[1.6.4] Stirecraft {Quests} {Tech/Magic}

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by Raspen0, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. Raspen0

    Raspen0 New Member

    I'm also putting this in a new comment so people get a notification of this:

    FTB seems to have uploaded a modpack update from a diffrent modpack as a Stirecraft update,

    DO NOT UPDATE TO 2.9.5!!!!!

    I'll post another comment when the issue is fixed
  2. Raspen0

    Raspen0 New Member

    2.9.5 has been reuploaded as 2.9.6
    That version should work

    For people wondering what was wrong, 2.9.5 was accidentally switched with a modpack called G-Craft Pack during the upload process
  3. Jonu

    Jonu New Member

    Um, Why do u not have hqm anymore?!
  4. Raspen0

    Raspen0 New Member

    HQM is still in the pack

    You might have downloaded Stirecraft 2.9.5, that version is broken
    FTB accidentally swapped 2.9.5 with a pack update from another pack,
    2.9.5 has been reuploaded as 2.9.6 on the launcher

    I'll ask the FTB team to remove 2.9.5 from the launcher
  5. Jonu

    Jonu New Member

    Ok, but I downloaded 2.9.5 but i updated to 2.9.6, Do I just delete the pack, and download 2.9.6?
  6. Raspen0

    Raspen0 New Member

    Try doing a Force Update,

    You can do that by going into the FTB Launcher settings, Pressing Force Update and launching Stirecraft when 2.9.6 is selected as version
  7. Jonu

    Jonu New Member

  8. Raspen0

    Raspen0 New Member

    Stirecraft 2.9.7 is now on the launcher,


    It contains 3 new Nether Quests.
    And I've added Opis and MobiusCore, they are disabled by default, disable your current minimap mod before enabling Opis.
    I've disabled the TubeStuff storage blocks so it's normal to get the missing 1 id warning.

    Minecraft Loader is now disabled by default because of it spamming the console.

    FTB has switched over to a new 3rd party pack submissions system that's a lot faster and easier to use, so bugfix versions can be uploaded much quicker to fix game breaking bugs.
    Please comment if you find any issues with the pack after this change.

    The launcher description has also been updated, FTB added Mod Links so you can click on the mod name to go to the mod's forum page.
    I've added a link to the forum page and a link to StealthySharks Let's play to the launcher,
    If you want to make a Let's Play of Stirecraft and have it show on the launcher, please contact me and I'll look at your video
  9. Bubbleo

    Bubbleo New Member

    I enjoy the pack but feel the questline is quite lacking and would love to see more such as

    1/ Quest lines in the getting started to be more in line with how one would generally get started when first starting out. May be a good way to also help those who first have ever played a modded pack to guide them along there travels.

    2/ Maybe a Victory monument style Section

    3/ Maybe a hoarding style section

    4/ Maybe a magic, tech and space section since you have galacticraft in their.

    Just some ideas otherwise a enjoyable pack just would love to see more added to quests be happy to help add them if your after help.
  10. Raspen0

    Raspen0 New Member

    For the first suggestion:
    I don't know if this is possible since maybe one person wants to use Thermal Expansion and the other Ars Magica.
    I'm planning to add mod quest lines such as a Galacticraft Questline and Mekanism Quest Line, but i'm going to wait until the pack updates to 1.7 to create those because a lot of recipes and blocks have changed in 1.7 with those mods and i'm going to also change a lot of the machine recipes to make the mods work better together.

    School has just begon for me so i don't have as much time as i used to creating quests, so if you want to help with quests, please PM me the Quests, see the main post to see what i need to make the Quests.

    Could you explain the second and third suggestions a bit more?
  11. Bubbleo

    Bubbleo New Member

    Victory Monument - Not sure if you have played Vechs Maps but hiding certain items in the map that you have to find and collect bit like a scavenger hunt sort of thing. YOu have a list of things you have outlayed to find and scatter the list contents in and around the world.

    Hoarding style - collecting a certain amount of items. you have these in exploration but they are more so biome specific. Be good to have more difficult items or liquids to obtain where you would need to set up a easy to complex build to obtain producing these items. Used to play this sort of thing on a previous server where the game was to fill a double chest or certain size tank with every item or liquid obtainable in game. Sort of forces people to utilise every mod in some sort or fashion I guess.

    Hope that helps :)
  12. Raspen0

    Raspen0 New Member

    I don't want Stirecraft to use a specific map, I want people to be able to create their own worlds
    So i'm afraid this won't be possible :(

    I might make a map with a Victory Monument, but it won't be a required map, but i don't have time to do that now.

    Also for people who created maps or want to create maps for Stirecraft, please PM me when it's done so i can put it on the Main Post and maybe the Launcher Description :D.
  13. Raspen0

    Raspen0 New Member

    There will probally be no update this weekend because my CPU fan isn't working correctly and is causing be CPU to get to 80-85C when playing modded minecraft.
    A new CPU fan should have arrived today but it didn't so i couldn't make a pack update,
    I'll try to get a pack update up next week.

    I'm also thinking of delaying the tool changes to 1.7, because Modtweaker for 1.7 has a lot more options.
    It all depends on how long we have to wait on the last mods to update.

