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Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by spider mash, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. snebby

    snebby New Member

    IGN: Snebby
    Age: 16
    FTB Experience: Used to play technical mods for a long time and recently got involved with FTB 2 months ago. Looking for a good server after I have decked out my single player world. I am pretty friendly and I like to occasionally PVP. FTB has been amazing ever since I have started.
  2. jdog12548

    jdog12548 New Member

    ign (in game name): cornflakes69
    age(16+): 16
    banned before? No
    if so why? N/A
    why you'd like to join? Lave the ftb mod pack and am looking for a nice server to join with people who are friendly and can help at times.
  3. spider mash

    spider mash New Member

    we had a greifer join the server sorry about this guys, he got me and with proof i found his links the twat don't let him onto your server his name is belgaraath
    below is a link of him smashing up my house with photos.
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  4. spider mash

    spider mash New Member

    please apply for this server again
  5. BelGaraath

    BelGaraath New Member

    Who? Me?
  6. reyno7771

    reyno7771 New Member

    ign: reyno7771
    age: 41
    banned: no
    just started playing, played tekkit a while think this mod is better
  7. Feralnsurrection

    Feralnsurrection New Member

    ign : Jkb87
    age: 26
    banned before? No
    why you'd like to join? i have been looking for a small server to play on for ages only so much you can do on Singleplayer. looking to make some friendships and to continue learning how to use the mods in teh pack as i used to use tekkit and have made the move onto FTB
  8. Gantara

    Gantara New Member

    ign : whoou
    age: 29
    banned before? No
    why you'd like to join?
    Iam a mincraft mod addict from the very beginning. The whole new game got me hooked so i learned all the mods in ftb and now iam looking to play with nice mature people to share ideas and ressources :)
    My buildstyle is "compact tech". to make super cool machines in tight space is what iam really good at. Also i can make everything look pretty afterwards ^^
    I also love to teach new players all the techstuff, so if someone needs help i try to be always helpfull.
    Thank you very much for your consideration.
  9. spider mash

    spider mash New Member

    whoou and jkb87 added as well as reyno
  10. ChrisLeo

    ChrisLeo New Member

    ign = 10DJM
    Age = 18
    Banned before = Never been banned on any servers
    Why you'd like to join = I want to join so I can play in peace and make you tube Videos
  11. MatrixVIP

    MatrixVIP New Member

    ign = MatrixVIP
    age= 20/21 >_> wait.... (aww just put it 20)
    banned before? = NOOO n NEVER !!
    if so why? = (why not? wait just joking XD)
    why you'd like to join? = Looking for a new and small comunity where we can make new friends n so =) , and i also did play in Japan server (in their live boardcast), proud to live in a multi language country =D
  12. TheColaBre

    TheColaBre New Member

    ign : TheColaBre
    age : 17
    banned before : No
    if so why : - D
    why you'd like to join : I love to play FTB with other players ...
  13. nicecoldphilly

    nicecoldphilly New Member

    Ign: icecoldphilly
    Age: 21
    Banned ever: nope
    Why would you like to join: I've been playing minecraft and ftb for a long while now and I've never played with a server and I think it would be really fun. But I'm lookin for a pretty small cool community of players who know the game and you guys seem like you know what's up.

  14. ChrisLeo

    ChrisLeo New Member

    ign = 10DJM
    Age = 18
    banned before? Never been banned
    if so why? n/a
    why you'd like to join? = I want To Record ftb on my channel with and Plus I am Really Good with red Stone
  15. zax0ng

    zax0ng New Member

    ign: zax0ng
    Age: 16
    banned before? Nope
    if so why? N/A
    why you'd like to join? so i can have another server to play in and have fun with many other people
  16. Ryanm14

    Ryanm14 New Member

    ign : ryanmiles14
    age: 16
    banned before? Nope, http://mcbans.com/player/ryanmiles14
    why you'd like to join? I am trying to find a good server to do a lp on since other servers use the mindcrack pack which isn’t my cup of tea because of gregtech on hard. I would also love to help people not that so good with the mods and also test out my computer craft skills by making programs. Also I have played on other servers that are bukkit and are public. The only thing about those kinds of servers is that it’s difficult to build with other people because of the plugins bulit in to stop griefing and stealing, and they limit group events. Furthermore you risk your builds being griefed since it’s a public server and trolls can just join to be well... Trolls. I also enjoy playing on whitelisted FTB servers because I can trust people to help me build or do mod-related things, and I would love to find a great server to continue my FTB Let's Play.​

  17. spider mash

    spider mash New Member

    10djm added still accepting people to join so keep applying :D
  18. Omearo

    Omearo New Member

    ign (in game name): Omearo
    age(16+): 30
    banned before? never
    if so why? not happing
    why you'd like to join? looking for my first server still, tried one but the lag was bad. Can't wait to find some friends and get building.
  19. misskitten1992

    misskitten1992 New Member

    ign misskitten1992
    age 20 :)
    banned before? never
    if so why?
    why you'd like to join? because i like to build have fun meet new people :3
  20. Kaya

    Kaya New Member

    IGN: Kaya__ (that's 2 under scores after Kaya)
    Age: 32
    Banned Before?: No
    If so why? : N/A
    Why you'd like to join? I just downloaded FTB today and would like to learn the ropes of it in an amazing community.

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