place GT stones first.
    -Increased GT stone changes again. Added feature that GT stones will now replaced hardened stained clay and cobblestone in the worldgen. -This will allow small ores and potentially oreveins to be seen higher up in mountains and in canyon biomes.
    -Add support for placer ores, including config options for enable/disable and density.
    -Increase orevein height to 9 layers. Give small ores a free 1 fortune boost to compensate for lower orevein densities.
    -Fix copper tin orevein to be 80-200, not 180-200. Minor orevein optimization.
    -Add more messages during startup so players know things are working.
    -change Neutronium comb recipe use more eu/t now
    -changed processing time and tier for cosmic neutronium, infinity catalyst and infinity
    -add materials Curium, Californium and Flerovium
    -add new fusion recipes mk 4
    -fixed NPE related to custom materials, might break their language support.
    -restored compability for the Driller Base
    -Update assemby line info in nei for scanner recipes

    Special Mobs:
    -Fixed internal MCP code usage.
    -Pain will now trigger death events properly.

    Tec Tech
    -fixed ur thing (#12)
    -moved gtnh circuits in if clause and disabled non-existant circuit
    -Update GT_MetaTileEntity_Hatch_Rack.java
    -change Nano circuit recipe

    Witching Gadgets:
    -add more Materials to Blacklist

    Recipe changes:

    -replaced dremcraft and ic2 item casing by gt (in bq and script)
    -Solar Pannel nerf

    Bio o Plenty:
    -Bamboo (Sticks replacement) have no burnvalue #3978

    Clear glass recipe inconsistencies #3895

    Core Mod:
    -Fix Neutron Reflector Parts
    -No machine automated recipe for Iridium-Tngstensteel Reinforced Blocks #3961

    Extra Utilities:
    Fix can't craft Bedrock Drum Because don't use the ore dictionary,can't make Bedrock drum

    -added mortar recipes for cooked/uncooked minced meat - issue 4039

    -Add recipes for disabled Harvestcraft cooking tools #3878

    -Can not craft the OC:CHARGER in #4067

    Magic Bees:
    -Thaumcraft's research Magic Bees's frames introduction #3939

    Project Red:
    -Indigo dye needs Blue Illuminar recipe #3896

    -Assembler recipes needed for HS booster and HS transition track #3933

    Steve Carts:
    -change chest pane recipe from steve carts

    Tainted Magic:
    -tainted magic messed up after 2.7 #4030
    -fix broken Tainted magic page

    Tinker Construct:
    -add cobalt ingots and nuggets back to smeltery

    Config changes:

    -correct server properties

    Core Mod-
    No machine automated recipe for Iridium-Tngstensteel Reinforced Blocks #3961

    Ender IO:
    -Eener io tp is now 2 secs cooldown like the quest book said

    -add 4 item to protein vanilla porkchop, beef, chicken, fish

    -changed europium mix to uranmix
    - Updated gregtech orevein percentage to 100 in prep for changes.
    -update GT cfg

    -Updated IFU config with blacklisted blocks to prevent mineshaft/dungeon exploiting.

    Witching Gadgets:
    -update WG config

    Quests changes:

    -update translate able version to
    -Major update with new IC2 quests and PTFE quests.
    -Re-ararnged some quests to make better sense.
    -Fixed minor typos. Added super tank 2 and 3 quests.
    -Addeed some more info for newbies to understand pipes and water generation.
    -Added printer quest for Seismic Prospector.
    -Added info on steam outputs cannot be blocked.
    -Removed outdated oil cracker info.
    -Added info on more ways to get gallium and arsenic.
    -add new Quests for Bartworks thanks to @bartimaeusnek
    -correct Windmil quest (hardened clay amount)
    -add new ebf coil quests for 12k and 15k coils
    -add quest early on about mushroom islands #3932
    -Quest 1200 Plasma Generator should ask for a lower tier dynamo #3931
    -New ore mix quests #3887
    -Add Kitchenware 2.0 Quest (HV Age)
    -fix quest "Radon Decay"
    -added chinese quest file. Thanks to Kiwi
    -Cant complete the Crossbow-Bolt Quests #1154 and #1156 #3884
    -Quest ID 1156 Not Completing (iron tiped bolts) #3808
    -Add a few more Quest like Ironwood Tools and Armor or Canopy Tree quest.
    -moved redstone quest to after upgrade 2.0 so players find out about cauldron cleaning sooner and can clean redstone for their ore wand
    underground fluids quest after moon.
    -updated ic2 crops starting quest
    -Tips for monsters
    -Railcraft boiler tips
    -Backpacks config option to wear backpack
    -Bees breeding - Need purebreed bees
    -tier 0 quests for tips on dealing with infernals and other monsters
    -spectre glass for nether portals, spectre key, spectral armor
    -stairs quest
    -Openblocks fan quest
    -EBF tips
    -A bunch of new pam's foods quests
    -enderio magnet
    -Added some base tier coins quests for animal products like leather/wool/eggs
    -Added flood gate quest
    -correcting coin amounts and change some minor quest stuff
    -seismic prospector - added that it also finds ores.
    -added quest that tells you ball of moss is not shown because of thaumcraft
    -added quest talking about alternatives to aluminium gravel ore.
    -Made Alu gravel no longer required to progress Making Better Tools
    -re-arranged Quest in MV and HV
    -Add a few new Quests like PVC, Field Gen I, Power ICs and MV Motor
    -add more quest for uu mater and replication
    -quest 1078 and 1079 need to change #4031
    -Add a GT crowbar quest #4052
    -fix description of quest 1703 and correct some Chinese translations
    -update questfile (us) to lastest Questfile
    -Tetrahedrite unlock, made redstone mainline
    -made iron tipped bolts and ticon Forge tools generic
    -fix Large Bronze Boiler quest-
    -set oreberry coin rewards to 10
    -added some new coins rewards and adjusted others
    -AE System - Cables #184 reward is a T5 EV lootbag #4058
    -Add Quest: Basic Electric Oven #4054
    -Rubber armor repair recipe or quest #4049
  11. DreamMasterXXL

