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    Problem FTB Infinity, Direworlf, and Resurrection all crashing with same errors

    you need java 7 or higher to run the newer packs
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    Open Server Direcraft 24/7|Shops|Taxes|Economy|Grief Prevention

    IP: Website: We are currently running version 1.5.0 Friendly players Helpful staff Economy based server - buy and sell Common commands like /tpa /back and 2 /sethomes to start Jobs Random vote rewards Great uptime Rules: NO GRIEFING, we will ban you...
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    great helpful staff, someone always on the ts if help is needed. A+ for this server
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    Separation of whitelist and open servers

    Originally posted this on the web feedback forum but got no reply there. So im asking server admins to speak up about this if they agree. My request is to separate the whitelisted servers and the open servers from the promotion page. Being a whitelist server the post are and can be bumped alot...
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    Request Separation of whitelist and open servers

    My request is to separate the whitelisted servers and the open servers from the promotion page. Being a whitelist server the post are and can be bumped alot more frequently, pretty much when ever the posted want to post its not an issue because he is replying to a request. This pushes open...
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    Open Server SeriousServers FTB Resurrection[No Banned Items]

    Added a banner to the main post so someone can seen even though we are getting ddos attacked we are still up and running smooth
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    Open Server SeriousServers FTB Resurrection[No Banned Items]

    SeriousServers long line of servers including many popular modded packs FTB Resurrection Also check out our other servers: Yogcast Complete - With Mystcraft and Logistic pipes enabled DireWolf 1.7 -...
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    Thats from chickenchunks the command is /chunkloaders those are whats called orphaned chunks, as i understand it, they are chunks that may have been traveled in recently and could have a mob or plant growing as to keep it loaded longer than what it should. Someone can likely explain it better...
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    Problem Lag on Localhost DW20 1.7

    your basically doing double duty on your pc running the game is hard on a pc, running the server is hard on the machine, Your running both one one machine with only 8 G of ram Your command line would is killing your system since you are allowing it to at max use 6 of your 8 G for just the...
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    That makes sense as you are basically unloading forceloaded chunks and lessening the load on the server. The mods you refered to use their own configs for their chunk loaders
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    Server Shutdown

    if you are using worldedit you can run the command /stoplag as the server is starting up to kill all mobs and item drops. the cords to the bad slime are 5671 29 806 with stoplag on tp there. After its removed use /stoplag -c to allow mobs to spawn and items to drop. The /cofh killall may work...
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    Help with Multicraft

    Stop your server and click on the files button on the left side Click backup and then restore after that pick your zip and click restore You can goto your console and see the progress
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    1.0.1: Statue of Hobgoblin Patron [CRASH]

    This issue seems to be related to enetbridge as stated here We removed it from our server and no more crashing, and as an added bonus we lost about 20 to 25 ms tick time by removing it as before it was taking about...
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    1.0.1: TPS problems from Ender IO or Enetbridge

    this is with very few players on 15 or so tps is still 20 when this as taken but when 25 to 30 players get on it can goto 65 to 70% I too have found that opis is very unreliable to find lag causes. IE it says i have no real issues but tps is down to 10 sometimes with enet showing heavy usage...