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  1. ljfa

    ljfa New Member

    Glass Shards
    Textures made by @Plainy and @xTordX

    Have you always been annoyed at how glass in Minecraft doesn't drop anything when broken? This small and simple mod changes that.

    Breaking glass blocks or panes has a random chance of dropping glass shards. You can smelt them in a furnace to get your glass back. So you now have a lossy way of converting panes back into blocks.
    You can configure the probability as you see fit. Panes drop accordingly less than blocks.

    Stained glass and panes drop stained glass shards. Uncolored glass shards can be stained with dyes, and you can remove the color from glass shards by using gunpowder. These features are configurable too.

    Also, you can use your shards to make a sword. It is fancy looking and has iron level attack damage but it doesn't last very long.

    The shards dropping is compatible with Chisel (requires 2.3.x), MineFactory Reloaded, Tinkers Construct and EnderIO glass if configured.

    Ice Shards
    Ice Shards is a small addon for Glass Shards which makes ice and packed ice drop ice shards.
    The ice shards can be crafted back into ice or packed ice.

    It also adds a Frozen Pickaxe which can harvest ice faster and prevents it from turning into water, so you don't make a mess when building with ice.

    The drop chance is configurable separately from Glass Shards, and separately for regular and packed ice.

    It has compatibility with other mods, just as well as Glass Shards.

    2015-01-28_17.25.52.png 2015-04-16_20.10.12.png

    Mod Spotlight by Alpha_Gaming:

    All these recipes can also be seen in NEI
    Smelting glass shards into glass blocks:

    Using dyes to color clear glass shards:

    Using gunpowder to remove the color:


    Crafting glass swords:

    Ice Shards:
    Crafting Ice:

    Crafting Packed Ice:

    Crafting the Frozen Piackaxe:

    Glass Shards

    Source code at Github

    Ice Shards
    Source code at Github

    You may include this mod in modpacks, but it would be nice if you let me know.

    Copyright (c) 2015 ljfa-ag

    Glass Shards is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    Glass Shards is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
    along with Glass Shards. If not, see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/.

    Found issues?
    Please report them to the issue tracker or alternatively post them here. Make sure that you are using the latest version.
    Known issues:
    • (1.8 only) The dropped item looks glitched at the edge
      No idea what is causing that. I blame Mojang.
    • "java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: net.minecraft.item.Item$ToolMaterial.setRepairItem"
      Update your Forge to at least version
    • "cpw.mods.fml.common.LoaderException: java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: isChiselCorrectVersion"
      Update Glass Shards to at least 1.3.2

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  2. Plainy

    Plainy New Member

    Glass shards?
    I think your better off renaming it to Glass Dust since it really looks more like dust.
    If you look at the petals from Botania and would skin them to be glass I would say yes those are glass shards but this really is more like dust.
    And no im not saying ripp off botania but create something similiar to it.
    And I will add this because it is annoying as f-bomb here.
  3. ljfa

    ljfa New Member

    It really does
    It's supposed to kinda look like a pile of shards. A petal would look like one single shard, but it doesn't make sense to cook a single shard in a furnace to get a full block does it?
    Like I wrote, I'm a terrible artist. What I did was importing the vanilla redstone texture into GIMP and making a new layer above it, coloring it pixel by pixel based on the redstone texture.
    It would look good if it actually was a pile of glass dust IMO.
  4. Plainy

    Plainy New Member

    You probably would be better off taking some of the dusts in another mod or sugar for that matter.
    Its already white ya know with a simple Hue/Saturation filter in Photoshop(not gimp i personally hate it) you could collor it.
    And erase some parts with a nerfed eraser to add a little transparancy.

    Send me a pm if you want me to do it just going to need the texture and Ill see if i can work something out for you ;)
  5. ljfa

    ljfa New Member

    Wouldn't it still look like dust then?
    I have no idea how to make it look like a pile of shards as opposed to dust.
  6. Plainy

    Plainy New Member

    I think you could justify saying the shards were pulverized?
    Maybe if you were to smelt them you'd get shards?

