[1.6.4] Running Red v1.1.4 [Jam-Packed][Hardcore][Magic][RPG][Good as Crash Landing!]


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Nov 24, 2012
PSA: #RunningRed is not the official IRC channel! Please join #GideonSeymour instead!
I am here today to tell you a story.
This story is
not like most stories.
Most stories tell us the tale of someone creating a world from the lack of a world.
This story is different. This story is about leaving the world.
About death.
About giving up one of the very things that means life itself to us.
This is a story of letting the rivers run red.
With blood.

RUNNING RED IS NOW ON GITHUB! CHECK IT OUT HERE: https://github.com/PhoenixTeamMC/Running-Red


Hello everyone, this is Gideon Seymour, and I'm introducing to you my submission for Jam-Packed. Although this is a skyblock, this is different than any skyblock you have ever seen. Don't expect to be sieving for ores, or for that matter, even crafting your logs directly into planks.
This modpack is designed to be different. It's designed to send a message to the players. It is not the intent to create a long and tedious experience that conforms to the standard rules of skyblocks, it is designed to have different mechanics than were ever seen before.
Running Red is finally released. This does not mean that it's done, though. Even after I submit it to Jampacked, there are still many more things that I am planning on adding. Feel free to download and play, as I believe that it is stable (for now :p).
The plot of this modpack is not in any way related to the BnB/Agrarian Skies story arc that is currently happening.
This modpack is about a person who has died. You play as that person. You work through the stages of grief and eventually confront your death in the form of a completely awesome boss fight :p. The modpack is all about giving up the life you once had, and moving on to whatever comes afterward. More in the "Symbolism" section below.
The pack is more structured than Agrarian Skies or other, similar packs. The way the things work, it sort of forces you to go along a set path, and not deviate very much from it. Then again, Death doesn't let you deviate from it's assigned course. There are choices you can make in this pack, but none, however big, will affect the eventual outcome.
My Chemical Romance said:
If you marry me
Would you bury me
Would you carry me to the End?

Most of the modpack is based around one mechanic, through which you have to go through to do everything. This is only made possible thanks to @WayofTime 's Blood Magic and @Minalien 's Jaded's Blood.
The best example of this is the early-game creation of wood. When you put your logs in the crafting grid, instead of giving you planks, it gives you four pieces of "Chopped Wood." You can't do the normal things with this Chopped Wood, as there is only one recipe for it. In order to turn the chopped wood into Planks, you need to infuse it in the Blood Altar.
And there you can see the basic mechanic. Almost everything in this modpack will require at least one component to be created by infusing something in the Blood Altar. Thought you were going to create dirt in a barrel? Try infusing string in a Blood Altar instead. Thought you were going to make cobble with a sieve? Try infusing the dirt in the Altar.
Another good example is this: Say you have a portable tank, one of the early-game items for this pack. After you created it, if you wanted to upgrade it, you'd have to throw it into the next tier Blood Altar to get the Hardened Tank.
Earlier in this post, I said that you wouldn't be getting your ores via a sieve. You may be curious on how, exactly, you would get the ores. I came up with a solution: Ore Berries.
You'll have to grow these bushes, and then smelt the received berries into ingots. This, I believe, is a creative new way for players to obtain ores in skyblocks. It prevents automation, but at the same time is less tedious than the constant right-clicking on a sieve.
My Freshman History Teacher said:
The only thing you have to do
is die.

  • Applied Energistics 1
  • AutoUtils
  • BiblioCraft
  • BiblioWoods
  • Billund
  • Extra Bees/Trees
  • Blood Magic
  • Buildcraft
  • Additional Buildcraft Objects
  • Carpenter's Blocks
  • ChickenChunks
  • CodeChickenCore
  • CoFHCore
  • ComputerCraft
  • Ex Nihilo
  • denLib
  • DenPipes
  • EnderStorage
  • EVOC
  • ExtraCells
  • Extra Utilities
  • Flat Signs
  • Forestry
  • GateCopy
  • GravityGun
  • Hardcore Ender Expansion
  • HardCore Questing Mode
  • iChun Util
  • InfiniBows
  • IronChests
  • Jaded's Blood
  • Logistics Pipes
  • Mekanism
  • Minetweaker 3
  • Mobius Core
  • Modular Powersuits
  • Natura
  • Not Enough Items
  • Not Enough Keys
  • Numina
  • Obsidian Pressure Plates
  • OpenBlocks
  • Open Computers
  • Open Components
  • Open Mods Lib
  • Open Peripheral
  • Open Peripheral Addons
  • OPIS
  • Plugins For Forestry
  • Pneumaticraft
  • Portal Gun
  • Power Crystals Core
  • Powersuits Addons
  • Railcraft
  • Redstone Arsenal
  • Simply Jetpacks
  • Slick Util
  • Statues
  • Steve's Carts 2
  • Switches
  • Sync
  • Tabula Rasa
  • Tinker's Construct
  • Technomancy
  • Thaumcraft
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Tinker's Mechworks
  • Translocator
  • Witchery
My Chemical Romance said:
Have you heard the news that you're dead?