    Ars Magica is now updated to 1.7.2 but not 1.7.10 because Animation API is not yet updated, The AM dev has said that he has a 1.7.10 build ready so hopefully that is updated soon.
    The PortalGun mod will probally skip 1.7 so you'll have to do without the portalgun :(
    I'm also still waiting on Mystcraft (Should be updated soon).
    I haven't heard anything about the 1.7 versions of DartCraft, ModularPowersuits, Wireless Redstone -CBE and Gravity Gun so i don't know when to expect them.
    One of the new mods in Stirecraft 3 is going to be Thermal Dynamics which contains the TE Ducts and Conduits, they are not longer contained in TE itself.

    I'll probally do a Beta of the 1.7 version of the pack prior to release.
    I'll make a seperate Private Testing Pack for it.
    The worlds of the test version will probally NOT be compatilble with the release version as mods can be removed and added during testing.
    If anyone is interested in testing the 1.7 version of Stirecraft, please post here in the comments.
    The Beta will probally not happen for the next couple of weeks.

    EDIT: 5 minutes after i wrote this my new cooler came in :D, I'll try to get a update send to FTB tomorrow but not promises
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2014
  14. Raspen0

    Raspen0 New Member

    Stirecraft 2.9.8 is now on the launcher

    Full Changelog

    Picture-in-Picture and Journey Map where added, there are both disabled by default and can be enabled by clicking edit modpack after you launcher 2.9.8 once.
    I also added Morpheus to the Server Package, this mod will skip the night if at least half of the server is sleeping.

    I've disabled the Ars Magica Armor HUD because Stirecraft has the ArmorStatusHUD mod for that.
    I've also disabled MinefactoryReloaded worldgen in the Twilight Forest, this means that Sludge and Sewage lakes will not generate in the Twilight Forest.

    I've also updated Waila Harvestabilty, it now shows when you can get the block with shears (✂) or Silk Touch (✒)

    Also I've changed the Launcher Description color to something a little lighter, the 3rd party admin is currently working on making the launcher modlist the same color.

    Sorry there was not update last week, i was busy the whole day installing my new cooler and after that i felt sick for a couple of days.

    Also I've asked on the FTB Subreddit and it seems that 1.6 quests can't carry over to 1.7 unlike i thought.
    So sadly you'll need to do all the quests again even if you convert your Stirecraft 2 World to Stirecraft 3
    Because of this i'm instead going to focus on quests for Stirecraft 3, i might make a couple of more quests for Stirecraft 2 but we'll see
    I'm also looking into giving players who convert their map from Stirecraft 2 to Stirecraft 3 some bonus stuff, but no promises :)

    Also a question for the players of my modpack.
    I want to change all the machine recipes to use the same Machine Block / Machine Casing.
    That Machine Block will also get multiple crafting recipes so you can craft it with multiple mods (Example: Thermal Expansion and Mekanism)

    But i'm not sure which Machine Block i'm going to use.
    I want to choose from either the IC2 Machine Casing. (Using Basic Machine Casing for Normal Machines and using the Advanced Machine Casing for High Tier Machines)
    Or the new Thermal Expansion Machine Frames. (There are 4 Tiers, Basic, Hardened, Reinforced and Resonant)
    I would need to sort machines into 4 tiers and i'm not sure what machines i'm going to put in what tier.
    Please reply to this message with your opinion of which Machine Block i should use :D
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2014
  15. DoomSquirter

    DoomSquirter Well-Known Member

    Started playing this today. Got to nether just now and much to my suprise, it's pretty barren of life. Imps, spawner based mobs (i.e. blazes) are the only thing. No pig zombies, no wither skeletons, no ghasts. Is this intended?
  16. StealthyShark

    StealthyShark New Member

    Hm. Strange just went back on my video test series so see if that was true, but there seems to be wither skeletons, ghasts, and pig zombies roaming around. Haven't gone to the Nether on my new world yet. If this is the case Raspen0 will probably fix it in the near future. I'll keep a look out on my world when I go into the Nether. :)
  17. StealthyShark

    StealthyShark New Member

    Personal opinion I would go for the IC2 ones, because you can make a more futuristic look (kinda like on a spacecraft or station) with marble. Either one would be fine I can't really choose between them when it comes to texture. :/ As for which one I would use probably thermal expansion early on and for most of the game seeing how most other mods resort to using rf.
  18. Raspen0

    Raspen0 New Member

    It seems no mobs are spawning due to NetherOres spawning a lot of Hellfish and filling up the max allowed number of mobs in the nether.
    Use /cofh killall in the nether and that should kill them and the normal mobs should start spawning.
    If you have cheats disabled, then do Open for LAN and that should enable cheats so you can use the command.

    If more people get this problem, I'll disable hellfish
  19. DoomSquirter

    DoomSquirter Well-Known Member

    so we're talking hellfish in quartz, spawning, right? Since I'm not seeing anything on minimap. Funny thing is I've exploded a couple of sets of quartz before I ended up leaving, and I never saw a single hellfish. I'll enable opis and see what it says about entities, etc...
  20. DoomSquirter

    DoomSquirter Well-Known Member

    Just another thing that I think needs mentioning. The Steve's factory manager is a older version that is missing quite a few things. You thinking of updating that in the pack?

    And it's probably just cause of the biome I started on, but how do you keep dryads from spawning inside your home and having a book of the month club meeting inside your home with all of their dryad friends? :)

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