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    /me throws a party and invites everyone
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    A-Am I invited?
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    i cannot complete the water sigil mission :(

    Can somebody help me, please?

    Is there any tutorial to follow? I also dont know how to make energy
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    In second quest line you had 2 quests that looked like shards I think (last quest where you had to give bucket of water I think). Those were unlocking 3rd and 4th quest line but you can choose only one.
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    The Water Sigil is ignoring NBT data for some reason. It'll be fixed in the next update, but for now, you can craft a new one, or cheat one in from NEI. Make sure not to bind it to yourself.

    You can follow PurpleMentat's series to learn how to generate power. It's pretty good in helping.
    Suerte para usted, yo hablo español (Soy asi-asi con español). Para desbloquear Vampires Won't Hurt You, necesita seleccionar la otra búsqueda en Skylines and Turnstiles. Usted seleccionado la búsqueda del fragmento verde, pero necesita usa la búsqueda del fragmento negro. Sin emargo, usted puede usa el comando "/hqm edit" para desbloquear el otro conjunto. Deshace la búsqueda del fragmento verde y completa la búsqueda del fragmento negro.

    Pardon the terrible Spanish, here's an english version in case it's completely unreadable.
    Lucky for you, I can speak spanish (Although not very well). In order to unlock Vampires Won't Hurt You, you need to select the other quest in Skylines and Turnstiles. You selected the quest with a green shard, but you need to select the the one with the black shard. However, you can use the command "/hqm quest" in order to unlock the other set. Undo the quest with the green shard, and complete the one with the black.
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    For future reference, if you get an item to NOT work in ANY case with HQM (I feel you), make a custom oredict with Minetweaker and set the item to accept oredictionary only. That works in most of the cases. Custom OreDicts are also a nice thing to have for, e.g., the different types of Tinkers' tables like Part Builder, etc. Precise won't work as it can be made with 4 different types of wood, fuzzy would accept any table and nbt-indendepent doesn't care, as it doesn't have any nbt-data. As a solution you can add those 4 types of tables in a custom OreDict and use it in the book :) You can look in the WLR github for a more detailed version.
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    It doesn´t work even with a new one. I´ll wait for next update. Thanks for your help! :)
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    Yeah, if it doesn't feel free to use /hqm edit to get past the quest
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    Just writing that?
    Edit: I did it! Thank you so much! :D
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    in the dream dimension in the mod Witchery lets you get ores and every thing that you cant in the over world. 2014-12-23_23.54.52.png 2014-12-23_23.54.57.png 2014-12-23_23.54.59.png 2014-12-23_23.55.02.png 2014-12-23_23.55.05.png 2014-12-23_23.55.06.png
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    There were monsters spawning in my "good dream" world.
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    The difference between the good/bad dreams is Nightmares. Normal mobs should spawn regardless, I think.
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    It really is as good as crash landing!:D
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    I'm surprised Material Energy ^3 won. I couldn't stand it.. This one and Crash Landing are superior, imo
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    I love the MCR references. cx Gerard is the only way. Right about to play the pack for the first time, looking forward to it from this post! c:
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    In the witch circle, there was one named witch, I can't remember how she was called. Once I saw in chat "[Witch's name] fell into the void". That witch hadn't respawned.

    Is that witch important anyway? Only witches that spawns there are vanilla witches that are trying to kill me...
  20. Gideonseymour

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    Witchery Witches spawn during the day, Vanilla witches at night. You have to be there for them to spawn.
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