    And Ill look if i can make a real shard looking thing... perhaps... I have an idea but that would more be like a glass pane shard.... xd

    pfff xD http://puu.sh/ehjEd/3714e585e7.png
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  7. Eruantien

    Eruantien New Member

    Could I offer a suggestion? What if, when glass is broken, it drops one of these glass dusts/shards. This dust/shard could then be smelted into sand (kind of like re-melting the glass). Then, if you want, the sand could be smelted back into glass again. Saves on resources, but consumes a bit more coal/power/whatnot.

    Also: I based this off of Automagy's Shattered Avarice Pearl. Magenta-ish glass shard: [​IMG]
  8. ljfa

    ljfa New Member

    Well it's a configurable random chance as of now. You mean always drop one?

    Smelting shards into sand makes no sense imo. But I might add Pulverizer, SAG Mill and/or Macerator recipes for that.

    Not bad, but it doesn't really look like a full block's worth of glass. More like a little bit of glass.
    Also, I'd need it in all 17 possible colors.
  9. Plainy

    Plainy New Member

    Hue/saturation photoshop/gimp would do the trick.
    not sure if you could get the exact colors but it would get damn close to it :p
  10. ljfa

    ljfa New Member

    Well that's also how I did it for the current textures :D
  11. Plainy

    Plainy New Member

    Also do you need only a texture or also the model to go with it?
    Not a big fan of Techne tbh its really annoying how you have to repeadidly have to click little tiny f... arrows to move it around.
    Otherwise I could probably try some shapes/forms/stuff when i get back in 2-3 hours
  12. ljfa

    ljfa New Member

    I don't need any model. It's just an item after all.
    A 3D shape would be kinda odd for items, but if you really want go ahead :D
  13. Plainy

    Plainy New Member

    Well i'll see what i can come up with ill first make a general shape in photoshop and model it afterwards cant make it so it will act good in the game since i cant code for shit so you have to do that
  14. Azzanine

    Azzanine New Member

    Because silk touch is for chumps and wusses. Real men reclaim their glass by picking up the broken shards with their bare hands and throws them in to a furnace that is hot as hell.

    This would makes for a decen early game solution to those whoopse glass placing moments though.
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  15. Plainy

    Plainy New Member

    it is still way way way way way to crisp but I made it in a 128x128 square going to rescale it to 32x32 then 16x16 and see if its still looking normal by then...

    Not a broken image btw... looks awfully a lot like it tho like the old ones from WXP xD

    Added a 1px drop shadow which you can barely see its not amazing but its a first draft.
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  16. ljfa

    ljfa New Member

    That doesn't look bad, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea to resacle from 128x128 to 16x16.

    By the way, version 0.2-alpha is now released. It comes with proper support for Chisel glass.
  17. Plainy

    Plainy New Member

    Well it worked right xD?
    Going to see if I can come up with one tonight again.
    What is actually the standard size for textures?
    I always assumed you could follow the texture packs wit sizes.
  18. ljfa

    ljfa New Member

    16x16 is the standard, but they can also be larger.
    I would kinda like to keep it in style with Minecraft items which all have 16x16 textures.
  19. Plainy

    Plainy New Member

    Sure no problem.
    mini canvas size here i come! WHOOOSH~~

    Edit: [​IMG] <- wont bother the fill here compared to the two others :p
    It actually looks a bit like the glass in MC itself(if you ask me).
    v2.0 [​IMG] v2.01 [​IMG] it has a fill with low opacity
    I like V2 better v1 looks a bit like a cropped version
    btw it are screenshots I'll make the PNG in a bit and have to add a low opacity for the inside
    v3.0 [​IMG] v3.01 [​IMG]
    dis one is sexy <3

    v3 uploaded [​IMG]
    v2 uploaded [​IMG]
    v1 uploaded [​IMG]
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  20. ljfa

    ljfa New Member

    That's how it looks ingame:
    Minecraft doesn't render the alpha channel in-world, which makes it look weird. It's fine when it is in the inventory though.
    I'd suggest using the partial transparency only for the stained shards. That's how I did it with the current textures.

    By the way, you can try and test your textures ingame yourself by dropping them into the .jar file, into the "assets/glass_shards/textures/items" folder

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