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    Want to get a FTB hosting for me and my friends, what hosting should I pick up?

    I'd probably go with Spider or maybe Skeleton. The main resource I see that will run out first will be memory, and Spider and Skeleton will get you 3 and 4 GB respectively. As I mentioned earlier, I'm on Zombie, which has 2 GB. With no one on the server currently, we have 89% of that 2 GB being...
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    Want to get a FTB hosting for me and my friends, what hosting should I pick up?

    All I can say is that I do NOT recommend CreeperHost. We've been running a zombie server with them for a couple of months now, and have had several outages, and random server stops. There's only two of us, and we're rarely on at the same time, and we've only got about 4 active chunk loaders at...
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    Pro tip: Don't force wrench Mystcraft desks.

    He didn't say he used an export bus. He's probably talking about a transport pipe that popped out 20k entities on the ground. The overall point being that you can jack up a server with many other mods as well, just by doing something stupid or shortsighted.
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    Real life Direwolf20

    Too much exposed cabling ;)
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    Something The Modding Community "Ruined"

    I disagree for the most part. Discovering recipes would be extremely frustrating and irritating with a 3x3 crafting grid. The joy of crafting for me is not figuring out the right way to configure your items in the grid, but in gathering the materials and working towards the next piece of a...
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    Breaking the nether ceiling

    Withers can't destroy warded glass/stone either. At least not in Ultimate.
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    Greg Tech opinion discussions go here

    It wasn't even a GregTech recipe! It was a vanilla Minecraft recipe. Even if it was a GregTech recipe, as you say, it's completely unacceptable to crash a client because of it. If you want to detect that that recipe has been changed outside of your own mod, then you can make your mod unusable by...
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    Greg Tech opinion discussions go here

    What's next, a GT config to modify a TC config that alters a GT config?