[1.6.4] Stirecraft {Quests} {Tech/Magic}

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by Raspen0, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. Raspen0

    Raspen0 New Member

    I haven't tested the modpack on mac but it should work just fine on mac.

    Can you craft / cheat in modded items / blocks?
    If not, then the mods aren't loading correctly on the server.

    Are there any mods in the mods folder of the server?
    And are you using stirecraft.sh to start the server?
  2. icninja

    icninja New Member

    To answer your questions, yes. I can cheat things in, the mod folder has everything it should, and im using the stirecraft.sh to launch it.
  3. Raspen0

    Raspen0 New Member

    That's weird
    Can you send me the log file?
    It is called ForgeModLoader-server-0.log and is located in the logs folder

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