    DreamMasterXXL Well-Known Member

  12. Angol

    Angol Guest

    Hi, please tell me, can I somehow include recipes for turbines with little durability?
  13. DreamMasterXXL

    DreamMasterXXL Well-Known Member

    i rember we disable it but which turbines you want to add?
  14. Angol

    Angol Guest

    Ideally, everything. Minimal, cobalt (the most ideal turbine at the initial level of development). I assumed that the turbines are disabled in the configs, but I did not find this variable. It is a pity that it is not.
  15. DreamMasterXXL

    DreamMasterXXL Well-Known Member

    Version --- 08.03.2019

    New Mods:

    Controlling 1.0.0

    Mod Upgrade:

    Avaritia 1.15
    Bartworks 0.3.22
    Core Mod 1.6.10
    Crops++ 1.3.2
    Crop Load Core 0.1.3
    GT Tweaker 1.7.1
    IC2 Nei Plugin 1.2.2
    Loot Games 1.0.17
    SpecialMobs 3.3.2
    Tec Tech 3.6.10
    Witching Gadgets 1.2.9i-GTNH

    Mod Changes:

    -Added Radox + Bartworks
    -changed forge's maven to overminddl1's maven
    -should also host IC2 etc.
    -added recipes:
    -add second input slot to cutting saw
    -DEV ProjectRed Suggestion #4166
    -GregTech Wrong Circuits in Recepten LuV,ZPM,UV #4128
    -Change ore mix of pure Ti/Cromite to Imlenite/Cromite
    -Change ore mix of bauxite/bauxite to bauxite/ilmenite
    -Change recipe of Magnesium chlorine + sodium to give back 9 small magnesium dusts
    -Change the ebf recipe of titanium to require EV in the ebf instead of HV
    -Change the recipe of Tungstensteel/Tungsten to require EV in the ebf as well
    -Change the recipe of HSS-G coils to require 144L tungstensteel instead of tungsten and take 7680eu/t in the assembler
    -Change the recipe of naquadah coils to require 144L HSS-G instead of tungstensteel
    -Change recipe of Naquadah coils to require 30720 eu/t,
    -Change recipe of naquadah alloy coils to use 122880 eu/t in the assembler
    -Change recipe of fluxed electrum coils to use 500000 eu/t in the assembler
    -Change recipe of Awakened drac coils to use 2000000 eu/t in the assembler
    -changed high tier material ebf temp to 9,9K and 10,8K
    -rockets now better tiered t1-8 1=HV 2=EV 3=IV and so on
    -Add login message handler

    -Add new Garnet based crop PNGs.
    -added moron's garnydinia
    -added the lens
    -refractored the code and removed Opererators from CropLoadCore
    -fixed GarnydniaCrop crashing NEI-plugin
    -removed wronly implemented getCropInformation()
    -added documentation to Speigers ICropCardInfo
    -removed comments
    -fixed localizer cppLense

