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    This HQM book follows Direwolf20’s Series 7 Let’s Play on YouTube.

    *** Please note, development of this HQM has discontinued***

    I had seen people mention that they would be interested in a HQM play through of this series. I also felt like many of players get bored with
    their worlds too quickly. Many players (like myself) gear up fast then loose interest.

    My goal with this HQM is to give people a goal, some thing to constantly work on. Play along with Dire and see if you can keep up. This may also be helpful for new players of modded Minecraft. Having the book and goals may help their progression.

    I intend on updating this pack throughout the YouTube series. Updates will be every 2 episodes at least.

    Follow me on Twitter for update notifications @JohnnyMobbins


    Place the HQM .jar file in your mod folder and place the hqm folder in your configs.

    New Worlds should spawn with the book and quest mode enabled.
    Pre loaded worlds will have to enable quest mode (/hqm quest) and either spawn in or craft a book.
    If you have not enabled cheats when you created your world simply "Open to Lan" in the menu and change the setting.


    I have permission from Direwolf20.




    Hardcore Quest Mode - http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/77027-hardcore-questing-mode/files

    HQM Config folder - Version 1.0.10 - http://bit.ly/1Ai04hL

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  2. JohnnyMobbins

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    Hey Guys,
    Thanks for checking out the Quest Book.
    There is a known issue at the moment. The current version of HQM is not showing once the reward has been collected. Everything still works fine but you will still see that you have an unclaimed reward. You will just have to ignore it till the mod updates.

    I haven't created Reward Bags yet. I was interested to hear peoples thoughts on them and the current rewards. My plan so far is to not make the rewards an advantage but more of a motivation to keep going and follow along with the series.

    Please feel free to be brutally honest. This is the first HQM I have made.


  3. Fr33K UY

    Fr33K UY New Member

    Great idea, I love HQM and now you combine it with my fav pack.
    I WILL need this from now on with all the series from dire.
  4. CryptoHue

    CryptoHue New Member

    love HQM as I'm still a noob. I need HQM to give me a direction to go.

  5. Ravious

    Ravious New Member

    Brilliant idea! Honestly this should become a true thing to Direwolf's series and would bring playing along to a whole new level!
  6. Yulife

    Yulife New Member

    This can be fixed by adding a reputation, it can be blank so it won't affect anything, to the quest.
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  7. FnDragon

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    Yes, this. It's unintuitive, but it works.
  8. Liquid Klone

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    Anyone else getting a crash on new world, but existing world is fine?

    EDIT: Nevermind, thats derpyness with using recreate button to make a new world.
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  9. YoshiiPowa

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    I am having issues with the config side of things. I dont normally mess with modpack folders and not quite up to scratch with what i am doing. Thanks for any help in advance.
  10. YoshiiPowa

    YoshiiPowa New Member

    I can this same issue.
  11. JohnnyMobbins

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    What version of the DW pack are you running? Try using 1.0.1 and I'll look into it further tonight.
  12. JohnnyMobbins

    JohnnyMobbins New Member

    You may need to add the mod.jar to your mod folder and open a world. This should then generate a "hqm"folder in the config folder. Simply place the files I have provided in that hqm folder.
  13. Liquid Klone

    Liquid Klone New Member

    1.0.2. I assumed that HQM was the problem with my new world since that was new. But I also updated today too. found the relevant thread here. installing 1.0.1 isnt an option. i only have internet on mobile.
  14. JohnnyMobbins

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    Now up to episode 20. 5 more quests added. Link above has been updated.
  15. CryptoHue

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  16. deanec64

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    wish this was officially added to pack ;-) still thanks for all the work!
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  17. Feed the beast 122

    Feed the beast 122 New Member

    hey johnny if i add this to the pack will it matter if i have already disabled some mods?
  18. JohnnyMobbins

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    It shouldn't make any difference to how the HQM book works. The only issue you may have is if one of the quests requires the mod that you have disabled.
  19. Feed the beast 122

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  20. JohnnyMobbins

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    13 New quests added!

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