[1.7.10]GT-New-Horizons[Ultra Hard Gregified modpack via Minetweaker and Modtweaker][2,2K+ Quests]

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by DreamMasterXXL, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. DreamMasterXXL

    DreamMasterXXL Well-Known Member

    There will be more infos soon.
  2. DreamMasterXXL

    DreamMasterXXL Well-Known Member

    Version ---- 16.04.2017

    Mod Upgrade:

    GT New Horizons Core Mod 1.3.40
    Loot Games 1.0.13
    YAM Core 0.5.76

    Code changes:

    Core Mod(Segmented transfer of custom tooltips Multiline tooltips)
    Lootgames(First Lootgame now ready for action)

    Config changes:

    Core Mod(Chest 1-4 changes)
    Loot Games(config changes)


    A fewTypo Fixes.
  3. onsp

    onsp Active Member

    This mod LootGames so broken. Good idea but here is my feedback:
    -after about 14 notes u really dont have enough time to finish clicking ur pattern
    -after 15 or 16 notes if u was fast enough pattern resets and u receive new one random but its impossible after u remember notes before
    -i dont understand logic how to finish this game. some times it need 1-2 green message in chat "The structure seems to acknowledge ur efforts", sometimes more than 10...
    -if u stay at place while solving puzzle and unlucky to finish it fast u will go afk soon and server will kick u, sure this is not a bug, but can you change how much time needed for this game?
    -cells with plasma? really crazy reward, but u will boiled
  4. DreamMasterXXL

    DreamMasterXXL Well-Known Member

    Did you using Version 1.0.13?
    In Update is a less brocken version.
  5. onsp

    onsp Active Member

    Yes, exactly. And i tested again and again. Impossible to reach 4lvl with 4 chest rewards cuz pattern reset as i wrote...
  6. DreamMasterXXL

    DreamMasterXXL Well-Known Member

    I have People on my Server reaching Tier 4.
  7. onsp

    onsp Active Member

    how? if pattern resets after T3? and you need remember again about 16! not 2 notes
  8. bremmon

    bremmon Well-Known Member

    How do you make rubber dust for the coating on tin wires? I just unlocked the LV machine block in the STEAM tier and it calls for Tin wires.

    I don't know what is happening but I use NEI for this stuff sometimes and cannot find a recipe. This is one such time:)

    Loving the modpack BTW. . . great job!
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  9. kris449

    kris449 Well-Known Member

    For rubber dust you put resin from rubber trees in an extractor (or centrifuge when you get one for much better results).

    Plant lots of the trees near your base, you'll need them :p
  10. bremmon

    bremmon Well-Known Member

    Great Thanks for the reply and advice! I have a few but you are correct. I will no doubt need many more:)
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  11. crazywan

    crazywan New Member

    Hello , thx for the great work with this pack :)
    But i have a problem.. i was play with my friends this pack ver. ~ one month and yesterday they can't connect to me on LAN game and have a crash.
    I can play single , but my friends no.. - Join game -> Crash
    If i create new world , we don't have a problem , connected succesful , all ok. But our save world .. i don't want play a single :) , we have a progress.
    I have a crash log + FML latest log (part) , can u help me ?
    What i was do : Update Java (8.121 up to 8.131) , restart our PC , reinstall pack , copy all my folder (all pack) on PC friends , cut our "Technic Base (home)" with MCEdit 2 on new World (i can't load world).
    + i update modpack -> 1.4.11 (crash again our World)
    Crash log :
    Latest Log-FML :

    I little modded this pack , added few new addons for fun ( endertech , mining hatch (night vision) , FTBLib (warps) , Veinminer at last) , with this mods playing 2-3 weeks , no have a problem.
    And i disabled GT pollution in config + disable Hunger Overhaul mod , we playing Peaceful mode (only progress , technic plane)
    I found this in crash pack:
    at ic2.core.network.RpcHandler.onConnect(RpcHandler.java:104) ~[RpcHandler.class:?]

    But we don't use IC 2 blocks..

    Agrrhh... I was a fool, removing older backup files to save space :mad:

    PS: Sorry for my bad english.
  12. onsp

    onsp Active Member

    Slime saplings OP. You dont need treetap for rubber.
  13. UNG_God

    UNG_God Active Member

    I am a lot late but i did start playing this grindsome modpack on the dirt huts server, so here it is :

    after playing a long time (not that much, but the slugish pace makes feels like) one thing i was realy needing and did not got was leads , so could you give an early quest for that wonder? Also if you arent going to allow us to turn nuggets into ingots by hand, dont allow ingots in nuggets by hand as well, all you need is the game to not keep up to end with a buch of nuggets when trying to grind some ingots.
  14. kris449

    kris449 Well-Known Member

    There is a quest for lead, it just might not be where you expect, and sometimes you have to do quests in one tab to unlock other tabs ;)
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  15. DreamMasterXXL

    DreamMasterXXL Well-Known Member

    I am sorry but if you modified this well balanced pack "for fun" I can't help you. Remove all the mods you add and try your save game with a fresh installed version. If it then crash send me a crashlog again.
  16. crazywan

    crazywan New Member

    I'm installed clean install and 1.4.11 , crash again when my friends connect to me , single play OK.
    Crash only friends when connect , i am stay in game. Anybody versions or 1.4.11 , clean install.
    Crash log 1.4.11 ver. clean (friends pc)
  17. DreamMasterXXL

    DreamMasterXXL Well-Known Member

    Looks like a random Null pointer no specific crash log.

    I guess your client and server config mismatch somewhere but I don’t know what file is wrong
  18. bremmon

    bremmon Well-Known Member

    Ok. . . so Bronze Steam Furnace has an item auto output button. I have that set but items are not being output. I have tin pipes hooked up to the furnace going into a chest. Any idea why the items are not auto outputting?

    - I have the tin pipe hooked up to the side of the furnace. . . not the front and not the vent side.

    BTW - I have items going from a hopper into the furnace from a different side and that is working fine. Just can't seem to auto output.

  19. DreamMasterXXL

    DreamMasterXXL Well-Known Member

    Bronze Steame Age machines not desinged for automation.
  20. crazywan

    crazywan New Member

    Hmm.. i found why crash .. mod - utility worlds - mining portals etc.. / i delete from my save all dimensional , but overworld stay and friend can connect in problem Save World.
    I get Mining portal with - cheat mode (for fun , interesting) :)
    Problem solved.
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