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1.6.2 Packs

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Xedearnal, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. Xedearnal

    Xedearnal Active Member

    Is there any news on the 1.6.2 packs? I know the mods aren't updated yet but I haven't been able to find anyone talking about the 1.6.2 packs. Is it still the plan to ship a mindcrack/direwolf20/ultimate pack for 1.6.2. They said in a news update that they were waiting for 1.6 for the new big FTB updates. 1.6 is out now. And lately everyone seems to be 100% silent. I saw something about an "Auth" system that wasn't done yet so does that mean we need to wait for 1.7 or what? All the developers seem to be dead lately even after 1.6.2 came out.

    Also, will the worlds made in the final versions of the 1.5.2 packs be compatible with the 1.6.2 packs?
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  2. Harvest88

    Harvest88 Well-Known Member

    For the millionth time old worlds will not be compatible on any circumstances and no idea when they will be out.
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  3. Dreossk

    Dreossk Well-Known Member

    Maybe if the FTB guys updated "news" section of the website explaining this instead of some partnership no one cares about, the questions wouldn't be asked 10 times a day.
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  4. Xedearnal

    Xedearnal Active Member

    This. Also why is it so important that they ruin old worlds by changing the id map every single fucking time?
  5. Harvest88

    Harvest88 Well-Known Member

    It's the mods+ID revolver making them work. Every time something isn't updated for a while or a major updating of mods they changed by a lot. So don't expect them to go back and change up the configs just for you.
  6. Xedearnal

    Xedearnal Active Member

    Its not just for me. Its for everyone. Most people don't like having to start a new world every week. It ruins you're progress. FTB isn't in beta anymore. This shouldn't be happening.
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  7. KirinDave

    KirinDave Over-Achiever

    It is very difficult to actually avoid doing this, btw. And also most modpacks over time gradually fragment their ID space, becoming progressively unmanagable. Every year or so it's good to reset. If you don't like this, you should demand a full refund from FTB. I'm sure they're good people who will give you your money back!

    In any case you need a map reset for 1.6.* anyways because of forge changes. May maps will not survive the transition well (boilers explode, etc).
  8. Riuga

    Riuga Active Member

    How exactly will your boilers explode?
  9. Xedearnal

    Xedearnal Active Member

    Starting a new world every time you get too endgame is like building a houses foundation and starting a new building. A minecraft world is for building upon and evolving. Creating new things. Building cities and towers and making it a real living world.
  10. Xedearnal

    Xedearnal Active Member

    Why isn't there a chart for the 1.6.2 mods like the other updates had? At least then we would be in the loop.
  11. DoctorOr

    DoctorOr Popular Member

    All liquids except world-placed water and lava will disappear.

    Meaning your boiler instantly is out of water. It's avoidable, but at some point you have to throw the nuke and start over.
  12. Ryiah

    Ryiah Active Member

    As Minecraft and the mods developed for it continue to evolve older worlds will gradually cease being compatible. Actually your better bet would be to try to export sections of your world and import them somehow into your new world. I have no idea how you would go about this though as I'm pretty content with simply starting over.
  13. tindin

    tindin Well-Known Member

  14. Xedearnal

    Xedearnal Active Member

    Or you could just make a converter.
  15. egor66

    egor66 Well-Known Member

    Yeah you guys are right FTB plz stop all this changing of item IDs n stuff for that matter stop changing anything like adding new mods or updating to newer versions, for the love of god stop it, the natives are not happy at all with this what do you call it oh yeah progress.
  16. tindin

    tindin Well-Known Member

  17. Enigmius1

    Enigmius1 Well-Known Member

    This is why not all of us update or seek to update every time Mojang releases a new Minecraft update. Mojang pays its Minecraft devs to work full time hours and produce updates. Mod developers don't get paid to update their mods so it's only natural that they lag behind, especially when you're trying to sync updates with half a million mods like FTB. Play what you've got and don't worry about updates and before you know it, you'll have gone so long not worrying about updates you'll realize how silly it is to worry about updates.
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  18. Manu

    Manu Active Member

    -1. If they keep the ids, the pack will take a fucking year to come out.
  19. Xedearnal

    Xedearnal Active Member

    I can wait for the update. Thats not the problem.
    1. I cant play 1.5 or 1.4.7 now because I know I wont be able to keep my progress.
    2. Every time they have an update all worlds get completely broken.
  20. tindin

    tindin Well-Known Member

    1. don't update
    2. stop playing FTB
    3. update the mods your self

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