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    Request Mods Suggestions Section

    It is not something necessary. That thread works well, but I made my sugestion based on some good ideas were lost over time, and is hard to read that many pages to find not as many ideas.
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    How would you represent the crafting "tech" tree

    In this thread, some people suggeted two things: 1: A nei addon to see all the resources that were needed to make an item 2: A way to see a "tech" tree of all recipes I was thinking in how this could be done, and I am not sure how to represent on 1) the cost of an item if it has multiple...
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    An Interview with Gideonseymour - Pathfinder

    Is there a mod list for the pack?
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    Request Mods Suggestions Section

    I suggest a section for mod idea threads that could be voted and were sorted by votes not by the last post date. I was looking at this thread, and after reading a lot of its pages this idea came to me. It would be very nice to have a section for mod ideas, where each idea would have its own...
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    Request Suggest mods for creation here

    I can imagine an item with an inner inventory for armor sets(or even hotbar item sets). If the item is selected and you right click it would change the armor with the next set, if you shift-right click it would change to the previous armor set. It would actually change your armor in your...
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    What's new in modded minecraft today?

    Custom Items - 1.0.9 Changelog: Adding food propertie "useAction" ("eat" or "drink") default: eat Adding food propertie "dropItemName" for foods that return items like soups Adding "entitiesDrop" reader Adding "bucket" propertie to fluid blocks Adding sufix "Bucket" for default named buckets...
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    What's new in modded minecraft today?

    @Otho has released Custom Items 1.0.8 Changelog: Fixed torches not being able to be fixed on full blocks Fixed liquids not been rendered inside tanks Fixed slab render problemas Fixed slab light problems Fixed staris light problems Fixed missing texture for prismarine Fixed duplicated walls...
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    What's new in modded minecraft today?

    @Otho has released Custom Items 1.0.7 Changelog: Adding logs, slabs, stairs, fences, walls and panes Adding oreGen biomeId Adding metadata for blockToSpawn Adding "changeFoods" to change properties of existing foods Fixed liquid textures using block name instead of texturename Fixed...
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    Someone to compile a mod

    Hey Golrith, I didn't know you needed that so soon. If I knew I would have already compiled your version. I was going to do it in the next version that will be out sooner or later. Here it is. If something wrong happens, let me know.
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    What does a modpack need for you to like it?

    Balancing, new content, in case it has HQM: well planned objectives. A different point of view to minecraft
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    Indestructible blocks/tile entities mod

    Hello, You can use Custom Items to change existing blocks properties or configure your own blocks. This is an example of a config file that would make grass and stone blocks indestructible just as bedrock.
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    What's new in modded minecraft today?

    @Otho has released Custom Items 1.0.5 Changelog: Update forge to 1.7.10- Adding default config files inside jar Drop Items with "itemDamage" Removed "renderAsNormalBlock" block propertie Adding cfg option to add/remove default creative tab Fixed blocks becoming transparent when...
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    Mod Dev Title Request

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    Tabula Rasa/Custom Items discussion (was Longshot Request - hopefuly very simple)

    In resume: remove the properties and it should work. Like this. Hi, the parser from version 1.0_beta1 and beta2 is blind to anything that is not defined, but it would not crash. The key "properties" was not defined. But as you json was a correct json file. Nothing happened. I am finishing the...
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    Tabula Rasa/Custom Items discussion (was Longshot Request - hopefuly very simple)

    I have published the beta version of CustomItems. Link