    -removeal of Axe for base entites
    -streamlined single block NaquadahReactor
    -fixed basegenerator for naquadagen
    -redid the naquadah override to an universal solid fuel function
    -Add fortune bonuses to miner and multiblock miner.
    -Fix for pipes left with 1L when splitting.
    -Add alumite material and generate GT tools.
    -fix(magical energy absorber): crash in scanAvailableAspects
    -Adds null checks and bound check when getting aspects list from an aspects container (jar or addon euquivallent)
    -add a second intput slots to the cutting saw to add a circuit
    -add nei support for the second cutter input slot
    -Wooden pipe recipe #4187
    -[suggestion] additional gt decorative plates #4185
    -restored compability & removed duplicates
    -added more adding methodes to the cutting machine
    -Construction Foam plate #4175
    -HOG (high octane gasoline) buff [RFC] #4168
    -LV Energy Hatch Recipe Suggestion DEV #4159
    -Grammar/Spelling in Achievement #4141
    -Achievement Misspelled #4139
    -As a tic/gt material to use the Ichorium #4130
    -New coil rebalance (1200K+) #4126
    -Change ore mix of pure Ti/Cromite to Imlenite/Cromite
    -Change ore mix of bauxite/bauxite to bauxite/ilmenite
    -Change recipe of Magnesium chlorine + sodium to give back 9 small magnesium dusts
    -Change the ebf recipe of titanium to require EV in the ebf instead of HV
    -Change the recipe of Tungstensteel/Tungsten to require EV in the ebf as well
    -Change the recipe of HSS-G coils to require 144L tungstensteel instead of tungsten and take 7680eu/t in the assembler
    -Change the recipe of naquadah coils to require 144L HSS-G instead of tungstensteel
    -Change recipe of Naquadah coils to require 30720 eu/t,
    -Change recipe of naquadah alloy coils to use 122880 eu/t in the assembler
    -Change recipe of fluxed electrum coils to use 500000 eu/t in the assembler
    -Change recipe of Awakened drac coils to use 2000000 eu/t in the assembler
    -T2 and T3 Rockets now tiered to EV/IV
    -tiered t3 rockets to iridium(IV). Mars stone ia s iridium source
    -rockets now tiered t4-8
    -Muffler Hatch (MV) Recipe Incorrect #4207
    -Faster saplings -> wood pulp #4210

    GT Tweaker
    -two input sawcutter support for GTNH

    Loot Games
    -Stop worldgen for entrance if block to be replaced is non-solid

    Special Mobs
    -Just used a generic damage source, as opposed to an indirect one.

    Tec Tech
    -Really Ultimate Battery recipes is lack #4204

    Witching Gadgets
    -remove gallium and add ichorium to black list

    Config changes:

    -Ganymed have now samll osmium

    Recipe changes:

    -Gregtech Stone Chisel Compatibility
    -Left Abyssal Stone in the Black Granite group instead of moving it to the Basalt Group by popular demand.

    Storage Drawers
    -add storage drawers to assembler thanks to Drags Team

    Quests changes:

    -Quest ID 1637 Storing the Fluids (ProjectRed) Retrieval Task Change #4181
    -Too many items required? Quest 1814 #4170
    -add new healing axe buying quest
    -Quests 1782-1786 cannot be competed #4190
    -MV Solar quest ingredients - wrong wire flavour. #4123
    -issue regarding fired clay water buckets and cauldrons #4160
    -Impossible quest in Witchry #4155
    -Quest 84 Where can I put all the liquids doesn't actually craft a tank #4153
    -Coins Quest 1044 - Iron (III) Chloride #4151
    -Fix HV and MV miner quests, have incorrect EU/tic #4150
    -Adjust butcher knife quest so it accepts any butcher knife, not just iron #4147
    -Quest 755: Better Than Duct Tape Recommendation #4142
    -Change tungstensteel unlock quest #4138
    -Quest ID 553 Diesel Fuel #4193
    -update quest book for new ti changes and ebf changes
    -fix ichorium ingots
    -Marble cobble should not be part of Nickel quest #4209
  16. novarek

    novarek New Member

    Which armour/suit can handle radiation caused by uranium cells?
  17. Angol

    Angol Guest

    Scuba helmet, Hazmat Suit, Hazmat Suit Leggins and Rubber Boots
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  18. novarek

    novarek New Member

    Nope, those can handle only radiation from up to thorium cells. They do nothing when you try to hold uranium cells (and I guess above)
  19. DreamMasterXXL

    DreamMasterXXL Well-Known Member

    Uranium cells from gt mod or from gt++ ?
  20. novarek

    novarek New Member

    Nevermind... I was testing some reactor designs in my test world couple days ago, and for some reasons hazmat suit didnt work for me while holding IC2 uranium fuel rods.
    I loged in to my game today, to answer your question and.... now everything seems to work properly, I mean hazmat suit protect you when holding uranium rods. IDK what went wrong last time.
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