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Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by spider mash, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Sjryan98

    Sjryan98 New Member

    ign = sryan123456789
    age = 15
    banned before? = Nope I have always enjoyed playing legit so I dont hack and mess with other people.

    if so why? = n/a
    why you'd like to join? = I have been playing ftb for a while now, and on servers they get reset and go down frequently or / I get greifed I hope I can get away without that happening if I get on this server.
  2. facegr1nd

    facegr1nd New Member

    So my first impression on the server:

    Rarely any lag, very cool admin (as in helpful and nice), cool world thats almost untouched, you can build whatever and whereever you like...pretty awesome. youve got almost every freedom you would want, its pretty nice!
    guys join, its a fun community and its gonna get even better! peace
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  3. pivotdude37

    pivotdude37 New Member

    ign (in game name): pivotdude38
    age(16+): 16
    banned before? nope
    if so why?
    why you'd like to join? I like playing with other people co-operatively
  4. VMPsycho

    VMPsycho New Member

    ign (in game name): VMPsycho
    age(16+): Im 16
    banned before? I have never been banned before
    if so why? n/a
    why you'd like to join? I like FTB and i have been looking for a friendly whitelisted server. I dont like servers without whitelist. Respond as soon as possible. Thanks :D
  5. pelmenis

    pelmenis New Member

    ign (in game name): pelmenis
    age(16+): 23
    banned before? No.
    if so why? N/A
    why you'd like to join? I would play in a stable server to have fun with other people and help each other.
  6. Medved_Niger

    Medved_Niger New Member

    ign: medved_niger
    banned before?: have never been banned
    if so why?: n/a
    why you'd like to join?: whould like to play whith Leoxandro
  7. spider mash

    spider mash New Member

    Pelmenis and medved_niger ill add you to whitelist tonight (5pm gmt) as I'm at work atm
  8. BelGaraath

    BelGaraath New Member

    ign (in game name): BelGaraath
    age(16+): 17
    banned before? Never
    if so why? N/A
    why you'd like to join? Im looking for a nice, smallish DW20 comunity. I like to build in projects, and have my base in towns if possible. If you dont already have one id build a town with free power and a shared resources area.
  9. spider mash

    spider mash New Member

    Belgaraath I'd add you tonight you can team up with me and another lad and we gonna build a comm area. So I'll add u onto whitelist tonight as well.

    As it stands there isn't any more free spots on the server but a few people may drop out so ill keep checking
  10. It_was_not_me

    It_was_not_me New Member

    IGN: It_was_not_me

    age 12 but not stupid

    no never


    I love ftb and been looking for a server for a while[DOUBLEPOST=1359995323][/DOUBLEPOST]will you accept meh??
  11. spider mash

    spider mash New Member

    it was not me, no! mrzeeck you added belgaraath and the 2 i said ealier are all on!
  12. MagusUnion

    MagusUnion New Member

    ign (in game name): MagusUnion
    age(16+): 24
    banned before? No
    if so why? N/A
    why you'd like to join? Looking to help develop a server economy, and attempt at creating feasible infrastructure within the Minecraft world...
  13. xStyke

    xStyke New Member

    ign: xStyke
    age: 20
    banned before? No.
    if so why?
    why you'd like to join? I would join in a stable server and play with other people to learn more about mods :)
  14. Str8UpWHITE64

    Str8UpWHITE64 New Member

    ign: Str8UpWHITE64
    age: 18
    banned before? Nope
    if so why?
    why you'd like to join? I'm pretty new to the whole FTB mod, but I'm picking it up fairly quickly. Just looking for a group to play with, because I'm tired of playing alone. :/
  15. rakkie

    rakkie New Member

    ign: rakkie3
    age: 29
    banned before? Nope
    if so why?
    why you'd like to join? I love the direwolf20 pack and just looking for a community to play with and chat with because i'm bored of playing alone no one to talk to.​
  16. Bcpwd

    Bcpwd New Member

    ign (in game name):Bcpwd
    age(16+):13 and a half
    banned before?Yes I was Banned on Desolation Faction
    If so why? Because We Pvp Log when there was no rule that said we could't and then this guy reported like 10 of my friends and me and we all god banned for one thing he had no proof or anything the admin believed every thing he said because he was most trusted because he played for a long time we all got really mad because only 3 of us pvp log and the other 7 did't which was stupid the admin acted like a 10 year old and banned us with no warning just for doing it once

    why you'd like to join?To play in a Small community server where I don't have to worry about childish people and talk with other people and have fun and hope for the admin to be a very kind person who listen to what people have to say and i would also love to Improve the server in anyway I can I will follow all rules and future Rules Added Thank You :)
  17. Gyriasi

    Gyriasi New Member

    ign (in game name): iMinExCrafteRx
    age(16+): 17
    banned before? no
    if so why?
    why you'd like to join? Looking for a server to play with my friends on.
  18. spider mash

    spider mash New Member

    rakkie3 added
  19. LowZaar

    LowZaar New Member

    ign (in game name):LowZaar
    banned before?Yes
    if so why?I was a griefer, but i don't do that anymore...
    why you'd like to join?i'm trying to look for awesome server with awesome people
  20. Bcpwd

    Bcpwd New Member

    Why was i not added

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