[1.6.4] Running Red v1.1.4 [Jam-Packed][Hardcore][Magic][RPG][Good as Crash Landing!]

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    I can't find it anymore, wasn't it supposed to be listed in the Launcher?
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    Packs come and go from the public list, so just look into Codelists (or the first post for that matter, which may not always be up to date...).
    http://tiny.cc/ftb3pcodes says PackCode is "blood"
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    I can't find the modpack(Running red) in the ftb launcher. Is it removed?
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    PackCode is "blood"
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    Some points to help speed things along:

    Getting Cobblestone Via the Extruder is tedious, use the Item Transfer Node and World Interaction/Mining Upgrades, to get the Lapis for it, make Rain Plant seeds with Water and Seeds. However feeding both Lava and Water into the Extruder using the Lava Generator and the Aqueous Accumulator will net you a constant supply of Obsidian provided you can power the Lava Generator.

    A Cyclic Assembler is very helpful in autocrafting Lead and Osmium, just have something feed water into it and attach it to the power grid, you can even auto craft redstone by using a Blood Fabricator and having it pump Life Essence into it and dumping in sand.

    The Mob Trap for the Altar may be a pain to turn off if you want to dismantle it, to circumvent that, make WR-CBE Logic Wireless Transmitters and Recievers and hook up Redstone Lamps on the levels the mobs spawn at to allow for an easy way to disable the Trap should you need to. Also placing a Trash Can near the altar should allow you to get rid of the useless mob drops like damaged bows and armor.

    Make a Pulverizer and Crusher as soon as you can to make Sand and Gravel Respectively (The Gravel can then be put into the Alchemic Chemistry set with a piece of Flint to double the flint you get from it)

    Each Generator has it's Pros and Cons
    * Heat: Cheap to make but requires lava for each generator to get the most out of it if making a power grid, (Dismantling the grid or adding more generators can possibly kill you if you do not handle lava carefully)
    * Solar: Generates more power than Heat with Combustible materials, but more expensive and operates only during the day, can be made into Advanced Solar Generator which requires 3x3x3 space and only operates during the day
    * Hydrogen Generator: Infinite Power when used in conjunction with Electrolytic Seperator and can provide Jetpack Fuel, It is however extremely noisy though (Placing it at a lower altitude is the best way to get rid of the noise; 20 blocks away, max distance for a OpenBlocks Elevator is preferred, so you can use lower altitudes, just watch out for Slimes that spawn). Using a Fluid Transport node is perhaps more efficient than the Aqueous Accumulator and Electric Pump due to the Stack and Speed Upgrades you can give it (Placing the node on a block inbetween 2 source blocks and breaking the block the node is on will allow it to draw from the infinite spring of water
    * Wind: Can Generate more than Solar and maybe nearly as much as the Hydrogen Generator but only at high altitudes is when it becomes valuable (So unless you want to make an Elevator to go to Extremely High levels, this may not be the most viable option but useful to start with aside from the Heat Generator) It also requires open sky, so you can't make a simple tower and place them above one another (Make a Tiered tower similar to the higher tiered blood altar will work fine: One level being one type of length and Width, the one above it being one less than the previous level). It is also noisy too, but less than the Hydrogen Generator
    * Bio: Uses Bio Fuel from Crushed plant life (Cheap and easy to get, moreso than Normal fuel due to literally having Bonemeal in a Can, however requires constant input or an automated system to feed the materials into it)

    Making a small room for the Oreberries to grow in and having them being picked by a Harvester (Upgraded of course) is perhaps the best way of getting the raw materials for machines, using the Void Fluid Pipes from Railcraft is the best way to deal with the Sludge Issue unless you want to make Sludge Boiler Byproducts. The Oreberries themselves can be crushed to make 4 dusts and Ferrous dust if Crushing Iron Oreberries

    Make a Hopper and Feed materials you want into it which will go into the Altar, that is the only way to be able to mass produce things like Slates

    Regarding the Blood Altar, make 4 Speed runes and apply them immediately when you have them in the North, South, East, and West sides. This will make Crafting slightly faster. Once you hit tier 3, you can replace the other 4 with Speed Runes.

    A Jetpack + Hang Glider Combo is the best way to get to the Nether Fortress, it also allows you to fly over everything and get Nether wart and Magma Creams from the Magma Cubes easily.

    Even if you are not going Witchery Route; try getting a few Rowan Saplings, Rowan Berries are extremely nutritious and the wood itself doesn't need to be fed into the Altar to become planks. (You may have a Sawmill already at this point though)

    If using Tesseracts to move power around, do not hook up Universal Cables to it, the RF will not transfer through Universal Cables into the Tesseract, instead hook it up to a Thermal Expansion Cell and have the cell's active side touch the Tesseract. Same goes for the machines receiving power, it needs a Thermal Expansion Cell to send the power to the machines themselves. Think of the Thermal Expansion Cells like a Transformer (power of certain levels cannot be sent into machines directly as it may fry them due to a certain electrical Threshold it can manage) but through a transformer it can be usable through changing the current's Amplitude).
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    Hey can someone tell how can i put the server or the map to play lan with my couple? i try to go to the options allow cheats and open in lan but it doesn't appear in her game
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    I understand that the modpack is old: | now has the twitch app with the ftb modpacks the correct one? so when I try to download your modpack TODAY first I got the error that a mod from modpack with id 70286, I found some videos on yt about those errors, but I can not know what mod it would be that ID before, so removing it from the " Manifest.json "I get another error" Exception of type "Curse.Radium.InstallManagement.InstallTaskFailedException" Has been triggered "that trying to install any of the modpack versions, would that be something you could solve, or is there something I can do? I would like to play the modpack, for being a HQM a somewhat old version that is what I can play: c and be different from other skyblocks besides that many people speak well of modpack :D
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    Could you download the modpack? If yes, where?
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    Hey guys, sorry for the lack of response on these issues. I've just come back to the forums now (wow, they're really moving off of Curse?). Time hasn't been kind to Running Red... a lot of the links and downloads for it no longer work. I'll try to do what I can to address these concerns.
    This pack was made on 1.6.4, so it doesn't have the LAN functionality built into it. You'll need to set up a dedicated server for it. If you can, try launching it using the FTB Legacy Launcher, as there may still be an option to download the server files for the pack there. Let me know if there isn't. You'll need to input the pack's code, which is "blood"
    If it can't find the mod's id, that means that the version of the mod the pack uses may have been removed from Curse. I probably have a download of the pack lying around somewhere - i'll be home this weekend to see if I can't get it to you. In the meantime, try launching the pack from the FTB Legacy Launcher, available from FTB's main site. The pack code you'll need to access Running Red is "blood"
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    Here's the link that you get when using the FTB legacy launcher and download server for this pack:

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