My Chemical Romance said:
Mama, we're all gonna die
Mama, we're all gonna die
And right now they're building a coffin your size
Mama, we're all gonna die

Episode one:
My Chemical Romance said:
Because the hardest part of this
is leaving you

@tedyhere has started a series on this map :D
So has GamingOnCaffeine!
And @PurpleMentat !
My Chemical Romance said:
If you look in the mirror and don't like what you see,
you can find out first hand what it's like to be me

PSA: The Rowan Door key needed to unlock Demolition Lovers is provided as a quest reward from Vampires Will Never Hurt You and Headfirst For Halos.

  • The Watering Can can be used to speed up the creation of OreBerries
  • The Watering Can can be filled with blood, just as soil can be fertilized with blood.
  • A Companion Cube can be held in your inventory to provide extra passive health regen
  • Half-Slabs can be placed around OreBerries in order to provide complete darkness. One on each side, and one on top of the oreberry.
  • The witches in the circle will not attack unless attacked.
My Chemical Romance said:
And then we'll solve the mystery of laceration clarity

This modpack is designed to send a message, and it does that through symbolism. It is obvious that the main character has died, and that it is about confronting death, but it means so much more than that.
One of the things that means life to us is Blood. We don't consider things without blood alive, meaning it represents living to us. In this modpack, where you do almost everything with blood, the way you pour it out of your system and into the Blood Altar represents the main character giving up his life, and eventually submitting to his death.
For one, this modpack represents the five stages of grief and depression in the Tiers of Blood Altar. Tier 0 of the Blood Altar is meant to represent the first stage of grief, known as Denial. The character doesn't accept his death, and denies it, continuing to use his blood, his life, to create things he created in life, like wood and cobblestone. Tier 1 represents the second stage of grief, Anger. In this stage, the character realises he is dead, and lashes out angrily at everything around him, using his blood to create deadly things like the Bound Sword or advanced Bows and Arrows. Tier 2 of the Altar represents the third stage of grief, Bargaining. In this stage, the character tries to avert his death by bargaining, giving up some of his blood to create things like Bound Armour to keep him alive for longer. Tier 3 represents the fourth stage, Depression. In this stage, the character attempts to further the speed of his death by creating things like the runes of self-sacrifice or the Ritual of the Feathered Knife. Tier 4, the final tier the character reaches before the End, represents the final stage, Acceptance. In this stage, the character prepares for the End, which comes in the form of a huge Boss fight.
There is a lot more symbolism in the pack, but I'm going to leave that for you to discover :p
My Chemical Romance said:
I gave you Blood, Blood,
Gallons of the stuff,
I gave you all that you can drink and it'll never be enough

This modpack was inspired heavily by My Chemical Romance, especially their album "The Black Parade." You can see references to them throughout the pack and this forum post.
This was also inspired by @Jadedcat and @Eyamaz , who were amazing modpack creators that got me back into modded minecraft, something I thought I wouldn't ever go back to.
It was also inspired by my friends @ThomazM , @Qazplm601 , @Strikingwolf , @SatanicSanta , and @Mevansuto ; who not only have created one or several awesome packs, but have proved to be awesome people in general :D
Also thanks to @ThomazM for the amazing art!!!
My Chemical Romance said:
I see you lying next to me, with words I thought I'd never speak
Awake and Unafraid
Asleep or Dead

I'd like to thank my testers, @Qazplm601 , @ryter78 , @Strikingwolf , @ThomazM , @trajing , and @YX33A . I'd also like to thank @ThomazM for creating his awesome trailer for this pack, and last but not least, @tedyhere , for being the first to make videos on this pack.
My Chemical Romance said:
Because we all wanna party when the funeral ends
And we all get together when we bury our friends

This pack is brought to you via the Feed the Beast launcher. Installation is simple - open the launcher, and look for the "Pack Codes" button. Press it, and input the code "RunningRed". Then, look in the bottom of the Third Party tab, and you'll find Phoenix Reborn at the bottom.

Check out the Unity Texture pack by @CyanideX here!

Also, ignore the ID mismatches. They won't affect anything.

Server Files
My Chemical Romance said:
Oh, how wrong we were to think
that Immortality meant never dying

Running Red: Help, Venting, and Discussion Thread

Our server is hosted by the wonderful ProvisionHost! Use the code "PHOENIXTEAM" to get 15% off your server!​
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Jun 11, 2013
The Immortal's Cemetery
This. Is. AMAZING!
Nice job, Gid'! The concept is incredible, I really hope you get the recognition you deserve! I'll keep an eye on this, for sure! Perhaps, I can help you with the banners and whatnots, if you want, of course. :p

"It was also inspired by my friends @ThomazM , @Qazplm601 , @Strikingwolf , @SatanicSanta , and @Mevansuto ; who not only have created one or several awesome packs, but have proved to be awesome people in general :D"
*gets teary eyed*
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Jul 29, 2019
I'm sitting here waiting as patiently for this to come out. It looks awesome, and unless there are some other massively great looking packs, you might win Jam Packed. You're going to give the other people a run for their money. ;)
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Jul 29, 2019
This modpack is about a person who has died. You play as that person. You work through the stages of grief and eventually confront your death in the form of a completely awesome boss fight. The modpack is all about giving up the life you once had, and moving on to whatever comes afterward.

Just reading those lines bring back very fond memories of playing "grim fandango" in the late 90s :)
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Jul 29, 2019
Me please.
If you don't want me in I'll trade you early access to my pack for early access to this.
Although my pack isn't near done yet.
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Jul 29, 2019
Doctor Who references in the stages of grief?

Sent from my iPhone 96Z using some top secret Dalekslayer Inc. technology.